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  • References to other Disney (and Pixar) movies and works:
    • The sneak peak features footage from Wreck-It Ralph on a big screen at the center-left. If you listen closely you can even hear some of the Japanese-dubbed lines. Some of the toys Hiro accidentally causes to fall off his shelf include a baby Cy-Bug and a Hero's Duty soldier. If one looks closely, the soldier seems to have a bit of a gut, so it might even be Ralph himself dressed up in the armor. Also, Fred has a life-sized Hero's Duty figure in his room. And apparently one of Satan/Satine as well.
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    • Characters from Frozen and Bolt make appearances in Freeze Frame Bonuses.
    • Prince Hans is on a wanted poster at the police station. Next to it is one of Flynn Rider's wanted posters. Additionally, before Hiro and Baymax take off on their first flight, Baymax destroys a statue of Prince Hans.
    • On Fred's bed are a red and blue pillow. The blue one is one of the title characters of Lilo & Stitch and the red is his cousin Splodyhead.
    • Fred's cap is designed like the Squeeze Toy Aliens from Toy Story.
    • During the opening of the new Krei Tech Cmapus as Krei finishes his toast a man can be heard shouting "The future is alive!" a clear reference to Meet the Robinsons
    • A picture of Mochi wearing an Experiment 626 costume can be seen while Hiro is distracting Aunt Cas.
    • The reveal trailer is very similar in premise to The Incredibles reveal trailer, featuring a plus size hero attempting to fit into a red supersuit, which proceeds to explode due to the hero's midsection. Both of which don't actually happen in the movie. Another teaser trailer refers to the snowball battle from a Frozen one.
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    • Honey Lemon and Fred hiding in a spherical "armored" space that gets "poked" by the enemy is reminiscent of Mr. Incredible hiding in the round middle of an attacking robot, which is itself a shout-out to the Disney Short "Knight for a Day", where Goofy hides inside his oversized armor while his rival pokes at it with a spear.
    • A shout-out to a then-unreleased Disney film: Honey Lemon's phone case looks like a fox wearing a necktie, not unlike a certain hustler in Zootopia.
    • While it might have been an obvious pun, Yama dissing Hiro by saying "Prepare to lose, Zero." also doubles as a Shout-Out to "Zero to hero" from Hercules.
    • Hiro calls Mochi "That Darn Cat!" when trying to pass of Baymax's sounds as Mochi's to Aunt Cass.
  • Hiro's suit of armor looks an awful darn lot like Priss Asagiri's.
  • At the tech, Fred holds up a comic book that has an Expy of the Incredible Hulk on the cover.
    • The supplemental materials show that Fred got to be the school's mascot based on a letter of recommendation from one R. Richards. The letter was addressed to one T. Dugan.
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    • Wasabi and Fred's interactions regarding how to defeat Yokai on Akuma Island is similar to the "plan of attack" scene from The Avengers, as seen here. And the way Baymax smashes through a corridor too small for him to get at Callaghan is reminiscent of a scene in The Avengers where Hulk smashes through a corridor to get at Widow.
    • The costumes of several obscure Marvel characters can be seen in Fred's room. These include Sleepwalker, Black Talon, Orka, Manphibian, Turbo, and Monark Starstalker.
    • The design on Hiro's T-shirt appears to be a Mecha styled Iron Man.
    • Hiro's helmet is shaped like Ultron's head
    • His microbots are used much like Ant-Man's ants.
    • The three comics Fred shows the others - the first villain looks like Red Skull in different colors, the "billionaire industrialist" sounds a bit like Tony Stark, and "Baron von Destruct" sounds like Baron von Strucker.
    • During the climax, our heroes fail to stop a black hole device that fails to shut down, built by a scientist obsessed over losing someone, just like with Dr Octopus.
  • Hiro has a clock in his room showing a robot that looks like the love child of Tetsujin 28-go and Mazinger Z. Also, Baymax's iconic "Rocket Fist" is an immediate call out to Mazinger Z's signature attack.
  • Hiro has a poster for BattleBots in his room.
  • Who knew GoGo had awesome Drift Racing skills? The thumping Euro-techno theme also acts as a homage to Initial D.
    • The chase also borrows from The Castleof Cagliostro (like damn near everyone else does) right down to Wasabi driving a similar vehicle to Lupin's classic yellow Fiat.
  • The microbots are a twofer - they behave like the Kryptonian nanotech from Man of Steel, but under Yokai's command they move in the form of tendrils, just like the Venom symbiote.
  • While obscure elsewhere, viewers who have been to Japan may notice the Chocobo candy mascot in the credits.
  • The pale looking Domo cameo in the credits.
  • The teleportation devices look suspiciously similar to Stargates.
  • In Fred's room, there are two video game cabinets. The one on the right is a Lawyer-Friendly Cameo of Area 51 titled "District 51", down to the lettering and not-a-Kronn.
  • One of the toys in the background of Hiro and Tadashi's room is a plushie with a red head and wide yellow eyes poking up out of a box. Likely, this is Ultraman.
  • During the portal test, a technician notices some anomalous readings, but is told that they are within acceptable limits and the test should proceed.
  • The beginning of the movie where there was a remote-controlled robot fight might remind some of Real Steel. One of the robots even looks like Noisy Boy.
  • A very subtle one during the leaking-air scene - Baymax taping himself changes the tone, sounding a lot like the opening bars of Also Sprach Zarathustra.
  • The confrontation and pleading between Yokai and Krei is reminiscent of a similar showdown from The Princess Bride.
    "I'll give you anything you want!"
    "I - want - my - daughter - BACK!"
  • The credits sequence includes a lot of imagery designed to invoke this, such as a suit of armor looking suspiciously like Speedy Cerviche/Yattarou.
  • As there is a robot protagonist, Terminator gets a shout out when things get dangerous, such as unplugging a Morality Chip causing grim determination and - for some reason - red eyes.
  • Baymax's actions in the climax are a reference to The Iron Giant. Both are huge robots saving their master's lives at the cost of their own. Both also live on in either a personality chip or a way of rebuilding themselves.
  • The montage where Baymax is built by Tadashi is exactly like the montage in RoboCop (1987) that shows RoboCop being built by a team of scientists. It's shown from Baymax's perspective and even shows Tadashi kiss him just like one of the team in the latter movie does. Baymax's armour even resembles RoboCop's a little bit.
  • The film's version of Gogo Tomago is clearly inspired by Quorra from TRON: Legacy. She has short black hair, wears black leather (and her costume even has Tron Lines), fights with throwing discs and has a Cool Bike very much like the ones in TRON.
  • In the credits, one can find what appears to be a half-formed "P!" symbol.
  • When Hiro and Baymax find Abigail in her Human Popsicle in hyperspace, Baymax clears the pod's screen for us to get a look on the sleeping beauty. This recalls a similar scene at the beginning of Aliens when they find Ripley in her escape pod. And the pod in turn is very similar to those in Planet of the Apes (2001). Just add fins.
  • Fred has a painting of himself in the style of Frank Frazetta.
  • In a Freeze-Frame Bonus, at the end of the scene where Hiro is talking to the desk sergeant, we get a glimpse of his computer monitor. Next to the Solitare game, he appears to have the Archive of Our Own webpage pulled up.


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