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Being rather Reference Overdosed, Dino Attack RPG has most of its Shout Outs listed here instead of on the main tropes page.

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  • Adventurers' Island is a major location that members can travel to. It is also the location of the Dino Attack RPG's final story arc.
    • Sam Sinister was a major villain of Dino Attack RPG. He later allied with the Dino Attack Team. His accomplice Mr. Cunningham also appears as a dinosaur hunter employed by XERRD but still taking orders from Sinister. Through extension of Sinister's alliance with Dino Attack Team, Emperor Chang Wu is also allied with the team, and sent a fleet of his ships to aid the Dino Attack Team during the final battle.
    • Johnny Thunder has made numerous cameos throughout the RPG. However, most of these are Retconned into appearances by Dr. Kilroy or Josh Thunder. The reasoning behind this retcon is that LEGO Universe revealed that Johnny Thunder would be in Nimbus Station during the time of the Dino Attack.
    • Johnny Thunder's journal from the Minifig Handbook was found by several Dino Attack agents in an Adventurers Outpost.
    • Dust is a direct descendant of Pharaoh Hotep III, who is named after Pharaoh Hotep from this theme.
    • Señor Palomar allied with XERRD and oversaw operations in the XERRD Fortress on Adventurers' Island. His main ally, Rudo Villano, also appears as a dinosaur hunter for XERRD, temporary servant of the Maelstrom, and now an ally to the Dino Attack Team.
    • Sam Sinister mentioned Cleopatra's time machine when talking about how he would be remembered by history. This was a nod to the Journey to the Lost Temple stage production in LEGOLAND California.
  • The Agents Defense Organization is a major faction and was initially antagonistic toward both the Alpha Team and the Dino Attack Team, claiming they could deal with the threat of Mutant Dinos themselves. In later times, the Agents have worked closed with the Dino Attack Team.
    • Dr. Inferno is a major ally of XERRD, and his agents and henchmen, including Spy Clops, have appeared in both the Goo Caverns and LEGO Island assisting XERRD's forces.
    • Mayor Frictionfit, the mayor of LEGO City who made his first appearance in the Robot Chronicles, supported Greybeard's efforts to end the Antarctica riots and later delivered a speech at the Lorin Nelson Orchestra concert.
    • Seymour Brickstein, a LEGO City reporter who covered the Robot Chronicles, showed up after the final battle to report on the Dino Attack Team's victory.
  • Alpha Team is a major faction in the RPG and ally of Dino Attack Team, having funded the creation of the Dino Attack Team.
  • Many Alpha Team agents, including Kotua and Databoard, have joined Dino Attack Team. Other agents, such as Frozeen and Axel, provide assistance to Dino Attack Team. Rogue Alpha Team agents, such as Phantom and Darkforce, occasionally serve as villains and antagonists in the RPG.
    • Ogel's Island, Goo Caverns, and Antarctica are three major locations that members can travel to. In addition, they each played major roles in two of the Dino Attack RPG's story arcs.
    • Evil Ogel was a major villain of the RPG, who later allied with the Dino Attack Team. His Skeleton Drone and Mutant Sea Creature armies have aided the Dino Attack Team from time to time, especially during the Goo Caverns mission and during the Final Battle.
  • For the first few years of the RPG, Mata Nui and Metru Nui were two major locations that members could travel to. These were later Retconned into Enchanted Island and Astor City, respectively.
    • Zero and Phantom were both turned into Toa. This was later retconned so that Zero and Phantom were wearing prototype suits of armor called Tactical Operations Armor (abbreviated as T.O.A.).
    • The codename of Turahk-Kal is derived from Turahk and Bohrok-Kal.
    • The codename of Nui is the Matoran word for "great".
    • One of the most infamous events of the Dino Attack RPG is when several Dino Attack agents traveled to Metru Nui. There, they teamed up with the Rahaga and fought alongside them in Exo-Force mechs. At last, this is where the line was drawn and BIONICLE was banned from the RPG. This event is often referred to as "BIONICLE meets Exo-Force RPG", as the focus of the RPG was drifting away from Dino Attack and towards BIONICLE and Exo-Force.
    • The Goo Sphere is very similar to a Zamor.
    • During the Goo Caverns mission, Rex was expressing concern over Evil Ogel's alliance with the Dino Attack Team, and recalled Sam Throramebi telling him about an evil being who had betrayed his own brotherhood and had manipulated his enemies into executing his plan. This is a reference to Makuta Teridax, the main villain of BIONICLE.
      • Sam Throramebi also described this evil being as being very similar to Evil Ogel. This is a reference to Greg Farshtey being the writer of both Alpha Team and BIONICLE. According to Farshtey, Teridax was one of his favorite characters to write about in BIONICLE, and Evil Ogel was his favorite LEGO villain outside of BIONICLE.
    • The Brickspider Bot v1.0 once calculated over a thousand ways to kill Rex and Amanda, mentioning that most of these methods hurt. This is a reference to one of Makuta Teridax's lines from BIONICLE Adventures #10: Time Trap.
    • Greybeard wondered how Tail could detonate Earthquake Orbs without causing the ceiling to collapse, only for the ceiling to immediately collapse after he said this. This is a reference to BIONICLE: Mask of Light.
    • Andrew, Laxus, and other characters often reference retconned information in the Dino Attack RPG. Numerous times, they would recall some report of a Dino Attack agent going to Mata Nui or another Dino Attack agent who turned into a Toa. These would always be dismissed as a fault of the "anyone can edit" system of the Dino Attack database. The comm chatter is also full of references to these retconned scenes.
    • Trying to get the attention of those in the Antarctica Refugee Facilities, Greybeard and Lord Vladek used methods similar to those used by Ackar in the Tesara scene of BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn. Greybeard's insisting that the fighting must stop is a slightly-altered version of Ackar's lines, and Vladek shooting lightning out of his sword is akin to Ackar shooting fire out of his sword.
    • When Sauro-Hunter stated that he had "an awesome" plan, Aravis and Spino had a conversation borrowed from the BIONICLE comic "Journey's End Part 1: All That Glitters...".
    • Crunchbite was originally named "Kardas" by his and Tex's parents and randomly spews energy from his inner furnace, based off of the Kardas Dragon. Damieon Kardas and the Kardas Coliseum are likewise named after the Kardas Dragon.
    • Before escaping from Enox Phorm's Arena, Aravis managed to smuggle an experimental weapon called a "Korda Blaster" from Phorm's armory, which is a nod to BIONICLE's Cordak Blaster.
    • Andrew Jackson shouted "BURN IT ALL, IT MUST BE BURNED!" over the radio, which is a reference to the Bohrok's prime directives "CLEAN IT ALL" and "IT MUST BE CLEANED".
    • The Panrahk XP explosive, a rare and powerful Alpha Team weapon and the only confirmed weakness of G.E. metal, is named after Panrahk.
    • All three of the Codebreakers' key phrases in Antithesis are references to composers of the BIONICLE soundtrack: Cryoshell, Nathan Furst, and Bob & Barn.
    • "Voodoo", a cussword in the Antiverse, is a reference to BIONICLE's working title Boneheads of Voodoo Island. The idea behind its use as a cussword is that, had the theme been released in this form, it might never have been nearly as *p opular as BIONICLE and may possibly have become ridiculed like Galidor or Znap.
    • In Antithesis, "Compatibility Error c000005" is just one zero short of the "Unhandled exception: c0000005" error message that frequently pops up during game crashes for the leaked alpha v0.006 build of The Legend of Mata Nui.
    • While battling Mutant Raptors, Nick Lightning quoted Turaga Vakama fighting off Lerahk in BIONICLE: Mask of Light.
    • Axey quoted Nidhiki in BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui when calling Slash's compassion his greatest weakness.
    • While dodging the Hybrids' turrets, Sam Sinister and Brickster paraphrased dialogue from BIONICLE Legends 4: Legacy of Evil.
    • In the Director's Cut, Atukam is directly inspired by Makuta Teridax, even having his name spelled backwards. The Sons of Atukam are inspired by the Rahkshi, who are also known as the Sons of Makuta. Atukam and his Sons replace Makuta and the Rahkshi, which appeared in the original RPG as minor antagonists.
    • The Dino-Nui, a hybrid of various Mutant Dino species, is inspired by the Rahi Nui.
  • Castle Cove is a major location that players can travel to, based upon most LEGO Castle themes.
    • Rob 'n' Hood from the Dark Forest line and King Leo from the first Knights' Kingdom line appeared to support Greybeard's attempt to stop the Antarctica riots. They were also joined by King Jayko VIII, a descendant of King Jayko.
    • Willa the Witch and the Fright Knights have allied with XERRD and helped the Mutant Dinos take over Castle Cove.
    • Lord Vladek was a major villain of the RPG, then later allied with the Dino Attack Team. The Rogue Knights of Morcia, who followed Vladek during the last year of Knights' Kingdom, showed up in battleships to aid the Dino Attack Team in the final battle.
  • Rex once noted that, following the Dino Attack, prehistoric plants were growing in various parts of LEGO City. This is a reference to the prehistoric jungle setting of Dino 2010.
    • Rex, who preferred capturing the Mutant Dinos over killing them, once drew designs for what he called an "Iron Predator v2.0", which would lack a Cryothermic Cannon but possess a large cage for holding Mutant Dinos. This design was inspired by the Dino Track Transport, Dino 2010's version of the Iron Predator.
    • Four of the five Dino 2010 vehicles exist as sub-models for the Dino Attack vehicles. Although they have not been seen much in-game, the Dino 4WD Trapper and Dino Air Tracker both appeared during the final battle.
    • The Dino Track Transport is a vehicle that was designed by Dr. Rex and used to transport dinosaurs to the Dino Island Laboratory. After a Dino Track Transport was stolen by Dino Attack Team, it has been manufactured as a sub-model for the Iron Predator, like the other Dino 2010 vehicles. The Dino Track Transport, in addition, is the only Dino 2010 vehicle to be prominently featured in-game prior to the final battle.
    • The Dino Attack chopper is based upon the motorcycle included in the Dino Air Tracker set.
  • Dinosaur Island, from the LEGO Dinosaurs line (not to be confused with Adventurers Dino Island) is a major location that members can travel to, and is home to the Dino Island Laboratory.
    • The Mesozoic Morphing Monsters are based upon the four major dinosaur sets of the LEGO Dinosaurs line, which were established to possess shapeshifting abilities that reference the multiple models included in each set. The name was coined by Steven Spielbrick in a LEGO Mania comic. Their powers were granted to them by a meteorite, referencing an old animation that was on the LEGO Dinosaurs website that showed the dinosaurs arriving on the island via meteorite.
  • The markings on the alpha female T-Rex are modeled after those of the Tyrannosaurus Rex Mesozoic Morphing Monster.
  • LEGO Island is a major location that members can travel to. One of the Dino Attack RPG's story arcs took place on LEGO Island.
    • Zachary Virchaus, Frozeen, Nicholas Saran, Wright, Andrew, Blade, Samuel "Lay" Go, and Voltage were originally LEGO Island citizens.
    • The Brickster was a major villain of the RPG, then later allied with the Dino Attack Team.
    • The super-spicy-tongue-melting-jail-cell-door-opening-hot pizza is inspired by all the various super-hot pizzas in the LEGO Island series, such as the one that melted the Metro PD Jail's door in LEGO Island and Papa Brickolini's tongue-burning pizzas at the end of LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge.
    • Enter and Return work in the Dino Attack Headquarters' medical wing, where they often provide comic relief. They are often supervised by Dr. Clickitt.
    • Captain Click and the Constructopedia played important roles in the LEGO Island story arc.
    • A number of LEGO Island characters have made cameos throughout the RPG, such as Bill Ding, Nubby Stevens, Papa Brickolini, the Infomaniac, and Ed Mail.
    • Instead of having Egypt, Amazon, and Dino Island as major locations that players can travel to, the Dino Attack RPG uses Adventurers' Island, which originated from LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge.
    • The name of Achu's tribe, the TumTum Tribe, originated from the online LEGO Island Comic Adventures game The Crystal Brick.
    • Tribe Ugalego and Chief Legog are references to a cutscene that was cut from LEGO Island 2, which would likely have preceded a mini-game in which Pepper Roni helps Chief Legog learn a good celebration dance. Since this cutscene and mini-game do not appear in the final game and thus all references to Tribe Ugalego and Chief Legog were dropped, their role in Dino Attack RPG is that of a rumored Adventurers' Island tribe said to have preceded the TumTum Tribe.
    • Three Brickster-Bot Stromlings that appeared on Adventurers' Island are based upon three Brickster-Bots that ride a mine cart in LEGO Island 2.
    • One of the comments in the comm chatter suggests that a former member of the Flying Legondos joined the Dino Attack Team.
    • At one point during his pre-celebration speech, the Infomaniac mentioned "green-red brick clicking", referencing his line about clicking a green brick to leave LEGO Island and a red brick to stay on LEGO Island. The phrase "green red brick" is a glitched version of this line which was popularized by the YouTube video "LEGO Island gone insane".
    • The New Year's Eve celebration on LEGO Island contained many references to sequences from LEGO Island, especially the "good ending" that plays when the Brickster is captured.
    • A number of songs from the LEGO Island games' soundtracks were played during the LEGO Island celebration, including "Minty Fresh", "2-Step", "The Park", "Brickster-Bot Dance", and "Asteroids".
    • The Lorin Nelson Orchestra, whose performance of "Baroque in Brick" can be played on the jukebox in the first LEGO Island game, performed a concert in LEGO City to celebrate Dino Attack's victory. Among the songs they played were "Sunny Hill Park", "Baroque in Brick", "Think I'm Gonna Build Me a Bridge Today" (featuring Annie Wallis from the same jukebox), and "Brick Barrel Polka - Baja On The Bayouu".
  • The characters Aster Oid, King Joseph Race, Sir Robert "Bob the Bat" Batrick, and Greybeard are originated as custom characters in LEGO Racers.
    • The character Sam Race originated as a custom character in LEGO Racers 2.
    • Zenna and her friends once traveled to Eldorado Fortress where they found what appeared to have once been a racetrack. This is a reference to "Imperial Grand Prix".
    • When King Race and Sam Race were introduced, General proposed an explanation for how there could be so many champions of the 1999 LEGO Racing Championship and Galactic Racing Championship, since each person who plays those games creates a unique character that will become champion. General explained that each championship consisted of various leagues for different skill levels, therefore allowing different Minifigs to win different leagues, and thus all becoming champions. The champions of the highest possible leagues are left unidentified, though the two Races were champions of high-class leagues.
    • The portals used by Evil Ogel and Dino Attack Team are similar in design to the one on Sandy Bay.
    • Sandy Bay has played a small part and occasionally been visited.
    • Rocket Racer was among the famous minifigs to support Greybeard after he stopped the refugee facility riots.
    • Johnny Thunder and Ann Droid were referred to as old racing partners of Basil the Bat Lord, referencing the fact that all three characters appeared in LEGO Racers.
    • Trigger mentioned doing some work against XERRD on Xalax.
    • Sam Race once laughed at Workman Fred for thinking that a digger could be a good racecar.
    • The Pallas Athena warp drive is powered by three white bricks and one green brick, referencing the warp powerup from LEGO Racers.
    • In the Director's Cut, Louis discovers the Tribal Island Trail and later finds an Indigo Islander's racecar.
  • LEGO Studios is a major location that players can visit.
    • Director Steven Spielbrick was among the famous minifigs who supported Greybeard in order to stop the Antarctica riots.
    • Joike, Andrew, Laxus, and Pterisa did a movie riffing of Dino Cop.
    • Backlot is repeatedly referenced in The Madness of Agent Zero, including the layout of LEGO Studios, its backlot tours, the game's plot to become a director, and Rex the T-Rex actor.
  • XERRD uses the Maelstrom in the mutation of the Mutant Dinos. It was ultimately revealed that Baron Typhonus, the creator and mastermind of the Maelstrom, was behind the whole Dino Attack.
    • Most of XERRD's scientists were former members of Paradox. This explains how they acquired enough knowledge about the Maelstrom to tap into its energies and mutate dinosaurs. In his backstory, Frank Einstein was also a member of Nexus Force, and was in fact a member of both Assembly and Paradox.
    • Characters from LEGO Universe, such as space explorer Sky Lane and pirate captain Jack Knife, have been mentioned by other characters.
    • The backstory for the Maelstrom released in The Great Minifig Mission game has been referenced by many of the RPG characters. Some (like Andrew and Laxus) have expressed doubt about the tale being true, while others who have discovered it do believe and debate about it (like David Norman and Kate Bishop).
    • Many of Johnny Thunder's appearances have been Retconned, the explanation being a journal entry stating that he was going on a quest to investigate whether or not the Maelstrom was connected to the spreading rumors of Mutant Dinos. According to the Dino Attack RPG's timeline, LEGO Universe takes place roughly at the same time as the Dino Attack. Because Johnny Thunder has a prominent appearance in LEGO Universe on the planet Nimbus Station, he could not have been on LEGO Planet during the Dino Attack.
    • Various breeds of Stromlings have appeared during Adventurers' Island campaign. In addition, Stromling Islanders and Stromling Spies were infiltrating Achu's tribe and Dino Attack Team through disguises, which was likely a reference to the Battle of Nimbus Station in which a group of Stromlings hide behind cardboard cut-outs of normal Minifigs.
    • Achu pitted a group of Dino Attack agents into a survival challenge to see how long they could withstand endless waves of Mutant Dinos. This was intended as a reference to Commander Beck's survival challenge in LEGO Universe, in which players had to survive for at least one minute against endless waves of Stromlings.
    • The idea of Rudo Villano working for the Maelstrom, but not being a Stromling, was inspired by a LEGO Universe News Network April Fools' Day article that said Bob, the mascot of LEGO Universe, is actually a spy for the Maelstrom, but yet does not appear to be a Stromling.
    • Basil the Bat Lord is mentioned to have left Castle Cove for Crux Prime with Johnny Thunder and Ann Droid.
    • The Temple of Creation's location was marked by a statue with a Penrose triangle. The Penrose triangle is the emblem of the Assembly faction, which focuses mainly on imagination and building; additionally, the Nexus Temple on Planet Crux where the Imagination Nexus was originally located was in the shape of a Penrose triangle.
    • The Temple of Creation's cleansing of Maelstrom by the Imagination Orb was intended as a reference to clearing Properties of Maelstrom.
    • Blaire Darkling's last name is a reference to the original name of Stromlings, Darklings.
    • Greybeard, King Joseph Race, and Samuel Race were sharing a Cup of Yo Ho Ho before the start of the final battle. The Cup of Yo Ho Ho combines the names of two LEGO Universe pirate drinks: the Cup of Yo and the Yo Ho Ho Mug.
    • Ogel was originally supposed to make a reappearance in LEGO Universe before the game was canceled. As a reference to this, Evil Ogel was last seen traveling to Nimbus System.
    • One of the chapter titles for the downloadable Dino Attack RPG archive (prior to version 2.1) is "Creatures of Chaos", derived from the quote by the narrator in the intro movie, "... and creatures of chaos have no master".
    • The First Builders, a mythical group of beings said to have created the LEGO Universe, are occasionally mentioned in Dino Attack RPG as deities, e.g. "Oh my First Builders!"
  • Pirates Forbidden Island and Eldorado Fortress are two locations where players can travel.
    • After the retcon that removed BIONICLE from the RPG, the island of Mata Nui and its inhabitants were replaced with Enchanted Island and the Islanders.
    • Governor Broadside and Captain Roger Redbeard were both among the famous minifigs who supported Greybeard in order to stop the Antarctica riots.
    • Various other pirate characters, including Blackjack Hawkins and Captain Brickbeard, have been briefly mentioned.
    • John and Brian Blackheart, who originated from the book The Golden Medallion, appeared in Greybeard's flashback.
    • Admiral Brickhouse, a deceased royal nations admiral who was mentioned in Greybeard's flashback, was a twist on Admiral Woodhouse's name.
    • The Tribe Ugalego statue that contained a hidden entrance was based upon the statue from the 6278 Enchanted Island set.
    • The Director's Cut features named Indigo Islanders such as Uhu (named by the Danish version of LEGO Racers), Thu, and Amaritza (named by Die Insel der schaurigen Masken).
  • The activities of the Power Miners were one of the factors of the instability of the Goo Caverns.
    • In the Dino Attack RPG universe, some of the characters have some animosity for the Power Miners. Most of these are reflections of various players' views on the Power Miners line.
    • A lost group of Power Miners who accidentally left the main team took a wrong turn and ended up in the Goo Caverns. They quickly departed when Hotwire informed them where they had ended up, but later showed up to participate in the final battle for the Goo Caverns.
    • Willa the Witch hijacked a Thunder Driller and used in the final battle of the Castle Cove campaign.
  • Axle fought alongside Zenna when a teleporter mishap got him on the LEGO Planet.
    • The Teleport Pads used by XERRD and Dino Attack Team are modeled after those from Rock Raiders.
    • One of the chapter titles for the downloadable Dino Attack RPG archive is "Rubble Trouble".
  • Blacktron allied with a then-rogue Kotua to take down the Dino Attack Team. Echoes of their presence in the early RPG can still be found in much later RPG canon, such as when Hertz was attacked in his home by a Blacktron Future Generation agent. In the Director's Cut, the Blacktron ships are explicitly identified as the Renegade, Allied Avenger, and Aerial Intruder.
    • Laxus is a Martian, based upon the Life on Mars line.
    • Bluetooth is a Futuron engineer.
    • Silencia Venomosa once assassinated a mob boss known as the Brickfather. "Brickfather" was the preliminary name of Brick Daddy.
      • Holly Vinyaya is a Space Police commander who was sent to LEGO Planet to investigate the Blacktron activity.
    • Carrie Enderson worked at a space bar in 2002, and her customers included Space Police, Zotaxians, and the Ice Planet 2002 team.
    • Grip is a former Explorien. His relationship with a LEGO Studios crewmember is a reference to a particular minifig headpiece that was reused between the two toylines.
    • The Mondo's Retribution is named after Mondo II, the setting of the Exploriens theme.
    • The Beastmaster's steed is a Bilgen Bug from the Insectoids storyline, with its appearance based upon the design of the Bi-Wing Blaster.
  • In the Dino Attack RPG timeline, time travel (and thus the Time Cruisers) has been banned by the LEGOLAND government due to misuse by the Time Twisters and the medieval thief Rob 'n' Hood. However, some time machines can be found in the possession of criminals.
    • FUTURE traveled back in time using an old Hypno-Disk.
    • Coral became a pirate when, after betraying them, tried to escape Alpha Team in a Time Cruiser vehicle he got from a band of criminals, but damage taken during the escape stranded him in the Golden Age of LEGO Piracy.
    • Dr. Cyber, the inventor of the Hypno-Disk that first enabled time travel, appeared with other LEGO heroes and celebrities when Greybeard sought to calm the rioters in Antarctica.
  • Fort Legoredo and Gold City from LEGO Wild West are two major locations where players can travel.
    • Sheriff Wild Wyatt West was among the famous minifigs to support Greybeard in Antarctica.
    • Flatfoot Thompson and his gang are old rivals of Clint Wayne and Angel Eyes.
  • Characters frequently use "Znap" as a cussword. Znap refers to a 1998-1999 LEGO theme that many LEGO fans consider to be an attempt to compete with the rival building toy K'NEX.
  • Zenna, while exploring Port Royal, once encountered what looked like a giant chess board, a reference to LEGO Chess.
  • David Bowie was said to be among a group of rock stars traveling to Antarctica to help improve the morale of the refugees, where he performed his song "Let's Dance", which he said was a big hit when he performed at the "LEGO City Speedway". This is a reference to LEGO Rock Band, which features a minifig version of Bowie in a special concert at the LEGO City Speedway venue, where he sings "Let's Dance". Radio broadcasts also stated that Queen, Blur and Iggy Pop (all of whom appeared as minifigs in LEGO Rock Band) were also present.
  • In an argument between David Bowie and Greybeard, Greybeard told Bowie that battles were more enjoyable than rock bands. This was a reference to two LEGO videogames released that year, LEGO Battles and LEGO Rock Band, and the conflicting views of Peabody Sam and Atton Rand in regards to these games.
  • After Greybeard made a speech to end the refugee facility riots, a number of important minfigs appeared to support him, including Conductor Charlie, Artimus Rhodes from Atlantis, Mr. X from LEGO Stunt Rally, Build Brickmore from Brick Kicks, Redini from LEGO Magazine, Ignatius Voltage from LEGOLAND, and Junkbot from the online game of the same name.
  • Occasionally, the phrase "4+ Figures" has been used as a derogatory term. This is largely a reference to LEGO's infamous 4+ line, a short-lived series of themes aimed at younger kids which was most notable for its large minifigs. A variation is "4+ Pirates", a reference to one infamous 4+ line. Another commonly used derogatory nickname is "Jack Stone", one of the first 4+ lines centered around the adventures of the titular character, who would frequently work with the police and fire departments in order to "save the day". The Beastmaster of Kardas Coliseum is also a literal 4+ Figure.
  • Mindstorms, Inc. is named after Mindstorms, a line of programmable LEGO robots. Their RCX and NXT robotics systems are named after the 1999 and 2006 versions of the program.
  • Dacta Corporation is named after Dacta, an educational LEGO line which also included kits of other LEGO lines such as Duplo and Technic.
  • Lotta Brix made a cameo appearance in a flashback, reporting the assassination of Uærlig Sindstorme and the attempted heist on Dacta Corporation. She later showed up after the final battle to report on the Dino Attack Team's victory, and appeared again in a news report in Dear Sister.
    • There are numerous references to an alien fleet heading towards the LEGO Planet, including an attack on Ogelis Asteroid that prevented Frozeen from using FMB-Bots during the Final Battle.
  • When Chaos possessed Kotua, he went to attack the Shogun, who is implied to be Shogun Gi-Dan from LEGO Ninja; this is explicitly stated in the Director's Cut.
    • The Stone Tower Bridge was destroyed by Libo to prevent Mutant Dinos from following his team.
    • Planet Itoth and Mount Gi-Dan are named after the characters Ito and Shogun Gi-Dan.
  • In regards to the concept of combining a Fire Hammer and a digger, Greybeard quoted a maniac who said "gotta build like crazy". This is the catchphrase of the LEGO Maniac, the mascot of LEGO Mania magazine.
  • Scott is said to be a reporter for the Brick Street Journal. This was at one point the official name for the news page in the LEGO Club.
  • Zachary Virchaus supposedly received a Clickits purse during a "Tricky Brickster" game held in 2009, referring to the short-lived LEGO Clickits line that was an attempt by The LEGO Group to appeal to a girl demographic.
  • Sam Sinister is planning to go on an expedition to Egypt in 2011, as a reference to the Pharaoh's Quest line. Archibald Hale himself appeared in a flashback in At War's End although, due to timeline discrepencies, the canonicity of this is uncertain.
  • In The Huntsman, Master Yogen's most important lesson was: "the best way to defeat your enemy is to make them your friend."
    • Someone on the comm chatter wishes that they were a ninja with elemental spinning powers.
  • Robo-Agents and Skeleton Mummies, as depicted on the wiki, are physically modeled after Lord Business's robots from The LEGO Movie.
    • In Love and War, Zero told Rex that "everything will be awesome" when the new Dino Attack Headquarters is finished, referencing the movie's song "Everything Is Awesome".
    • In The Madness of Agent Zero, Wyldstyle is a Dino Attack agent.
    • Kragloxin, a poison used by Silencia Venomosa to paralyze Don Bricassius, is named after the Kragle.
  • Lovhaug's laser pistol is enhanced by Nexo Knight magic.
  • Zero found an abandoned Res-Q Headquarters with salvageable equipment and rotten eggs.
    • Garret was a Res-Q pilot and engineer.
  • One of the movie sets in LEGO Studios appears to be modeled after the setting of Hero Factory, and Bluetooth makes a reference to the Makuhero system.
  • After the retcon that removed BIONICLE from the RPG, the island city of Metru Nui was replaced with Astor City from LEGO Ultra Agents. In the Director's Cut, the Stud Launcher appears as a prototype weapon retrieved from an Astor City laboratory, although its stud ammo is similar in function to the Kanoka disks.
  • Kahuka's Strait, an Enchanted Island landmark mentioned in Time and Place, is named after one of the freeplay maps in LEGO Battles.
    • In the Director's Cut, the Indigo Islanders are aided by Tiki Golems, which originate from LEGO Battles and are based on the Enchanted Island statues.
  • In the DeviantArt preview image for Antithesis, the LEGO Dimensions portal is used to represent the ANTI.
  • Several characters have mentioned Duplo School, referencing the LEGO line intended for very young children.
  • Miles Mc Bad, an Adventurers Villains forward player in Soccer Mania, makes a cameo appearance as one of Sam Sinister's hired henchmen in Dear Sister.
  • In the Director's Cut, Finister alludes to the Madman's Elevator in Manor von Barron, along with other lore from 10273 Haunted House.

    Anime and Manga 
  • Sauro-Hunter changing his name to Fullmetal was inspired by Edward Elric, as was his braid.
    • Zealot's real name is LeAnn Hawkeye-Riza, a reference to army officer Riza Hawkeye.
    • Zealot's personality was a mixture of Hawkeye and Winry Rockbell.
    • Zealot's comment about throwing a monkey wrench at Fullmetal's head if the mechanical limbs she had built for him got destroyed is a nod to Winry's habit of beating Ed to a pulp or hitting him over the head with a wrench if the same happened.
    • Dino Attack agent Mustang was based on Colonel Roy Mustang.
    • The concept of Sauro-Hunter losing both his right arm and left leg was inspired by Edward Alphonse.
  • When enslaved by Inferno, Spino wore black and red armor with eyeballs on the chest, shoulders, knees, helmet and back. The armor's appearance was based off of Duskmon's from Digimon Frontier.
  • The Cyber Matrix, which gave Slash his soul powers and blue armor, may have been named after the cyber matrix in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime.
    • In the original RPG, Axey's Wolf/Phoenix hybrid form references Beast Form Cross Fusion MegaMan, which only appeared in the Japan-exclusive Rockman.EXE Beast season.

    Comic Books 
  • One Dino Attack agent goes by the nickname Batman.
    • The Remous family butler, Alfred, is named after Alfred Pennyworth.
    • When Zelda was discussing her prospects for the future:
    Zelda: "I was kind of thinking of doing what Nazareno did concerning Vherestorm on a wider-scale. A vigilante, I guess."
    Zachary: "So you can be the Batman to Holly's Gordon, right? Because that would be cool."
    • Mr. Puffin is named after and partially inspired by The Penguin.
  • Kord and Garret were named after two characters who were, at different times, the semi-obscure superhero Blue Beetle, both of whom died and made room for a successor to take over their role.
  • After hearing a rookie agent boast about having super speed, Python sarcastically compared Dino Attack Team to the X-Men.
  • Anti-Howard Simmons works for Parker Pictures, which is named after Peter Parker from Spider-Man. This doubles as a reference to the Sam Raimi film trilogy, where Peter Parker's boss J. Jonah Jameson is played by J.K. Simmons.
  • Mr. Puffin is partially inspired by Marvel villain The Kingpin.

    Famous People 
  • The name of Ole Kirk Christiansen, the founder of The LEGO Group, is often referred to as a deity in the Dino Attack RPG.
    • Godtfred Street is named after Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, Ole Kirk Christiansen's son and president of The LEGO Group from 1958 to 1979. Christiansen Street is named after the Christiansen family.
    • Zachary Virchaus and Zelda Frodongan has used the name of Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, the current CEO of The LEGO Group, to express surprise.
  • Many characters are named after real people, including Frank Einstein, Clint Wayne, Ronald E. Army, Marco Martinet, Scorsese, Deniro, Bogart, Attila Huntsman, Zimmer, Elfman, Williams, Holopainen, Olzon, Hietala, Nevalainen, Vuorinen, Andrew Jackson, Walker, Lovhaug, DeForest McCoy, Mr. Bonaparte, Brichael May, and Barrowman.
    • Semick's real name is Randal Tennoly. Together, "Semick" and "Tennoly" forms an anagram of "Lemony Snicket", one of various pen names adopted by Daniel Handler.
    • Don Bricassius was named after Gaius Cassius, one of the most famous conspirators against Julius Caesar.
    • Fullmetal's real name, Leonidas Spartana, is a reference to the king of Sparta Leonidas, who was killed alongside the 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae.
    • Scout's real name, Bob Rutherford, is a reference to baseball legend Babe Ruth. His mother, Helen Rutherford, is named after Babe Ruth's first wife, Helen Woodford.
    • While working at Mindstorms Inc. Trigger used the alias "Schiess", taken from Christian Ferdinand Schiess, a Swiss mercenary who won the Victoria Cross for his role in the Battle of Rorke's Drift.
    • Elizabeth Wilma is named after Betty Williams, who was working as a receptionist at the time that she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
    • Dino Attack agent Reggie is named after Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo of America.
    • Rosalie Mercedes's surname derives from Mercedes Rose, the voice actor for Rosalina in Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Mario Kart Wii.
    • Lt. Robert Maynard was named after a real-life naval officer who is best remembered for killing the infamous pirate Edward Teach (more commonly known as "Blackbeard").
    • Lorin Nelson, who composed many songs for the LEGO Island soundtrack, is said to have composed the "2010 Overture".
  • Rex's handicap was primarily inspired by that of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • Solomon Koplowitz is a slight combination of Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee, Laurence Fishburne, Terry O'Quinn, and Eric Roberts.
  • In a rather strange simile, Adventure once referred to James Earl Jones reading the work of Dr. Seuss.
  • Bluetooth has an unfortunate history of being mistaken for Daniel Radcliffe.
  • Howard Simmons is partially named after the actor J. K. Simmons. He is also inspired by Howard Silk, Terence Fletcher, and Cave Johnson: three characters played by Simmons.
  • Troy DeWitt is partially named after Troy Baker. His alias, "Kiff Comstock", is partially named after Kiff VandenHeuvel.

    Fan Fiction 
  • Sam Throramebi originated from the LMS saga by Primis, PeabodySam, and Mobius.
  • As Frozeen considered a fate worse than MegaBlokLand for Gromtin, he came up with the idea of a desolate city in the middle of a Builder-forsaken desert. This is a reference to the setting of PeabodySam's other stories, Five Years Too Many, in which Gromtin is a major character.
    • Shannon Grimton's last name is taken from a chapter of Five Years Too Many in which Gromtin reflects over the absurdity of his own name and Lahka mentions that "Grimton" would sound much more like a surname.
    • In The Madness of Agent Zero, during his meeting with the hallucination of Rex, Zero catches a glimpse of City 25896.

    Film - Animated 
  • The device used by Michelle Glados to scan Amanda's face and identify her as Silencia Venomosa was based on the scanner used by Mirage's message to identify Mr. Incredible.
    • Parr is named after Helen Parr.
    • Sam Race panicking and Rex's calm retort about going in the direction of XERRD missiles that nearly killed them was a reference to a similar exchange between Dash and Helen Parr.
    • In Dear Sister, the scene where Roger and Lisa's argument is interrupted by their children is inspired by the scene where Bob and Helen stop arguing when they realize that Dash and Violet are listening.
    • The security system for Rex's secret lab is based upon Edna Mode's security system.
  • The Truth Receiver was heavily inspired by the Scream Extractor.
    • The name of Mindstorms, Inc. was intended as a reference to Monsters, Inc.
    • According to Edward Korrupte, Dacta Corporation has been in the Korrupte family for three generations, and Edward would do anything to keep it from going under.
    • Sullivan is named after James P. Sullivan.
  • When Aravis sniffed a bit of Enox's blood that had lost its acidity, she commented that it smells like...
  • The ending of December 21, 2010 drew heavy inspiration from the climax of Toy Story 3.
    • Rex's faux surprise to seeing French Fries arrested by other Dino Attack agents, followed by him treating French Fries kindly before suddenly showing his true colors, was inspired by the scene where Lotto confronts Buzz Lightyear.
  • Fredricksen is a reference to Carl Fredricksen.
  • An agent on the comm chatter speaks a line from the song "Be Prepared" from The Lion King (1994).
  • Athena Fabello's attempt to flee from Zach only to snap at him, forgetting she ever met him, was based on the scene when Marlin met Dory in Finding Nemo.
  • An agent on the comm chatter sung the first lines of "I'll Make a Man Out of You". In First Assignment, another agent said an altered version of another lyric from the same song.
  • Gaston and Belle are named after characters from Disney's adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.
    Comm Chatter: Wow, you didn't miss a shot, Gaston! You're the greatest hunter in the whole world!
  • Doubling as an Actor Allusion to Thumper, who was also voiced by David L. Lander:
    The Brickster: I'm no grasshopper, but hey, he can call me 'Thumper' and we'll call it a day.
  • First Assignment is largely based upon the scene from How to Train Your Dragon in which Hiccup first meets Toothless.
  • The Brickster's response to a threat by Dr. Rex:
  • Robert Nicholas's punishment by Dr. Rex, in which he was unwillingly strapped into a vehicle with mechanical arms that forced him to attack Dino Attack Team, was based upon the Other-Father from Coraline.
  • During Achu's survival challenge, Rex tied up a wild Mutant Lizard to use as a steed while quoting a line from a similar scene in The Rescuers Down Under.
    • Despite his questionable methods, Medic draws the line at using rusty equipment, similar to the mouse doctor from The Rescuers Down Under.
  • Howard Simmons has an employee named Bellwether, named after Mayor Leodore Lionheart's assistant Dawn Bellwether from Zootopia.
  • When Rex received a message from Kotua telling him to meet at the factories, Rex quoted one of Emperor Kuzco's lines from The Emperor's New Groove.
    Rex: I'll log that away.
  • Lisa Remous refers to Silencia Venomosa as "an outlaw for an in-law", referencing a running joke in Disney's adaptation of Robin Hood.
  • In the Director's Cut, Sharptooth is named after the T. rex from The Land Before Time.

    Film - Live Action 
  • In a broad, overall sense, characters in the RPG sometimes watch or mention real films such as Titanic (1997).
  • After his Heel–Face Turn, Raptor was turned into a mutant creature resembling the titular creatures of Alien. He renamed himself "Enox Phorm", which is an an anagram of "Xenomorph", a more technical name for the monsters first mentioned in Aliens.
    • Cam O'Cozy's revelation as an android planted by XERRD was heavily inspired by Ash's Robotic Reveal.
    • Mary Rose draws some inspiration from Newt.
    • One unidentified Dino Attack agent shouted "Game over, man! Game over!" upon seeing the size of the Mutant Dino army.
    • Adventure's last words, "ZNAP YOU!", were intended as a reference to Hudson's last words.
    • Sarah Bishop's rescue of Kate from Spy Clops and Greybeard's rescue of Mary Rose were both heavily inspired by the climax of Aliens.
  • Dr. Noomi Shaw is named after and loosely inspired by Elizabeth Shaw.
    • Shaw's anecdote about having a boyfriend who was mutated after accidentally drinking some form of goo was a reference to a plot-point in Prometheus, where David slips a mutagen into a man's drink, causing him to unwittingly implant a chestburster-like creature into Shaw before slowly mutating and ultimately allowing himself to be torched by Vickers.
  • Rotor's use of classical music to scare the enemy while leading a group of T-1 Typhoons towards the XERRD Fortress was inspired by a famous scene in Apocalypse Now.
    • Lance Williams is based on Lance Johnson.
    • The idea of Rotor attempting to draw Blaire Darkling by broadcasting a repeated message out of a helicopter was loosely inspired by a scene in the Redux version of the film, where a repeated message from Kilgore is played over helicopters demanding the protagonists return his surfboard.
    • From First Assignment:
    Comm chatter: I love the smell of dinosaurs in the morning!
  • Dude, Walter, and Donnie are all named after the main characters of The Big Lebowski, and even bowling enthusiasts.
    • Sarah Bishop mentioned an incident in which Walter drew his gun during a bowling match, to which Walter angrily replied that someone stepped over the line. The original scene was later alluded to again after the final battle, when Walter pulled a gun on Nubby Stevens during a bowling match at the LEGO Island party.
    • Walter's constant shouting of "SHUT THE ZNAP UP DONNIE!" is a reference to a similar phrase used throughout the movie.
    • Dude tells a story about some people urinating on his rug.
  • Elite Agent French Fries was modeled after General Melchett from Blackadder Goes Forth.
    • French Fries's court-martial of Rotor and George was heavily based on the infamous courtroom scene from Blackadder Goes Forth.
    • Baldrick was named after and based on the various incarnations of the character of the same name.
    • Baldrick's "escape kit" and its contents was based on the aftermath of General Melchett's court martial.
    • While having lunch, French Fries conversed with an agent named Darling (a reference to Captain Darling) about his "brilliant plan" which turned out to involve everyone walking very slowly out of Dino Attack Headquarters toward a very large army of mutant dinosaurs. This was a reference to a similar plan devised by General Melchett.
  • Clint Wayne's shooting skills are based on the Man With No Name.
    • Van Cleef was based on Lee Van Cleef's characters in For A Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
    • Clint and Van Cleef entered the city of El Paso under the codenames of "Blondie" and "Angel Eyes" respectively, both nicknames given to two of the main characters in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
    • Clint saving an outlaw from hanging by shooting his noose (as well as they prior connections) was based on the early scenes in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
  • Cam O'Cozy apparent death by riding a bomb was inspired by a famous scene from Dr. Strangelove in which Major "King" Kong dies in a similar manner.
    • Dr. Strangebrick's name is a reference to the film's title character.
  • Snake is based off of Snake Plissken, and everyone he talks to thought that he was dead.
    • While treating Plastic Serpent, Marco Martinet made a remark about how the team should have "placed explosives in Snake's neck".
    • Elite Agent Hauk was based off of Commissioner Bob Hauk.
  • At one point during the battle at the fortress, there was a gunner in the Renaissance who, while firing at the fortress's guards, repeatedly shouted "Get some". When another agent asked him about the meaning of the phrase, he simply stated that it was one of his favorite movies, "Full Plastic Jacket", which is LEGOization of the title Full Metal Jacket since LEGO is made of plastic.
    • James McGregor once recalled an incident during his training in which a drill sergeant was angry at an agent named Pyle because he had a jelly doughnut in his footlocker. It was also mentioned that it did not end well and that Pyle went mad.
  • While wandering the streets of LEGO City and fighting Inferno henchmen, Firecracker and Demoman talked about starting an explosives business called "Paulson and Sons". This was inspired by a similar conversation at the beginning of The Hurt Locker, when Sanborn and Eldridge comment on the lack of grass in Iraq, and joke about starting a grass business called "Sanborn and Sons".
    • Rotor's final post, in particular the moment where he stands in confusion in front of a row of cereal, was based on the ending of the film.
  • Colonel's real name is partially inspired by that of Colonel Ernest Vogel.
    • Ahua's death was partly inspired by the death of Irina Spalko.
    • Rick "Adventure" Spherus was described by Montoya as looking like a shameless knock-off of Indiana Jones.
    • One comment on the comm chatter has an agent using Ole Kirk Christiansen's name in vain, only to be slapped by another agent and be accused of blasphemy.
    • The rapid aging and decay of Rex's body after being possessed by the Maelstrom was inspired by that of Walter Donovan after drinking from a false grail.
  • Ronald E. Army has an obsession for making his troops march up and down the square.
    • Dietrich Luzwheit once shouted at Amanda Claw and Ata to stay away from "the machine that goes 'BING!'", which he described as the most expensive machine in Dino Attack Headquarters.
  • The Frickster's backstory, in which his limbs were cut off while trying to cross a bridge guarded by the Black Knight, is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • Rowsdower was based upon Zap Rowsdower.
  • According to Greybeard, he once conducted a wedding ceremony for two pirates aboard the Black Seas Barracuda during a sea battle against two Armada Flagships. He quoted part of his wedding speech, which was also quoted from Hector Barbossa's wedding speech in At World's End. Later, the wedding in At World's End was re-enacted during the Final Battle, with Greybeard conducting the ceremony for Rex and Amanda.
    • The subtitle of Dino Attack: At War's End is a pun on the subtitle of the third Pirates movie, At World's End.
    • While making his escape from the Dinosaur Island Laboratory, just before falling out a window:
    The Brickster: "This will be the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught...!"
    • Greybeard prefaced his pre-battle speech with a quote from Davy Jones:
    Greybeard: "What? Do ye fear death? Do ye fear that dark abyss?"
    • Greybeard's pre-battle speech was heavily influenced by Elizabeth Swann's "What We Shall Die For" speech in At World's End. Greybeard ended the speech by singing "Hoist the Colors", which can be heard in Hans Zimmer's score after Elizabeth's speech ends.
    • Shortly after their Wartime Wedding, Rex watched in horror as Glados, to prove one of Rex's assertions wrong, turned around and killed Amanda. This scene was a reference to the death of Will Turner in At World's End.
    • When talking to Senor Palomar in the Dino Attack detention block:
    Lord Sam Sinister: "You can always trust a dishonorable man to be dishonorable. It's the honorable ones who always do something stupid. Evidently, as I'm not the one behind bars and you were captured thanks to me, I must not be the so-called honorable one."
    • During the fight between General and Dr. Rex:
    General: "Well, here we are. Two beings, immortalized by our impenetrable armor, locked in epic battle until judgment day."
  • During Trigger's flashback, one of his partners was named "Orange".
    • Just before performing their heist, Schiess and his partners got into an argument when Scorsese refused to pay a waitress's tip.
  • Barry Jackson's role as a professional sniper was loosely inspired by Private Daniel Jackson. At one point he managed to take out an enemy sniper by shooting him through the scope.
    • Giovanni Wade's last name is taken from Irwin Wade.
    • After being shot and fatally wounded, Dr. J.D. asked for enough morphine to kill him.
  • General's G.E. Body is partially inspired by the character General Grievous.
    • The 1000 Raptor was named after the Millennium Falcon.
    • Talia Kaahs's name is loosely based on Shaak Ti, as a reference to the Crack Pairing of Shaak Ti and General Grievous.
    • Sam Throramebi and Aster Oid crash-landed onto the LEGO Planet due to Sam being distracted by watching LEGO Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Brick.
    • Dr. Rex, as stated on his profile, is a huge fan of the franchise and "keeps making unintentional references to it." Among these references are his confrontation in the Goo Caverns with General and Talia Kaahs being an altered version of Anakin and Obi-Wan's confrontation before their duel on Mustafar, and having Ata order the Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids to betray Dino Attack Team with "Execute Order 66".
    • Both Greybeard and Carl Lutsky have shouted the line "It's a trap!" Someone on the comm chatter tried to do the same, only to get slapped in mid-sentence for it.
    • The Space Knights' laser saber, used in battle by King Joseph Race and General, are modeled after the lightsaber.
    • Dr. Cyborg's robotic eye having a holoprojector was inspired by R2-D2.
    • As a Stromling, Zachary Virchaus has made numerous references to the villains of the franchise. After his transformation, his conversation with Ahua mimics Emperor Palpatine's talk to Darth Vader in Revenge of the Sith. Zach has also ordered the Mutant Dinos to destroy the Dino Attack in a similar way Palpatine ordered the Trade Federation to wipe out the rebellion on Naboo in The Phantom Menace. When confronting Frozeen and Greybeard, Zach spoke to them as Obi-Wan confronted General Grievous on Utapau in Episode III. Zachary's redemption also ended up being very similar to the climatic scene in Return of the Jedi when Darth Vader betrayed Emperor Palpatine to save his son.
    • Rockford and Semick sending each other coded radio messages concerning the infiltration and battle for the Temple of Hotep III:
    Rockford: "Alert! The X-Wings are in the trench! I repeat, the X-Wings are in the trench!"
    Semick: "They're pulling the Ewok strategy on us: Overwhelm and overtake."
    • Hertz attended Comic-Con in a Rebel Pilot Costume so he could have an actor who played Imperial Pilot #6 sign a vintage TIE fighter toy.
    • Pharisee quotes both the Emperor and Darth Vader during his hunt for Trigger:
    Pharisee: "X2s lack of vision may cost us Trigger's justice, Montgonal. I do not appreciate his insubordination. He will pay an appropriate penalty. I find your lack of faith disturbing."
    • The description of Dr. Rex's Fate Worse than Death, especially the part about being unable to even breathe without feeling pain, was inspired by Anakin Skywalker's fate as Darth Vader.
    • Michelle Glados's death, in which she tried to escape but her technological means of escape malfunctioned at the wrong time and left her vulnerable to a fatal blow, was slightly inspired by that of Jango Fett.
    • Of course, the comm chatter references Star Wars during the final battle.
    Comm chatter: "Much to learn, you lizards still have."
    • General asking Frozeen to remove his G.E. Body helmet before dying was a reference to Darth Vader's similar request.
    • One of the chapter titles for the downloadable Dino Attack RPG archive is "Clone Wars".
    • In Dear Sister, Roger and Gahiji meet each other in a cantina in Cairo, which Gahiji describes as "a wretched hive of scum and villainy". This references Obi-Wan's description of Mos Eisley.
    • The Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids' energized spears are based on the IG-100 MagnaGuard's electrostaffs.
    • In the Director's Cut, Dr. Rex makes a snarky comment about failing to shoot first, referencing the edited special edition versions of A New Hope where Greedo fires his blaster before Han does.
    • In the Director's Cut, Finister's cursed lightning attack is similar to Force Lightning, even using the same sound effect in the trailer.
  • Silencia Venomosa was described in the prose using a slightly-altered quote from The Terminator:
    Silencia Venomosa was out there. She couldn't be bargained with; she couldn't be reasoned with. She didn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And she absolutely would not stop, ever, until he was dead.
    • An abridged form of that same quote was used by Rick to describe Mutant Dinos, which he also metaphorically described as "machines that are programmed to terminate you".
    • Silencia Venomosa's final assignment to assassinate the Ul Tech engineer Kyle Edwards was a reference to Sarah Conner's attempt to assassinate Miles Dyson.
    • Connors is named after Sarah Connor.
  • Mac, Garry, Windows, Fuchs, Norris, Palmer, Clark, and Doc Copper were all named after and loosely inspired by characters from The Thing (1982).
    • Mac's introductory scene involves him accusing a chess computer of cheating and pouring his drink into it.
    • As Atton Rand has not played LEGO Universe, his depiction of Stromlings instead took inspiration from the Thing. This is particularly reflected in his posts depicting his characters in fits of paranoia trying to figure out who is human and who has been infected.
    • Norris' reveal as a Stromling occurred in a similar manner to a particularly infamous scene where one of the men has a heart attack and an attempt to revive him exposes him as being infected when his chest splits open and bites another man's arms off.
    • The moments leading up to Cabin's T-1 Typhoon crashing occurred in a slightly similar manner to a scene in the 2011 prequel.
    • Copper's idea for a "blood serum test" to determine Stromlings was inspired by a similar test proposed in the movie for figuring out who has been taken over by the titular monster, as was the fact that it ultimately could not be done due to an unidentified person tampering with the blood samples.
    • A brief stand-off between Garry and Palmer that ultimately led to the death of Clark occurred in a similar manner to a tense scene from the film, although Garry and Palmer's namesakes were not involved in the original sequence.
    • When annoyed by Rex and Frank Einstein getting distracted from the task at hand:
    Garry: "I know you gentlemen have been through a lot, but when you have the time, I'd rather not spend the rest of this war TRAPPED IN THIS ZNAPPING TEMPLE!"
    • Before blowing up a Hybrid:
    Sarah Bishop: "YEAH ZNAP YOU TOO!"
    • When a wounded and delirious Zelda mentioned "Blaire", Copper immediately thought she was talking about Blair, who mentioned was a biologist he worked with in Antarctica.
  • The news report delivered after the final battle was based off the ending of The Thing from Another World.
  • The Trigger/Silencia flashback drew heavy inspiration from The Usual Suspects, in particular the nature of its botched heist that killed most of those involved and their deaths at the hands of Venomosa.
    • From the same flashback, Verbal and Keaton were both named after characters from the movie.
    • Deniro's death was inspired by that of McManus.
    • When asked about Venomosa, Pierce, believing her to be a myth, compares her to Keyser Soze. Later on, Snake also mentioned doing a job for Keyser Soze. When Keyser Soze is finally seen in Dear Sister, she reveals that the name was actually taken from one of her favorite films, implied to be The Usual Suspects.
  • Gojira is named after the original Japanese name for Godzilla.
    • Tex is inspired by the titular monster as it appears in the 1998 American remake.
    • After Cobra, Voltage, and Databoard detonated a nest full of super Mutant Dinos, a surviving adult emerged from the flames and ruins of the nest, mirroring a scene from the aforementioned American remake.
  • Spino's utilization of an arm-mounted blade was inspired by the Predator franchise. Also, like the blades' inspiration, removing the arm-blades would most likely kill Spino in the process (though they were removed with no damage to the aforementioned DA agent).
    • During the final battle:
    Comm chatter: "If it bleeds, we can kill it."
  • Rex remarked that fighting Mutant Lizards mysteriously teleporting aboard a T-1 Typhoon was blasphemy and madness. After he said this, Amanda Claw proceeded to kick a Mutant Lizard out of the helicopter.
  • Various elements of Amanda Claw's backstory were inspired by the backstory of "Cottonmouth" O-Ren Ishii. Therefore, Don Bricassius was loosely inspired by Boss Matsumoto.
  • Two separate instances reference a quote from Jurassic Park:
    Sauro-Hunter: Will life find a way?
    Williams: For what it's worth, Rex, I do believe that, in the end, life will find a way.
    • Williams once went to Adventurers' Island to see the dinosaurs and get inspiration for writing music, referencing the fact that John Williams composed the score for Jurassic Park.
    • Sereve noticed ripples in his glass of water as Mutant T-Rexes approached, much like the T-Rex scene from Jurassic Park.
    • In For Want of Nails, Digger commented that dinosaurs are "'wow' enough," referencing Owen Grady's similar line in Jurassic World.
    • In the Director's Cut, the battle against Sharptooth takes some inspiration from the final battle against the Indominus Rex from Jurassic World.
  • As a battlecry:
  • When Aravis asked Valencia if dragons believed in an afterlife, Valencia stated that when dragons die, their souls go to the constellation Draco.
  • Greybeard was thrice referred to as "an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone".
  • Naomi Carver is named after the attractive and somewhat dim Bond girl Rosie Carver in the James Bond film Live and Let Die.
    • One of the chapter titles for the downloadable Dino Attack RPG archive is "Skyfall".
  • Rotor's decision to have several innocent agents court-martialed was inspired by Paths of Glory.
  • George Brown's refusal to follow an order to fire on the fortress while there were agents in it was inspired by the opening scene of The Running Man.
  • The Brickster's destruction of the Dino Island Laboratory was loosely inspired by the Joker blowing up a hospital.
  • Colonel's real name is partially inspired by Colonel Miles Quartich from Avatar.
  • Trigger's looks and personality were modeled on James Woods' performance in John Carpenter's Vampires. Montoya was also named after the character of the same name from the film, though not based directly on him.
  • Engineer's death was inspired by that of Shoshanna.
  • Zach compared the Darkitect's plans for the LEGO Planet to an apocalyptic movie called 2010.
  • Isaac Fabello's death was based on the death of Chris Chambers.
  • Schiess, in an overturned crashed car on fire, looks out the windshield and sees Silencia Venomosa walking slowly towards him. This scene was visually inspired by the climax of the American film adaption of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
  • Pharisee is partially inspired by Eli from The Book of Eli and Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction.
  • While talking to Montoya in the Dino Attack detention block:
    Amanda Claw: "But as much as you would like to come up to me and say, 'Hello. My name is Montoya. You killed my teammates. Prepare to die,' I know that you will never get your revenge."
    • Amanda's Acquired Poison Immunity was inspired by that of the Man in Black. Her assassination of Don Bricassius mirrors the Man in Black's iocane powder test.
  • During Rex and Amanda's Wartime Wedding:
    Greybeard: "Look, me hearties, I ain't takin' any chances, so we be doin' th' short version, savvy?"
  • Sarah Bishop and Elizabeth's attack against a group of Inferno henchmen and hybrids in an apartment building contained a number of references to famous movie quotes, including:
    Dying Inferno agent: "Rosebud."
  • Lisa has a reputation of breaking the hearts of men, including one named Johnny.
    Rick Spherus: Tear those lizards apart, Lisa!
  • Upon destroying Willa the Witch's Windship:
  • Comm Chatter: "I WAS FROZEN TODAY!"
  • Dino Attack agents Floyd, Halverson, Poole, and Moonwatcher are named after Dr. Heywood Floyd, Dr. Halverson, Dr. Francis Poole, and the Moon-Watcher, respectively.
  • The Brickster quoted a couple of lines from Smartass, voiced by David L. Lander, from Who Framed Roger Rabbit:
    The Brickster: "You know, before this whole apocalypse stuff happened, if I so much as stepped out of line, they were going to hang me and my laundry out to dry."
    The Brickster: "Stop that dancing! Don't you know what happens when you don't stop dancing? One of these days, you're going to die dancing!"
  • A humorous prank performed by an unknown culprit caused Shaw to read during her hastily improvised wedding speech:
  • The scientists Fuchs consulted about the Maelstrom cure after the war ended were all named after the protagonists of famous sci-fi films: Dr. Bowman, Dr. Arroway, and Dr. Lowell.
  • Early in the RPG, Rex's initial reaction to learning that there was a traitor in the Dino Attack Team was swinging his fists while declaring that he was going to punch the traitor when he found him, denying that he was the Dino Attack agent that The Phantom was referring to. This loosely mirrors a scene in the film adaptation of A Series Of Unfortunate Events, when "Captain Sham" acts the same way when the Baudelaire children try to call him out as Count Olaf in disguise.
    • Rex made makeshift rope aboard the Voltage, telling himself that "there was always something" when he did not have any actual rope. "There's always something" is a recurring phrase in the film version of A Series of Unfortunate Events, associated with Violet improvising and inventing. In the Director's Cut, Rex is quoting agent Baudelaire when he says this line.
  • While fighting Shadow Blades aboard the Anti-Voltage:
    Blade: Do you know what happens to a Shadow Blade that gets blasted with a Laser Cannon?
    Databoard: Err, no, what?
  • Chapter titles for the downloadable Dino Attack RPG archive include "The Great Escape", "Blacktron Legacy", and "Cane's Labyrinth".
  • During the battle for the Temple of Hotep III, Hertz killed a Mutant T-Rex by shooting an oxygen tank in its mouth, in the same manner that Brody kills the shark in Jaws.
    • From First Assignment:
    Walker: You'll need a bigger boat, Williams.

  • As confirmed in First Assignment, Batman has a credit card.
  • In the ending of Love and War, Rex loosely quotes the last line of Casablanca.
    • Another line is quoted in Dear Sister by Gahiji Thutmose when observing that he and Roger Remous just happened to run into each other at the same cantina.
  • While hunting the X-Rex, Zonic quotes Clint Eastwood's famous monologue from Dirty Harry.
  • The reunion of Talia Kaahs and Dakota Lee in Scars was inspired by the reunion of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  • Howard Simmons is partially inspired by Terence Fletcher from Whiplash. This is most obvious during his interrogation of Troy DeWitt.
  • On the way to LEGO City, Sauro-Hunter began singing the Green Dragon song from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.
    • In the Director's Cut, Sharptooth says an altered quote from the Witch King in the Return of the King film adaptation.
    Sharptooth: Do not come between Sharptooth and his prey!
  • MacFly is named after Marty McFly from Back to the Future.
  • Rex wearing a Minifigure Disguise and then eventually tearing it off to reveal his much larger, more monstrous true form may have been inspired by the Bug disguised as Edgar from Men in Black.
  • In Dear Sister, Roger Remous asking Mr. Puffin "Are you entertained?" and comparing his fight with Snake to a gladiator game is a reference to the famous "Are you not entertained?" speech from Gladiator.
  • Blade quotes a famous Scarface line when firing his rocket launcher at Mutant Lizards:
    Blade: Say hello to my little friend!
  • In the Director's Cut, Fogel declares that FUTURE is "inevitable", referencing one of Thanos's recurring lines from Avengers: Endgame.

  • Ender's Game:
    • The Einstein Device was formerly named after and inspired by the "Doctor Device".
    • Señor Palomar's exploitable sense of "Spanish honor" was inspired by that of Bonzo Madrid.
    • Bartholomew Enderson was mistakenly called "Endersgame" by Wallace Bishop.
  • Shacklebolt was based upon Kingsley Shacklebolt.
    • In Trouble's final moments, the prose referred to Trouble as a free Mutant Lizard who has no master and came to rescue Rex.
    • Athena Fabello's line before going after the Mutant Lizard attacking her son was a shout-out to the famous line said by Molly Weasley to Bellatrix Lestrange.
    • The spell used by Willa the Witch to cut Zach's stomach was based upon the Sectumsempra spell.
    • XERRD's Verita Serum is named after the Veritaserum truth potion.
  • The Vinscale Octomus was originally inspired by the Watcher in the Water that attacks the Fellowship of the Ring outside the mines of Moria.
    • Enox Phorm referred to a line by Gollum, stating that his Hybrids always "craved sweeter meats".
    • Sauro-Hunter, after escorting a caravan from near Enox's base, sang a song from The Lord of the Rings as a lullaby to Tex.
    • The Maelstrom has the ability to spread negative emotions such as suspicion and anger, especially through Maelstrom-infected bricks. This is not an ability displayed by the Maelstrom in LEGO Universe, but is inspired by the One Ring's emotion-influencing abilities in The Lord of the Rings.
    • Related to the above reference, Lord Sam Sinister resisting Baron Typhonus's temptations and dropping the Maelstrom Crystal in a volcano is a reference to the destruction of the One Ring by casting it into the fires of Mount Doom, at which point the Ring tempts its bearer to prevent him from completing the task.
    • For a brief period of time after joining the RPG, Fullmetal's codename was Legolas.
    • During the battle for Quadrant 14, several Dino Attack agents competed in tallying their Mutant Dino kills, referencing Legolas and Gimli's competition during the battle of Helm's Deep.
  • The way in which Greybeard and King Joseph Race met Mary Rose was a reference to how Luke Castellan and Thalia Grace met Annabeth Chase in The Last Olympian.
    • Athena Fabello's maiden name is Chase, which is the last name of Annabeth Chase, who is one of Athena's daughters in the series.
  • The number 42 is frequently used throughout Dino Attack RPG.
  • Frank Einstein is named after two scientists, one of which is Victor Frankenstein.
  • Greybeard nicknamed Ben Gunn after the character from the book Treasure Island.
  • The part-dragon nature of many of Toa Antrakha's characters gets its roots from the Dragons in Our Midst series, of which the specific details of their "species" name of Anthrozil and a character hiding his wings in a backpack were borrowed. Other stories involving dragons that he has referenced to and based off of include the Dragonback series and the Inheritance Cycle.
  • J.D. compared his consciousness being inside his detached Creative Spirit to a dragon's Eldurnari.
  • Spy's (supposedly) real name, Jim Covalent, is a tribute to James Bond.
  • Greybeard's Pensieve Flashback was heavily inspired by A Christmas Carol, with the flashback being inspired by Ebenezer Scrooge's journey into the past and the spirit being inspired by the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.
    • In Scars, money and wealth are described as the "even-handed dealing of the world", quoting a line originally spoken by young Scrooge.
  • Rotor's strong love for classical music was loosely inspired by that of Alex DeLarge.
  • The fictional genus Quasifigus is derived from "Quasi" and "Minifig", meaning roughly "Almost Minifig", and is a reference to Quasimodo.
  • Holly Vinyaya is named after Captain Holly Short and Commander Raine Vinyaya.
    • Butler, an agent who worked with Vinyaya during the final battle, was based on Domovoi Butler.
    • The curse Butler used (D'Arvit) while being attacked by a Mutant T-Rex is a curse used by fairies.
  • When Stromling Agent Zachary decided to give Frozeen and Greybeard a head start before hunting them down, he referred to it as a "most dangerous game".
  • After saying good-bye to Spino for the last time, Aravis pressed her three middle fingers to her lips and held her hand out.
    • Zachary used the phrase "May the odds be ever in your favor".
  • Chompy was originally going to be named "Chomper" after the titular Giganotosaurus of a Dinotopia book; however, this was altered to "Chompy" when PeabodySam realized that Chomper was also the name of a baby T-Rex from The Land Before Time. Still, as a reference to his origins:
    Chompy: "Every raindrop raises the sea."
  • The manner in which Uærlig Sindstorme was killed was inspired by a passing line in Snake by D.H. Lawrence.:
    "For in Sicily the black, black snakes are innocent, the gold are venomous."
  • Comm Chatter: "FOR NARNIA!"
  • Before sacrificing himself to save Rex, Amanda, Frozeen, Greybeard, and Sam Race:
  • The Grendelwulf brothers are named after Beowulf and Grendel.
  • Epic Winston is named after Winston Smith of 1984. Doctors O'Brien, Parsons, and Syme are also named after characters in 1984.
  • PeabodySam's writing often uses the phrase "the sound of thunder" to describe the sound of a gunshot. As a high school sophomore, Roger Remous had to write a report on the original story.
  • Baudelaire is based upon Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events.
    • Finister was partially inspired by Count Olaf's hook-handed henchman Fernald.
    • "Bad Luck" Beatrice" is named after Beatrice Baudelaire.
  • In Scars, Mr. Reece compares Talia's backstory to Rip Van Winkle.
  • Silencia Venomosa was partially inspired by Lisbeth Salander.
    • The Codebreakers are inspired by the Hacker Republic. One of the Codebreakers, Millennia, is named after the Millennium Trilogy; being a hacker who hates being called "Pippi", she is also loosely inspired by Lisbeth Salander.
  • The username of DoctorChuckles is a pun on Doctor Jekyll.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In a broad, overall sense, characters in the RPG sometimes watch or mention real TV series such as Fawlty Towers.
  • PeabodySam has modeled Specs's personality and depiction after Colonel Philip Broyles.
    • Wallace Bishop is named after Fringe Division's mad scientist Walter Bishop, and the backstory of the true Wallace Bishop was also heavily inspired by that of Walter Bishop.
    • While Frank Einstein is not modeled after William Bell, they have similar roles in that Bell was Walter's old lab partner and Einstein was Wallace's old lab partner. Also, several of Einstein's lines, such as "the bishop must be sacrificed" and "Hello again, Rex", were heavily-inspired by some of Bell's lines and used in similar situations. To top it all off, Einstein told Kate to tell the administrator of Napoleon XIV "William's bell is ringing".
    • Wallace Bishop's lab assistant, Astrid Dunham, is named after two major Fringe characters: Walter's lab assistant Astrid Farnsworth and Walter's eventual daughter-in-law Olivia Dunham. Additionally, her role in Wallace Bishop's backstory was inspired by Carla Warren, Walter's original lab assistant who died.
  • that guy from that show often uses the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 or 108.
    • Dust's personality is inspired by the personalities of Ben and Sawyer; Ben for his manipulative skills and Sawyer for his self-centered and wise-cracking character.
    • When Semick defused the C-4 in the fortress, he had to remove two wires at the exact same time. In LOST, Sawyer attempts to defuse a bomb in a similar fashion.
    • One post following Stranger's thoughts claimed the the Dino Attack Database "read like a convoluted TV show that made Lost look simple".
    • The appearance of Dust to Lutsky is similar to the Man in Black's appearance when in the form of Christian Shephard, especially in the episode White Rabbit.
    • Pharisee is based of the demeanor of Mr. Eko. Both men can be calm and peaceful one moment and a raving powerhouse the next. In addition they are both very religious Scary Black Men, and their backstories have quite a few similarities.
    • Solomon Koplowitz's personality is similar to that of John Locke.
    • The appearance and personality of the two men who hired Hertz was heavily inspired by the characters Jimmy Bane and his associate.
    • During the final battle:
    Comm chatter: "We have to go BAAAACK!"
    • Pharisee is partially inspired by Mr. Eko.
  • After Holly Vinyaya made a sarcastic comment about not expecting a Stromling inquisition, a trio of Stromlings in purple robes suddenly appeared whilst proclaiming:
    • Some of the items in the armory include a pointed stick and a banana.
    • Two comments in the comm chatter (both possibly by the same Dino Attack agent) reference the episode "You're No Fun Anymore".
    • Python is modeled after Graham Chapman's role as the colonel who berates things when they get too silly.
  • Andrew, Laxus, Pterisa, and Dr. Cyborg riff movies together with agent Joike.
    • Two other Dino Attack agents are named Gypsy and Observer.
    • During the final battle:
    Comm chatter: "Deep Hurting."
    • In regards to Dino Attack agent Rowsdower, Joike comments that he has a stupid name, referencing MST3K's riff of The Final Sacrifice.
  • During the battle on LEGO Island, Elite Agent Redshirt was killed shortly after being introduced.
    • Gates Crusher's last name is taken from Dr. Beverly Crusher.
    • Dr. DeForest "Bones" McCoy's nickname and surname are derived from Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy.
  • The receptionist at the LEGOLAND Board of Shipping mentioned that the Minister of Shipping, Jim Hacker, was out.
  • Atton Rand's characters have occasionally made references to M*A*S*H, most notably that Pierce is named after the main character.
  • David once imitated a BBC Two logo by sprinkling his brown sugar on his coffee in the shape of a '2'.
  • The Minifig/Mutant Lizard hybrid Eno was based on one of the main protagonists in the Canadian TV show Dinosapien.
  • The Dino Attack Agent Rockford is named after the main character of The Rockford Files in reference to his role as an interrogator of Dust.
  • Dr. John Michael "J.D." Dorian is named after the main character of Scrubs.
  • In response to Rockford's comment about Star Wars geeks writing the Dino Attack Team's codes:
    Mur: "At least it wasn't a Firefly reference."
  • Taunting Rex over his fatal Maelstrom poisoning:
  • While riffing Dino Cop, Laxus cracked a joke suggesting that Barney would call himself "Dino Cop" in an episode about police.
  • When trying to tell Walter about Medic's murder, Donnie continuously mispronounced his real name, one notable example being "Luxan".
  • One comment made in the comm chatter during the final battle was asking about a sonic screwdriver.
    • Barrowman is modeled after John Barrowman's role as Captain Jack Harkness.
  • One comment in the comm chatter was a one-liner with an incredibly lame pun describing Dr. Rex's apparent defeat, which was followed by another comment shouting "YEAH!"
  • Spike, Harris, Buffy, Willow, and Anya are Captain Ersatz versions of the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Comm chatter: "Holy distorted lizards, Batman! These dinosaurs are taking over the city!"
  • Comm chatter: "Mutant T-rexes are shooting lasers out of their eyes. You can't explain that."
  • One of the early primary characters in the RPG was named Colonel Jack O'Neill.
  • Python crying out Barrowman's name and then shaking his fist is a reference to a running joke by David Tennant in the Doctor Who Special episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks.
  • The premise of Antithesis is inspired by episode 2 of Counterpart, in which Baldwin is ordered to assassinate her alternate universe self and is unable to go through with it. For this reason, Howard Simmons is partially named after Howard Silk, a character portrayed by J.K. Simmons in Counterpart.
  • Scorpion is named after the TV series of the same name.
  • BlueDaisy, whose Antiverse counterpart is named BlueSky, is named after Daisy "Skye" Johnson from Agents Of Shield.
  • In the Director's Cut, Rex worriedly whispers "Oh, boy..." when he thinks a female T-Rex wants to mate with him. This is intended as a reference to Quantum Leap, where Sam Beckett would say this line whenever he leaped and inevitably found himself in an awkward situation.

  • Greybeard introduced himself to Ben Gunn by quoting a lyric from "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)". Later, different lyrics from the same song were quoted by Andrew Jackson.
  • During the riots in Antarctica, several radio reports said that various Rock Stars had traveled to Antarctica to cheer up the refugees, including David Bowie and Queen. When this did not work, Greybeard actually interrupted a concert by both, much to Bowie's annoyance.
  • In response to David Bowie's objections to the interruption of the concert, Greybeard retorted that he preferred the music of The Beatles, Eric Clapton, and Yes.
  • At one point, Andrewnuva199 posted a version of "Virus Alert" by "Weird Al" Yankovic with altered lyrics to reference the LEGO Island and Antarctica missions; specifically, the fact that Zenna leaked information on the latter mission and unintentionally caused riots and anger. Later, in-universe, a garage band mentioned that they were playing a rendition of "Virus Alert" that the audience went wild for; it is assumed this rendition was the altered lyrics version.
  • While aboard a submarine, Elizabeth Winsor devised what she believed to be an effective "mutant dino repellant", consisting of a record player with three spinners playing Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, and Rap music at the same time as a Take That!.
  • At one point, during a radio broadcast about the Antarctica riots, the "sports news" reported a soccer game between the "Liverpool Beatles" and "Seatle Hearts".
  • Zenna once mentioned reading a report about a project named "Experiment IV", which attempted to create sound as a weapon against mutant dinos, but went out of control and killed nearly everyone involved.
    • It was mentioned at one point that during the final celebration, someone swapped the usual tracks in the juke box at LEGO Island in favor of Kate Bush, specifically her song Running Up That Hill.
  • Sauro-Hunter has been known to sing songs on occasion, usually the All-American Rejects, Queen, Owl City, and Toby Mac.
  • At one point during the battle of the fortress, the Talon played "Also sprach Zarathustra", while the Renaissance played the Blue Danube, both of which are pieces of classical music most famous for their use in 2001: A Space Odyssey. This was referenced by David when he remarked that they should also play Atmospheres, another piece of classical music to be used in the film.
  • Napoleon XIV Mental Institution is named after Napoleon XIV, a songwriter best known for his hit song "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!"
  • When the voice was scolding Zach for drifting away from the Maelstrom in his dream, he used lines from the song "The Trial" by Pink Floyd.
  • When Fullmetal woke up, the song "Gravity Hurts" by Brink was playing.
  • Zachary and the Maelstrom voice in his head have lifted lines from songs by Nightwish, including "Master Passion Greed", "Scaretale", and "7 Days to the Wolves". The phrase use to describe Holly Vinyaya's emotions while being pummeled by Colonel were also lifted from "Master Passion Greed."
  • While locked up in Dino Attack's detention block, Demoman began singing "A Sailor Went To Sea".
  • To rally up the Dino Attack Team for battle, Greybeard sang "Hoist the Colors".
  • One comment in the comm chatter was a parody of the song "Singin' in the Rain".
  • One comment in the comm chatter suggested Dr. Inferno was celebrating Evil Ogel's demise with the song "Disco Inferno" by The Trammps.
  • Danny Sweet and Lisa are named after the System of a Down song "Radio/Video", which is also referenced by the comm chatter that introduced them in At War's End.
    • Later, Sam Race was listening to "Soldier Side" by System of a Down, whose name was LEGOized to "System of a Play".
  • Thaddeus Brickhouse played symphonic metal band Epica's cover of Sergei Prokofiev's "Montagues and Capulets" while flying his Aerial Defense Unit.
  • Many songs have been played by T-1 Typhoons during the final battle. Some, such as the famous "1812 Overture", are intended to boost morale, while others, such as the infamous "Friday", are meant to scare the enemy.
  • One Dino Attack agent was singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" over the comm chatter.
  • During her final confrontation with Oswald, Minerva quoted two lines from "Paid in Full".
  • After the death of Blaire Darkling, one agent began singing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" over the comm chatter.
  • Zachary Virchaus was singing "Wheel of Time" by Blind Guardian, whose name was LEGOized to "Block Guardian".
  • Williams and Zimmer were reportedly playing "The Throne Room/End Title (Medley)" by John Williams and "One Last Shot" by Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt to celebrate Dino Attack's victory over Dr. Rex.
  • The "2010 Overture" is named after the "1812 Overture".
  • Zachary has a desire for a power metal concept album about the Dino Attack narrated by Christopher Lee, and he references Lee narrating for the band Requiem of Ice.
  • The "Asteroids Megamix" by TheLairOfRockwhales was played at the LEGO Island celebration.
  • One of the chapter titles for the downloadable Dino Attack RPG archive is "In Times of Trouble", quoting a lyric from "Let It Be".
  • Lovhaug sings the Bebop-A-Reebop Rhubarb Pie jingle.

    Mythology and Religion 
  • The name Tex's parents gave to her originally was "Levia", a reference to the Leviathan, a sea monster mentioned in The Bible.
    • Pharisee quotes Ezekiel 25:17 what beating up French Fries. He later quotes the beginning of a psalm before attempting to arrest Trigger.
    • One comment over the comm chatter was a quote from the Bible, Psalm 23:4.
    • In The Huntsman, Attila Huntsman compared the Mutant Dinos to the floods cleansing the Earth in the story of Noah's Ark.
    • As of version 2.1, one of the chapter titles in the downloadable archive is "Dust Before the Wind", a reference to Psalm 18:42.
  • Anubis is named after the ancient Egyptian god associated with the afterlife.
  • The prose compares General holding up Dr. Rex's foot to the ancient Greek myth of Atlas holding up the sky.
    • Artemis is named after the Greek goddess of the hunt.
    • Anubis references the Fates in Time and Place.
    • In the Director's Cut, PBB's airship is named the Pallas Athena, one of the titles of the Greek goddess of wisdom.
  • Loki is named after the trickster god of Norse Mythology.

    Real Life 
  • MegaBloks, the most well-known of LEGO's building toy competition, is used many times by characters as a cussword.
  • While trapped in an Agents prison, David Norman was watching a television set that mentioned the value of the Stud going down, as a reference to real-life economics.
  • Andrew has shown a strong interest in real world disasters, such as the sinking of the RMS Titanic, which is not unlike his creator.
  • While not (yet) given any main focus on, there have been references to real-world locations on Earth, such as Sereve visiting his abandoned home of Chicago, and Andrew dreaming of New York City.
  • Lord Sam Sinister once mentioned a Mayan calendar that marked the year 2010 as the apocalypse.
    • The date December 21 has great significance in Dino Attack RPG, being the namesake of an apocalyptic alternate ending, the date of the final battle in the main continuity, and the day on which the RPG's final post was posted.
  • During his interrogation, Dust often referred to historical events from World War II.
    • Several people talked about putting XERRD Members on trial in a similar manner to the Nuremberg trials immediately after World War II, when surviving members of the Nazi party were tried for their involvement in the war.
  • Williams references a famous quote by Martin Luther King Jr.
  • During the Dino Attack, the alpha female T-Rex was 28 years old: the same age as Sue, who was formerly the oldest known adult T-Rex fossil.
  • Anti-Don Bricassius was sentenced to two life sentences, plus five years. This matches the sentence received by Whitey Bulger in 2013.
  • Andrew Yellowstone's surname is derived from Yellowstone National Park.

    Role-Playing Games 
  • Notable events of Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG, the original Pirates RPG, and Alpha Team RPG: Ogel's Last Stand are considered canon in Dino Attack RPG.
  • Databoard, Kotua, Frozeen, and Magma originated as primary characters from Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG. The alpha female T-Rex, Rex, Chompy, PBB, the Ice Snake King, Libo, and General originated as NPCs from the same RPG.
    • When Frozeen, Trigger, and Rex died, they heard a mysterious voice say "It is time." Frozeen managed to convince the voice to revive him. This concept was originally created by Kotua in Space in Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG.
    • Shannon Grimton introduced herself as the only daughter of a deceased Alpha Team agent nicknamed Gromtin, who was a Red Shirt in the original Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG before becoming one of the major characters of Five Years Too Many.
  • Kai is named after KanohiTakua's primary character in PeabodySam's Johnny Thunder RPG.
  • Greybeard, Coral, and Elizabeth Winsor, who were primary characters from the original LEGO Pirates RPG, have been relocated to the Dino Attack RPG following its "death". A few NPCs, such as Goldbeard and Lt. Robert Maynard, have also made the transition.
  • Nick Lightning was The Late Great QQQQ's primary character in TakunuvaC01's first Johnny Thunder RPG. His NPCs Mocaw and Razor also originate from the same RPG.
    • Kate Bishop is a descendant of Roy Bishop, a character created by Atton Rand in TakunuvaC01's Johnny Thunder RPG Mark II.
  • Samuel "Lay" Go and Ben Baseplate originated as primary characters from LEGO Island RPG.
  • Rotor was actually first introduced in Alpha Team RPG: Ogel's Last Stand as a helicopter pilot who helped various Alpha Team agents in Antarctica.
    • James McGregor once recounted an incident in his training which featured a character simply known as "The Drill Sergeant", a comic relief character known for his constant shouting and forcing people to march "up and down the square" who originated in Alpha Team RPG: Ogel's Last Stand.


    Theme Parks 

  • Greybeard, Ben Gunn, Brickspider Bot v1.0, Captain Click, Frank Einstein, Medic, Heavy, Michelle Glados, and Walker have spoken lines that are slightly-altered lyrics from "Still Alive".
    • Rex tried to quickly come up with an excuse as to why he looked identical to Dr. Rex, and mentioned that Dr. Rex was a second uncle twice removed who was very good at baking cake, to which Ben Gunn replied: "That cake is a lie." Later, when Spino offered Ben Gunn cake, Ben Gunn ran away quickly.
    • The Brickspider Bot v1.0 stated that Evil Ogel would have crushed it into a weighted cube and tossed into an Ogel Emergency Incinerator.
    • The Brickspider Bot later quoted one of GLaDOS's lines from the climax of Portal.
    • Michelle Glados is named after Chell and GLaDOS. As a direct reference to Michelle Glados's inspiration, Dr. Cyborg once designed a videogame in which "Glados" was an insane artificial intelligence and "Michelle" was a woman trying to escape a lab with only a portal gun.
    • Chell Glados holds a low opinion of Walter Breen, specifically referring to him as "a joke".
    • The password required to disable the XERRD Fortress's force field was "2P2I10IB4", or "two plus two is ten in base four".
    • Michelle Glados gave a title drop to "Want You Gone".
      • Michelle's parents, Caroline Glados and David Johnson Glados, are named after Caroline and Cave Johnson.
      • Rick "Adventure" Spherus is based on the corrupted personality core "Rick" the Adventure Sphere.
      • Some of Michelle Glados's lines were actually taken from Wheatley:
      Michelle Glados: "This is the part where we kill you."
      Michelle Glados: [to Trouble] "What? Are you still alive? You are joking! You have got to be kidding me!"
      • A number of Andrew Jackson's lines reference Cave Johnson's infamous rant about lemons. The entire rant, referred to as the "Get Mad! Fight Back!" speech by Kara Wise, is apparently a popular mp3 that was played over the comm chatter to motivate Dino Attack agents.
    • Howard Simmons is loosely inspired by Cave Johnson, as the CEO of a scientific research company that works with portals. As a reference to this, he is a cousin of Michelle Glados. Furthermore, Simmons's company is named Lens Pioneers, which is a reference to Aperture Innovators.
  • Laxus once got into an argument with another Dino Attack agent over the agent calling a game about beating up aliens with a crowbar "Half-LEGO," which Laxus was convinced wasn't right and didn't make sense at all. It simultaneously references the game and pokes fun at the "LEGOization" rule PeabodySam uses when referring to real-life things in-game; the Half-Life rename of "Half-LEGO" had been specifically used in the past when describing "LEGOization".
    Dino Attack agent: "...sometimes I dream about cheese."
    • Walter Breen is named after and inspired by Wallace Breen.
    • The name "Einstein Device" is partially inspired by the Magnusson Device.
    • Rex's first sentence after coming out of his Angst Coma was a line of dialogue from one of the Vortigaunts in Half-Life 2:
    Rex: "This has been more than anyone can bear, but we will persevere."
    • Much like Barney, Andrew wanted Rex to deliver a message to Baron Typhonus:
    Andrew: "You're welcome. Oh, and if you see Baron Typhonus, tell him I said 'F-'"
    • In The Huntsman, Attila Huntsman expected that the Dino Attack would have been over in only seven hours, referencing the Seven Hour War in the backstory of Half-Life 2.
    • According to Nails, her squad discovered the Maelstrom Temple by being the right people in the wrong place, and that made all the difference in the world. This references one of the G-Man's lines from the beginning of Half-Life 2.
  • Most of Spino and Aravis's weapons are based on weapons from Halo.
    • One of Spino's nicknames is "Chief", a direct reference to Master Chief Petty Officer John-117.
    • At several points, Sauro-Hunter was humming the MJOLNIR Mix.
    • When describing the Mutant Dinos:
    • Claymore and Katana are named after SPARTAN-III fireteams.
    • Shade is named after the turret used by Covenant forces in the Halo games, due to his ability to "rip his way" through infantry troops.
    • Sauro-Hunter once made a reference to the Fall of Reach while fighting Hybrids outside of Mt. Bricklake.
    • When the aforementioned outpost outside of Mountain Bricklake had been evacuated, Sauro-Hunter ordered any Dino Attack agent that wasn't a member of the Gaia Team to fall back, but LeAnn Hanbrick refused. When asked what she was doing:
    LeAnn Hanbrick: "Sir, finishing this fight."
    • When Fullmetal defied Enox Phorm:
    • When Fullmetal attacked Enox Phorm:
    Enox Phorm: "[There] shall be two corpses in one grave— yours and mine."
    • Stalling for time in the fight against Enox, Sauro-Hunter utilized one of Sergeant Johnson's lines from Halo 2, albeit changed to be appropriate for BZPower and the Dino Attack RPG.
    • After the convoy reached the next outpost safely, Spino distributed Halo-inspired weapons, namely a weapon based on the DMR, Spartan Laser, and Plasma Repeater.
    • The sequence in which Fullmetal counts down to the bombs being dropped on Enox Phorm's and Nekrosis' base was inspired by a cutscene in Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach.
    • The modified Fire Hammer now in Fullmetal's possession was originally called the "Warthog" by its creator, but was renamed the "Puma" instead.
    • When searching for a name for the UlTech dropship, the AI (who later named herself "Cortana") found the name "The Reclaimer" in a video game series involving aliens, powered armor, and AIs. This is a reference to Halo itself, and the name "The Reclaimer" is from 343 Guilty Spark's term for Master Chief.
    • Dr. Cyborg's original term for Cyrista's Bane was "Promethean Knight".
  • Stranger's backstory was inspired by the first Left 4 Dead game, specificially modeled after the character Bill.
    • Mercy Hospital, the setting of most of Merciful Escape, is named after the hospital from the first campaign, No Mercy, in Left 4 Dead. The battle on the rooftop against a Mutant Raptor while waiting for a rescue helicopter was also a reference to the No Mercy finale.
    • Referencing one of Francis's lines from Crash Course:
    Lisa: Hey, Walker! Just pretend they're all carrying credit cards!
    • A Dino Attack agent named Francis thinks that the Mutant Dinos are dragons, just as Left 4 Dead's Francis thinks that the Infected are vampires. His dialogue in For Want of Nails title-drops Left 4 Dead and references his tendency to hate things.
    • One comment over the comm chatter was recalling an incident involving the commenter's friend Keith. Another comment over the comm chatter quoted Nick's last line in the "Zombie Survival Guide" trailer. Someone else on the comm chatter hates a lot of things, but not vests.
      • Expressing her point of view regarding hiding guards in utility closets, something the ordinary person shouldn't know about:
      Amanda Claw: "Don't ask how I know that."
      • Recalling the battle for the LEGO Island laboratory:
      Pyro: "By the time I was done there, every Mutant Dino, XERRD scientist, and Inferno goon had third-degree burns on 95% of their bodies!"
  • References to The Legend of Zelda:
    • Zelda Frodongan is obviously named after Princess Zelda, but her last name is also an anagram of Ganondorf.
    • Kara Wise made a reference to Zelda fanfictions. When asked about it, Kara explained that the game was about a hero named Brink who was saving a princess named Zelda from a villain named Ganonblock, an obvious LEGOization of Zelda character names.
    • Although a more direct reference to TV Tropes, Baron Typhonus has been accused by the comm chatter of being even worse about "hijacking the plot" than Ganondorf.
    • In The Huntsman, Attila Huntsman says that the survivors of the Dino Attack will be those with courage, power, and wisdom.
    • The statue that marked the location of the Temple of Creation was a green and brown Minifig holding a Penrose triangle above his head. This was a subtle reference to the ending of the original Legend of Zelda game, in which Link holds the Triforce above his head in a similar fashion.
      • As Frozeen gave Rex a Cosmotronic Ray:
      Frozeen: It's dangerous to go alone. Here, take this!
    • In order to provoke Señor Palomar:
    Rex: How much treasure did they offer you? Did you just want to be a little, hmm, richer?
    • At one point, Frozeen imagined a situation in which Gromtin's Creative Spark was flying around him, shouting "HEY!" and "LISTEN!" to catch his attention, and reminding him of things that he already knew.
      • In response to the final battle's weather:
      Comm chatter: I wonder if playing the "Song of Storms" backwards will make the sun come out, because this rain is really starting to bug me.
      • A number of Dino Attack agents have given Boss Subtitles to Dr. Rex, including "Mutant Tyrant Lizard King" and "Evil Madman".
      • The final battle against Dr. Rex took place amongst the flames of the burning Dino Attack Headquarters, during which Dr. Rex was cloaked nearly entirely in shadow save for the glowing of his eyes. This presentation of the battle was intended as a tribute to the final battle of Ocarina of Time.
    • The dawn of December 21, 2010, the day of the final battle, was marked by the title "Dawn of The Final Day -24 Hours Remain-".
      • Two Dino Attack agents, who decided to get married during the final battle, were named Anju and Kafei.
      • Referencing the big reveal in Majora's Mask:
      Baron Typhonus: Learning that he was - is - a puppet didn't do much for him either. Unfortunately, Ronald will not get death like dear Oswald. He will destroy until nothing is left. Then... well, a puppet that can no longer be used is mere garbage. This puppet's role will end soon enough.
      Dr. Rex: I... I shall consume! Consume... consume everything!
    • Zelda Frodongan's mother, Tetra Frodongan, is named after the pirate girl Tetra from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Her father, Noot Kiln, is an anagram for Toon Link, the name first coined in Super Smash Bros. Brawl given to the cel-shaded Link that first appeared in The Wind Waker.
  • Plastic Serpent is very loosely based on Solid Snake, with his physical appearance most closely matching that of Old Snake.
    • Dr. Naomi Hale is based upon Dr. Naomi Hunter from the Metal Gear series, who was voiced by Jennifer Hale.
    • One of the chapter titles for the downloadable Dino Attack RPG archive is "Cobra Unit".
    • In First Assignment, Dino Attack agents use the radio frequency 140.15, which is Meryl's codec number. Rex's radio later gets knocked onto the frequency 141.12, which is Otacon's codec number.
    • In the Director's Cut, Rex attempts to sneak past Kotua's Security Bots while hiding behind a cardboard box, referencing the cardboard boxes used by Snake for sneaking around.
  • Holly Vinyaya's zero suit is based upon that of Samus Aran.
    • Dr. Cyborg's Maelstrom-fueled Hypermode is a reference to the Hypermode capability of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.
    • Dr. Cyborg's combat mode is partially based off of Samus Aran's Power Suit, among other sources as well.
    • In the New Year's party, there was said to be a Setroid Prime 2: Echoes multiplayer tournament that Dr. Cyborg participated in and won.
    • In Dear Sister, Roger mentally quotes the Space Pirate Data in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption:
    Roger Remous: Surely, we are cursed.
    • In the Director's Cut, the T.O.A. goggles have settings for scanning, combat, heat signatures, X-rays, and echolocation; these are all references to Samus's visors in the Metroid Prime Trilogy series.
  • The alpha T-Rex dons a T-Rex skull as a helmet during battle. This is inspired by the Pokémon species Cubone, which is known for wearing the skulls of their deceased mothers.
    • During the final battle:
  • The last line of dialogue in Time and Place is a recurring quote from the Pokémon series whenever the player attempts to use an item that cannot be currently used.
  • There were rumors among lower Dino Attack ranks that a giant Space Police airship called the Daedalus would come to aid the team during the final battle.
    • Johnny "Bricking" Gat is a homage to a prominent member of the Third Street Saints that appears in all three games of the series.
  • Kotua in Space was a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, and his writing contains many references to the series. Most infamously, Chaos was based upon the water creature of the same name from Sonic Adventure, with the Chaos Emeralds used by Kotua being a recurring element of the series. Kotua's airship, the Voltage, is also modeled after the Egg Carrier.
    • The XERRD scientist Dr. Robert Nicholas is inspired by Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. Dr. Nicholas was first seen in a hovercraft with a wrecking ball, a tribute to Dr. Robotnik's first boss battle in the first game.
  • Zed Provhezor is inspired by Ze Professor von Kriplespak, and his death and final words were an allusion to those of Ze Professor. This was referenced by Minerva Fabello, who misheard Zed Provhezor's name as "Ze Professor".
    • When Sgt. Ronald Army attempts to brief Specs on the Second Headquarters Squad's activities:
    Ronald Army: "Reporting, commander! Oh Eight Thirty, bomb must arrive at said destination! Oh Eight Twenty-Five, bomb must... wait... Oh Eight Twenty... no, that’s not right either... Oh Eight Thirty... Oh Eight... Oh Znap! Tell you what, Megablok that Znap!"
  • Cranky the Stromling Ape is based upon Donkey Kong from the Donkey Kong Country series. He is named after Cranky Kong, who was the Donkey Kong of the original Donkey Kong arcade games.
    • Kiddy the Stromling Monkey is based upon Diddy Kong and named after Kiddy Kong.
    • Cranky and Kiddy were dropped off on Adventurers' Island after Marco Martinet saved Primrose from Cranky, a reference to the original Donkey Kong arcade game in which Mario saves Pauline from Donkey Kong.
    • Cranky and Kiddy's method of rolling up to Semick's Fire Hammer by Kiddy running on top of a rolling Cranky is a reference to the Kong Roll used in Donkey Kong Country Returns.
    • In the Director's Cut, Cobra describes ESG's enhanced mutants as "bigger, faster, and stronger, too."
  • Doctor Marco Martinet started a reference to the Dr. Mario games before expanding to being inspired by the Super Mario Bros. series as a whole. His brother, Louie Martinet, is based upon Luigi, his cousins Warner and Wallace are inspired by Wario and Waluigi, and his former love interests Pearl and Primrose are inspired by Princess Peach and Pauline, respectively. Additionally, the sports Martinet participated in his youth (including going to the olympics) are references to various Mario spin-off games.
    • Dr. Alvin Gadd, a XERRD scientist, is named after Professor Elvin Gadd from Luigi's Mansion. One of Alvin Gadd's inventions, the Flight and Laser Ultra Destruction Device, is based upon one of Elvin Gadd's inventions, the Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device.
    • Rosalie Mercedes is based upon Princess Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy. Her first appearance flying into the final battle with a fleet of T-1 Typhoons following her and destroying Fright Knight windships was inspired by the cutscene in Super Mario Galaxy featuring Rosalina flying into Bowser's Galaxy Reactor and destroying the airships that guarded it.
    • One comment on the comm chatter showed someone finding a technicolor butterfly and declaring it "hi-technical."
    • One comment thought the Maelstrom had been created by a chaos heart and needed pure hearts to defeat it, referencing the Void created by Count Bleck in Super Paper Mario.
  • King Joseph Race and Lord Vladek's climatic battle against Willa the Witch and her hijacked Thunder Driller is a tribute to the final boss battle of Banjo-Tooie.
  • One comment suggested that the Maelstrom used bombs to suck other worlds into a subspace.
  • The Second Headquarters Squad consists of nine Dino Attack agents named after and inspired by the character classes of Team Fortress 2. The name "Second Headquarters Squad" is also a play on "Team Fortress 2".
    • Sniper's real name, Brixton Hale, is a reference to Saxton Hale.
    • When the Brickster suggested that Spy was the mole, Tail jokingly stated that the mole is always the Scout, referencing the "Meet the Spy" trailer. Much later, the manner in which Engineer, Medic, Sniper, Spy, Scout, Soldier, and Heavy were killed was heavily inspired by the "Meet The Spy" trailer; Pyro and Demoman, who were the only survivors in Dino Attack RPG, were the only two classes not explicitly killed in "Meet The Spy".
    • Raider's personality is inspired by the Scout and Demoman classes.
    • The "Injection Saw" that was introduced as an instrument for Maelstrom formula injection by XERRD scientists was inspired by the Übersaw.
    • Brick League United, a company devoted to the development of science, technology, and engineering, is named after Builders League United. Likewise, Reliable Excavation Deconstruction, a demolitions company, is named after Reliable Excavation Demolition. As revealed by Edward Korrupte, the two companies share a background similar to that of the two factions, including being founded by rival brothers and hiring teams of mercenaries in the 1950s.
    • Adventure's personality draws some elements from Saxton Hale.
    • Angel Eyes giving Heavy a piece of steak and claiming it was a sandwich was a reference to the Buffalo Steak Sandvich.
    • Upon meeting Pyro, Clint got into a brief debate with the rest of the Second Headquarters Squad when he mistook Pyro for a woman. This, coupled with Andrea Jackson Orange briefly assuming Pyro's identity (resulting in a faux gender reveal), was inspired by real-life debates regarding the true identity of the Team Fortress 2 Pyro. In Dino Attack RPG, the real Pyro's name, Andrew Jackson, is that of an American president, as a reference to the first BLU Pyro, Abraham Lincoln.
    • When A.J. Orange was posing as Pyro and attempting to defend herself from the mole by burning everything in sight, she kept shouting the muffled message "Spmm chmmmk!" As confirmed by Word Of God, what A.J. was actually saying was "Spy check!".
    • In his ramblings, Adventure once mentioned a monkey named Vladimir Bananas flying off into space.
    • After refusing to put on Pyro's gear, A.J. Orange explained that wearing a gas mask and balaclava for such long periods of time made her sometimes hallucinate a Sugar Bowl world full of giant lollipops that she gave to baby dinosaurs.
    • A quick exchange between Dr. Rex and Baron Typhonus during the Final Battle:
    Dr. Rex: "And then you'll kill me, right?"
    Baron Typhonus: "Later."
    • Chapter titles for the downloadable Dino Attack RPG archive include "Team Fortress" and "Conundrums of Philosophy". The latter is a quote from Meet the Engineer.
    • It takes 12 seconds for the ANTI to reach the Antiverse, and each second costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. This references Meet the Heavy, where Heavy claims it costs $400,000 to fire his minigun for 12 seconds.
    • In Roger Remous's letter in Dear Sister, he references Meet the Engineer:
    Roger Remous: If a gun doesn't work, use a bigger gun.
  • Tex's father Ragnorok was named after the mech of the same name from MechAssault.
    • One of the chapter titles for the downloadable Dino Attack RPG archive is "Mech Assault".
  • Stranger's appearance is inspired by the player character from Nocturne.
  • Mur is named after Murtaugh, a character in the puzzle game series Submachine. His prosthetic arm was based upon the the Karma arm.
  • Dr. William Lee is named after Dr. Wily.
    • ShadowTech's Four Guardians Harpuia, Fefnir, Leviathon, and Phantom are named after and based upon the Four Guardians of Neo Arcadia.
    • Slash's non-canonical Double Soul abilities are based upon MegaMan.EXE's Double Soul ability in the Mega Man Battle Network series. Similarly, Axey's non-canonical Beast Out Mode is based upon MegaMan.EXE's Beast Out ability, with Axey's Wolf and Phoenix forms referencing Gregar Beast MegaMan and Falzar Beast MegaMan, respectively.
  • Comm chatter: "Do a barrel roll!"
  • Dallas, Chains, Wolf, and Hoxton are named after the playable characters of Payday The Heist.
    • During the final battle:
    Comm chatter: "I'm sorry, guys, I'm pulling out! You are left for dead!"
  • Evan Gildow's weapon of choice is the Dual RCP-90, referencing the RC-P90 submachine gun from GoldenEye (1997).
  • Troy DeWitt is partially named after Booker DeWitt from BioShock Infinite. His alias, "Kiff Comstock", references Father Zachary Hale Comstock from the same game.
  • Jecht Raptor may have been named after Jecht from Final Fantasy X. For this reason, Landro's beard, facial scars, and laugh in the Director's Cut trailer are modeled after Jecht.

    Web Animation 
  • Frank Bowman originated from a Brickfilm created by Atton Rand.
    • The scene involving the Hotel Owner was also inspired by the climax of the same film. The Hotel Owner himself was a random character who showed up in one scene and introduced himself as "the Owner of the Intergalactic Hotel".
  • Dr. Paulie Gonepus, a XERRD scientist, is heavily based upon Dr. Octogonapus. Paulie's weapon of choice, the Maelaser, is based on the titular Lazer, and Paulie's battle cry when firing the Maelaser is a reference to the Shoop Da Whoop. Sam Sinister mistakenly refers to the scientist as "Octo Gonepus" as a reference to his inspiration.
    Paulie Gonepus: "IMMA FIRIN' MAELASER!"
    • Andrew Jackson's ramblings briefly reference the Shoop Da Whoop, though it's largely concealed by his Angrish.
  • Tex and Crunchbite are named after characters of the same names from Red vs. Blue.
    • The password to Dr. Inferno's laptop is "Password".
    • While in Antarctica, Alpha Team agents Artix and Wyldfyr used a modified Fire Hammer nicknamed "Puma".
    • After returning to LEGO City's location after the Constructopedia had a page ripped out, Sauro-Hunter felt guilty, and Aravis and Ptero assured him that it wasn't his fault, while Spino, Valencia and the Dinos stood nearby "[...] silent as a whisper you only say to the wind at midnight." The term was borrowed from Church's description of Sergeant Johnson in a Red vs Blue Halo 3: ODST PSA.
  • At one point, several of the Second Headquarters Squad members were seen participating in a food debate.
  • With his head held high along with his hat, Engineer proudly proclaimed: "Nope."
  • Demoman singing "A Sailor Went To Sea" references the Seeman.
  • The partnership of Demoman and "See" the Mutant Raptor is a tribute to the Rappy "n" Demo videos by Dr. Face.
  • Heavy's beatdown of Trigger on account of his disliking sandwiches was loosely inspired by Heavy Is Dad.
  • Demoman: "Ah, Ronald! Why do th' good always hafta die young? They got more cross-dressin' flame-retardant arsonists than they got th' likes of you! Everyone thinks I'm just a..."
  • General's final moments were partially inspired by the death of the RED Spy in The First Wave.
  • The opening scene of Time and Place, in which Anubis attempts to play Russian roulette and then puts on a cheery facade in front of his teammate, was inspired by Behind the Mask.
  • Andrew once cited the "YTP method", described as a mash-up of random "loud and dumb" clips, as a method of shielding one's mind.
  • When Snake and Plastic Serpent met, each one remarked that he thought the other was dead. For Plastic Serpent, it was an indirect reference to Metal Gear Awesome, in which Egoraptor gets an accidental "GAME OVER" because Colonel mistakenly "thought Snake was dead".
  • Ernesto Fabello is a mute Space Police officer in a Space Police stop-motion series by Brikman McStudz who was named by a name generator on accident. He has since been established as the brother of Isaac Fabello and uncle of Minerva and Oswald.
  • DoctorChuckles is named after Dr. Hax and Chuckles the Cheat, two characters from The Gmod Idiot Box.

    Web Comics 
  • Andrew Jackson shouted "BURN STUFF!" over the radio, as a reference to Tales Of The Chibi-Toa, a sprite comic by Tomiku which started BZPower's infamous depiction of Toa Tahu as a Pyromaniac.
  • Zelda Frodongan's musings about the difference between pirate ninjas and ninja pirates in a reference to the LEGO webcomic Brick House, in which the main protagonist, Whiskey Tango, elaborates on the difference between the two.
  • Blade is based upon Black Mage of 8-Bit Theater, and much of Metty the Black Wizard's writing is full of other references to the comic.

    Web Original 
  • Rex and Zero briefly adopted the codenames "PeaSam" and "Norik". PeabodySam's character is Rex, and BZP Noob #30000 (whose BZPower nickname was "Norik the Silver Toa" at the time)'s character is Zero.
    • Referencing BZPower's 92%/8% signature fad.
      Comm chatter: "80 percent of teens have moved on to rap. If you're among the 20 percent of real music fans like Rotor, put this message in your Dino Attack description."
    • Zachary can't bring himself to say "idiot", instead self-censoring himself and saying "cool dude" instead. Someone on the comm chatter also tries to promote saying "cool dude" instead of "idiot".
    • The official designation of the Antiverse, Dimension 8231, is the BZPower member number of Kotua in Space (1328) in reverse.
  • The Brickspider Bot v1.0 was originally designed for the "Design a Brickster-Bot" contest for Tacku's fan-made LEGO Island 3. According to the Brickspider Bot's dialogue, notable events of LEGO Island 3 are considered canon in Dino Attack RPG.
  • During the final battle, Walker, Lovhaug, and Dr. Insano teamed up as a tribute to That Guy with the Glasses.
  • Starting in Dino Attack: At War's End, many references to TV Tropes have been made.
  • The comm chatter often references internet memes, including:
    Comm chatter: "Watch out, We got a badman over here!"
  • In Love and War, the comm chatter rates the apocalypse a "7.8 out of 10" when Chaos shows up. This references IGN's review of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, which gives the game a 7.8 score while criticizing the game for having "too much water".
  • In the Director's Cut, Anti-Andrew and Anti-Kotua refer to the primary universe as "Dimension 525", referencing the designation used by Mustache Maniacs Film Co. for the alternate universe where DINO ATTACK: Saga of a Conflict takes place.

    Web Video 
  • Bartholomew Enderson is loosely inspired by Dominic the Bartender.
  • While discussing things coming out of nowhere with no lead-up, Frozeen referred to a "Big-Lipped Alligator Moment".
  • The dialogue in the scene where Rex volunteers to let his Creative Spark be used in the Einstein Device was inspired by an argument between The Nostalgia Critic and Film Brain in To Boldly Flee Part 7.
  • Walker is largely modeled after The Nostalgia Critic, including a pistol as a weapon of choice, ranting and criticizing anything that doesn't make sense, and having a Berserk Button pushed by a guy named "Batman" talking about his credit card.
    Comm chatter: "Man, we really fried the coke in that battle, huh guys?"
    • A lyric is quoted from the "Nostalgia Critic Anthem" by Sad Panda:
    Comm chatter: "...I hope he will never stop, or else I will be nostalgic..."
    Walker: It's a MegaBloking T-Rex!
    • In Love and War, when Rex learned that FUTURE's plan was to take over the world, he said, "Of course."
  • The depiction of Lovhaug as a pistol-shooting comic geek who proves his masculinity by punching things in the gut is modeled after Linkara.
    Comm chatter: "If only there was an Office Max nearby!"
    • In The Madness of Agent Zero, Lovhaug's boast about being a minifig references the "I AM A MAN!" running gag in Atop the Fourth Wall, originating from Linkara's review of Superman: At Earth's End.
  • Dr. Insano is a tribute to the character of the same name from The Spoony Experiment.
  • Comm chatter: "Anybody got change?"
  • Many of Stromling!Zach's lines and much of his personality was based upon the Darkness from Stupid Mario Brothers.
    • Blaire Darkling is based upon Blaire Vherestorm. His alias Matthew Vherestorm takes from the character's name and his actor, Matthew Howlett.
  • Marco Martinet's backstory was heavily inspired by the events of There Will Be Brawl.
    • Holly Vinyaya's eye injury was partly inspired by Samus Aran's injury.
  • Elite Agent Bacon serves as an allusion to Rub Some Bacon On It.
  • According to Howard Simmons, it can take up to 12 hours of building up power for the ANTI to reach some parallel universes, referencing pannenkoek2012's video "SM64 - Watch for Rolling Rocks - 0.5x A Presses (Commentated)", in which Mario builds up speed for 12 hours to travel to a parallel universe.

    Western Animation 
  • Zach's promise of destroying the Dino Attack Team is a reference to the "Pinkie Promise".
    • One of the fake spoilers in the 2012 April Fools' Day prank claimed that Dino Attack: At War's End would be succeeded by Dino Attack RPG: Friendship is Magic.
    • Raine Dashworthy is named after and based upon Rainbow Dash. Her appearance is based upon human interpretations of the character.
    • One comment in the comm chatter claimed that "friendship is magic".
    • Two separate lines on the comm chatter use memetic lines used by Rainbow Dash, including her "ten seconds flat" line and "20% cooler" line.
    • Andrew's "other conscious" mentioned that Andrew would eventually begin to watch a TV show about color flying ponies.
    • The Agent pilots that aided Raine Dashworthy in destroying Willa the Witch's Windship were named after characters in the series, including Soarin', Cloudchaser, Gilda, Spitfire, Rapidfire, Snowflake, and Nightmare Moon.
    • Zachary Virchaus received a plush of Pinkie Pie, prompting Laxus to do some research on the show.
  • While taunting The Mole:
    Engineer: "Thought you could be a wily lil' coyote and catch yourself a roadrunner?"
  • An agent on the comm chatter began to sing "The Doom Song".
  • A Mutant Raptor was locked out of a room, only to perform an elaborate scheme involving a newspaper to unlock the door.
    Frozeen: "You can't lock a Mutant Raptor out of a room. They're too smart!"
  • In Love and War, Phantom claimed that he had been denied everything, but will not be denied his revenge. This is similar to a quote by Goliath in Gargoyles, who was denied everything including his revenge.
  • Evil Ogel's reluctance towards admitting that he is planning to save the world, instead of taking it over, is a reference to Dr. Drakken's similar attitude in the series finale of Kim Possible.
    • The Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids were inspired by DNAmy's human/animal hybrid henchmen in the episode "Downhill". The scene where Chompy unmasks one hybrid and is surprised to see its identity for the first time was a reference to the scene where DNAmy's henchmen were unmasked by the heroes.


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