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Shout Out / Hawaii Five-0

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  • In "Palekaiko", Danno refers to a private investigator being interrogated as "Magnum".
  • In the pilot episode of the rebooted series, McGarrett searches his father's home for clues to his murder; entering the garage, we see a car that his father was working on up on blocks; a black 1968 Ford Mercury Park Lane, the same car driven by the Jack Lord's McGarrett in the original series.
  • In "He Kane Hewa' Ole", Steve and Danno spend much of the episode arguing over which of them is more like Erik Estrada. In the last scene, they're watching reruns of CHiPs with Kono and Chin Ho.
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  • In "Powa Maka Moana", McGarrett tells Danno that he'll be back. Danno asks if he'll smash their car into the pawn shop just to get Lono to talk.
  • In "Loa Aloha", Danny calls a charter service to get information on a fugitive's travel plans and, not wanting to identify himself as a cop, gives his name as "Clarence Clemons."
  • In "Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau", Gracie is seen explaining Angry Birds to Danno.
  • In "Kame'e", The Beatles get a mention:
    Danno: So, what, you're not going to tell me about "Operation Strawberry Fields"?
    McGarrett: No.
    Danno: No, no. Of course, you'd have to kill me.... I'm just curious, though: Was there an "Operation Abbey Road"? Were you the walrus? (Joe White gives him a disapproving look) Time to shut up?
    Joe White: Roger that. Are you people ready for the magical mystery tour?
  • "Ka Iwi Kapu":
  • The shoot-out in "La O Na Makuahine" between Five-0 and Delano's crew is similar to Heat, except that Five-0 gets their man.
  • McGarrett calls Danny Boo-Boo in "La O Na Makuahine".
  • In "Lana I Ka Moana", Danny and McGarrett are adrift in a boat in shark-infested waters. Danny complains, "Have you ever seen 'Shark Week?' I don't wanna be on 'Shark Week!'"
  • In "Ua Hopu", Adam Noshimuri telling his girlfriend, Kono that he will be getting the Noshimuri family out of the Yakuza is very similar to Michael Corleone saying "In five years, the Corleone family will be completely legitimate."
  • There's mention of James Bond near the end of "Kapu" when Steve shows up in a tuxedo. Don't forget the music that accompanied his appearance too, since it matches up the 007 opening theme song.
  • In "Hoa Pili", Magnum, P.I. is given a nod via Kamekoa's new helicopter tour business, complete with a cover of the iconic theme song.
    • Also in "Kahu," T.C.'s Hughes 500D Helicoptor can be briefly seen in the background.
  • "Hoku Welowelo" has a Batman reference when Grover snarks about giving him the "Five-0 Grover" signal. Steve and Danno complain that they don't need it and they don't wanna see him in tights.
  • "Kuka'awale" has Jacob Anders / Radomir Ivanovich kit up in the same way as Salem, Rios and any of the heavily armed enemies of Army of Two, complete with bulletproof face mask.
  • Jimmy Buffett's recurring character of Frank Bama from the episodes "Ki'ilua," "Olelo Pa'a" and "Pono Kaulike," who is -the first-person narrator of his 1992 novel Where Is Joe Merchant?
  • "No Ke Ali'i' Wahine A Me Ka Aina" is full of James Bond references once again, ranging from Langford's weapon of choice (A P99 from the Brosnan era) to being called Commander as part of his official name.
  • "Poniu I Ke Aloha" has a recreation of the volleyball scene from Top Gun right down to "Playing with the Boys" by Kenny Loggins serving as the soundtrack.
  • "Mai ka po mai ka 'oia'i'o" has the mentions of Batman and Superman. Jerry and Adam briefly talk about Ultraman.