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  • According to their respective Facebook and Twitter page, Brittnay Matthews and Mackenzie Zales ship Tanner/Tristan.
  • Eleonora assumes this role in Greek Ninja, trying to persuade Sasha that Daichi is actually her other half. Despite the fact they hate each other.
  • Thalia's Musings:
    • Aphrodite and Eros to Thalia and Apollo. Aphrodite doesn't really care about their happiness, she just thinks Unresolved Sexual Tension is a sin.
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    • One of Apollo's teenaged female worshipers reveals herself as a shipper at the Pythian Games:
    "I totally ship you and her since I saw that play. Team Thalia!" she pumped her fist in the air. Several girls in the audience and some on stage clapped and cheered, while a few yelled out 'Team Calliope!', 'Team Terpsichore!', 'Team Dionysus!'…you get the picture.
  • That Guy with the Glasses:
    • Nella for The Nostalgia Chick and The Nostalgia Critic, although she quickly backs off the opinion that they have a lot in common when the Chick gives her a Death Glare that could melt steel.
    • Critic himself thought CR and Phelous would make a cute couple.
    • Quinn, the Irish camera-man on Demo Reel, was rooting for Tacoma and Rebecca to get together.
  • In the furry role-play Sinai Muck, one of the first things Natilie asks Chiaroscuro upon meeting him is if he's Envoy's boyfriend.
  • In the Playdom game Blackwood and Bell Mysteries, George seems to ship the main characters, Catherine Bell and James Blackwood.
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries:
    • Mrs Bennet massively ships her eldest daughter Jane and their new neighbour Bing Lee who is single, rich, handsome and a medical student.
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    • Lydia ships her sister Jane and her new crush/boyfriend Bing. She's very happy for Jane and Bing, and joins her mother in various schemes to bring them even closer.
    • Fitz ships Lizzie and his friend William Darcy. He's Darcy's best friend and he sees he's heads over heels in love with her and thinks it would be awesome for them to be together.
    • Gigi is the captain of Lizzie/Darcy ship. Gigi is Darcy's sister and wants him to be happy. She goes as far as collaborating with Fitz using Spy Speak on a plan that culminates in Gigi dragging her brother into the room Lizzie is in, pushing them both into chairs, and running out again to let them talk.
    • Maria Lu, a younger sister of Lizzie's friend Charlotte, ships Lizzie/Darcy, but to a lesser extent — she just sees it as possibility and wishes it might happen.
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    • Catherine de Bourgh likes Caroline Lee a lot and pushes for a relationship between her nephew William Darcy and Caroline.
  • Bit in Starwalker after observing Starry and Elliott's behaviour in one of the later episodes.
  • In Worm, Lisa encourages Taylor to get together with Brian. This is partly because she's a caring girl who wants her True Companions to be happy, and partly because she's trying to ward off Taylor's suicidal tendencies by any means possible.
    • So does Aisha, Brian's sister.
  • In Death Note: The Abridged Series (Kpts4tv) Da Chief gives L permission to marry Light, tries to make Light put out for Misa, and later Da Chief pimps Light out to Mello:
    Mr. Yagami: How about this? I'll give you the death note and you can take my other daughter for free!
    Light: ... (*Death Glare*)
    Mello: No, no! I don't want that! I just want the death note!
    Mr. Yagami: What if I paid you?
    Mello: I! do! not! want! Your! kids! Just the Death Note!
  • In Friendship is Witchcraft, Twilight Sparkle wrote a 70 chapter fanfic about "Applesack" and "Charity", and forces the two to act it out for her.
  • Red vs. Blue has shades of this, Played for Laughs of course.
    • In season two, Tucker seems to ship Grif and Simmons.
      Tucker: It's just the same two guys bickering like an old married couple. I've only been listening for five minutes and I can already tell they're really in love. Why can't they see it?
    • Later on in season 10, it appears Caboose ships Carolina and Washington.
    • In Season 15, Jax makes it clear that he ships both Grimmons and CarWash. Nobody really cares until he adds sexy interpretations of both relationships to the movie he makes in the following season.
  • Critical Role: Everybody in the party ships Vax and Gilmore. Their encouragements range from subtle hints and encouragements to overtly casting Charisma-enhancing spells on Vax when he's about to see Gilmore again. Out of character, all the players seem to consider Liam and Matt flirting with each other to be the highlight of their evening.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series
    • Mostly in episode 60 and brought back in 73, Tristan has this to say about whoever's dueling each other at the time:
    Tristan: JUST F**K ALREADY!
  • Analyst Bronies React: : Oh, the cast has so much fun with this, especially in the videos about the Equestria Girls movies.
    Thespio: (after Rarity complements Sunset) Ship it like FedEx! SHIP IIIIIIT!
  • Pretty much everybody ships Barry and Lup during the Stolen Century arc of The Adventure Zone: Balance. Special mention goes to Lup's twin brother Taako, who gives Barry a lengthy pep-talk about his feelings for Lup, and Lucretia, who painted a group picture that had the two of them with their arms around each other despite them not getting together for another thirty years.
  • The Strange Case of Starship Iris: Krejjh is very enthusiastically rooting for Arkady and Violet to get together.
  • Dice Camera Action has Evelyn's subtle (and not-so-subtle) efforts to try to get Diath and Strix together on a number of occasions and doesn't understand why these two can't just admit their feelings. Paultin takes the approach that good things come to those who wait, chat.


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