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  • In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the grandmother of the opposite gender friend of the player character suggests that the characters are boyfriend and girlfriend, and one of the characters immediately denies it.
  • Inverted and then, well, blown up by Squall for otherwise uncharacteristic hilarity in Final Fantasy VIII. Squall is more or less forced into showing Rinoa around Balamb Garden, and stops in at Dr. Kadowaki's office. The following exchange occurs:
    Kadowaki: Hi there, Squall! Oh my... it's not every day I see you walk around with a girl! Is she your girlfriend?
    Squall: Yes.
    Rinoa: Are you serious?! Squall?! I'm gonna take it seriously.
    Squall: I'm serious.
    Rinoa: Woo. I'm speechless.
    Squall: I'm seriously joking.
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  • Played with in the weirdest possible context in Psychonauts:
    Raz: I don't know if she's really my girlfriend. I mean, I think she...
    Lungfish Resistance Member: I only meant she was your friend who is a girl, Goggalor.
  • AkaSeka: In Susumu's individual story, he takes a hungry heroine to the Shinsengumi headquarters to feed her. Shinpachi sees this and expectably starts teasing them about it. Susumu responds by throwing a knife at him an threatening to turn him into rice ball stuffing.
  • In Beyond Good & Evil, when Jade first brings her new sidekick Double H home with her to the lighthouse, several of the orphans naturally assume he's her new boyfriend. Jade quickly tries to correct them.
    Jade: I swear, he's not like the others!
  • In Tales of the Abyss, there is one point where the party returns to the first real dungeon the game had. Luke and Tear, having been the only party members at that point, remark upon how it was night when they were last here, which leads to the rest of the party wondering why on earth they didn't know that Luke and Tear were "in a place like this, alone, at night." Luke quickly exclaims "It wasn't like that!" and starts hastily trying to explain himself when Tear suddenly states simply, "The very idea is absurd." Luke is visibly stung, indicating that perhaps he falls under the third example at the top. Of course, any sympathy the player may feel for Luke is immediately replaced by laughter over Jade's brilliant reaction to the whole thing.
    Tear: The very idea is absurd. (walks away a bit, everyone else remains in place) What are you doing? Come on.
    Luke: I'm mad.
    Guy: Damn, that was cold...
    Jade: (sounding VERY happy) Yes, it was.
    Guy: You sound like you're having fun, Colonel.
    Jade: More than you could ever imagine.
    Guy:'re horrible.
    • It happens a lot between the two. The second OVA has this frequently.
  • In Tales of Rebirth, Tytree at one point refers to Claire as "Veigue's girlfriend", to which he calmly responds "She's just a childhood friend". It would be an inversion to the usual reaction a character is supposed to have, but then again, he's Veigue...
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  • In Tales of Vesperia, Estelle has to remark this multiple times about Yuri, insisting that "it's not like that!" whenever Raven and/or Judith will tease her about it while she's blushing furiously (Yuri doesn't blush, but does go very wide-eyed whenever he's involved in getting teased, and never denies it). This example is much more ambiguous than others, though, on if they really are attracted to each other or not.
  • Neptunia
    • In Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2, IF snaps when the rest of the cast says that they would like to have Compa as a wife, so she claims Compa belongs to her. IF then immediately realizes the implications of her statement and claims that she didn't mean it like that.
    • In the trailer of the Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart, Noire unwittingly remarks about Neptune.
  • In Castlevania, in both Sorrow games, Soma frequently feels the need to point out that Mina is not his girlfriend, despite the fact that its obvious to everyone else that she's his designated Love Interest. He will actually become Dracula if he sees his beau hurt, but she's n-n-not his girlfriend.
    • This is actually said completely seriously in Portrait of Ruin. Whether or not Jonathan and Charlotte are still in the denial stage and/or just have really good poker faces is up to you:
      Vincent: Even so... the two brave vampire hunters! I envy you!
      Vincent: (sigh) The perfect couple! I'm slightly jealous!
      Vincent: Hi there... the young couple! So naive!
      Jonathan: She's like my kid sister!
      Charlotte: Jonathan! Stop treating me like a child!
      Jonathan and Charlotte: Vincent, you're scaring me...
  • Odd example: Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. Kung Lao takes a jab at Liu Kang whenever Kitana is seen or mentioned with the former denying any relationship. In canon, it's heavily implied they are supposed to be just that.
    • Given a nod in Mortal Kombat 9, during Kung Lao's story mode chapter wherein he and Liu Kang search for Kitana:
      Kung Lao: I hope your girlfriend is worth Lord Raiden's anger, Liu Kang.
      Liu Kang: Notice that I am ignoring you.
  • There are examples of this trope in Baldur's Gate II. Jaheira does it at least twice (once in an incident involving a magical locket, another when you are awakened by bandits).
  • Implied usage in Half-Life 2: Episode 2. A random resistance member asks Alyx "So, is he your boyfriend or something?" in regards to Gordon. Gordon himself is out of earshot before her answer is heard.
    • However, she doesn't really object when her own father hints at it being quite obvious. And she seems much more embarrassed about her father talking about such things, then about what he said.
  • "Adell and I are enemies!" practically becomes Rozalin's Catchphrase in Disgaea 2 (and Adell is just as quick to deny it too). They fail to fool anyone.
    Etna: Awww, you have one of those kinds of relationships!
    • And in the good ending, when she starts turning into an Eldritch Abomination, he snogs her back to normal.
    • By Disgaea 4, most characters skip the girlfriend/boyfriend step and assume that they're already married.
      Adell: We're not married! Just because we live under the same roof...
      Rozalin: Adell! This is not the time to mention that!
    • There's also Prince Laharl, who will actively deny that there's anything between him and his vassal Etna. Or his live-in angel Flonne. This is in spite of him spending an awful lot of time around them and being very comfortable with them (he has a strong aversion to women with... developed bodies, and both of them are Pettanko). Jennifer is absolutely convinced that there's something going on between them.
  • In Sam and Max Episode 201, Sybil and Abe Lincoln were not dating... up until Max begins insisting that the meeting is something absolutely crazy.
  • Played with in Devil Survivor. When first speaking to Gin, he asks who the player is. The player can either say their name or "Yuzu's boyfriend". If the player chooses the "other" option, Yuzu gets very shocked.
    • She has a similar reaction later, when Atsuro jokes that Haru might be her competition for the protagonist's affections.
    • The same thing happens to Yuzu's Devil Survivor 2 counterpart, Io. During a Fate Event in which Io is trying to talk a boy out of suicide, the player can choose to introduce himself as her boyfriend. She of course denies it but, being a fairly bashful character, is more flustered than anything and decides to take it as a joke, as the player character apparently likes to joke a lot.
  • Persona:
    • Makes an appearance in Persona 3 Portable when playing as a female main character. If attending the Summer Festival with Akihiko, a takoyaki vendor will ask if she is his girlfriend, prompting him to stutter an angry denial. It's as if the idea had crossed his mind before... This also happens frequently with female protagonist and Junpei.
      • The Summer Festival example can occur in the male protagonist route too. If you go with Yukari, she doesn't deny it, even if you haven't started a romance with her yet, presumably due to her feelings for him.
    • Persona 4:
      • During the later ranks of her social link, Yukiko tells the Protagonist that they have been spending so much time together that the staff at her family's inn assumes that he is her boyfriend. She denies it, of course, but by then it's pretty clear that she really wants to be proven wrong, the sooner the better.
      • Chie and Yosuke. Kanji at first assumes they are a couple, much to Chie's annoyance. Incidentally, if Chie is the Protagonist's romantic partner and date to the Summer Festival, she has this as a knee jerk reaction to a vendor calling him her boyfriend, only to realize that it is, in fact, true.
    • In Persona 5, people tend to believe that Makoto and the protagonist are dating. When the group sneaks into Soujiro's house, he walks in to find Makoto clinging to the protagonist's leg in terror after a terrifying encounter with Futaba and assumed they were dating before Makoto corrects him. During her Confidant, Eiko also assumed they were dating even though Makoto denies it several times. Even Kaneshiro assumed they were dating when he realized someone was listening to them through Makoto's phone. It is up to the player whether they take it to that level.
  • This is invoked in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn when Ike asks Haar why Jill isn't with him. Haar denies anything beyond friendship towards Jill. Two chapters after this base conversation, Haar can recruit Jill into the Greil Mercenaries. Of course, if Haar and Jill get an A-Rank support formed, the ending will imply a marriage between the two without actually saying anything specific.
    Haar: She is simply the daughter of my dead teacher. Nothing more.
  • In Dead or Alive Dimensions, some characters ask this question about Ryu Hayabusa and Irene, prompting him to deny it.
  • Ar Tonelico 2. In her Cosmosphere, Cloche would like you to know that Croix is her dog and bodyguard, NOTHING ELSE! The fact that she goes on dates with him is completely irrelevant.
  • Dragon Age:
    • Makes an appearance in Dragon Age: Origins: Witch Hunt when Ariane inquires about the exact relationship between a romanced Male Warden and Morrigan. Apparently when he thinks no one is looking, the Warden often absent-mindedly plays with the ring Morrigan gave him, causing Ariane to wonder if her knowledge of the significance of humans sharing rings is accurate.
    Warden: We are not married... if that's what you are asking.
    • Returns briefly in Dragon Age II, if Hawke romances Fenris and later has him in the party with Merrill. Merrill has great fun teasing Fenris about the "puppy eyes" he gives Hawke any time they aren't looking. He responds to her declaration that "You're in love!" with a very flat "I am not," which is interesting because if anyone else brings it up to him, he has no difficulty acknowledging it.
      Fenris: There are no puppy eyes.
    • Also seen in Dragon Age: Inquisition in Dorian's romance. When the Inquisitor is trying to bargain with a merchant for the return of a significant item for Dorian, Dorian himself gets very annoyed with the merchant's insinuation that the Inquisitor is his "friend," since as he says, he knows what the merchant thinks. The Inquisitor, in turn, is rather annoyed with Dorian's annoyance.
      Dorian: Never mind what he is.
  • In Mass Effect 2, EDI and Joker strenuously deny they've been flirting. The entire crew of the Normandy aren't convinced. They basically give up all pretense by the time Mass Effect 3 rolls in.
  • In Final Fantasy VII, Tifa says this to Aerith about Cloud.
  • In BlazBlue, Tsubaki has a crush on Jin, but tries to downplay it whenever pressed, usually going into this trope. Makoto is quick to point out that she's not fooling anyone, least of all her.
  • Double subverted in A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky. Yvette constantly insinuates that Gainer and Luca are in love, but Gainer deflects the accusations quite convincingly—no over-the-top denials or excessive exclamation points. We also see that they've comfortably stayed Just Friends for quite a while, and Luca's quite a bit older than him anyway. Then in one of the New Game+ Multiple Endings, he uses Ubiquity's simulation to create a fawning clone of her and lives out a fantasy of happy, married domesticity with it, implying he does have romantic feelings for her after all.
  • In Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets, Dipper and Pacifica seem to deny that their hug from the episode "Northwest Mansion Mystery" ever happened. Mabel sounds like she knows otherwise.
  • A running gag in Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse, where several characters believe the hero team Nico and George are a couple which they vehemently deny.
  • In Lost Horizon, Kim denies that Fenton is her boyfriend at the start of the final fight. He's actually a former (boy?)friend with whom she has recently resumed trading snarks. At the end of said fight, however, the two seem to reach an understanding to upgrade the relationship.
  • Downplayed in No Straight Roads; Zuke and Mayday are both taken aback when Sayu claims that the two are an item, saying that it can plainly be seen. Later incidents essentially prove that this is the case and they don't make any further attempts at denying it, especially when they have to deal with Eve, Zuke's former lover.

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