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Shout Out / Grindhouse and Watercolors

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References made by Aza Smith's Grindhouse and Watercolors

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2D Work

    Patchwork Horrorshow 
  • "Canto XXII - Phlegethon" itself is a reference to Canto XXII from the Italian epic poem Dante's Inferno from Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy. In Dante's Inferno, the Phlegethon was a lake featured in the seventh circle of Hell. There, those who were violent against others in life are boiled in a river of blood. This makes sense seeing as how the only tears being shed in the piece are that of Psychopomp and Prinna Domma, who have been shown enacting acts of violence in one way or another in other works in the portfolio.
  • "Why the Lights Are Flickering" was primarily inspired by horror films with creepy waterlogged girls like Dark Water and The Ring
  • "Blakc Tartarus" and "White Elysium" are directly named after the two primary locations of the afterlife in Greek Mythology.
    • "Black Tartarus" features a giant skeleton eating the characters all done in black ink much like Gashadokuro of Japanese folklore.

    Fortune's Big Score: The Romantic Lifestyles of the Psychic and Psychotic 
  • Every piece is named and based after a different Tarot card.
  • The design of "XV - The Devil" was primarily based off of Dream from The Sandman.
  • "XIII - Death" was primarily based off of the fairy tale character Literature/Rumpelstiltskin, spinning golden thread from a spinning wheel. Word of God claims that it was specifically based on the Once Upon a Time incarnation of the character.

    Nitroglycerin Acid 


    Individual Work 


3D Work

  • Jesus Frankenstein was openly named after the Rob Zombie song of the same name.
  • Yen Sid is named after the sorcerer from the Disney adaptation Fantasia of The Sorcerer's Apprentice. He even possesses the same symbol (the star and crescent moon) on his stomach.
  • God is based off of the Horned God of Neopaganism.
  • Goddess is based off of the Tripled Goddess of Neopaganism.

    Personal Toys 
  • Anatomy was once an SCP.
  • Tulip works for Mother Nature, Mother Goose and Prospero.
  • Surgery Stan and Martin were experimented on with trioxin from the Return of the Living Dead franchise.
  • The heist Team Miasma took at the FOX Tower is copied forbedom from the villain's plot from Die Hard.
  • The Fool and the Pilgrim are both named after "0 - The Fool" tarot card.
  • Madagascar is named "3rd of Cups" after the tarot card.
  • Rosey works for He Who Walks behind the Rows from Children of the Corn.
  • Tiberius was named after the roman emperor of the same name.
  • Alpha Draconus is named after blue giant sun of the same name.

    Custom-Requested Toys 

    Individual Work 


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