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Since Endless Frontier is built to house so many references within and beyond Super Robot Wars, here's a list of them.

Historical Names

  • Haken Browning shares the surname of John Moses Browning, the American firearms manufacturer who designed the "Browning Automatic Rifle" (BAR), "the M1911" and the "FN Hi-Power". In all his appearances, Haken is The Gunslinger; taken to its logical conclusion with Haken's father, who is named John Moses.
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  • Kaguya Nanbu is named after the "Nambu" pistol.
  • Thanks to her Egyptian motif, Cleo Gretel is an obvious reference to Cleopatra.
  • Anne Sirena and Bonny Maxmad's names are derived from Anne Bonny, an 18th Century Irish Pirate Girl.

Fairy Tales, Folklore and Literature

  • "Haken" means "hook" in German and he arrived in the Endless Frontier on a ship called the "Neverland" with a navigational computer called "Tinkerbell". Haken's battleship, the Zeit Krokodil, refers to an aquatic animal that ate, amongst other things, a clock and a ship captain's hand. Got the reference, yet? Even Haken's crew members are Puns on the story's characters: Professor Marion "Sumii" and the man-"tiger Lee Ly". Finally, ""W-Numbers" member W-03 in EXCEED has the Code Name "Pete Pain".
  • Kaguya's name is lifted from the same-named Princess Kaguya of the Japanese folklore story "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter", which is referenced In-Universe.
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  • Try translating Aschen Brodel's full name into German: per the fairy tale Theme Naming of Endless Frontier, "Aschenbrödel" means "Cinderella"; likewise, if she attacks with her feet, she sometimes yells out "Glass Heel!", a signature item from the story. In fact, throughout Endless Frontier, Haken explicitly calls her Cinderella.
  • Neige means "snow" in French; Neige is a princess who throws around exploding apples and encases enemies in glass coffins she blasts through and reflects lasers off mirrors in battle. Sound familiar? To make the reference explicit, every single one of her moves except her "Overdrive" is named after elements of the original story, and her age can be taken as Snow White's age when she reawakens.
  • The Orchestral Army's former frontline fortress "Poker Castle" is under the command of "Hum Dum", and the location carries random Mook encounters of playing card soldiers, including a chest in the castle which holds the "Cheshire" armor. Furthermore, Reiji Arisu joins the party here.
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  • In a call to The Bremen Town Musicians, the first names of Henne Valkyria, Ezel Grenada and Katze Kotolonos are "hen", "donkey" and "cat" in German, respectively, while Kyon Feulion, or "Kuon", is "dog" in Greek.
  • When fighting Dorothy Mistral for the first time, she comes along with minions named "Cerebrumless", "Heartless", and "Valorless". The road to her "Esmeralda Castle" is paved with yellow bricks, and in the sequel, she'll occasionally call out her attack as "Return To Home!"
  • Rubor Cucullus' castle is named "Abuelita", the Spanish word for "grandmother"; Rubor takes on the appearance of a humanoid wolf.
  • Cleo's surname "Gretel", her obsession with sweets and the name of her bakery "Fatty Hansel" comes from another familiar fairy tale written by The Brothers Grimm.
  • Of all things, Aledy Naash's name is a reference to "Aladdin"; if that sounds far-fetched, his master Cindy Bird is, likewise, a Pun on "Sinbad".
  • Hamelin Silbato is literally based on The Pied Piper of Hamelin; not only does he use a flute, one of his attacks is summoning a stampede of mice.
  • Gerda Miroir is a reference to The Snow Queen: she shares the same name as the female protagonist of the story, her attacks are ice-themed and her duplicating attacks and surname evoke the magic mirror from the fairy tale.
  • Hild Brun is clearly based on a Valkyrie, with her name being a rearrangement of "Brunhilde"/"Brünnhilde" from the famous opera epic.

Captain Ersatz and Expy



  • Aschen's Overdrive called "Phantasm Phoenix" is a reference to the "Phantom Phoenix" attack for Lamia's Humongous Mecha "Angelg"; in EXCEED, Aschen's multi-target Overdrive "Gravity Howling" is a nod to "Bloody Howling", the ultimate attack of the "Simurgh Splendid", an Expy of the Angelg.
    • The first part of the animation for her Phantasm Phoenix is a visual reference to the Kim Kaphwan "Desperation Move" Hou'ou Kyaku: both attacks are named after The Phoenix, they start by sliding at the enemy knee-first while trailing with shadows, followed up with an extended kick combo, and finally ending in a somersault kick. Aschen, however, continues her attack with a series of Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs and finishes off with an upward heel shotgun blast.
  • One of Aschen's Special Skills in EXCEED is called "Code: Amphisbaena", based on a Greek mythological monster like the lamia. One of the meanings for "amphisbaena" is "both ways" and its appearance is that of a serpentine monster with a head at each end. The attack involves grabbing one enemy and a random object off-screen with her Rocket Punches and slamming them together.
  • When using the Jyaki-GUN-Oh, there's a chance Princess Suzuka might yell out "Jyaki-GUN Finger!" Meanwhile, compare some of the Jyaki-GUN-Oh's starting attacks to the Alt Eisen.
  • Whenever Dorothy uses her Blow You Away attack, there's a chance she might say "Poppin Typhoon!"
  • Look carefully at the environment the party is walking on when entering the Einst's dimension in Endless Frontier. They're actually climbing on the corpse of the defeated "Stern Regisseur" from Original Generation 2.

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