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Besides being a Spiritual Successor to Palace Software's Barbarian, Age of Barbarian is essentially a love-letter to Swords and Sorcery Heroic Fantasy stories, with many homages to it in the game, some subtle, some overt.

  • Fountain of Expies: Plenty, to wit:
    • Rahaan is, naturally, based on Conan the Barbarian, and particularly Arnold Schwarzenegger's depiction of the character.
    • Sheyna is based on Mariana from The Dungeon of Drax.
    • Necron is basically a nerfed version of Nekron from Fire and Ice, but with horns and no ice magic.
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    • The Rogaks, who are basically Orcs, also take overt inspiration from Nekron's Sub-Human minions from Fire and Ice.
    • The Ancient Dragon is almost a dead-ringer for "Taro" from The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.
    • From ARENA:
      • Murduk is Drax, down to being bald and wearing similar purple robes.
      • Sion is Sláine mac Roth, minus the warp-spasms.
      • Ayla may be named after the main character of the Earth's Children literary series.
      • Two from Conan the Destroyer: Xula the Amazon and Mombata the Terrible are both a couple of letters away from Tula and Bombaata.
      • DLC character She-Red is Red Sonja in all but her name, which appears to be a combination of hers and She-Ra.
      • Death Bringer is Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer.
      • One battle has you pitted against a pair of swordsmen with their faces obscured by helmets in a large cage, the setting and the appearance of the two combatants call to mind Kutchek and Gore being pitted against one another.

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