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Shout Out / Dead Meat

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Friday the 13th Kill Counts

  • James says that Alice's outfit looks like a Luke Skywalker cosplay.
  • In the second movie, James calls out Terry for receiving fashion tips from Padme in Attack of the Clones
  • In the 9th movie of the franchise, James refers to one of the characters kicking Jason as a "Falcon Kick".
  • In the 10th movie, when the characters show up with odd masks with large googles, James calls them "a bunch of Star Lords".

Scream Kill Conuts

  • James jokes that Ghostface doesn't kill Courtney Cox's character because he's a fan of Friends and wants to see if Monica and Chandler get together next season.

IT Adaptations Kill Counts

  • When a picture winks to a character in the kill count for the original tv adaptation, James calls out that before Harry Potter made moving paintings magical, they were scary.

Child's Play Kill Counts

  • Perhaps unintentional, but when James mentions an explosion at a toy shop, he mentions elves cooking meth.

Single movie series

  • Terrifier: When Art kills the pizza place owner, James describes the face of the dead man as "a watermelon that just got Red Wedding"
    James: The Clown Academy sends their regards.
  • You're Next: When Erin splashes a pot of now-cold water onto Felix during her fight with him and Zee, James makes a pretty funny Pokémon reference in the process.

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