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Shout Out / BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm

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It's a game about the internet, so a few shout-outs were expected. But BoxxyQuest manages to go truly above and beyond. SpherianGames, just how geeky are you guys?

  • As promised by the official page, the game is filled with nods to the Paper Mario series, particularly The Thousand Year Door. Most notably, the Hype Train’s layout is virtually identical to that of the Excess Express.
    • Also, The Inbox is a pretty clear reference to the Trouble Center, and some of the missions are quite similar as well.
    • If you stand in a certain spot in the arena at night, you can see Mario and Vivian in the crowd.
    • The “Sacred Seeds” sidequest is an obvious parallel to gathering the Bub-ulb seeds in Paper Mario 64, right down to a doorway appearing in the garden once all the seeds are planted. The quest-giver’s name, Mint Leaf, is even similar to Minh T., the Toad who helps you in Paper Mario.
  • One of the guards in Partnership Towers turns out to be a Boss in Mook Clothing. What makes him so much stronger than the others? He’s been eating spinach!
    • The Partnership Towers dungeon itself seems like a reference to the Shinra Headquarters from Final Fantasy VII. You can take the stairs to bypass the guards and fighting, but it results in your partners whining the whole way up.
  • The village of /x/ calls out to a number of famous Creepypastas:
    • The endless stairway in the school is based on SCP-087. In the nearby forest, you can find a blue key that unlocks an area inspired by SCP-860.
    • Deep in The Woods, you may find a piece of paper labeled “Page 1/8.” The other seven pages are nowhere to be found, but Slender Man himself does turn up later in the chapter.
    • After you beat the chapter boss, the village NPCs will simply say “Watch the Sky.”
    • In one house, three kids are clustered around a TV watching static, which may be referencing the Candle Cove story.
    • The creature living in the cabin in The Woods bears strong resemblance to W.D. Gaster, and by extension Uboa.
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    • Speaking of Uboa, recreations of Poniko’s house and the “trap world” can be found mixed in with /x/’s map data, although there’s no way to access them in-game.
  • There are several Pokémon shout-outs:
    • The vending machines seen throughout the game sell exactly three kinds of drinks: Fresh Water, Soda Pop, and Lemonade. True to form, the lemonade heals the most, followed by the soda and water.
    • A certain vendor in YouTube is selling furniture to “pimp out your secret base.” He’s disappointed to learn that secret bases aren’t a thing in this game.
      Vendor: Well, shit. I've made a terrible career decision.
    • There’s a very rare chance of catching a Feebas at the 4chan fishing pond… but only if you fish on certain tiles.
  • As mentioned on the main page, the Summit sequence is filled with cameos. Finn and Jake play a minor role, and so do the Equestrian Princesses. Meanwhile, Samus and Pikachu appear in the background, along with Simon, Lewis, and Duncan of the Yogscast. (Sips turns up later, in charge of the Let’s Play Speedway in YouTube).
    • Also at the Summit, 4chan tries to intimidate the other sites by having a bard play “The Rains of Habbo.” Two shout-outs in one!
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  • In the prologue, one of the ship’s sailors is a guy from Minecraft. After the shipwreck, you find him exactly where you’d expect to find a Minecrafter who just woke up in a strange new land: punching trees on the beach.
  • When you finally meet the Sky Queen, she excuses her absence from the plot by saying that she was in the middle of binging Stranger Things.
  • In Tyalie’s debut scene, she runs through a list of cosplays she might’ve been wearing. She names Princess Peach, Nunnally vi Britannia, and the Duchess of Elstwhere.
    Catie: Frilly pink dress, I get it.
    • To be honest, at least half of Tyalie’s dialogue belongs here.
  • If you explore off the beaten path on Artistry Highway, you can find a wearable Kokiri Tunic. Bottled fairies are also present as a revival item.
  • A rare blade can be found in the Deep Web called the Crissaegrim, named for an Infinity +1 Sword in the Castlevania series.
  • The Flavor Text for the Hackerberries item says they “taste like retextured snozzberries.”
  • The Slime Shield for sale in GameFAQs looks like a classic Dragon Quest slime.
  • The description for the Fishing Rod is a garbled-up "g Rod hing "RodCopper fishin For fishing," mimicking a text glitch from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.
  • Two of the guests at the Fanon house party are an adventurer and his follower. If you talk to the follower, she’ll say she’s only there because she’s “sworn to carry that guy’s burdens.”
    • Pinkie Pie is there too, and can be temporarily recruited if you keep speaking to her.
  • Catie and Shift discuss Neopets in his second support scene. Back in the day, Catie had an Acara and a Chia, while Shift had a Blumaroo, a Buzz… and a frog that neither can remember the name of. (It’d be either a Nimmo or a Quiggle).
  • You get to visit a Vocaloid concert as part of the main plot. Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin even put in appearances if you head backstage!
  • Several cameo fights can occur at the Battle Arena, including Markiplier, the Game Grumps, Brizzy Voices, and (formerly) TotalBiscuit. If you participate in the secret Fight Night tournament, you also get to fight SquirrelKing and the Time Cube guy.
  • During the postgame Beach Episode, Eddie says the memetic “I don’t like sand” line from Star Wars Episode II.
  • On the way up to the Summit meeting room, Jimmy Wales pauses the elevator to show off his true life’s work: Jurassic Park. After a moment of puzzled silence…
    Jimmy Wales: Wait, this isn't even why you're here, is it? Never mind, get back inside the lift.
  • In GameFAQs, there’s a grassy pen with several assorted Chocobos wandering around.
  • The Crystal Gems appear in the Tower of Plot’s fake credits sequence.
  • The Playable Epilogue features a surprise cameo by none other than Sans the skeleton. He makes a few of his usual bone puns, and even gives the player his autograph (it’s written in ketchup) if you talk to him a second time. See the full scene here.
    • Also, the true ending’s “Extra Special Thanks” credits play out as a clear homage to Undertale’s backer credits.
  • The hidden "PC Ending" recreates the iconic final shot of End of Evangelion... which is fitting, because the events of that ending would do Gainax proud.

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