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Shout Out / Captain America: Civil War

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  • The Vision appears in a very conservative business suit, clearly meaning to visually reference another godlike, inhuman creation of science from a story of infighting among superheroes. Even better, he's assigned to live with Wanda for the sole purpose of keeping her pacified, very similar to the living arrangements of Dr. Manhattan and Silk Spectre at the start of the story, albeit with their positions reversed.
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  • The quote from Peggy that Sharon gives during her eulogy is taken from this panel in Amazing Spider-Man #537, part of the Civil War crossover event in the comics.
  • At the newsstand that Bucky goes to in Romania where he's recognized by the owner, there's a stack of Sofia the First coloring books that are prominently placed.
  • At one point, Tony refers to Bucky as "The Manchurian Candidate".
  • At Peter's introductory scene, Tony Stark calls him "Spider-Boy", the name of the Amalgam Comics character (combined with the Conner Kent Superboy).
  • Tony calling Spidey "Underoos" is a reference to the kids underwear brand from the 70s, which had a Marvel line of products — including a Spider-Man-themed set!
  • Spider-Man asks his teammates if they'd seen The Empire Strikes Back and describes the scene where a snowspeeder entangles the legs of an AT-AT walker while doing the same thing to Giant-Man's legs with his webbing.
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  • The Bluth Company staircase car from Arrested Development can be seen in the background of the airport fight. The Russo Brothers had previously directed episodes of the show during its original run, including the pilot.
  • Wanda is forcibly restrained using a straitjacket similar to her X-Men: Evolution self's first appearance.
  • While imprisoned in the Raft, Sam tells Tony he'll need to "go Mark Fuhrman on [his] ass" to get any info out of him. note 
  • The Steve and Bucky vs. Tony fight has a lot of moves and staging similar to the final fight of The Raid.
  • During the airport fight, Ant-Man sneaks into Iron Man's suit and starts messing things up and taunting him, Iron Man confusingly asks who's speaking from inside his suit, Ant-Man replies: "It's your conscience. We don't talk a lot these days."
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  • The shot of Captain America's team and Iron Man's allies running towards each other at the airport looks very similar to the opening of Challenge of the Super Friends.
  • In Tony's demonstration of B.A.R.F., Maria Stark plays and sings "Try to Remember" from The Fantasticks.


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