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Season 1:

  • Rory reads Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone sitting on a park bench.
  • Later, Miss Patty tells her students that if they can't balance Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on their heads, Harry will die and there won't be any more books.
  • Lorelai thinks reading The Bell Jar would be a less depressing way to spend the evening than going to a Chilton party.
  • Rory knew Dean would enjoy Jane Austen.
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  • Dean finds Anna Karenina bleak.
  • In the same scene, Rory insists that Leo Tolstoy wrote for the masses, not for some intellectual elite.
  • Dean also thinks Rory should read Hunter S. Thompson.
  • Lorelai borrows Swann's Way from Max, only to discover she hates Proust. Rory says it took her ten renewals to read In Search of Lost Time.
  • Rory wants to give Dean a copy of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis for his birthday until Lane points out it would be like him gifting her a football.
  • Dean observes that Rory reads Madame Bovary and Moby-Dick in the schoolyard.
  • Hesitating to enter Richard and Emily's house, the Lorelais agree that they may end up like The Little Match Girl.
  • Rory and Dean fall asleep in the ballet studio while reading "The Portable Dorothy Parker".
  • Max tells Rory's class about how Emily Dickinson understood people remarkably well despite spending most of her life as a hermit.
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  • Episode four has a subplot about a test on William Shakespeare. The episode is entitled The Deer Hunters.
  • Lorelai helps Luke buy a present, and one of her selections is Out Of Africa.
  • Richard lends Rory his copy of Mencken's Chrestomathy.
  • Rory lost Lorelai's place in Life of Collette.
  • The book Rory wants the most is the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • After careful deliberation, Lorelai concludes that Taylor's three-year-streak of screening The Yearling is sound.
  • Rory is thrilled to find a paperback copy of Rainer Maria Rilke's "Letters to A Young Poet" at a flea market. She already has the hardcover version.
  • Rory is reading a book by Mary McCarthy waiting in line to buy tickets to the dance.


Season 2:

  • Paris wants her group to learn acting from John Houseman. It's not even a drama group, it's for a project in their Shakespeare class.
  • Romeo And Juliet is the play Rory's English class is tasked to perform, one group per act. Rory's group does the fifth act, where Paris casts Rory as Juliet because she "looks good dead".
  • Rory calls Jess Dodger after he "borrows" her copy of Howl, and other poems.
  • Lorelai finds Jess in Rory's room, and his excuse is that he wanted to check if she had Franny and Zooey, otherwise he'd give her a copy.
  • Rory convinces Jess to give The Fountainhead another try. She agrees in return to give Ernest Hemingway another try.
  • One morning when Rory packs her bag, all her extracurricular books are on the thick side. Lorelai wonders what she could possibly need The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty, A Savage Life by Edna st Vincent Millay, The Last Empire by Gore Vidal, and The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner for.note 
  • During their visit to Harvard, with Rory freaking out about how few books she has read, Lorelai reminds her that she doesn't have to read all books. She can skip "Tuesdays With Morrie" and "Who Moved My Cheese".
  • Paris has a life even though she sometimes spends the evening rereading The Iliad.
  • Rory tries to help Jess study Othello, but he just wants to talk about bands. In a different episode Rory tells Lane that there is cute jealous and then there's Othello.
  • At a book fair in town, Rory proudly obtains a copy of Rilke's Letters To A Young Poet for a dollar.
  • As well as Inherit the Wind for 75 cents.
  • Rory finally gets her copy of the OED that she wanted in season 1. She immediately starts using polysyllabic words that her parents don't understand.
  • Rory tells Lorelai that she finished Candide during lunch.
  • Lane has a copy of Please Kill Me: The History of Punk.
  • Lorelai is seen reading The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band.
  • Chris gives Lorelai a basket for her graduation party, which includes "The Portable Nietzsche".
  • Rory and Lane briefly discuss whether Dorothy Parker plagiarized Dawn Powell.
  • Lorelai gives Rory The Little Locksmith to make her feel better about her broken arm. Even paid full price for it, so as not to ruin the effect.

Season 3:

  • The women at Sherry's baby shower want to know what Lorelai was reading during her pregnancy. It was Deenie.
  • Then they ask where she got her information on parenting, and she tells them from For Keeps. Molly Ringwald went to the prom fat. Lorelai found it very inspirational.
  • On the drive home Lorelai does an impression from Annie Hall.
  • Lorelai thinks the town loner is their Boo Radley.
  • Sookie finds that she is an old schoolmate's Daisy.
  • The Poe Society visits Stars Hollow and gives two performances of The Raven.
  • Rory is reading Gogol's Dead Souls, just not when the mail arrives.
  • Rory isn't scared of Francie. She has read The Art of War.
  • Jess calls Rory a book tease when she shows him that she's reading "The Holy Barbarians", and marvels that it was written by the son of James Lipton.
  • Richard wants The History of the Peloponnesian Wars for his birthday.
  • At a dinner with a Harvard alumnus and his family, Rory gets the question about the Manticore right after it is pointed out that it is the title of a book. Many works of William Shakespeare are also mentioned.
  • Lorelai makes a reference to They Might Be Giants, but no one gets it.
    Lorelai: I know that Constantinople is Istanbul, so if you have a date in Constantinople she'll be waiting for you in Istanbul.
  • Emily claims to have read The Lovely Bones as part of an elaborate lie where she's in a book club and Lorelai can't stay for dinner.
  • Mrs. Kim confuses Dave by quoting Henry VI, which he assumes is from The Bible.
  • Sasha insists she is the guy with the beard from The Wizard of Oz.
  • Rory gets a loan to pay for Yale from her grandparents, no strings attached; she only has to pay them back after she graduates and come to Friday night dinners.
    Lorelai: Um, those are strings, Pinocchio.

Season 4:

Season 5:

  • Lorelai feels that Taylor getting no votes is as humiliating as having made Swept Away.
  • Lorelai and Luke go on a double date with Rory and Dean, and find that Luke is a Pippi virgin.
  • Richard reading Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire is Rory's first clue that he is depressed.
  • Luke reads Philip K. Dick, but only remembers the last name.
    Richard: Try doing a search on the internet and see what comes up.
  • Foreshadowing their romance, on the top of a tower, about to bungee jump, Rory references Titanic (1997).
    Rory: You jump, I jump, Jack.
  • Any of Rory's friends can see that Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy: Lord and Peasant in the Makings of the Modern World is a book you read for fun.
  • Rory goes to a costume party dressed as Gogo Yubari.
  • When Luke can't make up his mind about whether it's a good thing a magazine is publishing a certain interview, Lorelai makes fun of him.
  • Chris thinks Lorelai voluntarily becoming a single woman makes her Wonder Woman.
    Lorelai: That was one Halloween costume.
  • Would it be mean to glue all the Gilmore's furniture to the ceiling so that it was in the same place but upside-down?
  • Lorelai signed Luke up to build stage props for the local school's production of Fiddler on the Roof weeks before their breakup.
  • Rory invites Marty over to watch Duck Soup.
  • Zach thinks Luke's eyes burn "like the fires of Mordor" after he broke up with Lorelai.
  • Rory relates to Logan how she and her mother watched Caroline, or Change, explaining that it was made by Tony Kushner, who wrote Angels in America. Logan knows who Kushner is as he plays canasta with his mother. Rory comments that next might be "majong with Mamet".

Season 6:

  • Taylor thought it was more likely that all four of Beatles reunited than for Lorelai and Luke to get engaged.
  • The woman who used to own Lorelai's engagement ring thought she was Frida Kahlo near the end.
  • Luke is bothered by the plot holes in Revenge of the Sith. Later on he declares himself victor of an argument with Lorelai because he has the physical high ground.
  • Lorelai renames Cocoa, her new dog, Paul Anka.
  • "That guy" in Coldplay compares himself to Bono, so Gil feels comfortable comparing Hep Alien to Foo Fighters.
  • Kirk feels Davey is the Andy Warhol to Martha's The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
  • Lorelai compares Taylor's street name change to Molly Ringwald giving her pants to Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles and Anthony showing it to other guys for a dollar each. Taylor gets the reference.
  • Rory figures the pastor talking to her about her "gift ship" would enjoy The 40-Year-Old Virgin.
  • Luke thinks the rory drink tastes like liquefied My Little Pony.
  • Lorelai argues that martinis are a better fit for martini glasses than a rory. Rat Pack and James Bond drank martinis, and that makes it cooler.
  • Lorelai compares Luke's rejection of the girls who ask him to sponsor their soccer team to rejecting Oliver Twist asking for a little more gruel.
  • Logan wonders if Jess writes books the length of Franz Kafka, Dos Pasos, Leo Tolstoy, Robert Musil or Marcel Proust novels.
  • Finding her door is chained all of a sudden, Lorelai tries to get Luke to open by saying "here's Johnny!"
  • Lorelai invites Sookie to her housewarming party on Saturday night, "I heard it's all right for fighting, get a little action in".
  • Richard wonders out loud whether Mortimer Adler, who recommended reading every classic three times, has read Euclid's Elements three times.
  • April Nardini likes Deenie.

season 7:

Deleted scenes

  • Rory refers to herself as a Connecticut Eloise.
  • Paris refers to Stars Hollow as Peyton Place.


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