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  • There's a minor character near the end whose name is Nagai, albeit by Word of God, it was a coincidence.
  • After Dr. Elaki Kalahahaii finds the human corpses in the derelict spaceship, in her philosophical ramblings she says Are you Khai made flesh?, a possible reference from The Bible, more especifically from the Gospel of John from the New Testament, when the book describes God as "The Word made Flesh" (John 1:14). This is especifically relevant with the Creators, because the original biblical phrase was about children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God, except replace "God" with the "Creators" and the "children" with the "anthropormorphics" instead and you will get the idea.
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  • The female human corpse has a passing resemblance with Ellen Ripley which is really ironic in a way.
  • While we don't see too often in the story, the coat of arms of the EDF looks similar to the logo of the NATO.
  • Gallacci seems to love drawing Erma in pin-ups cosplaying as many different characters including Storm and Kiki.
  • According with Word of God, The EDF's naming philosophy towards their own ships are based in a creature taken from a old fanfic based in some Poul Anderson's works. In the same way, the name of the very first spaceship created in-universe, the UH-1, is named after the Unoth Hikeah, a domesticated raptor, from a Tabletop Game the author used to play based in Anderson's Technic History.
  • Also, the penguin characters are inspired from the ones from Shirley MacLaine's film Irma La Douce.
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  • While probably not intentional (or not), the backstory of the First Lepine War explained in the Platinum Catalysm RPG, resembles quite a bit like how the One Year War took place, including how the ILR has an advantage at first, in the same way the Principality of Zeon had one at first, with some points taken from Nazi Germany as well.
  • In the Exo-Genesis story written for the Refractions fanzine, the image of Captain Fello watching an EDF soldier being executed by a ILR soldier looks a lot like the infamous photo of General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Viet Cong prisoner in Saigon in the same pose and even holding a similar gun as well.
  • In Birthright, the soldiers from Alfon's rebel army are dressed like World War II-era Russian partisan soldiers.
  • There's lots of shoutouts from 2001: A Space Odyssey, being that film one of Gallacci's favorites:
    • The logo of the comic uses the Eurostile font from the film. When the comic switched to Shanda Fantasy Arts, the font is changed with a very similar one used in Star Trek: The Original Series.
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    • The Net, by Word of God, is based in HAL 9000.
    • In the back cover of the fourth issue, the penguin in an astronaut suit is both a reference from an old comic strip Gallacci did in the 80s and also a visual joke from David Bowman's Famous Last Words, except that, rather than seeing stars, he ends up being surrounded by penguins.
    • The whole deal with the derelict human spaceship and the human corpses inside of it could be a reference from 2010: The Year We Make Contact when something similar happens in the film happens when the crew of the Leonov enters inside of the derelict Discovery, years after HAL 9000 killed its crew.
    • Likewise, another shout-out was in the second arc, when Tankannahai was couching some of his crewmates for a simulated failure in the ship, more especifically in the AE-35 unit. That unit was the same one in the very first novel and film, when Frank Poole, one of the crew members of the Discovery, was forced to do a space walk to repair it, and then he was killed by HAL 9000.
  • There's also many shoutouts from A Very British Coup, especially during the Ekosiak sub-arc, as this is one of the books Gallacci took some inspiration from. The whole situation about Ekosiak's gaining his independence from ConFed is strongly inspired by the novel's main plot, in which a left-wing British prime minister tries to withdraw from the NATO and, among other things, close down the military bases that the U. S. has in English territory, while another group of politicians tries to maintain the status quo at any cost. There are some differences between the events of the novel and what happens in the comic:
    • The Expy of Harry Perkins, the main character of the novel and the aforementioned prime minister is Enko Genyanaka, who is basically an antagonic, gender-bended, anthropomorphic version of him, who is much petty for her reasons for getting the independence of the planet from the ConFed than Perkins.
    • Onni Hitzok is likely to be, oddly enough, a heroic, selfless version of Sir Percy Browne, Perkins' political enemy in the novel. Also in a very odd way, he also shares with Perkins being in a relationship with another woman, in Hitzok's case with Dea-Htuhok Kho and in the case of Perkins, with Helen Harvis.
    • Also the end of the Ekosiak sub-arc ends differently and oddly than the end of the novel where the arc takes inspiration from: In A Very British Coup, at least in the novel, Perkins is forced from office following a catastrophic nuclear accident at an experimental nuclear plant that he had pushed for. In Albedo, Genyanaka, his furry counterpart, is basically a mix of this and the TV version of the novel, whe she is forced out from office by a coup. Keep in mind Genyanaka tried to ruin Hitzok's life and she didn't care a damn about the lives of her citizens, so no one cared about her at the end, much less after she is revealed she was part of Aito Kho's conspiracy.
  • In the 8th issue page 108, the Ekosiaki rioters who mauled to death a couple of EDF soldiers are based, by Gallacci's own admission in the mascots of many PAC-10 (Now PAC-12) college teams:
    • The Feline lynx: Arizona Wildcats
    • The Avian duck: Oregon Ducks
    • The Avian eagle: Utah Utes
    • The Ursine bears: California Golden Bears and UCLA Bruins
    • The beaver: Oregon State Beavers
    • The Feline cougar: Washington State Cougars
    • The Equine: USC Trojans
  • The attack on Dornthant by Word of God was partly inspired in The Tunguska Event, albeit in "reduced" scale, in his own words.
  • Illnya Ludadpik, the lesbian Enchawah Vulpine girl, is based in a character of the same name, especifically a Russian female combat pilot, from a novel written by Paul Kidd, Gallacci's personal friend and scriptwriter of the NES game Nightshade.

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