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Volumes 1-7
  • Yang repeatedly insists to everyone to trust her when she says Blake will come to the dance. She then bares her soul to Blake, explaining why it's important that Blake take care of herself by confessing that she once nearly got herself and Ruby killed because of her obsession with seeking the truth. This heart-to-heart ends with Yang hugging a startled Blake, pleading with her to rest - both for herself and those she cares about. She then winks over her shoulder, stating she'll save Blake a dance. When Blake finally attends with Sun, she warns Sun that her first dance is spoken for. She's later seen completing the dance with Yang. It's also worth noting, Blake is the ONLY person Yang is seen dancing with during the dance.
    Yang: And, if you feel like coming out tomorrow...I'll save you a dance. [winks over her shoulder]
  • When Yang defeats Mercury, Blake is the only teammate who gives her a standing ovation. When Yang is tricked into attacking Mercury, it's Blake's hesitation to believe her (not Weiss or Ruby's) that brings Yang to tears (the very first time we see her cry in the show). Blake admits it's because Yang's situation is all too familiar for her, but she believes her regardless. That parallel becomes clear when Adam, confirmed as Blake's abusive ex-lover, threatens Blake that he'll make her suffer for her betrayal by destroying everything she loves. The scene immediately cuts to Yang desperately searching for Blake. Upon seeing the visible horror on Blake's face as she notices Yang, Adam decides to start with Yang. He stabs Blake in the stomach which drives Yang into a tearful rage. After Adam cuts off her arm and renders her unconscious, Blake throws herself over Yang, distracts Adam with a clone and flees with Yang despite her stomach wound. The difference between Yang and Adam's treatment of Blake makes it clear who cares more for Blake's happiness.
  • When Beacon is being evacuated, Yang and Blake are lying on the ground with bandaged wounds. Despite being curled up with pain, Blake reaches over to grip the unconscious Yang's hand, sobbing her apologies. Once everyone is safe, she disappears, the implication being that she's abandoning everyone because of her deep guilt over Yang's career-ending injury and because it's the only way to protect them all from Adam. Yang takes Blake's departure very personally.
  • In "Alone Together", Yang's the most distraught at Blake leaving, initially trying to hide it behind anger and leaving Weiss and Ruby feeling very troubled by how personally she's taking Blake's absence. Yang storms off to her room, where she sits alone, staring forlornly at the photograph of Team RWBY while stroking Blake's image. Weiss follows her to the room and engages her in an emotionally intimate conversation about it. Most of the conversation is about how Yang feels like she's spent her entire life being abandoned by everyone she loves, and that Blake's made her feel the same way. Weiss gently encourages Yang to think about how lonely and afraid Blake must be feeling and how much she's going to need them when she returns, resulting in Yang admitting that core of her problem is that Blake wasn't there when she needed Blake the most. While Ruby hopes Blake will come back and Weiss believes Blake will come back, Yang needs Blake to come back.
    Yang (breaking down into tears): What if I needed her here for me?
  • In Downfall, after 24 episodes of being apart, team RWBY is finally (albeit briefly) reunited, with Blake encountering the others in the hall. And she immediately zones in on Yang, saying only her name. The lingering reaction shot on Yang makes it look her entire world stopped before Ruby shouts to her and she makes for the Vault.
  • The volume five finale reveals once and for all whether Yang would welcome Blake back to the team or not, considering her bitterness towards her. Short answer? She does. Long answer: When she returns with the Relic, Yang and Blake look at each other. When Team RWBY have a group hug, Blake says she’s not going anywhere. After a moment’s consideration, Yang smiles for the first time since leaving the group and welcomes Blake into the hug. Bear in mind this comes right after Yang’s confrontation with Raven which resulted in Raven abandoning her yet '’again’’. But while Yang may be no closer to reconciling with her mother, she does manage to get her best friend back immediately afterwards. Additionally, the volume five finale continues the relationship parallels between Blake/Yang and Raven/Taiyang, with the reveal that Raven suffers very similar character flaws that Blake has/had.
  • In the first episode of Volume 6, there's the whole scene where Blake tries to help Yang with her luggage. Before it happens, Blake is clearly lost in thought, staring out the window and not paying attention to anything around her, implying she still feels awkward around her team. However, the very moment Yang speaks up (Blake doesn't even register Ruby talking beforehand), Blake focuses all her attention on Yang.
  • In Volume 6 Episode 5, Yang is initially happy when Blake tells her that she'll be there for her if they ever meet Adam again, taking hold of her robotic hand as she does, but is offended when Blake says that she'll protect her.
  • During Volume 6 Episode 6, Yang grabs Blake's hand as they are escaping from the farm, with Blake briefly looking surprised and cutely embarrassed by the action.
  • When Blake starts to say that Yang isn't exactly the "stealthy" type, she quickly does a Verbal Backspace when she sees the latter looking at her, saying that Yang is great and that she'll hurry back, at which Yang's expression softens and she says go. The look as Blake heads off is also very telling, as is Yang's reaction when Blake fails to check in.
  • During the Blake vs Adam fight, Yang enters the scene by launching her bike off a cliff right into Adam. After Yang fends him off while Blake catches her breath, the two stand hand-in-hand as they prepare to fight Adam, together. This time, when Blake make a Declaration of Protection regarding Yang, saying that they're protecting each other while holding her trembling hand, Yang is obviously moved. When Adam sees how Blake and Yang look at each other, he becomes enraged and tries to kill Yang with a charged moonslice.
  • Later on during the fight with Adam, Blake continues to hold Yang's hand while declaring that she doesn't have a choice except to win this time because she has people who actually care about her depending on her. Adam directly compares it to how she had once promised to be with him only for Yang to dismiss it as a promise to the person Adam was pretending to be. At one point Adam angrily screams at Yang, demanding to know what Blake even sees in her. When Blake collapses in tears after the fight is over, Yang holds her close while she sobs. Blake tearfully reiterates that she won't break her promise as they embrace; Yang reassures her that she knows while touching their foreheads.
  • During the Volume 6 finale, Yang and Blake are together constantly. After rejoining the others and boarding the airship, Yang sits with and holds Blake as she explains what happened to them. As Ruby comforts Blake, she suddenly gives Yang a knowing look; Yang is briefly surprised before looking away shyly. Once the battle with the Leviathan is finished, as they're flying to Atlas, Yang takes Blake's hand, reaffirming that they're there for each other (notably opposed to the prior instances in the volume where Blake took her hand instead).
    Weiss: I'm sorry you went through that nightmare... but I'm glad Yang was there for you in time.
    [Yang reaches down, taking Blake's hand into her own]
    Yang: We were there for each other.
  • In episode 3 of Volume 7 after introducing everyone's new looks and gear, Blake catches Yang staring at her. When Yang gets caught, she stutters out that she hasn't gotten used to Blake's new haircut. Sheepishly while blushing, Blake asks if it's bad, causing Yang to become even more flustered and tongue tied as she hurriedly assures Blake that she looks great.
  • Chapter 6 of Volume 7 has Blake and Yang getting ready to go out dancing together. When Nora mentions this, and how the two are "doing their own thing again", she speculates on whether there may be something going on between the two.
    Ren: At least they're back to being friends.
    Nora: Friends, huh? Just friends?

  • When they first encounter one another in "The Stray", Blake and Sun both focus in on one another as Sun runs by. He even winks at her, while Blake stares in the direction that he ran.
  • Later that night, after Weiss and Blake's massive argument, a teary Blake removes her bow in Beacon's courtyard. Sun, having come to Beacon for the Vytal Festival in the meantime, spots this and approaches her gently. Blake then proceeds to spend the next two days in Sun's company, eventually telling him about her time within the White Fang. When they do fight the Fang and Torchwick, Blake and Sun do their best to look out for each other.
  • The premiere of Volume 2 shows Sun raving about Blake to Neptune, clearly smitten with the girl.
  • Once Yang has gotten Blake to calm down over her obsession with the White Fang, Blake spends nearly the entire dance with Sun. When she shows up, he's overjoyed, and they're subsequently seen to be dancing and laughing easily in each other's company the whole night through.
  • After Sun and Neptune pull off a victory against Team NDGO in the Vytal Festival, Sun notices Blake in the crowd, and makes finger-pistols at her. The blushing smile that Blake produced could've lit up a house.
  • When Blake ran away after Beacon's fall, Sun reasoned that Blake was going to get revenge on the White Fang for what they did, and decided to follow her like Qrow followed team RNJR.
  • Despite Blake becoming a paranoid, depressed wreck after running for months, Sun opted to help Blake through the worst of it once they were reunited - even as she began to hit him for making mistakes.
  • When Ilia injures Sun, prompting Blake's rant about staying alone to keep her friends safe, Sun tears the mindset apart, insisting that she can't make her friend's choices about her for them. After that, he ends up straining his injury whilst comically declaring revenge on Ilia; Blake smiles for the first time in Volume 4 and calls him "my hero" after that. There's also a smile the two of them share during the montage.
  • Throughout Volume 5, Sun does a much better job of supporting Blake compared to his initial efforts. The conversation they have in "A Necessary Sacrifice" features Blake laughing and smiling as Sun twirls his drink with his tail, after Blake describes him as the embodiment of the word "earnest". She also admits that he was right to have helped her out of a hole last volume, and Sun's smile in response to that could light up a room.
  • Later, when Ilia tries to capture Blake, she had Sun shadow her as a means of backup, and the two of them quickly run for the Belladonna house while ringing the authorities. When Sun and Blake catch up mid-battle, he instantly gets between Blake and Ilia, and ends up helping save Ghira's life with his semblance.
  • Throughout their time in Menagerie, Blake and Sun literally brought the best out of each other. Thanks to Blake, Sun became more mature and tactful, and gained a greater understanding of Faunus issues - all without losing his optimism, earnestness and his selflessness in helping his loved ones. As for Blake, Sun gave her the strength to forgive herself for her mistakes, the confidence to embrace her status as a Faunus, and taught her to seek help when dealing with big problems - without destroying Blake's righteousness and sense of justice. In short, they improved each other's flaws without compromising their core ideals - not only is that impressive writing, it gives the two characters amazing chemistry together.
  • When the two say their farewells in "Argus Limited", Blake kisses Sun on the cheek after they both reaffirm that they hope to see the other again.

  • Nora is attracted to Ren, and the two have a very close friendship. Characters have confused the nature of their relationship, and Nora has even tried to convince herself they're Just Friends. It develops into an Official Couple after Volume 4, with Nora even calling Ren "Her Man" in Volume 6. Volume 6's opening also has an image of Nora with her arms around Ren at the beginning, and shows Ren with an arm around Nora at the end.
    Nora: We've been friends for soooooooo long! What are the odds we'd still be together? Well, not "together-together"... Not that I'm not saying that you're not handsome; you are handsome, but that'd just be weird, right?
    • At Robyn Hill's rally in Volume 7, Nora finally works up the nerve to kiss Ren after keeping her feelings to herself for so long.
  • Pyrrha was eager to get to know Jaune from the moment they met, saves his life despite barely knowing him, and quickly becomes his mentor, unlocking his Aura with an intimate gesture. She's willing to give Jaune relationship advice over Weiss even though it hurts her to do so, something Nora takes note of. Just before she heads off to fight Cinder, she grabs Jaune and gives him a kiss, knowing that she probably won't come back alive.
  • Ironwood and Glynda's first scene together has her sarcastically and mockingly rebuff his effusive and suggestive greeting to her and she openly disapproves of his gung-ho, militaristic approach to dealing with any problem. However, she also thinks he has a very good heart and is the first to offer genuinely warm support when he's troubled. When Glynda's voice actress was asked what their relationship really is, she joked they probably just need to get laid.
  • Neptune and Weiss were briefly interested in each other. Weiss tried to arrange the scouting groups so that she's paired up with Neptune, and asks him to accompany her to the dance. He only turns her down because he can't dance, but once he gets over that, he jumps at the chance to spend time with her.
  • The entire dance arc in season two is practically devoted to Ship Tease. Pyrrha is pining over Jaune, who is pining over Weiss. Blake gets her saved dance with Yang before dancing with Sun while Ren and Nora spend all evening dancing with each other. Jaune gives Neptune advice over Weiss and officially lets her go in favor of spending the dance with Pyrrha. We get a scene cutting to Ozpin and Glynda standing off to one side together until Ironwood pursues Glynda for a dance; she rolls her eyes and seeks silent permission from Ozpin, but she joins him for that dance.
  • After a training match between JNPR (with Oscar as the fourth member of the team) and FNKI ends in the former's favor, Neon congratulates them while noting that Oscar - whom she refers to as "that cute farm boy" - had a few tricks up his sleeve, following up with a wink in his direction. This makes Oscar blush and emit slight Mirthless Laughter.

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