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Ship Tease / Citta Alveare

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Examples of Ship Tease for Citta Alveare.

  • The Lovebug mini-event created heaps of this, with of the ship tease remaining even after the event's conclusion.
  • The Stupid Cupid mini-event is another enabler of this.
  • Before the characters were dropped, Nowi and Andersen had some nice chemistry together.
  • Nagasone Kotetsu and Dr. Sigma Klim. The memes are too strong.
  • The interesting relationship between Lucas and Ken Amada that spawned the catchphrases 'PK Friendzone' (Alluding to PK Love), and 'TFW no Lucas'.
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  • "Fiberglass" Between Peridot and Shirou Iori.
  • Joshua Kiryu and Todomatsu Matsuno went on several dates, yet still denied the fact that they had any romantic interest in one another.
  • The scientists Desmond and Dieu, a popular ship before Desmond presumably died at the end of the Motherlode event.
    • Further teased in the event Counterinsurgency, where we learned that Dieu seemed to be taking Desmond's presumed death pretty hard.
    • Possibly hinted at in the Stupid Cupid event when Dieu looked over at Desmond's empty chair shortly before coming up with the idea for it. Of course, that could be coincidental.

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