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Shout Out / Acid Rain

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  • When Daniel punches the thief in the first chapter, he shouts "OOOOORA!".
  • Ealiastar facial markings are similar to those of Eric Draven, and Krizalid
  • Being masked, and dressed from head to toe in leather it's a Homage to Dorohedoro
  • In the notes in Spanish, the author calls it "A poor man's Guilty Gear".
  • Physically, Daniel looks like a buff post-time skip Viral, and Nimsi looks like a fusion between Satsuki and Ryuuko.
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  • Nimsi has a t-shirt with a huge pill - a capsule to be precise.
  • There's a music store called Killer Queen.
  • In the same page, the author wanted to parody the original intro of Final Fantasy VII.

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