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  • When Arya asks Theon to find a way to free her from having to go with Joffrey and Sansa around Winterfell, she says "You are my only hope."
  • Theon's very competent secretary/business manager, Amarda Honn, is a redhead - so Theon has to resist the urge to call her Pepper Potts.
  • Theon paraphrases Admiral Yamamoto's Awakening the Sleeping Giant quote in the first Westeros Despoiler newspaper after the War of the Five Kings begins.
  • Lots of music from the real world makes its way to Westeros via Drunk!Theon - and tend to be quite fitting for each scene.
    • During a battle near Rushing Falls, Ramsay Snow sings AC/DC's "Back in Black".
    • When Robb meets Margaery Tyrell for the first time, a band plays Daft Punk's "Get Lucky".
    • During Robb and Margaery's wedding. Roose Bolton sings Frank Sinatra's "The Best Is Yet To Come".
    • Sansa sings Bob Dylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Door" in her rooms.
    • Robb's wolf charge in the Battle of the Crossroads happens to AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill".
  • Ramsay's outfit with the War Wagons, and indeed the War Wagons themselves are a shoutout to Doof Warrior and the War Boys from Mad Max: Fury Road.
  • When they receive the Freys at Riverrun, Theon wears a bowtie, because Bowties Are Cool.
  • Drunk!Theon writes a book called How to Train Your Dragon Or Dinosaur. Daenerys finds it useful, though she wonders why the instructor he had cited was called "Chris Pratt" on a few pages and "Starlord" on others.
  • Theon thinks that, if Star Trek is real, he will be busted for violating the Prime Directive.
  • When Jaime Lannister and Eddard Stark had their confrontation after Catelyn took Tyrion, the latter brought out his fully armed guards, and almost quoted Heavy: “Aye, you’re fast with that Sword Ser Jamie… but I’ve yet to see a man who can outrun a bullet."
  • Joffrey's style of "keeping up morale" is awfully close to that of the Commissars.
  • Sansa's attire when she sings "Knocking on Heaven's Door" is said to be similar to one worn by Elisabeth. For extra points, that chapter's title is called "Songbird".
  • The operation to rescue Sansa and Arya from King's Landing is called "Operation Virtuous Mission".
  • Oberyn has an odd habit of quoting mentor figures, such as G'Kar and Yoda in the chapter "Operation Virtuous Mission 1" to Theon.
  • Theon's introduction of photography leads the Dornish to introduce pornography... and the "Page 3 girl" in their newspaper, the Sunspear.
  • During "Operation Virtuous Mission", Theon uses "Underhill" as a pseudonym.
  • When he first meets Theon (during "Operation Virtuous Mission"), Varys asks for parley.
  • The Seawolf is an obvious name for a House Stark warship, but it's also a subtle reference to the USS Seawolf submarine.
  • Theon quotes Alfred Lord Tennyson's "The Charge of the Light Brigade" poem in the Westeros Despoiler in reference to Lancel Lannister's charge at the Battle of Crossroads.
  • Robb quotes G'Kar's speech from Babylon 5 season 3's finale.
  • One omake has Robb, Jon, Sansa, Arya, Domeric and Ramsay playing Pathfinder, with Theon as Dungeon Master.
    • In another, Theon builds the giant mechanical spider from Wild Wild West - while he was drunk, of course. And having burned all the resources necessary to build the damned thing, he decides to use it in the attack on King's Landing.
    Joffrey: All right my loyal bannermen, today is the day when we put the traitor Robb Stark and his pet Squid in the ground, they have faced us and have pushed us back, but now we have thunderers and rockets of out own, we have the great walls of King's Landing and home ground territory, victory is assured, why what does the North have?
    Lancel: Your Grace they do have the Boomsquid.
    Joffrey: And what does he have!?
    Lancel: He has better cannons on top of flying machines.
    And that very moment a shape came over the hills north of the city and walked over them and towards the city.
    Lancel: He has a 100 foot giant tarantula!
    Theon: That's it! No more drinking while I'm in range of drawing papers of construction dispatches!
    • Aaand then Ramsay starts rapping.
  • During the attack on Pyke, when the Northerners deploy the HMS Hot Knife (a ship equipped with a napalm-fed flamethrower) one of the Ironborn in Lordsport says it smells like defeat.
    • After her squad rips a bunch of Drowned Men a new asshole via their guns, one of the Northern soldiers tells them to "Rest in pieces!"