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Shout Out / Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA

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  • "Remote Controller"'s BGA features a Sega Dreamcast controller, which replaces the Famicom controllers in the original PV because you can probably guess how Sony would feel about Nintendo copyrights in games on their systems.
    • Notably, this was also why they had to do one of the Woolseyisms, due to Narumashi Genga and the Pokémon franchise... note 
  • "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!" has a scene where the lead singer is picked up by a handsome cat with a personal cruise liner. The lead singer is then shown standing on the bow of the ship with arms outstretched, mimicking the iconic scene from Titanic. The handsome cat even holds his/her torso like DiCaprio did.
  • Hm? Ah Yes... is a fractured version of Cinderella, complete with the 'clock striking at midnight' and 'glass slipper' motif, except Miku destroys the entire ballroom, instruments, clock and all.
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  • This loading screen from F 2nd has the Famicom controller from the "Remote Controller"'s original PV plastered in the dead center of the image. The controller wound up getting recolored with PlayStation colors, but it retains its Famicom controller shape.
  • Initally, the Project Diva intros featured a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer somewhere in them, including Project Diva F revealing Miku's one has the voice settings for 37-39 read 'Best Friends Forever'. This same synthesizer is one of several instruments that are built into Miku's outfit. Unfortunately, in Project Diva F 2nd, The DX7 is not present.
  • Being licensed by SEGA, every game is obligated to have at least one Module from a SEGA game.
    • The first game featured outfits for Miku from Space Channel 5 and Valkyria Chronicles.
    • The second game had Rin's RoF Style, Leanne's outfit from Resonance of Fate, and Luka's VF Style from Virtua Fighter.
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    • Extend, in addition to the ones returning from 1st and 2nd, featured Miku's Sonic Style outfit as part of the 20th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, Miku's Fei Yen "costume",Luka's Nagisa Replica, and Virtua Fighter outfits for Kaito.
    • F features a Arle Nadja costume for Rin, a Border Break Operator outfit for Meiko from Border Break, as well as FOnewearl Style for Miku from Phantasy Star Online 2.
    • F 2nd has all of F's outfits, and also brings back the VF Style for Luka. You can additionally purchase Luka's Nagisa Replica, MEIKO's Lin Xiao-Mei Costume, and Miku's Type 2020 as Downloadable Content. "Type 2020" is especially notable as it debuted in a game where Hatsune Miku herself actually appears.
    • Mirai DX also gives Miku an Arle Nadja outfit much like Rin did in F, this time to accompany the Puyo Puyo! 39 minigame. KAITO also gets an accompanying Dark Prince outfit, also from Puyo Puyo.
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    • Project Diva X and Future Tone have P4D Style Miku, from her appearance as DLC in Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Its developer ATLUS had been acquired by Sega not long before its release.
  • Due to it being used in one of the songs, you can use the Stage portion of the ARKS Shop Area in F's Edit Mode.
  • A clever double-shout concerning the Nagisa Replica; in the Japanese version, it is called "Nagisa Repca". "Repca" is a common naming convention for borrowed outfits in Phantasy Star Online 2.
  • Luka's "Wood Nymph" outfit is the same as the elf princess Altina, from Shining Blade. Even her hairstyle is the same.
  • The bonus level for the Mini-Game Credits in F is called the Fantasy Zone Stage.
  • In Project Diva ARCADE, and Project Diva Future Tone for PS4, There are versions of Magical Sound Shower, AFTER BURNERnote , and the theme songs for Power Drift and Quartet remixed with full vocals.
  • How does Miku defeat Godzilla in "Gigantic Girl?" With Chun-Li's lightning kick!
  • The description for the roadroller item in Mirai DX was just about pulled straight out of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
    "It's yellow and flattens stuff. MUDA MUDA MUDA! WRYYYYY!"
  • In "Ageage Again", Miku mimicks the iconic disco pose from Saturday Night Fever during the line "SATURDAY kyo no kibun wa FEVER".
  • The PV for Watashi no Jikan makes good on a couple of old memes, mainly Nice Boat and Leek Spin.
  • Several Room goods in Mirai DX are ripped directly out of SEGA franchises, including a statue of Sonic the Hedgehog, an Opa Opa, and a both working Hang-On Bike and a Virtua Fighter arcade cabinet that your Vocaloids can play with.
  • Miku's Sugar*Soldier Uniform in Mirai DX is a reference to the manga series Sugar*Soldier. It's the same uniform worn by main character Makoto Kisaragi. Even her hair is done in the same style as the character. The module was released as a collaboration with the shojo manga magazine Ribon.
  • In X, equipping both the Head Goggles head accessory, which are black, and the Goggles face accessory, which are red, earns you the "Paint It Black" bonus.
  • Also in X, after completing Len's quirky request, he'll comment that the module you obtain as a reward is in the top 99.99% of modules.
  • In 2nd, the 393 Quest room theme has a message window above the bed that will sometimes read "Thank you Miku! But our diva is in another castle!"
    • This same theme got an upgrade in F, and with it, "castle" was replaced with "stage."
  • Arcade gets a reference to itself in Systematic Love, which shows Miku briefly mashing away at buttons labeled and lined up exactly as they would be on the Arcade cabinet.
  • The AR character cards in mirai DX are designed after Nendoroid boxes, even if they lack the Good Smile Company logo on them.note 

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