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  • In the Yakuza series, it's common for the pre-Final Boss cutscenes to involve Kiryu or the protagonist du jour dramatically ripping off the top half of their wardrobe to expose their tattoos. It's often played with, however: characters who aren't yakuza and therefore lack tattoos, such as Akiyama or Yagami, generally refrain from doing this, and a major source of drama in Yakuza 6 is the lack of tattoos on high-ranking Tojo associate Takumi Someya, showing his disdain for the old ways that characters like Kiryu and Majima hold on to.
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  • Shiki Tohno in the sequel/fandisc of Tsukihime is shirtless in one possible evening scene at the mansion. He addresses the three female occupants of the house while toweling off his hair, and they are all appropriately stunned by the almighty Tohno Gland. Akiha even apologizes for something in her daze.
  • Sephiroth, the Big Bad of Final Fantasy VII, goes shirtless for the game's final showdown, a one-on-one duel with his nemesis Cloud. Although the low polygon count destroys the point of even bothering with it.
    • The polygon count was higher in that battle than any of the real ones. Sephiroth also appears "naked but but obscured by something weird from the waist down" in the cutscene where he gains the Black Materia. Which may actually be justified rather than just censorship if you consider his ultimate One-Winged Angel form. Which also had no shirt, but that version really had a tiny polygon count.
    • The Square Enix store in Japan has a life size statue of Sephiroth frozen in materia set into the floor. Cue drooling or cue shuddering.
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    • Also, in the prequel Crisis Core, a member of Sephiroth's fanclub mentions how much she'd like to see him "stripped to the waist."
      • And then there's Zack's shirtless beach scene in Crisis Core, complete with invisible armour and materia slots.
      • Sephiroth also goes shirtless in his alt costume in Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring. Rendered better than in FFVII, but obviously not as good as Dissidia.
  • In similar fashion, the Final Boss of Kingdom Hearts goes shirtless after he somehow merged with a gargantuan Heartless battleship for the final battle of the game.
    • Both he and Sephiroth wear trenchcoats with no shirt underneath (though Sephiroth wears what looks like a leather daddy harness), making every scene a shirtless scene for them. Their final boss forms just take it a step farther.
    • On the side of good, Sora does as the natives do when in Atlantica and loses the shirt along with his legs when he becomes a merman. It's the one redeeming point of said level.
    • Ventus is, for some reason, shirtless in his Awakening. It becomes Squick when you realize that Master Xehanort is the one who probably undressed him, and he was about eleven.
  • Snow from Final Fantasy XIII after suffering a bad injury. Who gets the hyper-detailed rendering mentioned above, and has random freckles, moles, little bumps on his aerolas and erect nipples. Oh, Square, you cocktease.
    • It can happen again in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. If you battle his + version, he'll vaporize his shirt halfway through the fight when he uses Depths of Despair. Battle his ++ version, and it's gone before the fight even starts.
  • You can make male player characters in Final Fantasy XIV walk around with no shirt. Thanks to the glamour system, it's possible to have your chest armor glamoured to look like something more revealing or nothing at all without sacrificing your stats for it. Some NPCs also appear with no shirt.
  • Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening begins with Dante shirtless and just coming out of the shower. He remains shirtless for the first stage, and you can unlock an alternate costume that lets you play the entire game with this character model.
    • In the reboot, DmC: Devil May Cry, Dante one-ups 3 by being completely nude at the beginning, though we only see from his hips up and his calves in any detail. And say what you wish about his personality, but his body is very nice.
  • The title character from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time begins the game fully dressed and apparently wearing some sort of leather armour. As the game progresses, his clothing is torn off or used for bandages bit by bit until he is just wearing his pants.
    • Additionally, the bulk of The Two Thrones is just one long shirtless scene.
  • Gage/Trak from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin constantly goes shirtless. Under a leather jacket. He also has blue hair, is aloof and near-mute, and is a Bishōnen.
  • At the end of Metal Gear Solid, Liquid — who spends most of the game wandering around, outside, without a shirt, in the middle of Alaska — removes Solid Snake's shirt. This is because Snake's padded sneaking suit functions as armor, maybe not so much to bullets but certainly against hands and feet.
    • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater gives the player the option to take Naked Snake's shirt off at any time for no reason at all (you're even penalised for doing it, since it increases Snake's stamina-drain rate and reduces his resistance to colds, parasites, and bullets). The player does get a funny line or two about it when Snake puts in a call on his radio while half-naked.
    • Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2 goes far beyond shirtless with his full on nude scene, Scenery Censored all the while, near the end off the game.
    • Then there are the standard torture scenes of mandatory shirtlessness that occur at the rate of at least once per installment of MGS.
    • Not to mention the final boss battle of Metal Gear Solid 4 is an old men's fistfight with a shirtless Liquid Ocelot, although he is ripped.
    • The start of Metal Gear Solid had a beautiful briefing scene with Snake perched on a bed, naked, genitals obscured only by a convenient shadow. The Video Game Remake upped the ante significantly — the scene is redone in glorious fully-animated polygons and the player is given the option to control the camera angle freely, and, while Snake is now wearing underwear, it's a pair of really skintight black shorts that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. He spends the scene going from one "sexy" pose to another, randomly parading his body around like a male stripper for no reason. The best part is when he inexplicably rests his forearms and chest on the edge of the bed while standing at the side of it, keeping his legs straight, thus thrusting his barely-clad buttocks in the air for no discernible reason beyond fanservice, while he is asking pertinent questions about the story. It's so extreme it's close to Narm, and it's not aided by the fact that all the dialogue is extremely businesslike, providing an odd kind of Mood Dissonance.
    • In Metal Gear Solid 4, Snake does a Fan Disservice Shirtless Scene for Naomi. (Un)fortunately, even wrinkled skin, liver spots, Ugly Pants, unflattering lighting, sad music and Naomi being moved to tears by his ugliness really did not counter the fact that he still has a killer figure. Possibly intentional, knowing the director.
    • Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops had Big Boss do like Raiden and get stripped completely naked by his captors. Unfortunately, thanks to the sketchy art style of the cutscenes, you can't make out much.
      • He also has shirtless scenes (with pants on) in the beginning and ending.
    • The highlight of the trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is Big Boss, taking off his shirt. While training his men. On the beach. In the rain. WITH A SNAKE-SHAPED SCAR! IN SLOW-MO!
    • Senator Armstrong spends the second half of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's final battle shirtless, though it's less about fanservice and more about showing off the power of his nanomachines, son!
  • Link in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess strips down to his skivvies during his sumo training. He's ripped under that tunic. His opponent, however, is not.
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas gives players the option to dress CJ however they wish... that includes stripping him to his underpants for a nearly completely nude shootout with cops and rival gangsters! Is the block hot or is it just me?
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • Throughout the series, clothing is entirely optional, meaning that this is entirely possible for the Player Character. (Human and Elf females Downplay it due to having a bra attached to their model, but there are Game Mods to take care of that...) You can merrily punch out Physical Gods in nothing more than your undies if you so choose.
    • Morrowind:
      • Big Bad Dagoth Ur, one of those aforementioned physical gods, is shirtless. In fact, he only wears his golden Cool Mask (with a third eye slot) and a loincloth.
      • Spymaster of the Blades, Cool Old Guy extraordinaire, and initial main quest Quest Giver Caius Cosades is under cover as an old Skooma addict. He is shirtless, lives in a small hovel, and wears only tattered looking "common" pants.
  • In Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, the very first look the player gets of Kian the Apostle is in a Shirtless Scene pitting him against other burly shirtless men. Note that only the playable male character is introduced this way. Zoe is in her underpants, though.
  • Ramsus, a white-haired villain from Xenogears, apparently sleeps in speedos.
    • With a nekkid Miang in the bed behind him. Wonder what they were up to...
  • Mortal Kombat might be known for its stripperiffic ladies, but there's plenty of fanservice for those who prefer outies. Sub-Zero. MK 3.
    • For the furries, try Reptile's alternate costume in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, called "Jungle Man". He wears little more than a loincloth and a skull-shaped chest plate.
  • T'ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger is a PS1 game where the main character is a shirtless male kung-fu tiger. Most of the characters in the game are shirtless males, some more built than others.
    • Meanwhile, females are a rarity in this game, appearing only as a boss character or two.
  • It is possible, in Tales of Symphonia, to complete a mini-quest that gives you swimsuit outfits for four members of the party. Involving no shirts for the guys, of course.
    • Except for the one that would look best shirtless. Regal gets no love.
    • What about Kratos? He doesn't even GET a swimsuit outfit ..!
      • If Kratos were shirtless, your console would explode from the sexy. So, it's not because they don't love us, it's because our technology can't handle it.
    • Also worth noting that all Tales games following this have optional swimsuit costumes. So...this happens a lot. In fact when Richard from Tales of Graces doesn't get a swimsuit it's lampshaded by the resident Troll who explains that Richard swims in his royal regalia. Sure.
  • When Capcom released Ace Attorney snapshots, how much do you want to bet one of those featured shirtless Edgeworth?
  • The Krauser boss fight in Resident Evil 4. At the start of the battle, he is wearing only a bandolier (on account of Leon slicing a bit of his shirt open in an earlier cutscene, and him inexplicably opting to ditch the said shirt as opposed to bearing with the tiny tear), and as the fight progresses, he ends up losing the bandolier for no real reason as well. Basically, the whole fight is a strip show.
  • In Resident Evil 5, There is also a brief gratuitous shirtless Wesker scene in towards the end of the game, in the last boss battle against him, albeit his bare chest is overcome by the gross tendrils of the Uroboros virus a few seconds thereafter.
  • No More Heroes gives you the option to have Travis shirtless, and you can unlock shirtless with tattoo after beating the game. Strangely you don't have the option to go around with no jacket. The sequel allows you to unlock the option to go jacketless, but the closest you get to shirtless is a T-shirt with a shirtless chest printed on it.
  • Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn has a nice, lengthy Shirtless Scene during a flashback sequence from one of the last characters one would have expected to get one. The Black Knight a.k.a. Zelgius, who also surprisingly turns out to be quite a Bishonen under all of that armor.
    • Not to mention Volug, who, due to the wonder of static portraits, is essentially shirtless throughout the entire game. The fact that he's a mysterious loner and a wolf-man makes it easy to see why the series' female fans swoon over him. Just look at him.
  • Romancing Jacob Taylor? Heavy risk. But the priiiize...
    • Just about every major male character gets one at some point. Kaidan after both his Mass Effect and Mass Effect 3 sex scenes, James in the "Citadel" DLC, Male Shepard himself in every romance....
  • In Infinite Space, Lord Roth first appears on-screen while wearing nothing but his underwear.
  • The royalty of Ayuthay in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, justified since it's an oasis kingdom and near the blistering-hot Lamakan Desert. Amiti puts on a shirt at the party's request when he joins the crew, and later takes offense when Eoleo makes a smart remark about someone from Ayuthay "actually wearing clothes".
  • In Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, Stranger gets one when he is captured and his clothes are cut off, exposing him as the Steef.
  • Any RPG that allows you to strip your male party members down, really.
  • Besides sex scenes, Dragon Age: Origins has a few...
    • Waking up after Ostagar (though you don't see much).
    • Imprisoned in Fort Drakon.
    • In the Gauntlet. (In all three cases, the women are in bra and panties and the men are in undies...though Oghren in his underoos is definitely Fan Disservice.
    • Sadly averted in the sequel though, unless you strip your male Hawke. Though you do get to see the female equivalent of Merrill in a corset if you romance her...
  • Well, temporarily in Brain Dead 13: If Lance can't make a choice of either a shave, manicure or facial quick enough, Vivi will quickly hold his head to her side and pull down both his spider web barber cloth and his shirt, exposing not just his neck, but also his bare chest and his man nipples (!), before taking a bite and draining him of blood!
  • Garcia begins Shadows of the Damned shirtless, grabbing his leather jacket just before he jumps into the portal to Hell.
  • If you could actually count this as a game, then there's John in the beginning scene of Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, right up until he gets on his motorcycle.
  • The developers of the PC series Dark Tales announced in advance that in the fifth game, Mr. Fanservice Auguste Dupin would have a shirtless scene. The fangirls rejoiced. Unfortunately, what they didn't announce was that said shirtless scene would come at the cost of Dupin being shot in the chest, and the player character has to cut away the shirt in order to tend the wound. He does get better, though, and he's got what looks like a nice build under his Victorian fashion sense.
  • Mr Freeze's introduction in Batman: Arkham City, for some reason. Rather disservice-y, thanks to the guy's altered body, what he's had to do to stay alive, the fact that he's just come out from apparent torture-via-heat-lamp, and the resulting Jack Bauer interrogation that Batman immediately puts him through.


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