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Shout Out / Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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  • The game's biggest reference to Scarface (1983) aside from Expy Tommy Vercetti has got to be the lavish Diaz Mansion / Vercetti Estate, mirroring Tony's mansion in the film. The final mission, a shootout that takes place in it is pretty much a reenactment of the film's finale, except Tommy doesn't die.
  • There's a room labelled "Apartment 3C" where one can find a bloody bathroom and a chainsaw pickup, another Scarface reference.
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  • In Tommy's hotel room at the start of the game, there is a poster of Grand Theft Auto III protagonist Claude. When Tommy finally meets Candy Suxxx, teaser posters of her films are added to his room's wall, revealing them to be porn ripoffs of Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
    "Who's ever seen a shark that big??!"
  • Triggering a Vigilante Mission inside a Hunter attack helicopter changes the text prompt informing you that you've started a Vigilante Mission to an announcement saying Brown Thunder!
  • The missions wherein you have to impress Mitch Baker's biker gang to obtain their services as a security detail for a Love Fist concert may be a reference to the real-life Altamont Free Concert Incident.
  • This is the only GTA game outside the original Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2 wherein the AK-47 is absent, with the Ruger Mini-14 serving as replacement. This may as well be a reference to The A-Team, wherein the Ruger was the team's signature weapon. It could also be seen as a nod to the Miami FBI bank heist shoot out, set in 1986 just like Vice City, wherein one of the two robbers used that rifle to kill two FBI agents. Then again, the AK-47 was unobtainable in the West prior to The '90s for obvious reasons.
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  • The dancers performing onstage at the Malibu are dressed as a cop, a construction worker, a soldier, and a biker.
  • One of the missions at the Vercetti Estate involves Tommy and Lance disguising themselves as cops and infiltrating a mall placed on lockdown by the police. The title of the mission? Cop Land. Doubles as Actor Allusion for Ray Liotta.
  • Another mission at the Club Malibu is named "No Escape," another Liotta flick.
  • While "Exploder" is nominally a Rambo parody, the "dying Ho Chi" scene is a nod to Strike Commando.
  • When you get to a 3-star wanted level, one of the police units that comes after you is a Cheetah driven by two guys in flashy pastel suits. Yup — Crockett and Tubbs. And you thought Vice City was just a name?
    • Even better - Philip Michael Thomas voiced Lance Vance.
  • The distribution side mission involves dealing drugs under the cover of an ice-cream van.
  • The mascot of the V-Rock radio station is a vulture. A "vrock" is a vulture-like demon in Dungeons & Dragons.
  • With PlayStation 2 games coming onto the PS4, they've added in Trophies for the game. The Trophy you get for finishing the last story mission is "Mischief Managed."


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