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  • In Fate Revelation Online Asuna, Silica, and Lisbeth go on a lengthy Chain of Deals quest so a husband can get his wife a gift. They suss out it's a "Gift of the Magi" Plot but are unable to find the wife as Zolgen had eaten her before they arrived. The husband later went on an epic trek to find his missing wife only to also get eaten by Zolgen.
  • In the crossover fic The First Saniwa, when Hiromasa sustains a Wound That Will Not Heal, rendering any medical intervention by Yaobikuni moot, she decides to ask Yagen, Kasen and Izuminokami to gather ingredients for her so she can start experimenting on him to find a cure. However, when the three return with the ingredients, Hiromasa has already succumbed to The Corruption from the injury before any experiments can take place. To make matters worse, Miketsu revealed in a flashback that said corruption cannot be dispelled without breaking the laws of nature, meaning that experiments would have been meaningless anyway.
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  • Gundam Seed Bloodlines: Feldt Grace is revived from cryostasis, revealing that the events of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 happened in the past - however, someone went to great lengths to erase all evidence of Celestial Being's accomplishments from history.
  • In Robb Returns, this is subverted. After all the efforts made to prevent it, it seemed like Jon Arryn would still get killed by Lysa, but the Maesters manage to pull him through.
  • While the whole story itself is not a Shoot the Shaggy Dog story, Ryouko Otonashi's character arc on The Pre Despair Kids qualifies. The audience treats her with suspicion the second she arrives at Hope's Peak, the boy she loves, Yasuke Matsuda, is murdered, and, due to her memory problems, she barely remembers any of it. And then it's revealed that she's a clone of Junko Enoshima, the one who ordered the murder of her boyfriend. And then it's revealed that said love is not actually dead, and was watching her because he was ordered to and not because he had any feelings to her. And then he stabs her with a knife and kills her.
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  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines features a sidestory focused on Johanna. Her parents are in great need of surgeries and she needs to win the Grand Festival to pay for them. She does succeed, but unfortunately the surgeries are not enough to save them. To top it off, she ends up facing serious financial troubles after they die.
  • Tales of the Undiscovered Swords: Kiriha Sadamune has lost part of his memory due to being burned in the Osaka castle fire, so when he becomes human, he spends a lot of time writing his new experiences down so he won't lose them again. The diary containing his writings is burned to ashes, and in the same fire that burned him to boot, when he is on his kiwame journey.
    Kiriha: (kiwame letter) Not only do my lost memories not return, my new ones are also lost.
    • Sasanoyuki's whole kiwame journey essentially proves fruitless when a. he concludes he can't return to his old pre-traumatized self again, b. his depression returns and gets worse.
    • Efforts to hold a fancy vegan dinner for Konotegashiwa under the saniwa's order in order to convince him to be vegan for reasons other than Mortality Phobia backfire when he still makes excuses to be a vegan jerk.

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