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  • Issei activates his Sacred Gear by shouting "Kamehameha! ('Dragon-ha!' in the anime due to Writing Around Trademarks)" and his first client was hoping for a female demon (Koneko) he could dress up as Yuki Nagato. At one point, Issei and his friends even get to sing the first Dragon Ball anime theme song, "Makafushigi Adventure".
  • Episode 4 of the anime has a Suigintou poster.
  • Ichiei Ishibumi also derived inspiration from Pokémon. He named Rias after the Japanese name for Garchomp (Gaburias) and Grayfia's name is a combination of the Japanese names of Glaceon (Glacia/Gracia) and Leafeon (Leafia). One of his short stories in volume 8 features a familiar master reminiscent of Red from the original game.
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  • In volume 2, during the Rating Game against Riser, the Rook that Koneko fights in the Gymnasium looks like Chun Li from Street Fighter and even fights like her.
  • According to Ishibumi, he specifically denied that the three short stories in Volume 8 (The Breasts of Tennis, Hell Teacher Azazel, and 300 Isseis) had nothing to do with the series they were referencing.
  • Also according to Ishibumi, Trident's Welsh Sonic Boost Knight form discarding excess armor for amazing speed is a reference to Kamen Rider Kabuto's Cast Off ability.
  • Asia's name is clearly a reference to actress Asia Argento.
  • There are also a lot of Gundam and other Super Robot shout-outs, too.
    • Welsh Blaster Bishop is a shout-out to the Gundam Double X.
    • The first stage of Welsh Sonic Boost Knight is modeled after Wild Würger.
    • Welsh Dragonic Rook is modeled after Big O, down to it's Sudden Impact finisher.
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    • Cardinal Crimson Queen is modeled after the Freedom Gundam from Gundam SEED.
      • In the anime, it's resemblance is more to that of Guren S.A.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements thus using the rivalry between Ddriag and Albion even further considering that Emperio Juggernut Overdrive is stated to look like Lancelot Conquista.
  • In fact, the author has a collection of Gundams according to his official blog.
  • The second preview of the second season of the anime reveals Vali's Balance Breaker, which is highly similar to Lancelot Albion. Considering the Vanishing Dragon's name...
    • Confirmed at Episode 6 of the 2nd season anime, the design is really based on Lancelot Albion, down to the helmet.
  • The way Freed Zelzan pronounces Excalibur is really similar to another Holy Sword from a land far far away...
  • One of the games Issei and Azazel plays is◊ Dragon's Crown with player one using The Sorceress.
  • Issei's Boosted Gear in general is very much like Kazuma the Shell Bullet from s-CRY-ed.
  • When Gasper is first introduced, he takes to hiding in a cardboard box, making a Metal Gear Solid reference by referring to himself as a snake and Issei as Big Boss
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  • In the dubbed Episode 2, Issei mutters a very familiar prayer. This is of course a case of Woolseyism as Issei is uninjured despite already being a devil at this point.
  • Episode 1 of BorN has the "Perverted Trio" and Kiriyu talking about how Motohama and the latter have "scouter sight", and when Kiryu uses her's on Issei's junk, he freaks with "Her scouting level's over 9000!", which is fitting given that Funimation's first anime release was Dragon Ball Z.
  • In episode 6, of BorN Rias lists a number of gifts that Diodora gave Asia that seem very familiar.
  • Episode 8 throws in direct references to My Little Pony (of all things), and Superman. Freed even calls Diadora Diodora the Explora.
  • Episode 7 throws in a reference to Thundercats in the dub.
  • With the arrival of EX spin-off, the entire fourth arc and the spin-off novel storyline are major parallels to Naruto. Heck, even the characters draws similarities, with Issei as Naruto, Vali as Sasuke, Azazel as Kakashi (being their their teacher.
    • Word of God said that Issei's son with Rias, Ex, is basically Boruto, complete with the angst.
  • The fifth and last arc of the original light novel is a planned International Rating Game, which smells like both the Makai Tournament and the Tenka Ichi Budokai.
  • In the English dub of Hero's third episode (Life 2), Issei says "Game over!" before using his Dress Break on Rossweisse. Later, when Rossweisse calls him out on how his sex drive affects others, she calls him Ferris Bueller and Marty McFly.
  • Also in the dubbed version of Life 3, as Xenovia and Irina encounter Issei and Asia kissing in his room, the former mentions the Motion Picture Association of America's PG-13 and R ratings for films as well as the Entertainment Software Ratings Board's M rating for video games. Fittingly enough, the TV-MA rating is part of the United States' TV parental guidelines, which was modeled after the MPAA's rating system.

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