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Ship To Ship Combat / Fan Fic

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  • In-Universe example in Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità Germany has feelings for Italy. Japan has feelings for Italy. Neither liked the fact that both have feelings for Italy.
  • Happens literally in The Unity Saga as Seven of Nine kills Mara Jade, though at least both parties were established as loving Luke
  • Hivefled: Nepeta dated and broke up with Karkat before the main story happened, and is horrified at Lereal's suggestion they follow in their ancestors' footsteps by dumping all their other quadrants for each other. Karkat's not best pleased either.
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  • "Living in The Vampire Diaries" has wars over which OC Damon should be with. Some want him with Tori, where the others want him with Sidney (even they're supposed to be Just Friends). The fact Tori is with Stefan while Sidney is single doesn't help, nor does Damon being Sidney's sire
  • The Arrow story Red has Thea/Roy shippers vs Thea/Sara. One is based in canon with the other having no indication that they even know each other, but has a more Birds Of a Feather vibe with both being vigilantes.
  • The Bridge has started seeing this between supporters of the two most popular potential pairings of the fic — Godzilla/Luna and Godzilla/Blade Dancer, the latter having some evidence and the former only being up to interpretation. Hilariously, the author had no intention of any pairings, but has since started dropping hints just because he finds the whole situation amusing.
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  • In-Universe in Paradise Thwarted with the denizens of the Fangirl Layer of Hell. Factions dedicated to different ships spend all their times fighting wars with other factions over whose ship is better.
  • Advice and Trust: Shinji/Asuka/Rei or Rei/Kaworu? Both have been teased multiple times in the story.
  • Corrin Reacts: Azura/Corrin or Flora/Corrin. The former has the support of the majority of the readers, the latter a significant minority who are aided by the author's hints that he ships the latter too. Of course, there has been the suggestion that Flora, Corrin AND Azura simply all get together.
  • MoringMark's Ship War AU started out as personifying the war between Starco vs Jarco (through their Alternate Universe kids trying to erase the other).
  • Mocked in a sidestory of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has a board of movie directors trying to pitch ideas for a movie about Ash. A small group of them have all the same idea, which is about pairing Ash with Misty, Iris, Serena or Anabel. Naturally, a fight breaks between them over it, while many others, including the embodiment of all things grittier and more mature in fanfiction, don't want anything to do with it.
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  • Done In-Universe in Zelda and the Manacle of Cahla: When Zelda first arrives in Zora's Domain, the royal priestess sisters, Asine and Asuca, are in fierce completion over who will marry Prince Tyrus. Most of the tribe has split into two factions, one pro Asine/Tyrus and the other pro Asuca/Tyrus, and are on the brink of physical violence. Zelda helps Asine and Asuca admit the fighting was more about one upping the other than love for Tyrus, then they reconcile and call off all engagements. The factions calm down and shrink in members, while some Zoras become pro Zelda/Tyrus.
  • Project JPDE, as it is currently in the development stage with several new route events being made every month, has had a number of these with regards to who will get nominated that month. In particular, the March 2019 public nominations caused a massive explosion between fans of Nora Valkyrie and fans of Titania, resulting in both groups campaigning all across social media in an attempt to drum up support for their side. (Nora ended up winning by 1 vote.)
  • A contest called "Ship Survivor" on the RWBY subreddit became the basis for The Great Meta Fic, where ships from RWBY became the basis of nations in the fic. Another contest called "Ship Wars" became the basis for Meta-Fic Alt: Rising War, where the connection between ships and nations is even more explicit.

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