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Shout Out / Highschool of the Dead

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The series pays homage to several zombie media, among other pop culture references.

  • In the third chapter, Shaun appears in a convenience store looking as oblivious as ever.
    • How about in Chapter 2, you see a conveniant store clerk that looks surprisingly like Shaun.
  • Kohta Hirano is modeled after the creator of Hellsing. Especially blatant when you consider they have the same name.
  • A really hilarious one of Babiru Nisei, with the characters playing Babiru's cohorts. One with a sock puppet.
  • There's another zombie-based franchise abbreviated H.O.T.D. out there.
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  • The music that can be heard near the ending of the first anime episode sounds very similar to the theme music of the zombie-esque flick 28 Days Later. In the fourth episode, there's a sequence with two of the characters riding alone on a motorcycle through the empty, quiet streets, with signs of disarray and violence everywhere, as a song very much like the sad, haunting "Abide By Me" from 28 Days Later, which did something similar.
  • In the anime adaptation, Episode 5 opens with a homage to the "celebrity heads" game.
  • At the end of Chapter 17, there's a picture of a man playing with a remote-controlled KITT. Intentional or not, the girl next to him looks a lot like Hatsune Miku.
  • Shizuka and Saya imagine Saeko in The Bride's outfit from Kill Bill in Chapter 22.5.
  • Shizuka's "There are only two things that live in Tokonosu!" in Chapter 26.
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  • In the anime, the way the group was separated with the crashing bus brings back memories to those who have played Resident Evil 2.
  • The title of Episode 11 of the Anime is "DEAD storm rising". It ends with a U.S. submarine kicking off World War III with nuclear strikes against North Korea and China. Sound familiar?
  • For that matter, quite a few of the chapter/episode titles are done the same way.
  • Kohta screams "Double tap!" in Episode 5.
  • In the manga: when Saya explains what the side effect of nuclear explosions is, electronic appliances no longer working, there are pictures of said appliances. Among them there is a robot that looks similar to Astro Boy.
  • Zeke, after the end credits of the "Drifters Of The Dead" OVA, giggles like Mumbly.
  • The propane bomb is a blatant homage to Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead (2004).
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  • In the English dub of the OVA, after Shizuka identifies the burning leaves as hydrangea, Takagi looks back at the beach house and wonders if it's just a front for a drug dealing operation and says, "It's just like Breaking Bad!"


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