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  • Chapter 21 of Broken Saints features a tender moment between Shandala and Oran that can be interpreted this way, although it also has a platonic skew as well, since... well, she's an All-Loving Hero - she can be tender with whoever she wants.
  • That Guy with the Glasses:
    • Any time Nella and The Chick are on screen together. (Apart from when the Chick is treating Nella like her personal Butt-Monkey - so, maybe a third of the time.)
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    • Linkara and MarzGurl. Kickassia takes this to extremes.
    • Before it was made "canon" via "Spooning With Spoony" and "Linking Up With Linkara", Spoony and The Nostalgia Critic had a lot of this.
    • The Critic and The Chick do this a lot, only it's more Belligerent Sexual Tension (like most Critic pairings) coupled with The Masochism Tango, and their hideously awkward date couldn't completely sink it. In Kickassia he makes her vice president and she immediately starts trying to kill him.
      • In his Kickassia commentary, Doug says that calling her "Mrs. Vice-President" was a mistake but he couldn't be bothered to edit it out. So yay happy accidents!
    • Not so much anymore, but there was always a little bit of this with Critic's crossovers with the Nerd, especially with the term "Nerd-on-Critic action" being thrown around. Best described on their Foe Yay section.
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    • There's Critic/Lupa in Suburban Knights. Lampshaded by the commentaries as playing to the fem!dom lovers in the fandom.
      • It takes a moment to tease Lupa with Angry Joe, who finds Lupa in Snow White cosplay sporting a leather jacket and wielding a semiautomatic to be extremely hot.
  • Draco and Hermione get a lot during A Very Potter Musical. He has a crush on her but she hooks up with Ron. Then A Very Potter Sequel, which is set one year later, has a ton for Hermione and Ron, showing how they ended up hooking up.
  • Dana and Tom sure do look cuddly in The Stinger of Echo Chamber's "Trope Of The Week" Unresolved Sexual Tension...
  • We Are Our Avatars:
    • Mega Man and Luca's respective players have a little too much fun with this.
    • Michael and Melody, with the Shipper on Deck and She Is Not My Girlfriend (and, inversely, He Is Not My Boyfriend) moments.
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    • A!Rika/Catherine was teased a bit, though Word of God says that she only did it for the lulz. She later admitted that she wasn't really trying anymore.
    • "Raven" and Fred might go this route, whether or not it'll come to fruition is another story.
    • Roachey and Violet was planned at one point, then later on, Mara and Roachey.
    • "Raven" and Aya seem to go this route.
    • Hakumen and Tsubaki have their moments.
    • Mana and Axl, a bit.
  • The War Comms has this all over the place. Zacharias/Esmeralda, Kristan/Morgan, Alyssia/Hannah, Missy/Trisha, Missy/Esmeralda, Syrius has it with three different people (Molly, Julia and Ralph), Janet/Alyssia...
  • Due to Noob having a couple of more or less official couples (one of which only lasted about a season) for a little more than twenty characters, many pairs that seem a little closer to each other than to the rest of their circle come off as this. Also, the fact that one of the characters is a Yaoi Fangirl who keeps picturing two of the male characters together makes same-sex shipping feel less of a leap than in most series.
  • RWBY: Has its own page.
  • In The Zombie Knight, Hector seems to act more shy than usual around Lynn, and Queen Helen comments to Lynn about her and Hector making a cute couple, although she states that she was joking and shouldn't let it influence her either way.
  • In Worm, Taylor initially interprets Brian's kindness towards her as attraction - which Brian is quick to refute when she brings it up. They try dating several chapters later, though, and actually manage to make it work pretty well until... well, the below occurs.
  • Happy Tree Friends has some between Flippy and Flaky, mainly from Flippy's side. She's the only animal he doesn't kill in two of his Split Personality-induced rampages, and her screams are what snaps him out of a third one. Furthermore, he seems more resistant to said split personality when she's nearby in "Party Animal".
  • Twitch Plays Pokémon Alpha Sapphire was loaded with it. Due to the PokéNav Plus being permanently fixed to BuzzNav (as Randomizers tend to break DexNav and PlayNav requires wireless functionality), the game itself would tend to ship the protagonist with trainers who were frequently rematched. On top of that, due to the random evolutions and abilities, the starter ended up as a Flareon with Synchronize, which is the sole regular ability of Espeon, fueling a popular ship from previous runs.
  • In Smosh Games' Game Bang subseries, the punishment for the 2 lowest performers often involve the losers perform intimate punishments together (e.g. being tied together, do a Spaghetti Kiss with various foodstuffs, etc.), and the others would encourage fanfiction writers to get inspiration out of these moments when they happen. The crew themselves have their own favorite pairings, which are: Marhinki (Mari/Sohinki), Iancorn (Ian/Lasercorn) and Jovanthony (Joven/Anthony), although the latter two has been majorly downplayed since Ian and Anthony has been Demoted to Extra and are now replaced by Flitz and Wes.
  • Welcome to Night Vale: Michelle Nguyen's segment in The April Monologues is basically Ship Tease for fans of the Maureen/Michelle ship, where Michelle can't seem to stop talking about Maureen coming into her store and trying to find new music. At the end of the segment, Michelle gives Maureen her 'hopcore' CD that she recorded herself.
  • So much in Critical Role, as the players – including the DM – are all good friends who seem to genuinely enjoy flirting with one another in the context of the game. Ironically, the one Official Couple so far (Vaxleth, ie Keyleth/Vax’ildan) was only teased once, maybe twice before it went from teasing to an actual thing to eventually official.
    • Before that, Vax had a ton of Ho Yay with fan favorite NPC Gilmore, to the point that pretty much everyone at the table shipped them too. They even went on several dates before Vax politely cut it off, explaining his feelings for Keyleth.
    • Among the rest of the party, Vex’ahlia and Percy are among the most consistent with their teasing. They’ve shared the most kisses out of any couple on the show (all but one of them on the cheek), developed a flirtatious rapport in the post-Whitestone arc downtime (complete with joking "I love yous" and affectionate nicknames), and shared a number of sweet moments, including a Cooldown Hug and a night of tinkering that plays out like a first date. The fact that he accidentally killed her once might throw a wrench into things, though she soon forgave him and they seem to have moved on rather well.
    • Scanlan’s flirting with Pike usually sees him as a borderline Abhorrent Admirer, but she does throw him a bone sometimes. And even the occasional kiss. Word of God is that they have a "special connection," though Pike is also in love with an unnamed third party. And then Scanlan proposed. With the full blessings of her great-grandfather. And she didn’t say no. She didn't say yes either though...
    • Even Guest Star Party Members get in on the act. Kashaw had a fair bit of Belligerent Sexual Tension with Keyleth during his first appearance, which ended in The Big Damn Kiss, while Zahra’s had more than a few cute moments with Vex whenever she turns up.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Done with Shawn and Asia a few times in 'Beach Brawl'.
  • Dreamscape: A slight one with Keela towards Dylan in "Tale of the Unworld" after Kaila tells her story.
  • Project S.N.T: In the hand-drawn comic "Sonic The Hedgehog Meets SNT", there's plenty of ship tease between Sonic and SNT. In fact, the central plot is a Love Triangle between SNT and Amy over Sonic.
    • In the conclusion of the sprite comic series, "SNT vs Flaming Knuckles", it turns out that Amy was a Tsundere all along. This happened thanks to popular demand from fans.


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