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  • Most routes sooner or later have the heroine and her love interest go on a date at the drive-in theater, which shows a movie version of Altea's route in Love & Legends.
  • There's an urban legend about a girl in Chicago who was hit by lightning and vanished, which is exactly what happened to the heroine of Love & Legends.
  • On JD's route, a 'Nefarious Nights' movie series is mentioned.
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  • In her route, Vanessa is seen to have some belongings with images of other Lovestruck characters on them — Andi from Villainous Nights, Nova from Starship Promise, and Aphrodite from Astoria: Fate's Kiss.
  • In Mackenzie season 6, she and the heroine watch a show about supervillains and Mackenzie wonders about the masked hacker character.
  • In Mackenzie season 6, she and the heroine go to New York Comic Con, where they meet a pair of cosplayers dressed as Altea and the heroine from Love & Legends.
  • In Antonio's third season, when he and the heroine visit Chicago, one of the places they visit is a bookstore; the heroine pages through a book written partly in Latin and is puzzled by drawings of turnips with arms and legs, an indirect reference to Runa and her magically-created turnip helpers in Sweet Enchantments.
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  • In Razi's sixth season, Roshni sings one of Aphrodite's hits during the karaoke party (and claims it was written about her).


  • In Mackenzie's route, she makes a She-Hulk reference which goes over the heroine's head.
  • At Karaoke night on Mackenzie's route, Mackenzie puts on Rob Zombie's "Werewolf, Baby!", saying she figured she'd beat JD to their own joke. JD is up next; they get out the first line of "Sympathy for the Devil" before Diego interjects.
    JD: Please allow me to introduce myself...
    Diego: I want it known for the record that I have no sympathy for you at all.
  • On Razi's route, Jonas complains about Razi putting on an illusion of "Sandstorm".
  • When Razi shows the heroine his bottle, she can ask what happens if she rubs him the right way.
  • A dialogue option early in Antonio's route results in the heroine commenting, "I feel like some guy in a mask and cloak kidnapped me for my voice."
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  • While the heroine is questioning Antonio about vampirism in his second season, he comments, "This feels like an interview." She grins at his unintentional reference.
  • Among the attendees at the vampire masquerade ball in Antonio's second season, he points out Aoife, Dmitrinote , and Lord Ruthven, and suggests that the heroine would probably be better off talking to Kaname since he has rules about drinking from humans.
  • One exchange with Victor in Antonio's second season has the heroine think, "Surprise, jerk. You activated my trap card."
  • In Vanessa's second season, she sings the first opening of Kimi ni Todoke to the heroine during their karaoke date.
  • In Antonio's third season, when the heroine is cornered by Necahual, she can dare her to "take a freaking sip, babe."
  • During the karaoke party in Razi's season 6, he and the heroine sing "Can't Hurry Love." Mac sings "Take On Me," shifting into her werewolf form to howl the high notes.

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