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Shout Out / Hannah Montana

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  • Mamaw is possibly a shout out to Mama also played by Vicki Lawrence.
  • In the episode in which the Jonas Brothers guest starred, Miley tells Lilly that her dad's nickname for her is in fact "Miley". In real life, "Miley" was a nickname Billy Ray bestowed on his daughter.
  • One episode Lily was talking about a creepy kid and she says "Knowing her, 'she sees dead people'!", a reference to The Sixth Sense. Emily Osment's older brother, Haley Joel Osment, played the main character of that movie.
  • A very subtle one in "O Say, Can You Remember the Words" in which Jackson makes Jack Nicholson's "Here's Johnny!" face before attacking a pair of chocolate bunnies.
  • There's also one in an episode where Miley is trying to learn to climb a rope. After Lilly is distracted by Sarah coming in to tell her (falsely) that Oliver is back from his tour, Miley is at the ceiling in no time. Unable to figure out how Miley pulled it off (she used a hidden wire harness), Lilly asks "Are you a vampire?"
  • Jake Ryan probably takes his name from the ever-so-perfect male lead in Sixteen Candles.
  • When Jackson tries to get in to a college:
    Jackson: There's only one thing that will get me into that college!
    Robbie: Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility?
  • Jackson Rod Stewart.
  • Jackson's room bears an uncanny resemblance to Louis Stevens's complete with stiffened shirt.
  • Rico's full name is a reference to "Rico Suave", a hit by bilingual 1990s One-Hit Wonder rapper Gerardo.
  • The title of every last episode of the show is a reference to a song.