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  • In American Dragon: Jake Long, Spud ships Jake and Rose, even after Jake finds out she’s his mortal enemy The Huntsgirl, which leads to Jake having conflicted feelings about her (until her Heel–Face Turn, anyway).
    Jake: Ugh, when I see her, it’s like I don’t know whether to kiss her, or to incinerate her with a fireball!
    Spud: Yep, sounds like True Love to me, bro.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • Jun does this for the famous Zutara pairing, starting first when Zuko asks her to track Aang with Katara's necklace, as she states "Aw, is it your girlfriend?" or something like that. Her second appearance causes an I'm Not Her Boyfriend moment. Admittedly, it seems to be more of a teasing thing.
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    • Iroh, in one of the comics, briefly muses that perhaps Katara would be good for Zuko. During Zuko's story in "Tales of Ba Sing Se", he expresses joy when Zuko goes on a date with the Earth Kingdom girl Jin.
    • Whoever wrote the play in "Ember Island Players" was clearly a Zutarian, to the point that the characters were weirded out by it. It upsets Aang, who wonders if Katara does see him as a brother, while Katara is just confused about their relationship at the moment due to the war.
    • The bald, tattooed criminals from "Avatar Day" apparently ship Kataang.
    • Azula ships Maiko. She jumped ship at the end of "Boiling Rock" but she was all for it before Zuko's Heel–Face Turn, because Zuko staying with Mai was, in her mind, the best way to keep him where she wants him. It works, but NOT in the way she expected... as Zuko leaves anyway and later Mai has a Heel–Face Turn for him. "I love Zuko more than I fear you!", indeed.
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    • Let's not forget Sokka:
      Sokka: Get in. We're going to save your boyfriend.
      Katara: He's not my-
      Sokka: Whatever.
      • Even better in the French translation:
        Katara: He's not my boyfriend.
        Sokka: Not yet.
    • Even the Avatar Extras facts do this, as in The Big Damn Kiss that finishes off the series, a little bubble pops up that says "Kataang wins!"
    • This trope is Played for Laughs by Toph in the four-part series finale, where she seems to express herself as a Harutara shipper.
      Toph: I knew it! You did have a secret thing with Haru!
      Katara: Uh, no.
    • Now that Azula is no longer a Mai/Zuko shipper, Aang has taken up the flag by the time of Smoke and Shadow... even though Mai left him about a year prior, in-series.
      Zuko: You remember—
      Aang: Mai!
      Mai: Hello, Aang.
      Aang: Wow, this is great! Does that mean you two are back together?!
      Zuko: And this is Kei Lo. Mai's boyfriend.
      Kei Lo: Hello.
      Aang: [backpedaling while Zuko looks away in embarrassment] Oh, I mean— you know, I— What I said earlier— By "back together" I meant, um—
      Mai: Please, keep talking. Because things aren't awkward enough yet.
  • The Legend of Korra:
    • Jinora and Ikki ship Makorra.
    • In the Grand Finale Jinora may also be one to Korra and Asami if the Fascinating Eyebrow and smirk she gives to seeing Asami laying her hand on Korra's shoulder is anything to go upon. At the very least she seems to be the one of the only people in the show to recognize that the two have feelings for each other.
    • Interestingly, Mako himself in one episode comes off as a shipper for Korra and his brother Bolin. Hilarious in hindsight considering Book One ends not just with Mako having feelings for Korra himself, but declaring his love for her.
    • Bolin is one for Kai and Jinora, squealing like a fangirl.
      Bolin: Oooooh, Tenzin's not gonna like this!
    • Korra also supports Kai/Jinora and believes the two have a connection.
    • Kai, Varrick and Zhu Li ship Bolin and Opal. Kai expressed concern when their relationship started to strain thanks to Bolin working under Kuvira, who betrayed Opal's family. In Varrick's fabricated story that recaps the first three seasons, it ends with Opal eventually forgiving Bolin. Ultimately. Zhu Li is the one who convinces Opal to forgive Bolin.
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man:
    • Done in a roundabout way by Mary Jane. She goes to the school dance with Peter, but later meets and befriends Gwen when she transfers to Midtown High. Upon realizing that Gwen has feelings for Peter, she gives her a pep talk which helps convince Gwen to spontaneously kiss Peter in the season 1 finale. She continues to support the possibility of a pairing between them throughout season 2.
    • Aunt May, however, seems to ship Peter/Mary Jane from the moment she meets the girl, needling her nephew to meet her. She ultimately is the one who arranges that one date they had, by convincing Betty (who's twenty) that she's too old to go with Peter and then arranging Mary Jane to go behind his back.
      Peter: Aunt May, you're an evil mastermind!
  • Kaeloo: One episode had Stumpy set up a date for Kaeloo and Mr. Cat. Granted, he was supposed to benefit from this, but still, he did imply that he knew they liked each other. In another one, it becomes more clear as the main four make a TV show based on themselves and Stumpy says he wants "the cat and the frog" to become an Official Couple. Kaeloo and Mr. Cat are a frog and a cat respectively.
  • Keef in the unfinished episode, "Return of Keef" of Invader Zim. That guy is...very obsessed over the Zim/Dib pairing.
  • Kim Possible:
    • Ron being kissed by Kim often makes his naked mole rat Rufus say "awww" in response. By comparison, he acts disgusted if Ron gets kissed by a different girl. And at the end of the movie, when they finally get together, but are still a little shy about it, he pushes them together to start them dancing.
    • Even the villains seem to ship the heroes. In A Very Possible Christmas Drakken apparently ships Kim/Ron, even pushing them together under mistletoe (it was actually parsley) as soon as Kim arrives; Shego ships Josh/Kim in Blush and then Kim/Ron in Graduation.
    • In the Grand Finale, Drakken's symbiotic flower ships Drakken and Shego together.
    • Kim's mom also seemed to secretly ship Kim/Ron for the first three seasons. Became not-so-secret in So the Drama. Her dad didn't so much ship them as not ship Kim with anyone else; her going to him for advice about boys other than Ron made him uncomfortable, but he seemed to have absolutely no qualms about their Official Couple status in the final season.
    • By the end of So the Drama, when Bonnie tries to ridicule Kim for finally dating "that loser" Ron, everyone else at the junior prom cheers, including the school janitor.
  • In The Fairly OddParents!, Cosmo and Wanda like seeing Timmy get kissed by Tootie.
    • The live-action film gives an odd inversion to this, in that Cosmo and Wanda spend much of the first half of the film trying to prevent Timmy and Tootie from getting together, since it would mean Timmy would officially be grown up and they'd have to leave him. This eventually begins to change after Poof brings them to realize it's wrong to prevent Timmy from growing up, and by the end of the film, they're happy that Timmy and Tootie are finally together.
  • In Ben 10: Alien Force. Gwen supports Ben/Julie and Ben supports Gwen/Kevin. We're not sure of Gwen's reaction to Julie and Ben's break-up in Omniverse, though she's probably disappointed and thinks it's mostly because of Ben. (In fairness, it was mostly because of Ben.)
  • Stōked sees Emma and Lo constantly wanting Reef and Fin to get together. They even text one another like giddy schoolgirls whenever they see the two of them doing anything vaguely romantic.
  • Total Drama:
    • Cody helps his friend Trent hook up with Gwen, even though he also has a crush on her. In the same vein, Geoff and DJ could both tell that their friend Duncan and Courtney liked each other and playfully teased her about it.
    • Duncan and DJ both gave Owen/Izzy a thumbs up in the 19th episode.
    • Fanon often includes stories where characters play matchmaker for Noah and Cody. Usually includes Izzy, probably because on the show she once teased Noah about this.
    • On Total Drama World Tour, pretty much everyone (Gwen, Bridgette, Izzy, sort-of Heather) seems to ship Cody with Sierra...except Cody, who has a crush on Gwen. Tyler seems to like that pairing, though, since he helped Cody get a picture with her.
    • Noah seems to ship Tyler/Lindsay, since he once offered Tyler advice about it. He also seems to have a talent at sensing attraction between people, since he noticed Alejandro's crush on Heather before anybody else.
    • Sierra seems to have supported Duncan/Gwen before they got together, no doubt in part because it would free up Cody to be with her. However, when they actually got together by making out behind Courtney's back, Sierra turns against them. (Though again, her animosity toward Gwen may be at least partially because Cody did not Abandon Shipping when he found out, continuing to support and hit on Gwen despite her being in a relationship with somebody else.)
  • Teen Titans:
    • Cyborg shipped Robin and Starfire. It even became a plot point in one episode and Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. "It's about time."
    • In Teen Titans Go!, the comics based off of the Western Animation, Starfire seems to ship Beast Boy/Raven. "Perhaps Raven was teleported into an alternate dimension where she and Beast Boy are madly in love and ask me to be their maid of the bride at their matrimonial ceremony?"
    • Larry the Titan tries to be this for all the Titans, and steals Cupid's (Eros's) arrows to do so, resulting in a series of love-gushing couples (but nothing canon, although Chesire and Speedy getting hit was a nod to their relationship in the mainstream comics) ranging from the understandable to the completely bizarre. In fact, the whole reason he did this was because of the Robin/Starfire moment in Tokyo above.
  • Winx Club:
    • Amore, the pixie of love, obviously. She most blatantly ships Stella/Brandon and Princess Amentia and her Unlucky Childhood Friend.
    • In the episode where Helia was introduced, Amore and Chatta quickly come to the conclusion that he and Flora would make a cute couple.
    • In season 3, it seems that Stella wanted Layla and Nabu (who at the time was using the fake name Ophir to hide his identity) to get together.
    • Layla's boyfriend Nabu spends much of season 4 trying to help his best friend Riven save his relationship with Layla's best friend Musa.
  • The Loud House:
    • All ten Loud sisters are on board with Lincoln and Ronnie Anne.
    • In "Racing Hearts", Lori and Leni support Luna emotionally on her first date with Sam.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • In "Summer Belongs to You!", Phineas seems supportive of Ferb/Vanessa and Candace/Jeremy (much to Isabella's frustration, since he's not noticing her affections).
    • All the Fireside Girls ship Phineas/Isabella.
    • Stacy supports Jeremy/Candace.
    • Candace, Phineas, and Ferb ship their parents.
      Ferb: Well, don't just stand there. Kiss her!
    • Averted with Little Suzy, who doesn't want her big brother to be with ANY other girl except for her. If she weren't so young, it'd be a little creepy; as it is it can sometimes be disturbing.
    • Ferb has been shown to ship Phineas/Isabella in at least one episode ("Happy Birthday Isabella").
    • And in the episode showing them as adults, we find out nearly every recurring character on the show except for Doofenshmirtz shipped Phineas/Isabella, and that was just because he had his own story going on at the time...
  • Justice League:
  • Everyone who finds out Helga's deep dark secret on Hey Arnold! seems to be rooting for her. Her best friend Phoebe and Arnold's Grandpa Phil (who married a former childhood bully himself) will occasionally try to help lead Arnold in the right direction and Lila is willing to drop out of her role as Juliet in a school play just so Helga can get the part (opposite Arnold). Lila does not like Arnold that way, and is more than happy to have him get together with someone who does.
  • Danny Phantom: Tucker ships his best friends, Danny and Sam, long before either of them starts to realize their feelings for one another. Not to mention Danny's Parents, the kids at his school, even Danny's ghost enemies ship them together at one point or another. Even their dreams shipped them together.
  • In Gargoyles, Word of God says Angela ships her father with Elisa, as does Hudson.
    • Lexington, Brooklyn and Broadway all look on with approval when they watch Goliath and Elisa dancing during Halloween.
      Lexington: They should have Halloween more often.
  • Code Lyoko:
    • Yumi's little brother Hiroki ships Yumi and Ulrich. He makes several comments throughout the series, including one where Ulrich was fighting a Krabe that had entered the real world, and he shouts, "This is so awesome! I keep telling you, you gotta go out with this guy!" In a public street, in front of Yumi, Ulrich and both of Yumi's parents.
    • Odd is definitely a Ulrich/Yumi shipper, even trying to advise Ulrich on the subject. Of course, Ulrich never follows his advices.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures: Jade ships Jackie/Viper. "She'd be such a cool aunt!"
  • Alfred from Batman: The Brave and the Bold is such a Batman/Catwoman shipper that he actually writes Real-Person Fic about it.
  • In Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures, Hadji's mother Neela ships her own son with Jessie; or so her comments in "The Bangalore Falcon" seem to imply.
  • Daria:
    • During the first three seasons Jane Lane shipped her older brother Trent with her best friend Daria.
    • In "Write Where It Hurts", Daria's last story has her sister Quinn married to Jaime, one of her three constant suitors, while in another story Jesse is apparently dating Jane. Of course, yet another story had Jane/Kevin in a Graduate Homage Shot (with Kevin as Elaine), so these probably shouldn't be taken too seriously.
  • Kick Buttowski:
    • Gunther apparently liked seeing Kick kiss Kendall in "Box Office Blitz".
    • In "For the Love of Gunther", Kick tried to help Gunther hooking up with with Jackie - partly to get rid of her, but also because he wanted to help his friend.
    • At the end of "Dancing With the Enemy", Kick and Kendall are having a very affectionate moment, until someone in the crowd shouts "Kiss her!" This, of course, is their cue to go back to acting as if they hate each other.
  • Young Justice:
    • In season two, M'gann's "little brother" Beast Boy ships her with Superboy, even though they've broken up at this point. (Word of God comments that, since M'gann has been Promoted to Parent by this point, Gar is kind of like a kid whose parents divorced.) Superboy's pet Wolf also seems to dislike seeing M'gann and her new boyfriend, La'gaan.
    • Kent Nelson shipped Artemis and Wally together long before they actually got together for real. His last words to Wally were to urge him to find his own spitfire like Kent's wife Inza, who never let Kent get away with anything.
    • Aqualad claims that he knew Miss Martian and Superboy were together before they did.
    • In season two, Black Manta, of all people ships Aqualad/Tigress (Artemis)—he thinks they're a couple, and he clearly approves. Of course, he also thinks they're supervillains, so...
  • In Xiaolin Showdown, the good version Jack appears to ship Raimundo/Kimiko, even dragging Raimundo over to her and placing his hand on her shoulder in Time after Time. Their reactions imply that this isn't the first time he's done this.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Parodied in "Hearts and Hooves Day", where the Cutie Mark Crusaders attempt to set their teacher Cheerilee up with Applebloom's older brother Big Macintosh. Hilarity Ensues when they go as far as to make a Love Potion.
      • Later on, they try to get him with Sugar Belle in Season 7, but only after they realize he's got a crush on her.
    • Zephyr Breeze's parents share his delusion that Rainbow Dash is crazy about him. She's not amused.
    • In "She Talks To Angels", Angel Bunny while in Fluttershy's body says, "I wanna marry Discord", implying that he is one for Fluttercord, although he could just be messing around.
  • On South Park episode Cartman Finds Love, Cartman becomes obsessed with pairing up new girl Nichole and Token, since they're both black. So much so, in fact, that when he learns Nichole has a crush on Kyle (and vice versa), he tells her that he and Kyle are a gay couple. He even follows Kyle on his date with Nichole, professes his love for him over the megascreen and serenades him with John Michael Montgomery's "I Swear" just so Nichole and Token can be together.
  • Archer's Pam seems to ship Archer and Lana and Cyril and Lana. She's shown to disprove of Cyril cheating on Lana in the first season and guilts Cheryl for initiating their affairs. She later encourages him to spy on Lana and Archer during a mission, mostly so she can spy on Archer and Lana in the hopes of watching have sex. Cheryl also teases Cyril about Archer and Lana hooking up, but this is likely just to mess with him.
  • In Angel's Friends, the Big Bad ships Raf and Sulfus, since Raf is an angel and Sulfus is a demon, and their getting together would free her from her prison.
  • In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), a newly woken April perks up and demands all the squeeworthy details when she finds out that Leonardo has met a girl. She's clearly ready and willing to support him and his new love interest (possibly understanding that this is something he can't tell his brothers). Then she finds out that the girl he's talking about is a member of the evil Foot Clan, and proceeds to show him her disapproval.
  • In Generator Rex, Rex hints to Six at the end of A Family Holiday and Riddle of the Sphinx that Six and Holiday should get together.
  • As some fanfics of The Powerpuff Girls fabricated a romance between Professor Utonium and the girls' teacher Miss Keane, the episode Keen On Keane had the girls themselves play matchmaker for the two. Appeared to be a match made in heaven until the two were more focused on each other than their duties. And then when the Professor saw that Miss Keane had a cat, the romance was off as the Professor had a bad time with a cat before (episode "Cat Man Do").
  • In the season 3 premiere of Superjail!, Jared and Charise act as this to the idea of the Warden and the Mistress getting together and try to manipulate them into having sex to do so. Although, it's more for their own sake, as they feel if their bosses get together, they themselves will be able to be together in a united jail. Unfortunately for them, their plan is sunk when it turns out that the Warden has no clue how to have sex, leaving Alice to sleep with the Mistress and cause her to abandon the idea of wanting to rule the jail.
  • In Batman Beyond, Max Gibson supports Terry/Dana, usually by trying to smooth things over with Dana or giving Terry advice on how to make things up to her.
  • The other members of W.I.T.C.H. ship Cornelia with Caleb. Will at one point wonders what is taking him so long to ask her out and when Hay Lin sees they might have a romantic moment together, she gives them the thumbs up before leaving them alone.
  • Basil Stag Hare from Redwall clearly supports the Matthias and Cornflower pairing, as some of his comments make it clear that he realizes they're more than friends.
    • The first time he does this is when Cornflower hugs Matthias after realizing that he is safe and sound. Basil watches during the entire hug, and as soon as Matthias looks in Basil's direction, Basil rolls his eyes a little, and says "Humph!"
    • The second time is when Cornflower and Constance deliver a snack to Matthias and Basil. After Cornflower and Constance leave, Basil says "Spiffing pair! Chock-full of fun!" Though this comment might mean something else to younger viewers, more mature viewers will obviously pick up on it.
    • The third time Basil has a Shipper on Deck moment is when Matthias decides to get Martin's sword. Cornflower brings Matthias some supplies, tells him she's proud, yet worried of him. After a hug, Basil walks towards them and says "Matthias, you rascal!", indicating he clearly saw Cornflower's hug for Matthias.
  • Mabel from Gravity Falls, aside from being boy-crazy herself, has tried to matchmake on several occasions. The most prominent example is "The Love God"—seeing Robbie still depressed about his breakup with Wendy, she uses a Love Potion to hook him up with Tambry. This, however, winds up messing up their friends' group dynamic, though things eventually work out.
  • In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker is a little too enthusiastic finding out that his Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Duchess Satine had some history together. He even refers to her as Obi-Wan's girlfriend (much to Kenobi's chargin).
  • Steven Universe:
    • The Crystal Gems seem to be this for Steven and his friend Connie. Notably, Garnet is all smiles when they fuse into Stevonnie because she herself is a fusion of two lovers.
      • Not just the Gems - having only met them twice, Kevin just assumed they were dating. When he discovers they've had a falling out, he spends an episode trying to get them back together again, though admittedly for his own purposes. Ronaldo also seems to assume that they're an item, being the first person to actually refer to Connie as Steven's girlfriend (which he doesn't deny).
    • "We Need To Talk" reveals that Garnet was supportive of Rose's relationship with Greg and helped improve it by giving Greg advice on fusion and romance.
    • The title character is also supportive of Ruby and Sapphire's relationship and is excited when Garnet tells him how they met.
      • It seems his mother (and possibly Pearl) feel the same way.
    Rose: "Never question this."
    • Steven is horrified when it seems like Ruby and Sapphire will remain split-up for good in "The Question", calling the two his "favorite couple". And then Bismuth humorously echoes his sentiment word-for-word after her return in "Made of Honor".
    • Steven also ships Lars/Sadie, to Lars' displeasure. At one point, he assumed they were already married.
      • Also, Steven is very excited to see the other Crystal Gems fuse and wants them to do it more- he spends nearly an entire episode trying to get Pearl and Amethyst to fuse into Opal the first time they mention fusion to him. (Though the parallels to human romance were not clear to him, or to the audience, at that point, so it's mostly just him saying "do the cool thing I just found out you could do!")
    • In "Last One Out of Beach City", Steven and Amethyst encourage Pearl to talk to Mystery Girl, and are excited when Pearl gets her number. To drive the point home, the Credits Gag calls Amethyst "Ultimate Wingman".
  • Daniel Radcliffe comes across as this in his guest appearance on BoJack Horseman; he's the one who suggests that BoJack and Mr. Peanutbutter put aside their differences by kissing, who starts the chant of "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!", and who claps his hands in glee when they do.
  • Ever After High:
    • Brooke, who narrates the story in-universe, ships Bunny/Alistair. In one episode, she actually uses her minor reality-warping powers to encourage them to kiss.
    • Apple soothes Raven's first date jitters, looking noticeably worried that Raven's first date with Dexter won't go well.
  • In The Magic School Bus episode "Gets Charged", the entire class (and Liz) ship Ms. Frizzle with her potential "boyfriend".
    • In the "Goes to Seed" producer segment, Liz ships Ms. Frizzle and Mr. Seedplot.
  • Miraculous Ladybug:
    • Marinette's parents look delighted when Marinette invites Adrien over, and repeatedly offer him their home-baked food.
    • Both Adrien and Marinette's kwami companions are insistent that they should admit their feelings to each other- so strongly, in fact, that it's become Fanon that they know about the love square and are trying to resolve it. In "Lady Wi-Fi", Plagg berates Adrien for respecting Marinette-as-Ladybug's desire to keep her identity secret, and later in "Dark Cupid", Tikki seems oddly certain that Adrien's poem was about Marinette. Wayzz, Master Fu's kwami, shares their opinion.
    • Nino uses footage of Ivan and Mylene's first kiss to conclude a movie he's making.
    • Not to mention the fact that by season two, most of the class (minus Chloe and Sabrina) have outright stated that they know Marinette is head over heels in love with Adrien, and they're all 100% completely behind her.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Star spends a lot of time trying to help Marco gain the courage ask his crush, Jackie, out on a date. Meanwhile, other characters (such as her father and the very multiverse itself) begin to see him as Star's boyfriend, which he denies. Then she realizes that she's developed feelings for him, just as he and Jackie begin dating. Oops. And then her crush is revealed to everyone, including Marco himself, by a royal composer who assumed they were already on their way to becoming a couple. Double oops. And by the time Jackie breaks up with Marco, realizing that he's in love with Star, and Marco starts to realize this himself, she's already started dating someone else (her ex-boyfriend) again. Triple oops.
    • Star's friend/fangirl StarFan13 (voiced by series creator Daron Nefcy) ships her with Marco and apparently writes Starco fanfiction.
    • Also Eclipsa, Ben Fotino, and Higgs, who also assume they're a couple. Given the massive amount of Ship Tease the show has, there's really too many to count.
      • Eclipsa is notable because she was already overtly shipping them before she'd actually met Marco, just based on how Star talked about him. Later on, she advises Marco to not try to throw away his feelings for Star, no matter how much it hurts because she's dating Tom at the time. And in the finale she's clearly overjoyed (despite the very dire situation they're in) to discover that Star and Marco are now a couple.
  • Ready Jet Go!: Jet, Sean, and Sydney all ship their friend Mindy with their frenemy Mitchell pretty hard. Some major examples:
    • In the episode "Mindy's Mystery", after Mindy and Mitchell solve their mysteries, Sydney pulls Mindy and Mitchell close to each other and says "Great work, all you detectives!"
    • In the episode "Detective Mindy", Mitchell gets down on one knee and "proposes" friendship to Mindy, which caused Jet, Sean, and Sydney to cheer wildly. Jet was also intrigued when Mindy revealed that she was working with Mitchell earlier in the episode.
    • In the Halloween 2-parter, "Jet's First Halloween", Jet invites specifically Mindy and Mitchell to the treehouse to check out the lunar eclipse.
    • In "Mars Rock for Mom", Sydney seems to ship Jet 2 with Boop, saying that their implied relationship is sweet.
  • Sarah from The Amazing World of Gumball. "The Shippening" even has her find a magic book that makes her fanfiction come to life. All of her crack pairings come true, affecting nearly everyone in Elmore.
  • Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures had this happen in the episode "Mighty's Wedlock Whimsy", where Gandy Goose and Sourpuss try to get Mighty Mouse and Pearl Pureheart together because they believe they'd be much happier if they were married.
  • Transformers: Rescue Bots has Dani get this way when it comes to the story of the S.S. Phantom Voyager, which mysteriously disappeared while the captain's fiancée continued to wait for his return. She even gets called out on it by her family, complete with Double Entendre about both her personal ship and the actual watercraft itself.
    Kade: She's the "shipper" in the family.
    Boulder: "Shipper?"
    Graham: Someone who gets all "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" about seeing a ship that's probably not even real.
  • On Big Hero 6: The Series , everyone, especially Aunt Cass, thinks that Hiro and Megan Cruz would be a cute couple.


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