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Shout Out / Dragon Half

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  • To Iron Man, Mazinger Z and Guyver in this single scene
  • In the final arcs of the manga, Rogue Finn built three Robot Girls. One of them was armed with a Rocket Punch, and other with Torpedo Tits. Blatant reference to Mazinger Z.
  • Likewise, those three robots (Navel 08, Dark Cherry and Apple) are named after fruits (Navel 08 is a reference to Cara cara navel oranges)
  • Apple uncannily resembles My from the The Moomins series.
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  • Talking about Super Robot Genre, in one scene Damaramu combined with a flying ship right like UFO Robo Grendizer did.
  • Lufa's parents are named Link and Zelda.
  • And Mia's parents are named Mario and Peach.
  • Sonic—Dick Saucer's cousin—is named after Sonic the Hedgehog (hence, his impressively running speed).
  • Mermaids Rosa and Lydia are named after two characters of Final Fantasy IV (although English-speaking audiences might be more familiar with the latter name getting translated as Rydia).
  • Secondary character Adol is named after Ys main character.
  • Simon Del Monte, his brother Ralph and their holy zombie-vanquisher Legacy Weapon sword are a blatant reference to Castlevania.
  • When Mink and her friends arrive at the Azatodeth Island Base, at the beginning it behaves like a Dragon Quest game. There are random encounters every few steps, and a random warrior fights a tree with banners showing how many damage points he has got.
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  • Vena being the daughter of a king who married a Slime is taken directly from Makai Toshi SaGa.


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