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  • On 30 Rock, Jack's mother Colleen in regards to Jack/Liz, at least in her first appearance.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:
    • Pretty much everyone on Team Coulson seems to ship Fitz/Simmons. Skye responds to Fitz's unsubtle flirting by gently hinting that she wishes her relationship with her ex-boyfriend had been as good as what he has with Simmons; and a deleted scene shows her drawing Simmons out on the subject to the point where she nearly gets her to admit to having a crush on Fitz, to the point where Skye at least looks satisfied that she's confirmed Simmons' feelings for him. Meanwhile, Ward and Coulson both try to encourage Fitz to say something to Simmons about his increasingly obvious feelings for her before it's too late, when it becomes apparent that the whole team might not survive the HYDRA uprising, and don't buy it for a second when he feigns ignorance over what they mean. Bobbi gets in on the act when she joins the team in Season 2, outright calling Simmons a liar when she claims that she never had any romantic feelings for Fitz, and repeatedly trying to encourage her to give him a chance romantically. To say nothing of the fact that everyone within S.H.I.E.L.D. - up to and including Nick Fury - almost invariably refers to them by their Portmanteau Couple Name, and essentially just treats them as though they're a couple, presumably in the hopes that they'll eventually catch on.
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    • Another deleted scene, meant to run parallel to the conversation between Simmons and Skye, shows Fitz and Donnie in a similar conversation that clearly leaves Donnie quite taken with the ship, too, something that's already hinted at in the aired version.
    • Daisy (formerly Skye) practically weaponizes this trope in the Season 4 episode "Self Control"; she uses her desire to see Fitz and Simmons reunited to motivate her in fighting off a squad of trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and LMD models of Team Coulson, assuring Simmons that "this is not how your story ends."
    • Fitz ships Coulson/Audrey after meeting the latter, and tries to encourage Coulson to reveal to her that he's still alive, since it seems like they really "had something nice".
    • Hallucination!Simmons, amusingly, ships Fitz/Mack: when it looks like the real Simmons isn't coming back, she suggests that Fitz should "move on too", while pointedly looking at Mack and just moments after admiring his physique, which has all sorts of interesting implications for Fitz. Amusingly Averted by the real Simmons, who invariably responds to Mack exactly as a jealous romantic rival would, despite not feeling that way about Fitz herself anyway, or caring what he does or who with because they're not friends any more, and just hoping that he can be happy again maybe because of course she still cares about him even though she knows she's not right for him, or whatever it is she's claiming this week...
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    • May seems to ship Ward/Skye early on, as she encourages Coulson to make Ward Skye's SO and seems to think they'll do one another good. This becomes totally derailed by the fact that May and Ward have a fling, followed by the revelation that Ward was Evil All Along.
    • Garrett ships Simmons/Triplett after seeing them work together on the T.A.H.I.T.I. mission, telling Coulson that he'll try and get more joint missions between their teams so that Trip can see her again. Though considering he was later revealed to be the Big Bad of the season, it's perhaps not the best testimonial for the pairing... He later ships Skye/Ward after discovering that his former protege has genuine feelings for the girl he ordered shot, and seems to consider procuring her for his team as a personal reward for Ward's loyalty; as mentioned above, that doesn't exactly end well for anyone involved.
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    • In a rare active Aversion of this trope, Mack is vocally wary of Fitz/Simmons and Bobbi/Hunter every time either gets mentioned: his friendships with Fitz and Bobbi lead him to be very worried about them getting hurt, especially since Simmons and Hunter have prior form in doing just that and then walking away. He's actively hostile to Simmons, and is the only member of the team to outright confront her for abandoning Fitz when he needed her, because she apparently couldn't deal with his feelings for her; and while he and Hunter are friendly, he doesn't like seeing him back together with Bobbi after witnessing their too-frequent break-ups in the past and the effect they have on her. After a couple of seasons, he more or less accepts Fitz and Simmons as a couple, going so far as to shot the video of their wedding on his cellphone camera.
  • American Horror Story:
    • In the last episode of Asylum, April Mayfield (the journalist interviewing Lana) seems to ship Lana/Marian, who are married in the present day. It's implied to be a popular ship, since both are public figures by this time (Lana a popular writer and broadcaster, Marian a respected classical musician). Their status as an older lesbian married couple, one of whom was subjected to horrific abuse as the result of her sexuality and was able to overcome it and make a good life for herself, seems to be the basis of its appeal.
    • In Coven, Myrtle ships Zoe/Kyle, encouraging and even helping the two to run away together in the penultimate episode before the tensions that have been brewing all season can blow up in everyone's faces, since she sees in the their relationship the only chance anyone involved has of finding lasting happiness.
    • Freak Show sees Elsa majorly shipping Pepper/Salty, to the point where she's the one who actually arranged their meeting in the first place, finally finding Salty in an orphanage after looking all over the U.S.for a microcephalic companion for Pepper; not to mention the fact that she officiated at the wedding ceremony. She regards the love between the two as the purest she's ever encountered, and eulogises Salty after he dies of a stroke by saying that "he died in his sleep with his soul mate by his side", which she considers the best death anyone could hope for.
  • Several characters in Arrow have observed the attraction between Oliver and Felicity and commented in some way about it, including John Diggle, Barry Allen, Moira Queen, Slade Wilson, Ray Palmer, Donna Smoak, Isabel Rochev, and the entire staff of Queen Consolidated (according to Isabel, anyway). It gets a bit funny and tearjerking when Ra's al Ghul cites it in his employment offer.
    • Season 3 proves Diggle as hard-core shipper when he talks a nervous Oliver into finally asking her out.
      • And in Season 6 when he officiates their wedding.
  • Ashes to Ashes (2008): There are more than a few indications that Shaz ships Gene/Alex, and Luigi's blatant in his shipping of Alex/Every Attractive Man in London (Thatcherite Wanker, Evan, Keats, and eventually, Gene). Alex herself is not entirely unaware of the rampant homoeroticism floating around the station, particularly with Gene and Litton.
  • Austin & Ally: Dez is an avid shipper of Austin/Ally.. He even has 500 'TEAM ALLY' shirts made (he wears one excitedly when it becomes canon).
  • Of the people on Babylon 5 who ship Sheridan/Delenn, John Sheridan's best friend Susan Ivanova is by far the most prominent — both in the fondly teasing, "Aaaawww, you liiiiike her!" sense, and — much more seriously — by being the first to hold on to a stabbed-in-the-back Delenn while telling Sheridan to get his butt after the guy responsible, stat. Basically, by the end of the series Ivanova is treating Delenn like a sister-in-law.
  • On The Big Bang Theory
    • Pretty much everyone ships Sheldon and Amy (or "Shamy" as they call them), mainly because up until that point they thought Sheldon was an asexual man of science. Penny gets unbelievably excited when Sheldon admitted he might consider a sexual relationship with Amy.
    • Sheldon shipped Leonard/Dr. Stephanie in season two, mostly because he found Penny annoying.
    • Leonard has shown his support of Howard/Bernadette.
    • Penny's dad is a very very vocal Penny/Leonard shipper (Leonard is the only guy with brains she's ever gone out with).
    • Sheldon's mom seems to be a fan of the pairing, calling them a cute couple as early as season one before Penny was even fully aware of the crush Leonard had on her. She's also accepting of Amy as her son's girlfriend and is happy about them being a couple.
    • Bernadette and Amy are also Penny/Leonard shippers, mainly because they know Penny only pretends to be okay with Leonard moving on to other girls
    • Sheldon has become a Penny/Leonard shipper accidentally. While he doesn't exactly like the pairing, he hates change and has grown accustom to the pairing
    • Stuart, in "The Mother Observation", says that each of them is a better person because of the other, and calls them "the best couple I know."
    • Even Leonard's mom the Ice Queen ship Leonard and Penny. The first time she ever tells Leonard she's proud of him is when she's commending him for marrying Penny.
  • Fran Katzenjammer in Black Books. She blocks Bernard's attempts at romancing women in a couple episodes, but repeatedly encourages his attachment to his shop assistant, Manny.
    • Made all the funnier by actress Tamsin Grieg's public comments on the sexual tension between Bernard and Manny.
  • Bones:
    • Angela acts like this with regard to Bones and Booth, though most of the time, she is fairly subtle about it. Sweets, on the other hand, is not. He often becomes frustrated in their sessions over their thick-headedness, and has on more than one occasion yelled at them to just admit their mutual love and get together. He even ends up being the one who prompts Booth (with more exasperated yelling) into admitting his feelings to Bones. Sweets even has written a peer-reviewed paper on the subject.
    • And Gordon spends time discussing it with Sweets.
    • Also Caroline, given her mistletoe scheme in Season 3.
    • That entire show is made up of a supporting cast who wants the two of them to hook up. Bones' dad, Booth's grandpa, random people that are working cases with them... Angela is actually one of the worst shippers on the team, as she seemed fine with Booth hooking up with Cam and wanted Bones to take off on a year-long sabbatical with her boyfriend at the time. But everyone else on that show is a die-hard shipper.
      • Hodgins doesn't seem to care much one way or the other.
    • In the Season 11 episode "The Resurrection in the Remains", a Crossover with Sleepy Hollow, Brennan and Angela both seem to ship Ichabod and Abbie.
      Ichabod: We are a partnership of opposites. Yet our affinity for one another bears the ripest of fruit.
      Brennan: Oh. I was unaware that you and your colleague were sexual partners.
      Ichabod: I can assure you, we are not.
      Brennan: Then I would suggest you consider it. I have found taking my professional life with Booth into the personal realm has been quite rewarding.

      Angela: Hey, do Abbie and Ichabod remind you of any other couples?
      Hodgins: Oh my God, you're totally right! They're us! I mean, she's beautiful, he has an incredible head of hair...
      Angela: I was actually talking about Brennan and Booth.
  • Boy Meets World
    • Shawn was a die-hard Cory/Topanga shipper to the point that he takes their final break up in high school worse then Cory and Topanga do themselves.
    • Conversely, Cory shipped Shawn and Angela.
    • Everyone shipped Mr. Feeny and Dean Bolandernote .
    • And in the sequel series Girl Meets World, nearly everyone ships Shawn with Maya's mom Katy, including Riley, Maya, Cory, Topanga and Shawn's ex Angela.
    • In a later episode, Riley is not happy to learn that most of her classmates are shipping her crush Lucas with her best friend Maya.
  • In Boys Before Flowers, very nearly the entire cast ships Jan Di and Jun Pyo, most amusingly when the household staff intentionally set them up and cover for them.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine has Boyle and Terry both rather gleefully shipping Jake/Amy from mid-Season 1. Both regularly trying to give Jake romantic advice (like suggesting that he actually try asking her out if he likes her so much), or just stop him from screwing up too badly after it turns out Amy might actually return his feelings. The UST between the two having become so overt that no-one else on the team is bothering to be subtle about shipping them any more.
    • Amy spends Ep.2x17 apparently shipping Jake/Jenny, while simultaneously flirting with Jake so blatantly that even she doesn't seem convinced of herself a lot of the time.
    • If there were any lingering doubts over whether Boyle ships Jake/Amy, then the squeegasm he has in "Johnny and Dora" after learning that the two were forced to kiss as part of an undercover operation should quickly remove them.
    • In Ep.3x01 Boyle reveals the extent of his shipping when he reveals to the two that he has already prepared his best man speech for their wedding. Later in the episode he provides Jake with advice over their failed "light and breezy" relationship. He sends Jake off to go reveal his feelings to Amy, only to find Amy on the other side of the door, ready to reveal her own feelings. Boyle is then present when the two decide to begin a real relationship.
      Boyle: We did it guys. We really did it.
      Amy: Oh... Charles is here!
      Jake: Big time.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Buffy ships Xander/Anya, as evidenced by the line, "You and Anya give me hope. It's two are proof that there's light at the end of this very long, long nasty tunnel."
    • Andrew seems to be a Xander/Anya shipper too...or he wishes he were Anya. He secretly records an intimate conversation the two have and watches it over and over while mouthing Anya's dialogue.
    • Dawn is a hardcore Willow/Tara shipper, although that's mostly to make the "kid caught up in a divorce" metaphor work. The two of them pretty much adopted Dawn after Buffy's death.
    • Seen in Season 1 and 2 with Willow strongly supporting and pushing for Buffy to get with Angel. Probably justified in the fact that she probably wanted to remove any chance, slim as it was, of Buffy/Xander.
    • In Season 2, Buffy pushes Willow towards Oz.
    • Xander is a Buffy/Riley shipper; in season 8 he says he "always was Team Riley". It's probably justified by the fact that, unlike Angel or Spike, Riley never tried to kill him or his friends. Willow also ships Buffy/Riley for a while ("Do I have to tie you two together?").
    • Meanwhile, Andrew, in the same season, said, "Now that I've met Angel, I have to say—Spike was so much edgier. You definitely traded up. I'm totally Team Spike."
    • Buffy is at least supportive of Xander/Dawn. She's more open to it in the season 10 comics, after Dawn's emotional state has been reset and Xander is stuck in the friend zone until she loves him again.
    • Also in the season 10 comics, Dawn and Willow (and even Dowling, Buffy's ex) think Buffy and Spike should get back together. They do, and even Xander shows some support.
    • And the First, who is, on some level, the people he turns into (he has their memories and stuff), was a Buffy/Faith shipper which means the Mayor likely was as well and the Mayor knew Faith better than anyone...
    • Faith is a shipper of Buffy and Xander and then of Buffy and Angel before her Face–Heel Turn.
  • Angel:
    • Cordelia starts off shipping Fred/Wesley, but later jumps ship and starts shipping Fred/Gunn.
      Cordelia: (to Gunn, about Fred) I admit, I was a bit slow on the uptake. At first I thought her and Wes... but then I see the way you two look at each other... you're meant to be.
    • Lorne ships Angel/Cordelia pretty strongly, as evidenced in "Waiting in the Wings" and "Tomorrow", when he rattles off reasons why they would be good together and urges Angel to make a move.
      • The Groosalugg also (begrudgingly) ships Angel/Cordelia, and breaks off his relationship with Cordelia, urging her to "be with the man she truly loves".
      • Fred also ships. "Kyrumption."
    • Played for tragedy when Fred's mother ships Fred/Wesley, unaware that Fred has died and been replaced by a shapeshifting Eldritch Abomination.
  • Seymour from Burn Notice ships Michael/Fiona — he's been seen geeking out over how awesomely passionate two badasses like them must be in bed. And he made them matching throwing daggers. Same with Michael's mother (the shipping, not the daggers). Sam... comes around.
  • The French series Caïn has Borrel, who actively ships Caïn and Lucie, to the point of trying to deter newcomer Aimé Legrand from dating Lucie in Season 6.
  • In Castle:
    • Lanie, The Coroner and Beckett's best friend, ships Castle/Beckett, and is quite open about it.
    • The other detectives are a little more subtle about it, until the season 2 finale, when one of them openly tells Beckett that Castle's not gonna wait forever. She breaks up with her current boyfriend but a little too late, as Castle has gotten back together with one of his ex-wives.
    • Beckett's dad, Castle's mom and even Capt. Montgomery are shipping Castle/Beckett.
    • So does Captain Gates. If Castle and Beckett are professional at work,of course.
  • Cheers: Coach wants to see Sam and Diane get married - his fantasy of their union involves him living with them. He was visibly distressed in Season 3 when he saw Frasier and Diane dating, so much so that he began to employ this on Sam, Diane, and Frasier. He privately tells Sam that if Diane doesn't work at the bar, she'll go mentally ill again. He privately tells Diane that if she doesn't work at the bar, he'll hit the bottle the second she leaves. He then privately tells Frasier than if she doesn't work at the bar, she'll fantasize about Sam, and if they work at the bar, they'll continually snipe and start hating each other.
  • On Chuck, everyone in Chuck's life ships Chuck & Sarah - except there's the slight problem that their entire relationship is a cover for Sarah being his CIA handler. However, by late season 2, it's clear to those in the know about the cover that the two have developed genuine feelings towards one another.
    General Beckman: But off the record - it's about damn time.
  • On The Closer/Major Crimes, the Ho Yay between Flynn and Provenza isn't overwhelming or anything, but it is there occasionally. And then, in season 7 of The Closer, it's revealed that Provenza's four ex-wives considers Flynn to be the fifth.
  • Community:
    • Shirley on the first season actively shipped Britta/Jeff. It was implied this was an outlet for emotions from her own deteriorating marriage.
    • Abed shipped Jeff/Annie in the first season, making a video that foreshadowed that they would kiss, and then again in S3 (during VSA). He backed off this a bit in later seasons, possibly as a result of Annie trying to ship Troy/Britta (see below).
    • Annie shipped Troy/Britta in season 3, setting them up on a date together. Abed claims that Annie is only doing this to make sure that Britta doesn't get with Jeff, leaving him free for Annie. Annie insists that she thinks Troy and Britta would be happy together, and Jeff is just a bonus.
  • Covert Affairs
    • Joan and Arthur's conversation in the season four premiere, "Vamos", suggests that they have been shipping Auggie/Annie for quite a while.
      Joan: Do you remember that first weekend we went away together? (beat) Secretly.
      Arthur: Chesapeake. How could I forget? I claimed to be going to a conference, and you asked for vacation time.
      Joan: Mm-hmm.
      Arthur: Why do you ask?
      Joan: (grins) Annie and Auggie just pulled the same move. I think they're dating.
      Arthur: (also grins) Well, we thought it might happen.
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has Paula, who begins her friendship with protagonist Rebecca to help Rebecca win the love of Josh. She often takes this mission more seriously than Rebecca herself, going so far as to being horrified when Rebecca moves on, and even more so when Rebecca begins dating Greg.
  • D.B. got into this a little bit with Greg and Morgan on CSI. And Ray was at least supportive of his ex getting remarried, until her fiance got killed.
  • Daredevil (2015):
    • James Wesley functions as Wilson Fisk's right hand, mouthpiece, and closest friend. He's also the only one in Fisk's operation to even support Fisk's relationship with Vanessa Marianna, even easing his anguish by bringing her over when he gets upset after being threatened by Madame Gao.
    • Elena Cardenas thinks that Karen and Foggy are dating, though this is much to Karen's confusion as she has a crush on Matt and no interest in Foggy.
    • Matt Murdock and Karen Page are heavily shipped by other characters:
      • In season 2, Foggy sees Matt and Karen getting a bit hot and bothered, often flirting whenever he steps aside. At the end of "Penny and Dime", while Matt and Foggy are waiting in the rain for Karen to pay for the tab at Josie's:
        Foggy Nelson: Careful, Matt.
        Matt Murdock: What's that?
        Foggy Nelson: Keep going like this, you just might end up happy. And for a Catholic boy, that's a pretty dangerous thing.
        Matt Murdock: [fighting to suppress a grin] I don't know what you're talking about. [Foggy pats him on the shoulder]
        Foggy Nelson: Godspeed, Matt Murdock. [Karen comes out]
        Karen Page: Hey! Where next?
        Foggy Nelson: Home. I'm gonna sleep for a week. Someone had the awful idea of doing shots! [Karen giggles as Foggy removes his newspaper from his briefcase] I think I've had enough excitement for one evening.
        Karen Page: 'kay...
        Foggy Nelson: See you two in the morning! [dashes off into the rain]
        Matt Murdock: See ya, Fog.
        Karen Page: Bye!
        [Karen smiles lustily at Matt, and looks up at the sky. She steps forward out from under the awning, allowing her left hand to get wet]
        Karen Page: Do you mind the rain?
        Matt Murdock: No. [Karen turns to Matt and laces her fingers with his]
        Karen Page: ...Then I'll walk you home.
      • The next morning, in "Kinbaku", when Karen shows up at the office, she and Matt can't resist flirting, and the whole time, Foggy has a very clear smirk on his face.
      • Early in The Defenders (2017), when Matt and Foggy meet at Josie's for drinks, Foggy asks about how things are going between Matt and Karen relationship-wise.
      • Frank Castle, of all people, ships them. During the diner scene in ".380", when Karen bitterly says that she's hurt by Matt's behavior, Frank points out that the only reason why she feels so strongly is because she trusted Matt enough to open herself up to such emotions and that her anger is a sign that she truly loves Matt. Frank goes on to explain that he and his wife were like that and that she would drive him crazy and he'd give anything to be able to feel that frustration again.
      • On a meta-level, Charlie Cox is very enthusiastic about the pairing, and hopes season 3 of the show will give Matt / Karen room to grow:
        "I have small thoughts that I would like to see happen ... I'm invested in the Karen / Matt relationship. I'd like to see that figure itself out somehow. I feel like they could really help each other. And I think that they love each other a great deal. So I would like for that relationship to get back on track somehow..."
      • Prior to season 3, Deborah Ann Woll demonstrated her own shipping of the pair by adapting a set photo of the scene where Matt and Karen track down Jasper Evans for the header photo on her Twitter and Facebook pages.
      • In season 3, Sister Maggie picks up on the vibe between Karen and Matt when Karen visits her in the church, and brings it up with Matt when he detours to the church after locating Jasper Evans so he can change prior to surrendering to the FBI at the Bulletin.
  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: It's implied that Brea is a Rian/Deet shipper, as she's drawn their likeness in her journal.
  • On Degrassi: The Next Generation:
  • Doctor Who:
    • Many of the companions seem to happily acknowledge the presence of The Doctor/TARDIS.
    • And in "The Mark of the Rani", the Rani seems to ship Doctor/Master, seeing as she spends most of the episode basically telling them to get a room and leave her in peace.
      • Jo Grant ships it too, in "Frontier in Space":
        "But if we do get back, I really do think you ought to be a bit more reasonable with the Master. I mean, he keeps offering you a share in the galaxy, or whatever's going on, and you keep refusing him and playing dirty tricks on him. But, you see, the trouble is with you is, well, you're so stiff-necked. I mean, you've got to realise that this time..."
    • Donna ships Doctor×Rose and is openly pleased to see them back together. So does Jack: "You two are so sweet. [...] Continue with what you were... doing." (Though he obviously wouldn't be averse to the idea if they'd be willing to share.) Martha, despite her love for the Doctor going unrequited due to his pining over Rose, is also overjoyed to see them reunite.
    • The Eleventh Doctor quite actively ships Amy×Rory. To the point of taking the two on a romantic holiday to 16th century Venice to fix their relationship. And quite possibly... to the point of manifesting an elaborate dream reality to push the two of them together. Not to mention when Rory shows up in "The Pandorica Opens", Eleven urges him to talk to Amy and try and work things out, regardless of the fact that Amy doesn't even remember Rory existed.
      • Judging from the look on his face during Amy and Rory's wedding, the Doctor was just as happy as the fandom — if not more so — at seeing the two get hitched.
      • Granted, though, while part of it is him shipping Amy/Rory, it's also part being anti Amy/himself. Which Amy tried to do.
      • Eleven now wants Amy and Rory to make babies. Seriously. He said it. And they do. River.
      • Eleven is fully on board with this ship, he even went as far as to pause his big save the world event to try and hook up Amy and Rory in an alternate universe that he was 5 minutes away from completely destroying anyway.
      • In "Asylum of the Daleks", he tries to get Amy and Rory, now separated, back together. And he succeeds.
    • Amy, for her part, appears to gleefully ship Doctor/River, with comments like, "Oh, she is so your wife" and "Ooh, Doctor, you sonicked her!"
    • And let's not forget the shippage performed by Mels a.k.a. River Song at the beginning of "Let's Kill Hitler".
    • Those last points get really weird now that we know River is Amy and Rory's baby.
    • "The Lodger" has the Doctor trying to get his temporary landlord Craig together with his friend Sophie, although this backfires because he accidentally just makes it worse for Craig.
    • Clara and the Doctor's complex relationship has led to a few episode-specific characters semi-mistaking them for a couple, with Maisie in "Mummy on the Orient Express" even giving some Clara some half-hearted advice in this regard. Osgood in "The Zygon Inversion", despite her own evident attraction to the Doctor, is also shown to be on Team Doctor×Clara. Meanwhile, as part of an off-kilter Love Triangle in Series 8, Clara attempts to maintain a relationship with fellow teacher Danny Pink, something her students wholeheartedly support.
      • In a Deadpan Snarker sort of way, Ashildr in "Hell Bent" also cuts through the Doctor's attempted obfuscation of his relationship with Clara after his extreme actions in trying to undo her death, pointing out how silly it sounds that he'd be "willing risk all of time and space [just] because you miss her."
  • In Dollhouse, Echo ships Victor and Sierra quite a lot. She even gives them the opportunity to run away together after they've all been imprinted with their original identities, though they decline her offer in order to help her fight Rossum.
  • Downton Abbey:
    • Pretty much the entire cast is shipping Matthew/Mary. A particularly great moment is in the Season 3 premiere when Branson reveals himself as one to Matthew, showing how even as the chauffeur he was able to pick up on Matthew and Mary's massive amount of UST.
    • And after Matthew's death, everyone began shipping Mary and her next husband, Henry Talbot. Mary's brother-in-law returned to England seemingly to spend all his time talking up Henry to Mary, when he isn't arranging social events for them to meet. Anna tells Bates how perfect Mary and Henry would be together. Even Edith, in the middle of the big fight between them the show has been building up for the entire series Edith makes sure to point out that Mary and Henry are perfect for each other as she stomps out the door.
    • Most of the downstairs (with the exception of resident jerks Thomas and O'Brien) is shipping Anna/Bates, plus even a few upstairs judging by Mary's "wedding present" of a bed for the couple.
    • Poor Sybil and Branson had only one person shipping them—Matthew's mother Isobel.
    • In series finale, when Andy takes an interest in Daisy and she turns him down, Mrs Patmore and Mr Mason point out that Andy is a nice boy and Daisy could do worse.
    • Maybe not actual shippers, but it's hinted that the whole staff - particulalry Mrs Patmore - have suspected the romantic feelings between Carson and Mrs Hughes for a while, before Carson proposes to her in Season 5 finale. Mrs Patmore even gave them a knowing look and smile when the two heads of the staff were paddling into the sea in Season 4 finale.
  • Zoey Carter from Eureka ships her father Jack with Allison. Then again, at one point, she seemed just as happy with the idea of him being with Jo.
  • A literal example: early on in season 3 of Farscape, Talyn (a sentient space-ship) continuously tries to antagonise John and contrive more and more situations where Crais and Aeryn are alone together, going even as far as making a fake video of Aeryn and Crais hooking up just to piss John off. And he does weird things to the heat in whatever room those two happen to be in. This is just Talyn being an angsty teen who doesn't want John getting anywhere near his adopted aunt, or really is him trying to get them together.
    • The "turning up the heat" thing makes an especially creepy amount of sense, as both Aeryn and Crais are members of a species which can't regulate their internal heat correctly, so increased heat makes it harder for them to function properly and causes worse decision-making.
  • In Firefly:
    • River seems to ship Simon/Kaylee, at one point calling him a "boob" after his latest screw-up with her. Given that it's River, it doesn't really make much difference. Until the movie, when she gets better, and so does the relationship. Coincidence?... yeah, probably.
    • It's made quite clear that she does ship it in the novelization of Serenity. She calls him too stupid to live for messing up with Kaylee. Heck, a good part of the crew apparently ships Simon and Kaylee, usually getting annoyed with Simon when he inadvertently blows a potentially good moment between them. And we cannot forget Jaynestown, when Mal conveniently decides to let Kaylee and Simon remain on guard together in a bar — after she hints to him that "things are going really well."
    • The crew in general seems to ship Mal/Inara. In the movie, they eavesdrop on their video conversation, going as far as throwing popcorn at the screen when Mal avoids saying things like he missed her, etc. It's almost Everyone Can See It, because even Jayne is entertained by it. Only Zoe seems hesitant about it, or maybe grudgingly accepting or resigned. It's hard to tell with her.
      • Kaylee even specifically calls Mal out for not getting together with Inara when he had the chance. Though he might get another one.
      • Goes even further in the comic book Those Left Behind. Wash finds Mal about to knock on Inara's shuttle, working up the courage to apologize for earlier bad behaviour, and tries to offer Mal advice and encouragement... Despite Mal threatening to remove one of Wash's arms. Shipping is a dangerous business.
  • Flashpoint:
    • Sam and Jules have more than a few of them, but none of them is more surprising than Toth, the department psychiatrist, who initially wanted them disciplined and split up (SRU teammates aren't allowed to date) and was going to suspend Parker for keeping their secret. However, when Sam proves that he can follow the Priority of Life code (stating that civilian lives should be put ahead of officers') even when Jules is in danger, Toth does a complete reversal.
      Toth: Regarding Callaghan and Braddock, based on what I've seen today, I will make a personal appeal to the chief to reverse his decision to split them up. Until that time, they will remain on Team One.
    • In Season 5, Leah very clearly sees that Spike is interested in SRU dispatcher Winnie and pushes him to make a move.
  • Frasier
  • Friends:
    • For most of series the rest of the gang (especially Phoebe, who helped them unite in the final episode) were this for Ross and Rachel. Later episodes have the other three losing enthusiasm (Joey struggling with his own feelings for Rachel, Monica and Chandler sickening of the Will They or Won't They? saga and busy their more stable relationship). But they're all happy when they get back together. Monica also shipped Ross/Emily at one point.
    • Joey was dating Erin. He asks the girls to break up with her for him. Too bad the gals started talking. Cue Phoebe saying "We want you to marry her!"
    • Ironically Monica once shipped Chandler/Kathy while Chandler seemed to ship Richard/Monica and Pete/Monica. This naturally changes later, and actually causes a few issues when he thinks she still loves Richard.
    • Rachel also shipped Monica/Pete.
    • Joey is captain of the Chandler/Monica ship including helping hide their Secret Relationship and officiating at their wedding. This quote pretty much sums up his feelings:
      Joey: You guys are perfect for each other. Y’know, we look at you and-and we see you together and it just…it-it fits. Y’know? And you just know it’s gonna last forever.
    • Ross also gets on board the Chandler/Monica ship when he realizes its serious and is thrilled at Chandler becoming his brother in law.
  • Walter does this to Peter and Olivia on Fringe.
    • "Even condoms are not 100% effective; you two should be aware of this." (glare)
    • "Oh, do the two of you want to use the room?"
      Walter: Do you think she'll call me dad?
      Peter: Who?
      Walter: Agent Dunham.
      • And now Nina is getting in on the Shipping because Peter being with Olivia means that he is far less likely to destroy the world.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • According to the actor, Iain Glen, after his terminal illness and being exiled by his love interest, Jorah has already accepted that he will never be involved with Daenerys romantically and he is now content with simply being by her side as her friend and advisor. Therefore, when he meets Jon Snow, whom he comes to respect and admire, he subtly gives his blessing to him and Daenerys by not taking back the family sword, Longclaw.
    • Bronn appears to be surprisingly onboard with Jaime/Brienne, judging by his comments to Podrick.
    • Salladhor probably means it as a joke when he laughingly states that Davos fell in love with Stannis, but he does not seem to consider it a bad thing. Davos does not deny, mind you.
    • Tormund is quite enthusiastic about Jon/Ygritte, even giving Jon some sex advice and later telling Ygritte after Jon betrays the group by revealing he was still loyal to the Night's Watch he can tell she still loves him.
    • Daenerys ships her followers Missandei and Greyworm, which eventually does become a relationship.
  • Gentleman Jack: For a lesbian pairing in Regency England, Anne/Ann has a surprising number of supporters. Anne's aunt, father, and sister are all in favor of the idea of Ann coming to Shibden Hall to live as Anne's "companion", feeling that Anne settling down would be extremely good for her. (Anne's aunt expressed some reservations, but that was more about the age gap, and questioning if Ann — or anyone — could truly match Anne's intellect than anything. When it became clear how much Anne cares for her, she gave the pairing her support.) The first season finale implies that Ann's older sister has caught on that the ladies are more than friends, but approves of it, urging Ann to go home, seek some help for her mental health problems, and then make up with Anne and be happy. (Given that Ann's sister is stuck in an abusive marriage, it could be that her desire to see her little sister get the happiness and love she never did outweighs society's view of homosexuality at the time.)
  • Gilmore Girls:
    • Lorelai shipped Rory/Dean in Season 2 & 3. But Luke briefly shipped the opposing Rory/Jess. Ironically both Rory and Jess shipped Luke/Lorelai.
    • Meanwhile Emily and Richard heavily shipped Rory/Logan, planning weddings and predicting the kids genetics. They also shipped Lorelai/Chris since the pair were teens.
    • Whereas the whole town of Stars Hollow shipped Lorelai/Luke.
    • A deleted scene reveals Paris shipped Rory/Jess, and there are hints Lane did too.
  • Glee: Pretty much everyone is a shipper on deck for Kurt and Blaine.
    • Judging by how quickly the Warblers went from utter mortification/indignation to total support when they realized who Blaine wanted to sing a duet with at Regionals, it's safe to say that they are Kurt/Blaine shippers. That smug little smile on the usually stoic Wes's face as he raises his hand speaks volumes.
    • Finn, Puck, and all of the New Directions girls seem to ship it too. Finn and Rachel's first concern when they thought Kurt was cheating with Sam was Blaine, Puck seemed genuinely moved by their "Candles" duet, and all of the girls got excited when Kurt revealed that he was going to prom with Blaine. Seriously, they make it as clear as possible what the writers intentions for this couple are. When Kurt and Blaine are broken up, Tina urges Blaine to call Kurt.
    • Kurt's father Burt most definitely onboard this ship. He has twice reminded Kurt not to push his loved ones away (both were when Kurt and Blaine were going through a rough time). The second time, when they're broken up, Burt goes as far as flying Blaine over to New York so they can spend Christmas together. Burt watches the two rekindle their friendship with a look that is both very satisfied and very hopeful. When Blaine goes to ask Kurt's father Burt for his blessing to propose to Kurt, he tells him not to, but only because of their ages. Burt tells Blaine that when things are meant to be like he thinks they are, everything works out in the end.
    • Seemingly everyone ships Kurt and Blaine together by season five. When Blaine was planning to propose to Kurt, nearly all of Ohio joined in to make it special, including their rival show choirs. Then when it actually happened, everyone looked genuinely happy for them and many were close to tears. Including Kurt's dad.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in season six. Sue has a shrine dedicated to them, creepy footage of some of their romantic moments together, and is determined to do whatever it takes to get the currently broken up couple back together. She literally kidnaps them, locks them in an elevator, and doesn't let them out until they kiss.
    • Tina is this for Finn and Rachel.
    • Sugar for Brittana.
  • Blair's maid/nanny/sidekick Dorota ships Blair and Chuck on Gossip Girl. Serena sometimes joins the ship, but just as often seems to dislike the idea of the two together. Blair's parents and their respective husbands seem to be Chair shippers also.
    • Gossip Girl herself ships Chuck and Blair.
      • Which is absolutely fucking nuts considering that Gossip Girl turns out to be Dan Humphrey, who ends up falling for Blair towards the end of the show.
    • In the first season-and-a-half, Jenny shipped Dan and Serena.
  • Brothers Vince and Dave Teague on Haven ship Nathan/Audrey, and even attempt to give Nathan advice on the subject - in a clumsy and awkward way.
  • Heroes:
    • Arthur ships Sylar and Elle.
    • Sylar and HRG both ship Gretchen and Claire. Although unintentionally on HRG's part.
      • Sylar shipping Gretchen and Claire is made somewhat hilarious by the fact he has a bit of a stalker crush on Claire due to his fear of ending up forever alone. (They're both immortal and are the only two immortal characters at the moment.) However, the show seems to be favoring the Peter/Sylar subtext right now.
  • How I Met Your Mother
    • In the episodes "Do I Know You?", "Mosbius Designs" and "The Leap" Marshall and Lily are Barney/Robin shippers. Quite appropriate, considering Barney is the President of the Marshall/Lily Fan Club, meaning that the man who hates marriage flew across the country to get Lily to come back to Marshall.
    • Ted, Barney, and Robin all ship Marshall/Lily quite fanatically. Once, when they mistakenly thought the two were divorcing, the three of them wound up curled up miserably on the kitchen floor stuffing themselves with ice cream.
    • In one episode where Barney was seducing Ted into designing a building, Lily and Marshall both say (at different times, without hearing each other) that they hope it's just for the building - and then think about it, and say they actually don't. "I like you two together..." Lily and Marshall basically will ship any pairing if they think it will make their friends happy.
    • Marshall once made a bet with Lily that Robin would end up with Ted, a pairing he's stood by against all odds (poor Marshall). Which makes this a basically canonical shipping war.
    • Curtis, the desk clerk who continually and obnoxiously pities Ted, gave the Mother after she turned down her boyfriend's wedding proposal room 6 - the room directly next to Ted's. Given the little smile he gives her, he knew what he was doing.
  • House
    • Wilson was the main cheerleader for House/Cameron (until the ship-sinking episode where he warned her not to hurt him) and House/Cuddy, which hasn't been sunk. Yet.
    • Wilson was present when House torpedoed it.
    • Wilson just wants his beloved to be happy; for the good of House's mental health he needs to build a social network with people who aren't hookers or Wilson, so Wilson usually jumps at any opportunity to encourage his best friend's possible relationships/friendships.
  • House of Anubis
    • Amber is definitely this for Nina and Fabian. Not only did she start to ship them by the second episode, she made them a couple's scrapbook, made them prom king and queen, and basically did everything in her power to get the pairing together. And by the end of season 2, every student was glad they got back together.
    • Joy could also be considered this for Patricia and Eddie. While she was not exactly pushing as much as Amber was, she did try and get Patricia to be with Eddie.
    • John Clarke, Jerome's father, seemed quite into the idea of Jerome and Mara, even pushing Jerome to make a move.
  • Mrs. Benson in iCarly at first seemed to be a Creddie(Carly / Freddie) shipper in Season 1, even going as far as to demand the reason on why Carly can't love him.
    Mrs. Benson: "WHY WON'T YOU LOVE MY SON???!!!"
    Freddie: "Mom!"
    • In season 3, she flip-flopped and turned against Carly, blaming Carly for Freddie getting hit by the truck in iSaved Your Life and for Freddie deciding to move out during iMove Out:
      Mrs. Benson: "You're the one who got Freddie interested in girls, and ever since then his boy chemistry's been all out of whack."
    • iStart a Fanwar reveals that there are countless in-universe shippers for both Seddie and Creddie.
    • Due to the repeated and flagrant Ship Tease on the show pretty much every character has been on deck for another ship. Spencer has acted at times like he shipped Sam/Freddie, Carly fixed the Seddie relationship in two episodes in a row, and physically pushed the two of them to kiss again. Sam has teased an in-universe shipper crowd by declaring that Carly and Freddie are deeply in love. The trio has been on deck with certain relationships of Spencer's as well.
  • Bertie did this in every other episode of Jeeves and Wooster, sometimes out of genuine friendship, but more often to pair off every single woman he meets so that he could not end up marrying any of them himself. There would invariably be a scene where he would approach the female half and they would mistake his shipping for a declaration of his own love.
  • Kamen Rider:
    • Kitaoka and Reiko spend most of Kamen Rider Ryuki dancing around each other (he hits on her, she rejects him and claims to find him despicable, yet somehow is always hitting him up for help). In the end, Reiko's workmates Shimada and Megumi end up campaigning for Reiko to finally agree to date him. She says yes, but he dies before going on the date. It's also subverted when Shinji figures out that Kitaoka is in love with Reiko, and threatens him with physical violence if he doesn't stay away from her because he thinks Reiko is too good for Kitaoka.
    • In Kamen Rider Fourze, Yuki and JK both ship Ryusei/Tomoko: Yuki gives them a couples ticket to space together, and JK reacts excitedly when Ryusei asks Tomoko to visit him at his school and admits that he's not dating Shirakawa.
    • Kamen Rider Ghost: Grandma Fumi always calls Alain Kanon's boyfriend without any regards for Kanon's protests nor for the fact that Alain doesn't understand what that means because his world just doesn't have that.
    • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Kiriya views the complicated relationship between Taiga and Nico as something else than doctor and pacient, but mostly keeps his opinion to himself as he neither has time for this nor wants either of them smashing his face.
    • Kamen Rider Build:
      • Sawa teases Misora about being attracted to Sento or Ryuga, gets gleeful when Sento and Ryuga joke about going on date with each other and may ship herself with Misora (who wouldn't mind). On the other hand, she works hard to keep Kazumi away from Misora because he is creep and noone wants him too close to her.
      • Shipping Sento with Ryuga actually crosses into Everyone Can See It and others join in at times.
  • In the CBBC comedy Kevin & co. the kids end up in two camps over whether Ian should be dating Tessa or Sophie, leading to a Food Fight at Sophie's disco party.
  • During season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow, the entire crew of the Waverider, plus time agent Gary Green, ships Sara and her new girlfriend Ava Sharpe.
  • In Lie to Me, Emily Lightman is a big fan of her father Cal getting together with his partner Gillian.
    Emily: (to Gillian) He's happier when he's with you.
  • Lost Girl: Kenzi is an avid Bo/Dyson shipper, going so far as to risk her life to get his love back and refers to her as "his girl".
    • Vex actually calls her on her bias, pointing out while she is still pissed at Lauren for the time she broke Bo's heart, she has (almost instantly) forgiven Dyson each time he broke Bo's heart. It's occasionally suggested that is because she wants to be the only human in Bo's life.
  • Luke Cage (2016):
    • Bobby Fish sees something between Luke and Claire, even giving them some privacy when she drops in while they're having breakfast at Claire's mom's diner.
    • Theo Rossi, who plays Shades, proudly endorses ShadyMariah.
  • The Mentalist: Cho for Rigsby and Van Pelt, of the "Tell her how you feel, you idiot!" variety.
    • Lisbon and Jane are pretty clearly for Rigsby/Van Pelt, too.
    • In season six, FBI Agent Abbot seems to ship Jane and Lisbon of all people, in spite of the fact that he has only reluctant respect for Jane and only hired Lisbon because Jane made her presence a requirement. When she considers moving to Washington with her current boyfriend, he sets the two of them up on a nice dinner (granted, with the premise of looking for a suspect) and even makes comments to Jane implying he needs to man up and tell her exactly what he wants. He's more subtle about it than Cho, either because he thinks pushing too hard will actually drive the two of them apart, or because Jane's not quite as thick-headed as Rigsby.
    • Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt are all Jane/Lisbon shippers - eventually admitting in Season 6 that the three of them often discussed how they always thought the two would end up together. And they were right.
    • Charlotte, a.k.a. Jane's hallucinatory vision of his murdered daughter as she would have been had she lived to become a snarky teenager, openly ships Jane/Lisbon. Yes, that means that Jane's subconscious got there about three years before the rest of him.
    • In the final season, Jane and Abbott are both Wiley/Vega shippers, offering support and advice to Wiley on how to win her over. They're quietly overjoyed when she finally decides to go on a date with him. Too bad she dies in the line of duty literally ''one scene'' after accepting his invitation.
  • Merlin:
    • The last dragon comes off as a Merlin/Arthur shipper with lines like: "A half cannot truly hate that which makes it whole", earning it the Fan Nickname "The Slash Dragon".
    • As does Merlin's mother Hunith, the way she says thing like: "He must care for you a great deal", "He's here for you", and "He likes you".
    • In the first few episodes, it was hinted that Gwen shipped Arthur/Morgana and Morgana shipped Merlin/Gwen. All that changed pretty quickly, though.
    • Starting in the second season, Merlin becomes a die-hard Arthur/Gwen shipper. In fact, his shippage saves the day at least once. In a season four episode, Merlin takes on a Die for Our Ship mentality when he snubs a perfectly harmless visiting princess who has designs on marrying Arthur. In a Flash Forward to a scene in which Arthur is King and crowning Guinevere his Queen, Merlin is seen watching them in the audience. The look on his face is joy personified.
    • Gaius also ships Arthur/Gwen, as he tells Gwen in "The Last Dragonlord".
    • All the Knights of the Round Table (sans Lancelot, obviously) ship Arthur/Gwen, judging from their grins when the two kiss in front of them at the very end of season 3.
  • Naboo of The Mighty Boosh seems to ship his flat-mates Vince and Howard, partially because they'd be less of a headache if they resolved their explosive UST.
  • Misfits:
    • Kelly ships Simon/Alisha, judging by her reaction to Simon sacrificing himself to a Stable Time Loop where he dies over and over, in order to be with Alisha again after she's been murdered.
      Kelly: I think it's dead romantic, I do.
    • Rudy ships Finn/Jess in Series 4, and is constantly out to make Finn look good in the hopes of winning Jess over. Until he ends up falling for her himself in Series 5.
  • In Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Jack, Phryne and Mr. Butler all ship Hugh/Dot because Everyone Can See It. Jack is surprisingly unsubtle as he leans on Hugh.
  • Modern Family:
    • Pretty much every member of the extended Pritchett-Dunphy clan ships Haley/Andy: the Will They or Won't They? dynamic has now lasted for the better part of two seasons, and invariably as soon as a third character finds out about it, they begin enthusiastically shipping the pairing, with Haley's parents as co-Captains.
    • Prior to this, Phil (and eventually, though to a lesser extent, most of the other family members, with the notable exception of Claire) shipped Haley with her first boyfriend, Dylan, until Andy came along.
  • The Nanny Pretty much every character except for C.C. is a shipper Maxwell and Fran, but especially Niles, who could be downright Anvilicious about it, to the point where, when Maxwell tells him he's going to propose, Niles' expressions of happiness sound more like he was getting proposed to. Plus, he's often tricking C.C. into advancing their relationship. It culminates in a fantastic monologue from Niles to Maxwell towards the end of season five.
    Maxwell: Niles, I don't know what the woman wants anymore! What am I supposed to do?
    Niles: May I speak freely sir?
    Maxwell: Yes of course old boy.
    Niles: I am so bloody sick of hearing this year after year. 'Niles, what am I to do? I told her I loved her, I took it back, I'm afraid of commitment, I'm worried about the children.' (Maxwell is backed onto the couch, and Niles yanks him up by his lapels, shaking him) For God's sake, make a move! Do something! You passed on Cats, do you want to regret this for the rest of your life too?! (pushes Maxwell back down on the couch and storms out)
  • NUMB3RS: Nikki seems to be this for David and Colby in the final season, though it's not made entirely clear whether she's serious or just poking fun at them. note 
  • The Office (US):
    • Michael has been a huge Jim and Pam fanboy since the day Jim told him about his feelings for Pam.
    • Pam, for Andy and Erin. She also ships Oscar with Matt from the warehouse: "Yes, they're the only two gay guys I know. But they should be together."
  • In Once Upon a Time, Henry is a diehard shipper for Mary Margaret and David, even though David is married to another woman. That's because Henry knows that they are really Snow White and Prince Charming—not to mention his grandparents. Rumplestiltskin ships them, as well, although he has ulterior motives.
    • Rumple seems to genuinely ship one pairing, though: Neal/Emma. Which makes sense, since Neal's his son, so of course he'd want him to be happy. After meeting up with him in New York, he tells Emma she's clearly still in love with him, but she denies it. Henry also ships them together, since he is his father, after all.
    • Likewise, both Prince Charming and Snow White ship Emma/Neal. Charming in particular would rather have his little girl with Neal than with Hook.
    • That said, after the Oz Arc of Season Three, Charming seems to have come around to Hook and Emma. Hook saving his life and Neal being dead probably has something to do with it.
    • As of Season 4, Snow and Henry have also switched to shipping Hook/Emma, with the former greedily eating up details of their date and the latter encouraging her to "go for it".
    • Snow also ships Robin/Regina, teasing Regina about Robin being cute and pushing her towards him.
  • One Tree Hill
    • Lucas is this for his mother & Uncle Keith. By season 3, pretty much everyone except Dan (Keith's younger brother & Lucas' father) ships them.
    • Nathan & Haley are pretty much supported by everyone, once they realise Nathan's serious about her. Nathan's mother finally gives her approval after she realises how depressed Nathan is without her.
    • The number of characters who support Lucas & Peyton gradually increases over the course of the first six seasons, to the point that they're shipped by literally everyone in Season 6, with numerous characters giving an "It's about time" response when they finally get engaged. And by everyone, that includes Lucas & Peyton's significant exes.
  • Parksand Recreation: Ann ships Leslie/Ben. Ann agrees to help Leslie "anti-seduce" Ben when the two are sent on a trip together (they like each other and know it, but cannot date due to a rule about government employees), but does her best to sabotage the plan and tells the camera point-blank, "I want them to get together. Sue me!"
    • Ron somewhat begrudingly ships April/Andy throughout the third season, being two people whose company he enjoys and acts as a parental figure to them.
  • In Peaky Blinders, Charlie, Tommy's uncle, seems to ship Tommy/May, as he rather pointedly tells Tommy he should show May around The Garrison while they wait for his racehorse to be delivered (which is notable in itself as Charlie rarely speaks) and then agrees to smuggle May into Small Heath in Season Four when he can see Tommy is getting increasingly agitated over being stuck there with a gang war raging around him.
    • Ada blatantly ships Polly/Ruben in Season Three, mostly because she thinks her aunt could do with having a bit of fun for once.
  • Person of Interest:
    • Harold Finch built a supercomputer for the government that tracks threats to national security by spying on the entire world and following the tiniest pieces of evidence towards malicious intent. During testing, Finch couldn't understand why the Machine kept showing him a woman named Grace—a freelance artist with no relevance to the Machine's mission at all. He eventually realizes that it was trying to get him a date.
      Nathan: Do you really think this Machine of yours can learn to understand human behavior?
      Finch: It already does.
    • In season four, Finch seems to have taken an interest in Root/Shaw.
      Root: If the worst should come to pass, could you give Shaw a message?
      Finch: (quickly) I think she already knows.
  • Phil of the Future:
    • The entire school shipped Phil and Keely. They vote them cutest couple. Before they were a couple.
    • Phil's mom tends to be a shipper as well.
    • Even the mildly sociopathic Pim seemed to be at be rooting for them when they were going for their Relationship Upgrade.
  • Power Rangers:
    • Taylor Earhardt (the Yellow Eagle Ranger) from Power Rangers Wild Force is the first one to notice the UST between Princess Shayla and Merrick. And lo, is she pleased when she does...
    • Then Taylor is on the receiving end of this when her teammates realize before her that she and Eric aka the Quantum Ranger have UST in the crossover. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Since we've mentioned Time Force, Trip and Katie (and eventually Lucas, too) desperately want Wes and Jen to get together. Especially after Jen's fiance from the future, Alex, is shown to be Not Quite Dead... and not the guy she thought he was.
    • It's implied that Kira may have been this for Devin and Cassidy when she says, "I thought those two were never gonna get together" in the Power Rangers Dino Thunder finale. (Which is a bit rich, considering her deal with Trent...) Conner's actually the one who gives Devin the final push (but he doesn't know who the target is.)
    • Pretty much everyone else on the ranger side in Power Rangers Dino Charge supports Tyler and Shelby, ranging from Chase and Riley sharing knowing looks whenever the two flirt to Kendall assuming their picnic together is a date to which Ivan agrees with.
  • Proven Innocent: Violet likes to help Madeline in her love life so that she can live vicariously through her. Her own dating life appears to be stalled due to her swearing off dating apps.
  • One of the strangest examples of Shipper on Deck would have to be Little John on Robin Hood who encourages Robin to hook up with Kate. Not only does he try to get Isabella out of the picture by informing her that Robin quite fancies Kate (which at that stage, is a Blatant Lie and leads to Isabella becoming Ax-Crazy), but he tells Robin that Kate is a "treasure" that he shouldn't let slip through his fingers. It's unclear why John would want this hook-up to take place; as the Team Dad, he has disapproved of outlaw relationships in the past, and he already knows that Much is harboring a crush on Kate: therefore, any relationship would inevitably divide the outlaws. Neither does it seem to occur to him that Robin may simply not want another relationship so quickly after Marian's death and his breakup with Isabella. Some fans speculate that he wants Robin to be aligned with a peasant in order to force Robin to concentrate on the poor rather than politics, but this seems rather Out Of Character for him. Then again, there was very little in Season Three that made much sense.
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures has Luke clearly shipping Rani and Clyde...even going to so far as to adorably coin a Portmanteau Couple Name (Clani) and call them by it in the show's final two-parter.
  • Saving Hope: After Charlie and Alex break up yet again, Maggie says they will sort it out like they always do, but Shahir insists on checking up on Alex as he thinks the breakup is a mistake. He even proclaims himself "Team Chalex" and says its his duty to intervene.
  • Scrubs: JD and Turk both ship Sam/Izzy (their children, who are both infants) and JD sees Dr. Cox's daughter Jennifer as a possible rival to Izzy, which he doesn't mind. They even think about making the two kiss, but JD decides against since Sam isn't even old enough to hold his head up on his own.
  • The Secret Circle: Ethan is a hardcore Cassie and Adam shipper, believing that they're destined to be together. He even convinces Diana to break up with Adam.
  • A Seinfeld episode had Kramer concluding Jerry and Elaine's angry squabbling was a sign of undeclared love; he kept trying to get the two crazy kids to face their true feelings.
  • On Selfie, pharma boss Sam Saperstein thinks Eliza and Henry would make a power couple with beautiful kids, despite Henry pointing out that red-headed Koreans are not a good look.
  • Shadowhunters:
    • In the episode "The Mortal Cup", Captain Vargas tells Luke that he should just marry Jocelyn already.
    • Izzy is very enthusiastic about Alec's potential relationship with Magnus.
    • In "Malec", Simon gets super excited after Magnus and Alec kiss in front of everyone for the first time. He even compares them to The Graduate.
  • Just about EVERY minor character in Sherlock ships Sherlock/John. "I'll get a candle for the table. Nice and romantic."
    • Oh, it goes well beyond just minor characters. Take Mycroft:
      Mycroft: Might we expect a happy announcement by the end of the week?
    • Or Irene:
      John: I'm not gay!
      Irene Adler: Well, I am. Look at us both.
    • Or Mrs. Hudson:
      Mrs. Hudson: There's a second bedroom upstairs, if you'll be needing two rooms.
      John: Well of course we'll be needing two rooms!
      Mrs.Hudson: Oh, don't worry dear, we have all sorts about here. Mrs. Turner next door's got married ones.
    • Honestly, pretty much everyone in this series seems to take them for a couple. For an extra writer's bonus, in the original canon Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Turner are the same person.
    • The season 3 premiere has Anderson (Anderson!) who pictures Sherlock kissing Molly and a girl who theorizes that Sherlock and Moriarty are lovers.
    • For his part, Sherlock avidly ships John and Mary, who are Happily Married.
    • And John ships Sherlock/Irene.
  • Fun double example in Skins; Naomi ships Effy/Freddie almost as much as Effy ships Naomi/Emily.
  • In Smallville Lex is a Clark/Lana shipper until he starts expressing interest in Lana.
    • Despite her teenaged crush for Clark, Chloe eventually becomes selfless enough to encourage Clark and Lana to get together. That includes stuff like sex advice.
    • A smaller example: in "Crimson", Jimmy tries to get Lois & Clark together in something of an attempt to get Clark away from Chloe, who is dating Jimmy.
    • Lois does a textbook If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her... warning to Clark to never break Chloe's heart in "Devoted". After Lana's supposed death, Lois seems to subtly encourage Clark to get together with Chloe.
    • In "Stiletto", Chloe finds a "Bluretto" fansite, which pairs the Red-Blue Blur (Clark) and Stiletto (Lois). Chloe is actually rather supportive of this. In fact, for most of the later seasons, Chloe is very encouraging of the Clois ship.
    • In "Escape", Clark makes a thinly veiled attempt to get Chloe together with Bart. Given his past record, it is completely ineffective.
  • Natalie of Sports Night spends a lot of time cheerleading the potential hookup of Dana and Casey.
  • Stargate:
    • Stargate SG-1: While not exactly shipping per se, the entire team, including General Landry, noticed something going on with Daniel and Vala, other than two co-workers just going out to have dinner.
    • Stargate Atlantis:
      • The closest we ever get to explicit Sheppard/Teyla pairing (the "Take That!" Kiss doesn't really count) is Ronon's hardcore shipping of the two in "Sunday." Ronon can't be the only one on the Sheyla bandwagon but he is the only person to vocalize it.
      • On the other hand Weir admitted she shipped Kanaan/Teyla before they were a couple, commenting every time Teyla spoke about him "her eyes shone".
      • Then we have Kolya of all people seeming to ship either Mckay/Shepperd or Sheppard/Weir, if only to manipulate them to his advantage. In almost every hostage situation he threatens to kill one of them in order to blackmail the other. Never another member of the team, just them. Clearly he thinks there is something going on there. He also has a tendency to use both of them to verbally antagonize Shepperd. When he had the entire team hostage once, he made a point about killing McKay first.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series: A very good case could be made for the notion that McCoy ships Kirk/Spock. Particularly noticeable in "Bread and Circuses" and "Amok Time".
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
    • When Odo expresses concern about Lwaxana Troi's interest, Sisko is amused and actively encourages him to pursue it, although he does reluctantly accept Odo's refusal.
    • Most of the crew seem to ship Sisko/Kassidy Yates, particularly Jake (who set them up in the first place) and Dax (who needs the gossip material).
    • Awkwardly, Ziyal is a shipper of Kira/Gul Dukat, even though Kira hates Dukat.
    • Quark is the main shipper of the Kira/Odo relationship for most of it's run. Vic Fontaine also does so in the episode where they finally get together. Dax, for her part, appears to be a shipper of Kira/Odo and Kira/Shakaar.
    • Towards the end of the final season, Worf recovers from his jealousy enough to encourage Ezri to pursue Bashir, although he doesn't seem to believe they will last. Miles is also a Bashir/Ezri shipper.
  • Stranger Things: Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler seek out Murray Bauman for help publicizing the truth about Barb Holland's death. Murray does a read of them both and observes that they're attracted to each other despite their insistence that they're just friends. He leaves them, after imploring them to "cut the bullshit and share the damn bed". Nancy and Jonathan both try to go to sleep, but can't help repeat Murray's poking at their character flaws to themselves. Finally, after both are coaxed out of their rooms and have an awkward exchange that parodies the "nocturnal activities" scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Nancy can't take it anymore and gets up to go to Jonathan, only to find him waiting outside her door ready to kiss her. They begin kissing and stumble backwards into the guestroom, slamming the door shut behind them. The next morning, over breakfast, Murray has a shit-eating grin as he realizes they've given in to their feelings, resulting in a funny line:
    Murray: So Jonathan... How was the pull-out?
    Jonathan: (Spit Take) I'm sorry..?
    Murray: The sofa.
    Jonathan: Oh yeah... it-it was good.
    Murray: (grins) I bet.
    • In Season 3 Murray hilariously pulls this a second time with Jonathan’s mother Joyce and Hopper who’ve had UST since high school but unlike with the Jonathan and Nancy, he isn’t nearly as subtle. After enduring their Belligerent Sexual Tension for a while Murray finally snaps and vocalises the audience by demanding Hopper and Joyce cut the bullshit and admit their feelings to each other so they can put a end to their “mind numbing and quite frankly boorish mating ritual”. However unlike with the teens Hopper and Joyce are horrified at Murray’s insistence that they should screw like bunnies and Hopper even calls him “Freud”.
      • Though Murray still succeeded in his mission, as Joyce and Hopper do plan a date together, before Hopper succumbs to Joyce’s Cartwright Curse in a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye: Lucy, Sue's best friend, supports Anchored Ship/Official Couple Jack/Sue ever since the very first episode. Myles unexpectedly joins in during the series finale:
    Myles: Who needs to talk about it? We work in the same room with them. If you all haven't picked up on their obvious chemistry — well, I suspect a career change might be in order.
  • Supernatural:
    • Dean does this on occasion for Sam, notably with Madison, Sarah Blake, and Meg Masters (the latter mostly sarcastically, and only before learning that she's a demon) in the first and second seasons.
    • Naturally, Dean also encourages his mother Mary to stay with John despite her father's disapproval.
      Dean: Hey, I wanted to—to tell you, you know, for what it's worth. doesn't matter what your dad thinks, I like that John kid.
      Mary: You do?
      Dean: Yeah. Yeah, I think you two are meant to be. [softly] Hell, I'm depending on it.
    • After witnessing their Kiss of Distraction, Dean jokingly remarks that he would let Castiel have Meg to himself for an hour before they kill her.
    • Balthazar, in turn, seems to ship Dean and Castiel, although he may just be making a sardonic point about Cas' allegiances when he says, "I'm sorry, you have me confused with the other angel. You know, the one in the dirty trench coat who's in love with you?"
      • Most of the angels we meet seem to ship Castiel with Dean (in kind of a weird way—they all seem to think Cas and Dean have a thing for each other, but they're not exactly happy about it), with frequent allusions to how much Castiel likes Dean, how he was lost to Heaven the minute he laid a hand on Dean in Hell, trying to break Castiel's will by making him kill hundreds of copies of Dean, etc. Demons Crowley and Meg get in on it sometimes, too, with things like Meg reminding Dean that Cas "was [his] boyfriend first" and Crowley asking Dean, "Where's your angel?"
  • Teen Wolf
    • Allison was this in season one in regards to Stiles/Lydia, though she's backed off a bit in season two.
    • Despite a fair bit of grumbling, Stiles is this for Scott/Allison.
    • In the second season Matt seems to be a shipper of Derek/Stiles, trapping them in a pool together for two hours and later paralyzing Stiles so he falls on the already paralyzed Derek, saying "I think you two make a pretty good pair."
    • In episode 205, Jackson seems pretty intent on getting Danny to pursue his crush on Matt.
    • Scott is this for Stiles/Lydia. Although in Season One he seemed to be annoyed by Stiles's crush, in Season Two he encourages Stiles. In Season 5, he recites a soliloquy to Kira about how good they are together, and always seems to be very aware of Stiles' persisting feelings for Lydia.
  • That '70s Show:
    • Kelso surprisingly becomes one for Jackie and Hyde in later seasons, even trying to help get them back together in one episode.
    • In the final season, Kitty can't get over the fact that her son Eric and Donna broke up and tries to convince Donna to wait for Eric to come back instead of going out with Randy.
  • Torchwood:
    • Martha shipping Jack/Ianto. When she finds out about their relationship, she seems very excited by the prospect.
      Martha: So, am I right in thinking that you and he...? [pulls an unforgettable expression]
      Ianto: We... dabble.
      Martha: [grinning with delight] Yeah?
      Ianto: Yeah.
    • Despite Gwen's initial attraction to Jack, once she and Rhys work out their issues and end up Happily Married, she gets in on the Jack/Ianto ship, too. She's the first to treat them as the show's Official Couple, and gleefully points out every word or action that suggests they're starting to become more than just friends-with-benefits, like when they start Finishing Each Other's Sentences in Children of Earth. Even after Ianto's death, Gwen and Jack continue to discuss his relationship with Ianto on a regular basis, acknowledging how much they miss him and commenting on Jack's inability to move on as he has done after losing previous lovers.
    • The wedding episode in Series 2 ably demonstrates that Jack, Ianto, Tosh, and Owen are all now Gwen/Rhys shippers. Despite Jack and Owen both having some romantic history with Gwen, all four of them are determined to see the two get hitched in as beautiful a ceremony as possible.
  • The Torkelsons:
    • Oldest daughter Dorothy Jane is this for her mother Millicent and, in Season 1, reverend Wilson, and in Season 2, Brian's brother Jim. It's pretty unusual for a kid whose mother just divorced her father, to be so encouraging of her mother dating and finding new love, as stereotypically, kids are pretty jealous of their parent's new partners. Then again, Dorothy Jane isn't your average teenager, and her father Randall had been out of the picture for years already. In any case, both of potential love interests fizzle out.
    • Millicent herself is this for Gregory and Sam, when she realizes Sam is in love with Gregory. Millicent is the one who encourages Sam to ask Gregory to the dance.
    • In a strange case, in Season 1 Millicent keeps encouraging Dorothy Jane to give Kirby a chance, even though not only does Dorothy Jane simply NOT have feelings for him, but he's actually a Stalker with a Crush who exhibits behavior that in Real Life would warrant a parent to report him to the police, instead of encouraging him.
  • True Blood:
    • Arlene hates Bill for being a vampire at first, but after he risks his life in an attempt to save Sookie's, she starts shipping them and wanting them to get married. That is until season 3 of course.
    • Sophie-Anne for Bill/Eric: "Why don't you two just fuck eachother and get it over with?... I could watch."
    • The fifth season gives us Jessica doting over Para (Pam x Tara). Although Jessica has pretty permanent Shipping Goggles on in the first place.
    Jessica: (after Tara kisses Pam) I knew it!
  • The Vampire Diaries: This trope is seen multiple times with various pairings.
    • Caroline used to be a Stefan/Elena supporter in early season; she claims that their love is "epic" and that they deserve each other. But in later seasons, she starts dating Stefan...
    • Jenna, Jeremy, Matt, and Lexi, like Caroline, also support Stefan/Elena. Jeremy is also incredibly Anti-Delena as well. Though Lexi later starts shipping Stefan/Caroline in season four.
    • Klaus is a Stefan/Elena shipper.
      To Damon about Stelena in 3.11: "Crazy or not, that kind of love never dies."
      To Stefan in 3.21: "And that is what makes you her (Elena) better option. It's a shame that it's not easier for Elena to see it, I mean, personally, I think she's wasting her time with Damon."
      To Stefan and Elena in 3.05: "Now this is fascinating, I've never seen this before. The only thing stronger than your (Stefan) craving for blood, is your love for this one girl (Elena)."
      To Damon in 4.13: "Must be hard trying to live up to Stefan. I remember when I compelled him to feed on Elena, he fought so hard, he actually managed to resist. Now that's love. Personally, I don't see a fairytale ending for you. All I see is Stefan and Elena. I think you see the same thing."
    • Klaus ships Tyler/Hayley because that would get Tyler out of the way for him to be with Caroline (unfortunately for him, it didn't go that way).
    • Rose clearly identified herself as a Damon/Elena shipper in the episode "Heart of Darkness".
      Rose: *to Jeremy about Damon* "Tell him I'm rooting for him and Elena."
    • Surprisingly, Katherine even realizes that Stefan/Elena will always have a connection, no matter what.
      Katherine to Elena: There's still a connection between you two (Stefan and Elena). Maybe, deep down, you know that he's your one true love and breaking up with him was a big mistake.
    • Even though Rebekah loved Stefan and was jealous of Elena, she acknowledged that she envied and admired the love between Stefan/Elena.
    • Silas, the Big Bad immortal, seems to be in favour of he and Amara's doppelgängers, Stefan/Elena, being together and he also seems to be very Anti-Delena and he makes it highly known as much as possible, even to Damon's face.
    • Even Qetsiyah realizes that Stefan/Elena were destined and meant to be together.
      Qetsiyah to Damon: Destiny has been trying to get the doppelgängers together forever. Silas had Amara and Stefan has Elena. As long as Stefan is in the picture, you will never be with Elena. You and I are the same, Damon. The obstacle standing between two fates."
    • When Alaric comes back at the end of Season 4, he is a diehard Damon and Elena shipper.
    • Kai is this to Damon/Bonnie in season 6. Ironically, like Silas and Klaus (who were Stelena shippers), he is also incredibly Anti-Delena and has said that they are a dysfunctional couple and that the two of them together revolts him.
    • Damon, Alaric, Liz and Lexi all become Stefan/Caroline shippers.
  • In The Vicar of Dibley, Geraldine shipped Hugo and Alice, going so far as to invite both of them to her house at the same time in order to initiate their first kiss. After yelling: "OH FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, JUST KISS YOU MORONS!" the plan goes a little too well.
  • Victoria: Lady Emma Portman is totally into the idea of Queen Victoria and her friend Lord Melbourne getting together, making encouraging remarks numerous times, such as in episode 1 when she encourages Melbourne to dance with the young queen and episode 3 when she makes a point of telling Victoria of the significance of the orchids Lord M gives her.
    • Everyone else, meanwhile, spends the first few episodes attempting to ship Victoria with every eligible (royal) bachelor around ... most specifically Prince Albert.
    • Somewhat surprisingly, in the US broadcast version of episode 3 (which contains scenes not in the original UK broadcast) Victoria's mother, of all people, actually begins to come around to the possibility of Victoria and Lord M being a match.
  • On Victorious, acting teacher Erwin Sikowitz is Captain of the Jori ship: he twice casts frenemies Tori and Jade as a married couple, first for an acting exercise and later for a play. He even makes the girls go on a "date" so they will be able to play a loving couple believably.
  • That awkward/awesome moment during the Warehouse 13 Season 3 finale when the Big Bad points out that maybe HG would have a better incentive to solve the chess puzzle when there's "someone [she] cares about" (Myka) in the chair.
    • In the fifth season, Pete's (now married) ex ships Pete/Myka, telling him to his face that even if she weren't married and pregnant, they couldn't get back together because he's obviously in love with his partner.
  • The West Wing:
    • CJ, Josh, Sam, and especially Charlie vigorously ship Toby/Andi in season 4, going as far as to call themselves "Team Toby" (Toby wants to remarry Andi, Andi doesn't agree, though she infuriatingly seems to relish his advances). The Bartlets also express support for Toby's attempts, and Leo has quietly played matchmaker even before the rest of the staff jumped on the bandwagon. Humor fanfics that ignore the widely-derided post-Sorkin seasons often ratchet both the wooing and matchmaking up to hilarious levels.
    • Joey Lucas ships Josh/Donna years before Donna gets the nerve to admit it and Josh gets his head out of his ass. "If you polled a hundred Donnas..."
  • Without a Trace's Danny Taylor picks up on Martin Fitzgerald's crush on Samantha Spade from Season 1 and is genuinely happy for them when they embark on a relationship in Season 3.
  • The X-Files: It would be easier to count the number of characters that don't ship Mulder/Scully. Even Big Bad CSM is supportive of their relationship.
  • Edgar from You're the Worst actively ships Jimmy and Gretchen, in part because Jimmy is a lot nicer when he's with Gretchen.


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