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Shoutout / A Link To The Past: Randomizer

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Considering that the randomizer is made by a community of people. It wouldn't be surprising to see a few easter eggs, disregarding all the player sprites.

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    Randomizer in General 
  • Some of the hint tiles in this hack contain useless advice, including quotes from other games, most commonly Zelda 1! Others contain pop culture references, such as from Arrested Development ("There's always money in the banana stand") and Blind Melon's "No Rain".
  • Retro mode features call backs to Zelda 1 like the rupee bow, "take-any" caves, global key counter, and requiring Link to buy arrows before he can use them.
  • Ganon has been known to quote "In the Flesh?" by Pink Floyd and Kefka's final monologue from Final Fantasy VI, among other things.
  • In Inverted Mode, the Light World counterpart to the Turtle Rock entrance is surrounded by pegs in the shape of a Metroid.
  • The credits will replace whatever it can with references, from time to time. For instance, "The Return of the King" when the King comes back is replaced with "The Two Towers" or "Venus, Queen of Fairies" with "Venus, I'm Your Fire". The lumberjacks are similarly sometimes referred to as "Woodfellas".

    Christmas 2017 

    Easter 2018 
  • This mode contains "take-any" caves à la Zelda I, only this time with 2 eggs inside. You can only take one, though.

    Halloween 2018 

    Christmas 2018 

    Halloween 2019 

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