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Shout Out / Human Target

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  • In the pilot, Chance and Winston are paid by client Lydecker in Takagi whiskey, and at the end of the episode, the new protectee is Danny Glover.
  • In "Sanctuary", the head of a robbery gang's name is Sam Fisher. Looks like the guy decided to retire and be a crook instead.
  • In "Lockdown", Layla's username is "Nite Owl". Granted, she's a security guard, but still...
  • Carmine, the rottweiler, is named after Carmine Infantino the co-creator of Human Target.
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  • "Salvage & Reclamation" has several to Indiana Jones.
  • "Imbroglio" had a reference to The Dark Knight Trilogy, particularly 2008's The Dark Knight with the hostages being framed as gunmen by using their disguises on them.
  • "Kill Bob" despite its name has a huge shout outs to Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) with more than one reference placed into the very iconic dinner scene from the movie... with the appropriate background "Assassin's Date" score (or an homage score that's very much like it).


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