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Shout Out / Carnival Phantasm

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  • At the end of the quiz show in the first episode, Berserker "dies" standing with his right hand up in the air just like Raoh.
  • Taiga's movement freezes at the end of second episode in the middle of a Shoryuken.
  • In the same episode, "Potemkin" and "Gal Undo".
  • The episode is actually called "Badump! Melty Blood: Xtream Beach Volleyball".
  • Lancer's dislike of dogs can be seen as a shout out to how his Heroic Spirit died.
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  • To Tokimeki Memorial in the fourth episode, when the affection statuses of each of Shiki and Shirou's respective haremettes are shown with blinking bombs.
  • Tohsaka, in a rare double reference, "Spider-Man, I choose you!"
  • In episode 5 Illya is playing games like Tekkyaku, Gilty Blood and another one with a Super Saiyan on the cover. She also has what appears to be a pink Wii.
  • The finale of White Princess Phantasmoon is a reference to the final battle in REIDEEN. Also, the enemy is Tamami from Mahoraba.
  • Hell and Heaven.
  • To South Park of all things, changing the infamous They Killed Kenny line into "Lancer Died!" "You aren't human!"Explanation 
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  • The Extra episode features a veiled reference to the NES version of The Legend of Zelda.
  • Episode 9 has an homage to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial when Rider accidentally launches her bicycle into the air and ends up as a silhouette in front of the moon.
  • Episode 9's Holy Grail Grand Prix intro has some similarities with Fuji TV's F1 Grand Prix intro during the 90's.
  • In that same episode, Berserker transforms into the Berser-car.
  • Episode 11 is a shout out to the Final Destination franchise, with Lancer trying to avoid all his deaths and failing anyhow. Complete with custom credits!
    • The end credits use the same "flowing blood" style as the opening credits of the 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead (2004).
    • The way he averts his death by car is by saving a kid who was playing ball too close to the street. Basically, a reversal of the first chapter/episode of YuYu Hakusho.
  • The Warning screens for Illya and Akiha in episode 12 are right out of the Darius games. And does the close-up of Sakura's face imply she has a Persona?
  • There's also an internal one in episode 12 when Shirou walks by a poster for Phantasmoon Season 2.
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  • The Grail-kun segments in the last Season stylistically resemble a typical episode of Doraemon.
  • Rin watches The Ring with Shirou in episode 12. Also, one of the movie tickets shows Mari Makinami Illustrious.
    • One of the movie tickets that Shiki has for Arc in episode 12 is for Michael Jackson's This is It!
  • The stages in the Tempest: Illya's Castle special were all based on challenges found in the Takeshi's Castle Game Show. Yes, even the one with the giant spinning mushrooms.
  • Archie would be impressed by Shiro going as far as three (okay, that was technically even four) dates in one episode.
    • Note as well the similarities between Rin and Veronica, as well as Saber/Sakura and Betty.
  • In EX there's one to Himitsu Sentai Goranger of all things using three new Lens.
  • The 2013 episode had Kohaku jumping over a pit...and crashing into a block that only appeared upon impact and ejected a coin out, but sent her plummeting to the bottom of the pit.
  • The start of the 2013 episode has Kohaku playing a game that, based on the menu structure, is a Tsukihime spoof of Phantasy Star III.
  • During the start of the second half, just before Shiro's scene, along flies a cicada before it lies on the ground and dies.
  • The sprites in the character select screen in the Illya Castle Special are done in the style of the Famicom Final Fantasy titles.
  • Shinji celebrates as he declares an unknown internet user "fell for his elaborate trap," and eagerly attempts to learn this individual's reaction.
  • One of the Afterschool! Alleyway Alliance skits mentions

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