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    Season 1 

     Season 2 
  • In A Night At Global Dynamics
    Taggart: He's just made one of the classic blunders.
    Larry: What's that?
    Taggart: Never go up against an Australian when death is on the line.
    • The GD security system in "A Night at Global Dynamics".
      GD Computer Mimicking Fargo's Voice: You'll never find your way out. Resistance is futile.
    • Also another one from Taggart, with Matt Frewer using a line from another character of he played:
  • Fargo on a mysterious CIA specialist
  • An episode dealing with alchemy had the human transmutation circle on a blackboard in the background.
  • "Duck Duck Goose": In the extreme foreground as the Starks are discussing Kevin, the hand from T2 can be seen in the original glass dome.
  • The LCL that Carter is dunked in to save his life in season 2 episode "Noche de Suenos".
  • Early in the second season, Carter asks Kevin what day of the week was November 3rd, 1957. Although both of them get the day wrong (it was a Sunday), it was the day that Laika the spacedog died.
  • Henry is seen watching Dexter's Laboratory in the episode when most of Eureka accidentally becomes stupid.
  • Jo's shared dream is inspired by Zorro.

    Season 3 

    Season 4 
  • Several in Reprise:
    Fargo: So, does our Cylon spy have a name?

    Zane: I didn't know you were building a TARDIS house.
    Jo: A what?
    Zane: Big on the inside but tiny on the, uh... nevermind.

    Holly: Have you ever played Warhammer?
    Sherrif Carter looks confused.
    Holly: Nevermind.
  • Fargo's time travel arrival in Founder's Day is a Shout-Out to the Terminator series, complete with music.
  • In the episode "Momstrosity", Allison uses the phrase "Get away from him, you bitch!"
  • Zane offers to look up TARDIS blueprints while he's poking around Dr. Grant's DOD file.
  • In "The Ex-Files", Dr. Grant claims his hallucination is of a "leggy blond in a slinky red dress".
  • "Glimpse" starts with one to the 50's propaganda films.
    Fargo: Global Dynamics wants you!
    • Also in "Glimpse", is The Cameo for Stan Lee, who provides a Shout-Out to The Hulk. He appears as Dr. Lee, specializing in the effects of gamma radiation, you can call him Generalissimo, and "Don't make me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry."
    • Also, Bear McCreary decided to play a tribute with "The Lonely Man Theme" from the Hulk TV Series playing in the background during that scene. Which was slightly adapted to resemble the "McCreary Eureka Theme" (the one in the credits and in the background from season 2 onward).
    • Finally in Glimpse, Zane is demonstrating his PALs, Predictive Algorithm Lenses, basically contact lenses that can predict disasters before they occur.
    Fargo: It's like having your own personal Professor Xavier.
    Jack: Who's Professor Xavier?
    Zane: Okay, I'm going to pretend you didn't just say that.
  • "This one time at space camp..."
    • In this episode Fargo talks about building a rocket engine at Space Camp, while his team was called the Radical Raccoons. Rockets, made by Raccoons...
  • This exchange:
    "That's it?"
    "What were you expecting, the Spanish Inquisition?"
    "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition."
  • In the 2011 Christmas special, Fargo calls a Big Red Button "My precious."
    • And the staff he uses to fight the snow monster resembles common depictions of the Monkey King's staff in Journey to the West.
    • The Art Shifts also include shout outs to South Park and Peanuts.
    • When the Super Photon Generator is turned on to fix the town, the "Mobile Suit Detected" sound from Mobile Suit Gundam can be heard.
  • In Liftoff, Fargo is in the not-quite-ready-yet launch capsule replaying the Death Star attack from A New Hope
  • Then there's this:
    Holly: We've tried everything. We've tried yoga, meditation...
    Fargo: Well, there is one thing we haven't tried...
    Holly: You mean... Oh...
    The scene cuts to the two of them playing Dungeons & Dragons.
  • When Andy is instructing people on evacuation, Jo adds "You heard Mr. Data, keep it movin'..."
  • Fargo's password is "Dougie the Vampire Slayer".

    Season 5 
  • Several characters are kidnapped and put into a computer simulation of Eureka. Not only do the characters instantly equate this to The Matrix when they learn, they never refer to it by any other name from that point on.
  • In "Smarter Carter" Zane Donovan says of building a replacement body for Holly Martin: "We can build it. We have the technology."
  • One for Quantum Leap in episode 5.05 "Jack of All Trades." Carter has begun swapping bodies with various persons who were on the Atraeus. Shortly after "leaping" into Zane, he says "Oh, boy!"
  • A hilarious one to "Blazing Saddles" in episode 5.06 as Deputy Andy uses a built in cable to save Carter.
    Deputy Andy: Excuse me while I whip this out.

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