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Blood Blockade Battlefront is absolutely loaded with references to western culture and New York in general.

  • To start with we have Hellsalem's Lot, which the manga translates as Jerusalem's Lot.
  • Unintentional or not, two of the major eateries in New York City are named Jack & Rocket's and Dianne's.
  • Episode 1 boasts quite a few to Pacific Rim.
    • The same montage has an Andy Warhol look-alike.
  • Kuroneko-sama is seen strolling about in episodes one and ten, and red geraniums are featured prominently in one scene in Libra's HQ in the first episode.
    • White cheerfully says "Love and Peace!" while striking Vash's classic pose in episode 6.
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    • Plushies of Meryl and Milly are seen next to Michella's tape recorder in the season 2 premiere.
  • Several buildings, among them Pennsylvania Station in the opening sequence, have giant NIGHTOW marquees.
    • Nightow's author avatar character from his manga afterwords appears in a crowd in episode 5.
  • Plenty of New York City locations are faithfully replicated in the anime:
  • Many backgrounds have references slipped into them:
    • One of the patrons sitting at the counter of Dianne's Diner in episode 7 looks vaguely like Shrek.
    • When Zapp is at the casino in episode 8 there's a human character in the background with a green jacket a lot like Ben 10's.
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  • Several of the anime's episodes have minor characters from later chapters of the manga appearing in Early Bird Cameos. The fourth episode has Daniel Law, a character who doesn't get a major role until episode 10, appear briefly, and the eighth has both the alien street gang from volume 7 and the father and daughter from volume 9 show up too.
  • Episode 3, featuring Klaus's chess match against an unhuman entity that holds his life in its hands, parallels the film The Seventh Seal.
  • Leo takes White to see a movie. What movie? Twins.
    • Bonus point in the English dub version for imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger's & Danny DeVito's voices for said movie.
    • A much less family-friendly example is in episode 11, where Benjamin and Emma Macbeth take their very young children to see Scanners.
  • An announcement comes over the hospital PA system in episode 5 paging a Doctor Bender.
  • The Jack & Rockets burger restaurant in episode 6 bears a resemblance to the real-life chain Johnny Rockets, and the logos even have a similar look.
    • Nej is excited to discover the art on their burger wrappers is by Ron Jomita Jr.
    • Leo and Nej's friendship montage includes a scene where Leo tries to show Nej how to strike a Kamen Rider pose.
    • The two truck driver antagonists are named Roger and Martin.
  • Works of classical music abound:
    • The preview for episode 3 uses Air on the G String.
    • Klaus's unforgettable prosfair match in episode 3, which ends with a slow swell from the minor parts to the glorious chorus of Ode to Joy.
    • The tune heard in the trailer for episode 4, and whistled at several points by one of the characters, is a slowed-down version of the overture to The Magic Flute.
    • Episode 7's preview is set to a chorus of voices humming Vivaldi's Spring movement.
    • The preview for episode 11 uses Erik Satie's Gymenopedie.
    • The OAV, "King of Kings Restaurant", has tons, from Strauss’ Also sprach Zarathustra (in a scene that replaces the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey with a giant bar of chocolate) to Khachaturian's Sabre Dance, which plays over the ending credits.
  • One restaurant that Leo, Zapp and Zed go to in "Run! Lunch! Run!!" is such an obvious shout-out to The Sopranos' Vesuvio that the owner and his wife aren't even Expies; Zapp refers to them by name as Artie and Charmaine.
  • Several manga chapters and the LN share titles with Western jazz and lounge standards, including Day In Day Out, Cherchez l'Idole, and It's Only a Paper Moon.
    • Additionally, Day In Day Out was also used as the title of a chapter of Trigun.
    • The anime adds some new ones. Episode 10 is subtitled "to the end", possibly after the Blur song; episode 11 is titled "Paint It Black", and episode 12, "Hello, world!" took its name from the anime's Bump of Chicken opening theme.
    • The song Sympathy For The Devil was even name-dropped in 'Paint It Black', to really drive it home.
  • The title of a chapter centered on Chain in which she conducts a spy mission? Chain: Possible.
  • The supporting cast of Outlaw of Green has nods to both Swamp Thing and Arrested Development, with a genius gardener who's also a monstrously powerful but kindhearted plant-man and his ward, a young girl named Maeby.
  • An extra chapter of the manga opens with a demonstration of the indestructible power of a pair of handcuffs by shooting a Beyondian creature wearing them and chained in front of a large target with an enormous rifle, in a manner reminiscent of District 9.
  • One of the photos White takes with her camera in episode 11 is of three familiar-looking old men sitting around a cafe table.
  • The light novel is one huge tribute to Paper Moon in both its title and its plot, which involves Zapp meeting a little girl who may be his illegitimate daughter.
  • The "Blood Line Fever" album cover in episode 4 is an obvious shout out to Harry Nilsson's and Ringo Starr's "Son of Dracula" soundtrack album cover, including the same song titles.
  • The first episode of season 2 has Femt mention wanting to binge-watch BBC Earth that night.
    • After the final battle, Hummer mentions having watched a movie where the main characters celebrate winning a battle in New York by eating shawarma.
  • In season 2, episode 6, there's a character who wears a Ghostbusters -like wardrobe.
  • The episode focusing on Gilbert in Season 2 shows off his Weaponized Car, one of the weapons has a visibly VATS-like display when selecting targets. For added points, the weapon is said to be manufactured by a company called Bethesda.
  • One character in season 2, episode 7 mentions Double O-s and Daniel Craig.
  • Season 2, episode 8 is a shout out to The Incredible Hulk VS The Thing, respectively.
    • Accidentally, one character in this episode looked a lot like Zenyatta from Overwatch.
  • Season 2, episode 9 becomes a shoutout to Pacific Rim, or Ultraman.
  • In season 2, episode 11, Zapp calls Zed Black Lagoon.
  • The first chapter of Back 2 Back has Leo about to play the newest installment of a game that seems to be a cross between Half-Life and Modern Warfare with a protagonist that looks like Gordon Freeman with a military helmet. Leo says the series changed his life, and both games were very influential upon the industry.
  • The console he plays it on is called an X Station, seemingly a cross between a Playstation and an Xbox.
  • In one episode, Leo, Zapp, and Gilbert are playing what is essentially Monster Hunter on a PSPs.

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