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A list of shout-outs to other works and creators that can be found in Forum of Thrones:

  • Self-admitted to be a huge Discworld fan, the author does try to build in small in-jokes and references to Pratchett's work into the story.
    • The first of these shout-outs happens in Chapter 3, where the Lord of the Dyre Den is named Trymon Brune, after Ymper Trymon, antagonist of The Light Fantastic.
    • According to Word of God, the words of House Estermont of Greenstone are "Steady We Move". Paired with their sigil, which includes a turtle, this makes a reference to the exclamation "The turtle moves!", used prominently in Small Gods.
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  • The dungeons underneath the Hightower contain strange black stone that has been argued to predate the first human settlement on Westeros. When Raenna, a character coming from a race of highly magically capable people, she notes that the walls "felt and smelled like primordial leviathans preying through the depths, like nameless, eyeless, shapeless creatures lurking in the water, like a dead god dreaming in a midnight, bottomless abyss far below a calm surface".
  • Samuel Harrington, during his Heel–Face Turn, takes a page from Frederick's book, attacking a Mook with the words "Pick a god and pray".
  • The heir to Sharp Point has pale skin, Icy Blue Eyes and dark brown hair (though half of it is dyed blue). His name, Iwan Bar Emmon, is yet another reference to Iwan Rheon, the actor of Ramsay Bolton in the show. Word of God confirms his father's name as Michael Bar Emmon, yet another similarity, given that Michael McElhatton plays Ramsay's father Roose.
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  • Being a big fan of the fellow interactive fanfiction Nymeria's War, the Dorne parts of Forum of Thrones try to include some mentions to the events of the story. So far, this most notably includes a mention of Donovar Toland's failed attempt at crowning himself king.
  • Some of the general character concepts contain notable references to other works as well:
    • Vaasrand of Lys is a white-haired Hunter of Monsters, who slays dangerous beasts for coin, is stoic, brooding, yet more affable once one gets to know him. He also has a Hidden Heart of Gold and wields two swords on his back. Between this and some outright word-by-word quotes, it's not hard to see that he is a Geralt-Expy.
    • The character Regis Rosby, Lord of Rosby and one of the first to bend the knee to Aegon Taragryen, shares looks, costume and first name with Geralt's friend of the same name, the higher vampire Regis.
    • The Tom, Butterfly's Dragon wears an outfit that is heavily inspired by Amon, the Big Bad of the first season of The Legend of Korra.
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    • Among the unintroduced characters, there is Donnel Selwyn, a lord who has been submitted as a reference to Donald Trump, though has since grown into his own character.
    • Similarly unintroduced is a certain Tyrion Rugen. One can only wonder if he has six fingers on his hand.
    • Another reference to The Princess Bride and the one that actually inspired the creation of Tyrion is the character of Montoya the Duelist, a sellsword in the Company of the Hawk.
    • The captain of the guard of Sunspear is a freed Unsullied, who goes by the name of Razek um Daar, which should sound familiar to those that have played The Elder Scrolls Online

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