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    Disgust Destroys Fluxburgh 
Pretty much the entirety of Disgust Destroys Fluxburgh is one big shoutout.


  • The title is "Disgust Destroys Fluxburgh" which has two shoutouts in itself!
  • The entire thing is animated in Go Animate.

Disgust Destroys Fluxburgh 1

  • "Monty how dare you watch Caillou that is it you are going to play SimCity (2013)."
  • The theme song, which is a song from Bring Me the Horizon, Fall Out Boy, and OST from Banjo-Kazooie mashed together.
  • Monty goes to the Carl's Corbis because he loves the Leafy's Jr. ( LtCorbis, Carl's Jr, and LeafyIsHere )
  • "Ugh I hate Leafy Space I want to go somewhere else."
  • "Hey look it's planet Cities Skylines."
  • Fluxburgh. [1]
  • "Everything is becoming a lazy !@#$ for me".
  • "Queen Corbis we have a problem." And it's said by I Hate Everything.
  • ParagonX9's Infiltration playing in the background when LtCorbis raids Fluxburgh.
  • Leafy, Pyrocynical, I Hate Everything, and Luna gathered around to make a plan to stop Corbis.
  • Disgust. note 
  • Ridin' Dirty as the credits music.

Disgust Destroys Fluxburgh 2

  • "In a world where Nicole Arbour is the president"
  • Theme of Sanic Hegehog in the background.
  • The Cory in the House logo appears as Monty goes into his house.
  • At the top of Monty's website: "Leafy, Keemstar, Nicole Arbour"
  • LtCorbis is the president.
  • Mumbo's Mountain when Bill walks in.
  • Bill's room is almost exclusively made out of the Little Red-haired Girl.
  • Monty's Skype ringtone is "SnooPING AS usual I see?"
  • "The City of Townsville is being attacked by a swarm of bad YouTubers."
  • Ridin' Dirty (again) when the car is showcased.
  • Leafys flying away from Townsville.
  • Emergency alert tone as Monty's ringtone.
  • That one guy's obsession with RebelTaxi.
  • The theme song again when they drive to Fluxburgh.
  • Another emergency alert.
  • The Sonic X theme song when Monty and his friends fight the Leafys.
  • Infiltration again when Disgust pops up.
  • Disgust's death by EAS tone.


Feel free to add more stuff to this area as Googlebrains makes more shoutouts to, uh, things!
  • GoAnimate Happy Family Happy Hour is just one big shout out to Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour.
  • Caillou Plays Minecraft is possibly the weirdest Caillou parody ever.
    • Also a shoutout to Minecraft, to a certain extent.
  • Linkin Park in his first video, "TOONTOWN FAILURE (1)".
  • Asking Alexandria in the background of his Pan-Pizza Dating Sim video.
    • In fact, that video itself is a shoutout to a pan-pizza dating sim somebody made.


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