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  • Advanced V.G. II:
    • Yuka is the series' poster girl for the trope and the camera makes sure you know it: from the final scene of the OP, where her legs are right in the foreground (at 1:10-1:11), to her in-game character sprite, along with a blatant 18sec. close-up of them (from 0:10-0:28 here).
    • You can't help noticing Kyoko's legs, given how long and curvaceous they are. The entirety of this vid not only showcases them (including her Victory Pose at the end), it shows you the reach and striking power they give her.
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  • Kasumi Todoh from Art of Fighting and The King of Fighters series has been implied to have long, beautiful legs. Curious enough, in Snk Vs Capcom Svc Chaos, her confrontation with Chun-Li started due to a misunderstanding when Chun-Li made an innocent comment about Kasumi's legs.
    Chun-LI: (Nice legs. She must tell me her secret).
    Kasumi: Huh? Menace! Yah!
    Chun-Li: Yeek! What's your problem?
    Kasumi: Silence! You tried to ambush me! I read your thoughts.
    Chun-Li: Hold on! I was just noticing your legs and... uh, oh!
    Kasumi: You dare insult me! Defend yourself!
  • In Back to the Future: The Game, according to Kid Tannen, Edna Strickland has some nice gams - though we never get to see for ourselves, as she's always wearing a long skirt that goes down to her ankles.
  • Bayonetta is unmatched in the realm of video game women everywhere at 12 heads tall.
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  • In Bendy and the Ink Machine, Alice's long, shapely legs are showcased by her mini-dress and Sexy Walk.
  • BlazBlue:
  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc:
  • While Aoi Asahina's other attributes are the ones more showcased, her legs are nothing to sneeze at.
  • As a male example, Byakuya Togami has fairly long legs. It's often joked by the fandom that he's over "60% leg".
  • Quite a few outfits in the Dead or Alive games are designed specifically to show off female fighters' legs, notably Lei Fang and Kasumi's default outfits. Special mention goes out to Kokoro's kimono in Dimensions, which is technically worn incorrectly just to reveal her legs more often, and and advert for DoA 3.
  • While she's no slouch up top, Velguirie of Deception 4: The Nightmare Princess has a lot of focus put on her legs. This even extends to gameplay, all her unique abilities use her legs in some way, like dashing or a lethal kick.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy VII: Tifa's better known for her rack, but she's got a sizzling pair of legs to. In Crisis Core, the former owner of 7th Heaven said he was looking for a new bartender with (quote): "big breasts and long legs!" to take over the place. Guess who got the job?
    • Rikku from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 also. In every game she appears in she is introduced by a long, loving pan up her very long legs. She seems to flaunt it, too, as she dresses in miniskirts and hotpants wherever she goes, including battle.
    • Final Fantasy XIII:
      • Vanille, who is not shy about it. Her promotional pictures feature her stretching out her legs.
      • Lightning. The cover of the game features her showing a lot of leg.
    • In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Terra has four outfits. She wears tights in her base outfit, but her three alts all remove them, leaving her legs exposed — and there's a lot of them to expose. Tifa and Lightning also return.
  • Gwent: The Witcher Card Game: The premium animation for Vivienne: Oriole begins with her posed to emphasize her exposed lower half, before shifting into her bird-like form.
  • Haunting Ground: Fiona's got 'em and the game makes certain that you see plenty of them, especially during cutscenes when she's huddled on the floor in fright. And her "Under the Scalpel" costume reveals even more of them and adds Foot Focus for good measure.
  • In Jade Empire, if you have Dawn Star in your party when you first meet Black Whirlwind, Whirlwind will make some comments on Dawn Star's legs. Her response? "Would you like to see the damage these legs can inflict firsthand?"
  • Elena Ivanova from Vanquish has a damn fine pair of legs and the camera will never let you forget it.
  • Of all the girls in League of Legends, Elise has by far the most prominent legs, including a vigorous can-can for her /dance emote. This is unsurprising (and more than a bit disturbing) considering her title is "the Spider Queen", and she has multiple spider legs sprouting from her back even when she's not in her giant spider form.
  • A rare male example is Ghirahim from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. His lower half is constantly being emphasized in some sort of camera shot. This is seen when he walks or when he's just being dramatic.
  • Onmyōji has examples from both genders. As for the female characters, special mention goes to infamous Ms. Fanservice Yōtō-hime whose choice of clothing seems to always be Dangerously Short Skirts that even provide blatant Panty Shot on the side. As for the guys, we have Hannya who also wears a Dangerously Short Skirt that doesn't go unnoticed with fans.
  • If there’s two things Chie Satonaka from Persona 4 has over Yukiko and even Rise, it’s her killer set of gams despite the Modesty Shorts. They're especially appreciable in Persona 4: Arena, if Yu is the Ryu of the game then Chie is the Chun-Li. Small wonder her title is Spunky Dragon With Deadly Leg.
    • Persona 5: The silhouette of Tae Takemi's legs are prominently displayed whenever you're browsing through her shop menu.
  • Pokémon
    • Some of the female characters give this impression. Most notable examples include Skyla and Misty.
    • Aromatisse in Pokémon X and Y gives off this impression with the leg underneath the fluffy "skirt" that it's holding up. Of course, since the legs are basically pink nubs, and the fact that they have an equal gender ratio, the effect leaves much to be desired.
    • Bounsweet is a walking mangosteen that doesn't appear to be this trope at first, but as it evolves, it becomes more humanoid and once it evolves into Tsareena, its legs are very powerful and attractive enough that its used in beauty commercials.
    • The Pheromosa all resemble elegant and feminine roach-people with long, lithe legs. The legs ain't just for show as the muscles within are made for running and kicking, allowing them to dash at 125 miles per hour before striking a crushing blow, rinse and repeat.
  • Rival Schools: School nurse and fellow Kick Chick Kyoko Minazuki from the games. She wears a short skirt that shows them off.
  • Nohime, from Sengoku Basara, has a nice, shapely pair of legs, and isn't shy about showing them off with her kimono slitted to the thigh. Especially when she starts shooting at you...
  • The titular character of Shantae. Her outfit bare a similarity to Princess Jasmine. Plus,she's a belly dancer.
  • Skies of Arcadia: Legends: The cutscene where Vigoro finds Aika alone in her cell at the Grand Fortress, includes a pan shot of her legs (seen at 2:21-2:24), from his perspective. He smirks and notes she has a nice pair, with curves to match, then corners her and tries to rape her.
  • Soul Calibur: Many of the women would qualify, but Seong Mina is the most notable example; particularly in SC III, where her legs are noticeably shapely and athletic. Which is best seen during her ending (pause at 0:19) and Yun Seong's.
  • The novels indicate that this is what Jim Raynor was thinking about Sarah Kerrigan during the "I finished scouting the area and—you pig!" scene in StarCraft. The player can't actually tell, considering she's a low-detail sprite, but promo shots for the Vaporwear Third-Person Shooter StarCraft: Ghost indicate that Ghost uniforms are practically painted on.
  • Street Fighter
    • Chun-Li is (in)famous for her legs, because she's a Kick Chick, and because of her legendarily thick-muscled "Thunder Thighs".
    • Sakura, also a Kick Chick, pulls this off quite well, her legs rivaling Chun-Li's.
    • Elena. Even all her moves are kicks, just to show off her legs.
    • Ibuki manages this with baggy ninja pants, thanks to cutting out holes for her thighs. Her other costumes just give her a skirt however.
    • Juri Han is a similar case, wearing baggy pants with holes in them much of the time. But when they're off, they reveal a very beautiful pair of strong legs.
    • Cammy's legs aren't too impressive (spectacular rear end, however), but they do receive special attention due to her outfit, the cameo print and her move-set. It's Running Gag that Cammy never wears pants even in her alt costumes,
    • Crimson Viper started out wearing long pants during her first years of Street Fighter 4, but after numerous requests from fans, Capcom finally gave her a skirt with a split seam as her 3rd alternate costume. And boy, does she have legs.
    • Poison wears short shorts, which proudly show off a beautiful pair of legs.
    • Laura from SFV, especially her "bonita" outfit which consists of short shorts which don't hide her thong straps.
    • Menat is one of the sexiest recent examples, just by her opening animation alone.
  • Princess Peach in Super Mario Bros.:
    • Her bikini artwork from the first part of the official Japanese Super Mario World strategy guide, meant to be how she was last seen on vacation before going missing.
    • When she wears a leotard in the Mario & Sonic series, as seen in her artwork for London 2012.
    • There's also the bikini she wears at the water-themed worlds in which you can find her postgame in Super Mario Odyssey after beating the game.
    • Oh, and let's not forget her sports outfits she's worn over the years, excluding Mario Tennis.
  • The Stinger for Super Mario Galaxy showed a brief glimpse of Rosalina's legs underneath her dress.
  • Resident Evil
    • Averted with Jill Valentine in RE1 where's she wearing practical pants but played oh so straight in RE3, the Wii game even gave her Murderous Thighs. Jill is also given a pair form fitting pants in RE5-Lost In Nightmares, apparently full combat gear can't contain her shapeliness. Also the She-Fu she does helps the sex appeal.
    • Claire Redfield as a Biker Babe wears very small pink shorts shorts in the original RE2 which empathizes her shapely legs and amusingly in-game downed zombies are actually more likely to grab her legs than Leon’s. There was some moaning when fan discovered Claire is wearing a practical pair of jeans instead of hot pants in the Remake, though the shorts return with a vengeance in her alternate edited classic costume
      • Claire’s Umbrella and Rodeo alt costumes show off her legs.
    • Ada Wong, big time all the accentuated by her She-Fu.
    • Rebecca Chambers has a good pair of legs though like Jill it's averted with her sensible original outfit but they're shown inall their glory in her alternate costumes in RE0. The HD release gives Rebecca the "Wesker Mode outfit" which has Zettai Ryouiki... hot.
    • Sheva Alomar from RE5 aside from her impressive bust and rear, possesses a good pair of legs which get highlighted in her alt costumes.
    • Jessica Sherawat in Resident Evil: Revelations thanks to leaving one of her legs bare in her scubasuit.
    • Sherry in RE6 shows how much she’s grown since RE2.
  • Tales of Vesperia: Gauche's and Droite's legs are very well developed for twin sisters their age. Which is further emphasized by the miniskirts and high-heeled boots they wear, along with close-ups of their hips and thighs during cutscenes.
  • Tomb Raider: Lara Croft spends most of the time facing away from the screen, during gameplay, so you'll be spending an equal amount of time with your eyes glued on her khaki-covered backside and her legs.
  • Not uncommon in Touken Ranbu, but Yagen stands as the game's poster boy for this trope, what with his booty shorts that show off his shapely legs. His younger brother Shinano is a close second, wearing an even shorter pair of shorts as well as holsters that accentuate his thighs.
  • Undertale: Another rare male example. Mettaton EX's form is basically that of a glam-rock star. During his essay question, if you praise his legs, he'll state that it was the correct answer and give you the highest possible "writing" rating bonus.
    "Who needs arms with legs like these?"

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