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As Mi Tru Lov is confirmed to be a "satirical fiction", we can assume that all Shout Outs are partially or fully intentional. Many of these come in the form of spelling errors, but as mentioned above, the fact that this is a Troll Fic more or less guarantees that these references are meant to be there.

  • In chapter 8, the author literally copies an entire description from Chlorine Grown Roses, apparently because "tis groot".
    • Another reference to Chlorine Grown Roses is the misspelling of "animosity" as "animecity", which occurs in both fics.
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  • "Groot" is often used as a misspelling of "great".
  • The name of Kawaiilyn's cousin, Snoteleks, is a reference to this Tumblr post.
    • And the misspelling of "coffee", "covfefe", is a reference to the infamous Donald Trump tweet containing that same word.
  • "Sure" is misspelt as "surah", the term for a chapter of the Qur'an.

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