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  • Sage: In "Not Quite Famous", at the beginning of the episode, Benson declared that if the Brawny Basculin lost that episode, that he'd take the blame and willingly accept elimination, which everyone agreed to. Upon the team losing, the episode continued to build up that he'd be eliminated, but ultimately, Sage was actually eliminated instead since her team made the choice that Benson didn't deserve elimination since he actually did nearly win them the challenge, while she was mostly just keeping them all under a sort of dictatorship.
  • Nedrick: In "Paintball Deer Hunter", during the middle of the challenge, Nedrick actually finds some berries he was gonna snack on...Until he is ultimately attack and mauled by a bear out of nowhere. Later on, we learn the injuries were severe enough that he needed to be medically evacuated to a real hospital so he could receive proper treatment. After a series of heartfelt goodbyes, Nazira, who he had a crush on up to that point, came into the room and sent him off with a Now or Never Kiss, which caused the bug to actually smile in his last moments on the show.
  • Violet: In "The Not So Great Outdoors", after an entire episode of being confused about the emotions she was feeling towards Gareth, Violet ultimately decides to vote herself off the show in order to stop him from getting eliminated himself. While Gareth is left shocked and pleading that he be eliminated instead, Violet leaves the show instead, but not before giving him a kiss, informing him that she returned his feelings. She left soon after, leaving Gareth shocked and completely dumbfounded, but none-the-less happy that him and Violet were now together.
  • Chad: In "Hook, Line, and Screamer", after no build-up to it at all besides ending his plotline with Cynthia, Chad is voted off by a newly formed alliance due to him being such a massive threat this late into the game. He actually has no problem with being eliminated, sending himself off happily as he told everyone to keep on trying their hardest in the game, and to keep partying until the summer is over. Even while being eliminated, Chad found a way to make people feel their best about themselves.
  • Juvia: In "Hide and Be Sneaky", Gareth was about to be eliminated, and was even saying his goodbyes to everyone, until Juvia suddenly showed up at the elimination, giving the lion a tight hug...And then surrounding him with her aura, stopping him in place and pushing in back slightly. He is left shocked by this, before Juvia tells Amber that she wishes to leave in Gareth's place. She agrees, but just before Juvia leaves, Gareth, who was now in tears, screams for Juvia to stop and just let him leave. Juvia simply told him that he deserved to win far more than her, and thanks him for being her best friend. As she leaves, Gareth is left mumbling, "Auf wiedersehen...Juvia...", which translates into, "Goodbye...Juvia..."
  • Mimi: In "Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon", after Cynthia and Doc had spent a majority of the episode getting to know one another and ultimately coming close to actually resolving their rivalry, any chances of this are shattered upon the reveal that Cynthia and her alliance decided to vote off his girlfriend, Mimi. As Doc angrily questions Cynthia on how she could possibly do this after everything they had done to try and resolve their conflict, he nearly attacks her, but is ultimately calmed down by Mimi, who let's him know she is more than fine leaving. Soon after, the two part from each other with a rarely seen kiss, as Mimi flashes him final smile, before leaving the island for good.
  • Isabel: In "That's Off The Chain!", it was explained at the beginning of the challenge that whoever came in in last place in the race would ultimately be eliminated, not counting those who crash and thus couldn't complete the challenge. In the end, Kanaya comes in last place, and goes about saying her goodbyes...Before The Reveal that while she was doing this, Isabel had actually pushed her bike across the finish intentionally, eliminating herself instead. As Kanaya questions her on this, Isabel tells her she cares too much about Kanaya to allow her to be eliminated in such a way, which leads even further into the two ultimately revealing their feelings for each other, and beginning a relationship as Isabel leaves the show.
  • Tempest: In "Wawanakwa Gone Wild!", Tempest and Zetsu had been having some issues with their relationship, the former believing she'd only hinder Zetsu if she moved in with him, and the latter believing he was simply not good enough for Tempest. However, upon the two revealing their reasoning for one another, they realize just how much they truly love each other, and not only get back together, but vow to protect the other to the best of their ability. Soon after, the two were the last ones to complete the challenge, and ultimately, despite Zetsu clearly having performed worse in the challenge and was about to be eliminated, Tempest instead sacrifices her spot in the game, keeping him in as she tells him she believes he won't need her to do this, as he is far stronger than anyone would ever think.
  • Zetsu: In "The Very Last Episode, Really!", it's ultimately shown that Zetsu had crossed the finish first, as everything goes about as planned...Until suddenly it's revealed that was just the alternate ending, and instead, in the real ending, the true winner is revealed to be Nazira, leaving Zetsu as the final eliminated contestant of FMTDI.

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