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Shout Out / Avengers Academy

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The Game

  • One of Falcon's actions is training with a punching bag, titled "Falcon Punch".
  • Enchantress' unlock quest is called "Mean Girl". Similarly, Black Panther gets a series of quests called "The Prince's Diaries".
  • When Wasp gleefully compares the Civil War rivalry to a soap opera, she includes the phrase "These are the Days of Our Lives!"
  • Black Widow's "Iron Widow" costume (from the Civil War event) has an "Activate Stealth Mode" action that makes her run around campus with a cardboard box on her head.
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  • At the end of Civil War, Fury asks for a prison cell to be made for Red Skull, just as one had been made for Ronan in the Guardians event:
    Tony: I think you just like collecting Super Villains.
    Fury: [smiling] Gotta trap 'em all.
  • Pokémon gets referenced again during the A.I.M. Attacks! event, when an A.I.M. scientist describes how they make little creatures, stuff them into balls, and make them fight. Wasp is pissed at this inhumane treatment.
  • Yet another Pokemon reference is the "Get Monster Catcher Wasp" event quest, in which you can get Wasp skin where she is dressed up like a Pokemon trainer.
  • During British Invasion, players can buy phone boxes to generate resources. One is a modern red one, but the other more expensive option is styled after the TARDIS.
  • Black Knight's Divide and Conquer and Gallop Onward actions are both references to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
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  • The Courtroom Antics during Hell's Kitchen include the inevitable quote:
    Loki: You make a fair point. I really am much better with lies...
  • During the Monsters Unleashed event, Elsa Bloodstone explains how to "Open the door, get on the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur" and does the dance of the same name.

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