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Dzwiedz 24 Speaks in Shout-Outs half of the time, bringing up references to things diverse and bizarre, both Polish and foreign.

Polish Politics and Pop Culture:

  • The "Second Expedition to the Nonsense Islands" book of Tytus, Romek i A'tomek gets quoted in the Let's Play of Rochard, followed by " quote Papcio Chmiel".
  • When the first cutscene with Ghaul and the Consul appears in the second episode of Destiny 2 playthrough, "The Chairman's Ear" appears over the Red Legion logo, followed by "MARIUSZ" and "PREZES" captions under the Consul and Ghaul.
  • The recurring lines, "Are there any wiseguys here?" and "Yeah, I'm the wiseguy, now fuck off", come from Polish comedy "Chłopaki Nie Płaczą".
    • The title of "Wake Up and Suck: Death in Venice" is another reference to "Chłopaki Nie Płaczą", along with the line "...about a guy in a boat".
  • The "Wizard, Wizard, my radio knob broke" is a quote from a popular superglue commercial.
  • In Polish, the Infinite Forest is called "Nachujmilas" (Whythefuckdoineeda Forest), a reference to a (highly memetic) scene from Movie-Making Mess film "Nic Śmiesznego".
    • In the Jacob Seed boss fight video, Dźwiedź drops an incomplete line from the payphone scene in "Nic Śmiesznego".
  • Krystian's highly memetic outburst from How to Get Rid of Cellulite gets quoted in the third Curse of Osiris video, "Reflections of Mikesiris", when Dzwiedz is frustrated by the confusing level design.
  • The Polish title of the fifth Curse of Osiris video, "Germański Oprawca" (German Oppressor), is a reference to a strip from the Polish webcomic Pvek.
  • References to Polish hip-hop artists Łona and Afro Kolektyw appear several times, particularly the "Grand entrance, you know nothing about it!" line from Afro Kolektyw's "Gramy Dalej".
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  • In the "Second Iron Banana Edition" Destiny 2 PVP video, Dźwiedź quotes the iconic opening line of How I Unleashed World War II after managing to score a double kill with a rocket launcher.
  • In the Darksiders Backlog Bonus Round, after throwing a cab at an enemy, Dźwiedź announces "Your cab is waiting, Mr Potrzebie!" - also a reference to a prank call that made rounds on the Internet in the early 2000s.
  • In the third Darksiders video, Dźwiedź shouts "Four!" after singing a verse from a Polish protest song, in reference to the Polish film Psy.
  • A line from another scene in Psy, "Mutt chops, third grade, ground up with the doghouse" is quoted twice in different Darksiders videos.
  • In the first short Far Cry 5 video, "Going Shopping", Dźwiedź sings a Polish parody of "Paranoid", recorded by Piersi, while riding an ATV.
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  • In the same video, Dźwiedź shouts "I'm gonna give you Dudu, you motherfucker!", a quote from "The Eternal Flame".
  • In the Far Cry Arcade livestream, Dźwiedź reacts to an opposing team member crashing a helicopter with a quote from Kilerów Dwóch.
  • In the John Seed boss fight Far Cry 5 livestream, Dźwiedź quotes several lines from an infamous freestyle by Polish rapper Eldo after defeating the peggies guarding the loading bay.
  • In the "Bull Nuts Festival" Far Cry 5 video, Dźwiedź gripes "I'll have to get back home in a tractor, like Funky Koval", a reference to the nullspace glider launch pad scene from the comic.
  • In the Jacob Seed boss fight video, Dźwiedź says "The bathroom is locked, gimme a screwdriver" when unable to open the exit door, a reference to a widely mocked scene from the Polish soap opera Klan.
  • In "Wake Up and Suck: London Calling", Dźwiedź sings a verse from "Klub Wesołego Szampana" by the band Formacja Nieżywych Schabuff.
  • Dr Dźwiedźrespekt's "Cardboard houses, to pretend there is village" is a reference to the Cult Classic "Miś".
  • The "Word of Joseph" statue in Far Cry 5 videos is consistently called "The Jesus of Świebodzin".
  • After torching the Book of Joseph in the Faith Seed boss fight livestream, Dźwiedź says "Glory to the killers of St. Adalbert!"
  • The Kamus Knights in "The Chernobyl Worm" get called "Kamis" Knights, after a popular brand of spices (hence the odd, spice-related curses directed at them).
  • One of the opening lines in "Dźwiedziu's Bizarre Adventure", "Who is worse at judo, bleeds a lot" is a quote from Polish No Budget movie, "Dżudo Honor" by Z.F. Skurcz.

Heavy Metal:

  • Megadeth's "High Speed Dirt" gets referenced in "Pugubugu Island".
    • A call-back to this reference is mentioned in Dr Dźwiedźrespekt's first Radical Heights livestream.
  • The chorus to "Crush'em" gets quoted in response to Lord Shaxx's words in "Crucikibble: Ritmo De La Noche Edition"
  • Nitro's "Machine Gun Eddie" in a Let's Play of Renegade Ops.
  • Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie the Head, is referenced several times in the Darksiders videos, from the Bonus Round onwards.
  • A reference to Black Sabbath vocalist Ronnie James Dio is made in "Highway to Hel", to the tune of Black Sabbath's "N.I.B."
    They are beating me, oh,
    Like Ronnie James Dio!
  • In the first short Far Cry 5 video, Dźwiedź complains about the in-game music and mentions Slayer, Meshuggah, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest ("or, Jewish Priest" - a reference to a Cowboy BeBop at His Computer quote from a Polish Moral Guardians pamphlet).

General Music References:

  • A line from Tom Lehrer's "Lobachevsky" is quoted in "Darth Bucket's Grand Entrance", and later in one of the Darksiders videos.
  • In "The Man With The Golden Gun", Dźwiedź quotes two lines from Boney M's "Rasputin" when the Warmind Rasputin is mentioned.
  • The English title of the fifth Curse of Osiris video, "Invaders Must Die!" is a reference to The Prodigy song.
  • A line from Tchaka Diallo's "Shoot Yo Shot", "All you jealous punks can't stop my dunks!", is used in "Barkley Shut Up And Jam!"
  • In the Darksiders Backlog Bonus Round, the Watcher is called a "Joker, Smoker, Midnight Stalker" - a reference to both the Steve Miller Band song, and the Watcher's voice actor, Mark Hamill.
  • In "In The Next One, I'm Swearing In German", the "[raps in German]" is a quote from the song "Turlich Turlich" by German rapper Das Bo.
  • In the second Far Cry 5 livestream, Dźwiedź sings a parody of Johnny Cash's "Ghost Riders in the Sky".
  • The successful Uprising mode playthrough in Overwatch is titled "London Calling".
  • In "Jumbo Rode A'Killin'" and "Clit Earthworm", Dźwiedź sings a lyrical parody of the song "Hoh Tolboton" from the movie Mongol.
  • The first two Fifty Shades of Bray videos are titled after songs with "Mars" in the title - David Bowie's "Life On Mars" and Kazik's "Mars Napada" (Mars Attacks).
  • The first Rocket League highlights video features Dźwiedź rapping a parody of the first verse of Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me".
  • The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 video "God of Hellfire" skips from Dźwiedź bellowing the intro to Arthur Brown's "Fire" to the video of the song.

Movie Titles as Episode Titles:

General Movie References:

  • The "What is best in life" quote from Conan the Barbarian, in its "Conan: the Musical" incarnation, shows up in "Crucikibble: Beer Edition".
  • Also in "Darth Bucket's Grand Entrance", the Cabal are said to look "like fucked-up Admiral Ackbar".
  • Rocco's ill-conceived assassination mission from The Boondock Saints gets referenced in the ninth Destiny 2 video, "Noggin Juice".
  • Forrest Gump's "box of chocolates" speech is referenced in the fifth Curse of Osiris video, "Invaders Must Die".
  • In "Horse Feathers", Dźwiedź mentions playing "beer and wieners" with Ulthane, a reference to Italian comedy Watch Out, We're Mad!.
  • Also in "Horse Feathers", Dźwiedź says "Now I have a machine gun... Hohohohoho!" after picking up the Redemption cannon.
  • In "Wake Up And Suck: Death in Venice", Dźwiedź bellows "Go! Get to da choppa!" when the evac dropship arrives.
  • In the Far Cry Arcade livestream, Dźwiedź says that he's Driving Miss Daisy when a female team member mounts the truck turret while he's driving it.
  • Whenever it comes to bragging about using a bow in Far Cry 5, Dźwiedź says "I'm a man in tights!".
  • When Deputy Pratt picks up the M60 during the Jacob Seed boss fight video, Dźwiedź says "No, this is how you do it: SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!", and then "Alright, alright, you, Christoph Rambo, cut it out."
  • When Faith mentions Nemesis in her boss fight livestream, Dźwiedź replies "Manifested, in this case, by an 'orrible cunt. ME."
  • When fighting Kvada ur-Nokru, an Ogre miniboss in "Strange Terrain", Dźwiedź asks "How did it go? "Kvadu Barada Nokru"?", a reference to The Day the Earth Stood Still (and later, more famous use of the "Klaatu Barada Nikto" phrase in Evil Dead).
  • Turkish Cult Classic Korkusuz (known as "The Turkish Rambo") is referenced several times in the Dźwiedź Royale streams in relation to knife kills.
  • During the Borrowed Biometric Bypass mission in Shadow Warrior 2, Dzwiedz says "It's easy, I saw a guy do it with a pen!", a reference to Demolition Man.

TV Series References:

  • Firefly gets several references in "Saving Captain Robotpants" and "Noggin Juice", mostly in reference to Nathan Fillion voicing Cayde-6. Also, Sagira from Curse of Osiris is consistently referred to as "Inara Serra".
  • The "Shotgun Bob's Shotgun Song" is similar to the opening music of Bonanza.
  • In "The Old Stomping Grounds", Dźwiedź says he'll turn Tiamat into "Ze Fallen Madonna Mit Ze Big Boobies, by van Klomp".
    • In "Wake Up and Suck: Death in Venice", Dźwiedź calls the payload in the Uprising mission "Lieutenant Gruber's Little Tank", another Allo Allo reference.
  • In the first Far Cry 5 livestream, Dźwiedź incredulously asks "A bunker?! On an island?! That TV series ended A DECADE AGO!", referring to Lost.
  • In the third Far Cry 5 short video, Dźwiedź wonders whether Merle has a brother named Daryl.
  • In the John Seed boss fight Far Cry 5 livestream, after taking down an enemy with a bow, Dźwiedź sings "Robin... The hooded man", a fragment of the Robin of Sherwood theme song.
  • Dr Dźwiedźrespekt mentions a list of American TV series that aired in Poland in the early 90s: The A-Team, Jake and the Fatman, Magnum, P.I. and MacGyver.
  • In the Faith Seed boss fight Far Cry 5 livestream, Dźwiedź reveals Faith's real name, Rachel, and rattles off a list of the previous ones, naming the "tall, dark haired one" Monica and mentioning "that annoying one with the guitar, Phoebe was it?", a reference to Friends.
  • When bringing out the helicopter in the Faith Seed boss fight livestream, Dźwiedź says "Gimme my Airwolf."
  • The translated description for "Life On Mars" states that "Compared to me, Gene Hunt is sedate."
  • Dr Dźwiedźrespekt mentions Tropical Heat (referring to it as "Detective in Paradise") as "best most popular, cult show in Molvania" - this is based on the cult status of the show in Serbia, including the mentioned title being a Recursive Translation of how the show's title was translated there.
  • The penultimate Shadow Warrior 2 stream (involving the "Heisenberg" missions) is titled "Breaking Bed".
  • The Two Points Hospital stream is titled "Emergency Room", after the Polish title of ER, and its intro is a parody of the ER intro.

Video Game References:

  • The highly memetic "That wizard came from the Moon!" line from Destiny gets referenced several times in the Destiny 2 videos, most directly spelled out in the beginning of the sixth video, "Breakfast on Titan":
    "Dźwiedź24, news from Titan. A wizard fell from the Moon. When tested with a breathalyzer, he had .18% BAC."
  • The high-pitched "Decapitatiooooon!" from Darksiders videos is a reference to Brütal Legend.
  • In "Highway to Hel", War is said to have "the diving skills of Guybrush".
  • In the first Far Cry 5 livestream, Dźwiedź says he doesn't trust Sheriff Whitehorse "farther than a snake can shit", a reference to John Bishop from Fallout 2.
  • In the "Bears Are Bad News" Far Cry 5 video, after braining a peggie with a bow, Dźwiedź says "Boom, headshot." followed by humming a short bit of Magnum Force theme - a reference to the "Meet The Sniper" video.
  • After performing a jump takedown in the John Seed boss fight Far Cry 5 livestream, Dźwiedź hums the opening notes of Super Mario Bros. theme.
  • When riding a bike in the Radical Heights livestream, Dźwiedź sings "What I Got" by Sublime, a reference to Dave Mirra Pro BMX, a game that heavily featured the song.
  • When preparing to storm Jacob's base in the Far Cry 5 "Glorious Revolution" video, the subtitles say "Now all his base is belong to me".

Conversational Troping:


  • "Pugubugu Island" translates an expletive-laden expression of surprise into the infamous My Immortal quote.
  • The "I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens" meme related to Ancient Aliens is brought up in the let's play of Rochard.
  • In "Darth Bucket's Grand Entrance", Dźwiedź screams "Oh fuck, the Vogons!" when the Cabal ships show up.
  • The Filk Song from "Gogol Bordello", the third Destiny 2 video is a reference to Baldurs Gate 2, set to the tune of "Turn Up The Night" by Black Sabbath. The video itself is titled after a Gypsy punk band.
  • The stuttering "J-j-j-jumbo" line is a reference to Uncle Pecos' song from the Tom and Jerry episode "Pecos Pest".
  • In the Darksiders Backlog, Straga roaring at War during the fight in the prologue prompts a quote from Shrek. Also, War's Chaos Form is nicknamed "A Balrog of Morgoth".
  • When Darksiders gets its own series, upon Samael's mention of "Tiamat, The Bat Queen", Dźwiedź screams "We cannot go there, this is bat country!"
  • Also in the Darksiders first/third video, Dźwiedź bellows "By the power of Grayskull! I have the power!".
  • The Destiny 2: Warmind series are titled "Fifty Shades of Bray", complete with a logo based on the film's title.
  • The famous "Four legs good, two legs bad" quote from Animal Farm is parodied by Dr Dźwiedźrespekt in reference to cars in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and bikes in Radical Heights.
  • The Aeneid, of all things, gets referenced in "Mars Attacks", when Dźwiedź says "You should beware the Greeks bearing gifts, and Russians doubly so."
  • Metalocalypse gets referenced in the end of "Strange Terrain", when Dźwiedź says "I think we pulled some serious Awakenish Mustakrakish..." after luring Xol with a piece of the Traveler.
  • The infamous "IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND!" meme is mentioned in "The Chernobyl Worm".
  • A highlight splash in "Crucikibble: Twitch Edition" calls the Vigilance Wing pulse rifle "Kitab Al-Azif", the Arabic name for Necronomicon.
  • The intro for "Dźwiedziu's Bizarre Adventure" opens with a parody of the "But it was me, Dio!" scene - and the Japanese subtitles even say "Kono Dźwiedziu da!"
    • Another variant has Dźwiedź facepalm and say "Yare... yapierdole" ("Yare... oh fuck me"), with the Japanese subtitles stating "Yare yare daze".
  • Anthem clip "Interceptor No Ken" has Dźwiedź say "Omae wa mo shindeiru." after using Detonating Strike. The next thing is, unsurprisingly, the target keeling over after several seconds.

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