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The second book in The Dresden Files is relatively sparse in Shout Outs, possibly because there's so much action that even Harry has limited time for them.

  • Denton is more likely than not a reference to that other superhuman rogue federal agent Denton.
  • "A little kung fu, a little John Wayne, and a few casual threats."
  • Harry's description of what a wolf is capable of is lifted almost word-for-word from Wolfen, Artistic License – Biology and all.
  • Hendricks's suit, according to Harry, looks like he plans to rip his way out of it when he turns into The Incredible Hulk.
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  • Bob purposely has Harry repeat the word werewolf so he can do the "There wolf. There castle." line from Young Frankenstein. He's then annoyed when Harry doesn't get it.
  • A Catchphrase from The A-Team gets inverted when Harry's goading of Parker nearly gets him shot:
    "I hate it when a plan falls apart."
  • The blending potion makes Harry feel monochromatic, like an extra from Casablanca or The Maltese Falcon.
  • Upon seeing the Alphas for the first time:
    • Later he can't help but think of them as a lupine Mickey Mouse Club.
    • Wolf-form Billy carrying his robe back to the van reminds Harry of an oversized, grumpy Benji.
  • His first close look at a Hexenwulf has him comparing it to wolves he'd seen on Wild Kingdom.
    • Agent Benn discards a wolf-belt as grudgingly as "Scrooge might have let fall a string of diamonds".
  • The scene where Harry and Rudolph gather up the loup-garou's blood in SI has a couple of lines reminiscent of Predator.
    • Then he uses a Snoopy doll to restrain the creature, chanting his spell to the Peanuts cartoon score.
  • Hitting up Tera West for money, Harry points out that he's not The Lone Ranger, so doesn't work for free.
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  • He whistles Carmen while busting up the Streetwolves and their truck.
  • Susan gets a guest spot on Larry King out of her footage.
  • Carmichael refers to Denton's FBI team as the Stepford agents, presumably because they act so much in lock-step and their smiles are phony.
  • MacFinn rises up from the fallen leaves like Hamlet's dad from the stage floor.
  • Murphy calls Harry "El Cid" when she chews him out for being melodramatic.
  • Harry asks Subconscious Harry if he's about to be confronted by the spirits of Harry Past, Present and Future.
  • While possibly unintentional in story, meta wise Tera references Mark Twain's quote on why Humans Are the Real Monsters
    Tera West:Animals do not do what they have done. Animals kill to eat, to defend themselves or their own, and to protect their territory. Not for the joy of it. Not for the lust of it...Only humans do that, wizard
    Mark Twain: Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.
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  • A group of Special Agents adept at closing cases/solving crimes who are secretly Werewolves? Are you describing the plot of Fool Moon or Full Eclipse?


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