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  • In Halo, the primary weapon on any human ship or station is the MAC Cannon. The C in MAC stands for cannon.
  • In DragonFable, Cysero creates a "schnozzberry bush", which seems to grow noses as fruit. When asked about what they are:
    Cysero: They taste like schnozzberries!
  • In Bully when Jimmy falls off his bike he remarks that it's "just like ridin' a bike."
  • A few from Final Fantasy Tactics
  • In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, after the mission The Cheetahs, one of the words that Montblanc says to help Marche is "Marche is Marche and Ritz is Ritz."
  • Final Fantasy VII Cloud: "Who is Nanaki?" Cosmo Canyon settler: "Nanaki is Nanaki."
  • Sazh from Final Fantasy XIII — "All this dampness is damp."
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Many characters throughout the series are named after color schemes (Shadow, Silver, Rouge) or some obvious physical trait (Tails and Knuckles).
    • In Sonic Heroes:
      Knuckles: I'll punch this thing with my fists!
    • Shadow the Hedgehog's theme song: Starts with "I am all I am, all I am." then goes to "I am all, I am all of me." and then on the last verse takes it Up to Eleven with "I am, I am everyone, everywhere, any how, any way, any will, any day..."
  • In Chrono Cross, the Goldfish Poop Gang member Solt says things are "painfully painful", "obviously obvious", etc.
  • The cake recipe in Portal involves "sediment-shaped sediment" and a whole series of fish-shaped things shaped like fish.
  • A Boy and His Blob: COCONUT = COCONUT. It means that the blob will turn into a coconut (which you can throw) if you feed him coconut jellybeans. Just abbreviated.
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  • Divine Divinity.
  • The Big Bad of Guild Wars Prophecies is referred to in-game as the "Undead Lich."
  • The combat system of Heroes of Might and Magic allows for some... interesting occurrences, such as "The Stone gargoyles have been turned to stone!"
  • The item description for a lemon in Kingdom of Loathing is "This is a lemon. It's shaped exactly like a lemon." A lime's description is "This is a lime. Like a lemon, it's shaped like a lemon. Unlike a lemon, it's a lime."
    • One of the main locations in the game is the Mysterious Island of Mystery.
    • Quoth one adventure, "You should not be here! You should really beat feet! / If those demons find you, you're dead as dead meat!"
    • The Continuum Transfunctioner is a vital item. Its description is quoted straight from the film.
    • The item description for the Staff of the Staff of Life states that while "if you think about it, a loaf of bread is like a staff"... even if you don't think about it, "a staff with a loaf of bread on it is even more like a staff."
    • The consumption message on the Bottle of Wine: "You drink the bottle of wine. It tastes like wine, with subtle overtones of wine, and also a faint aftertaste of wine. "
    • If a Pastamancer travels to their Nemesis's secret volcano island lair, they can find someone protesting against the Spaghetti Cult, with such clever slogans as "The Spaghetti Cult is a cult!"
  • Fallout includes a Cathedral of the Children of the Cathedral. They're not even sure why they say Cathedral twice.
  • Ragnarok Online has an item called Earthen Bow. Its description is as such: "A bow that looks like it is made in a natural way, making it look like it looks quite natural."
  • Unique monsters in Diablo II have random name generators. Results? Bloodcloud the Cloud, and such...
    • Stone Skin. Modifiers: Undead, Stone Skin.
    • It can also happen with the stock effect phrases for random loot names, such as a light leather belt that increases your light radius in dark places, or as the game calls it, a "Light Belt of Light." While this is not technically redundant since the item in question is a light(weight) belt that produces light(illumination), it still sounds funny.
    • Then there are the skills that let you interact with corpses. While you've got one selected, mousing over a body will display its name as "<monster name> Corpse", which is sensible enough. However, due to the way some monsters are named, it occasionally throws up such gems as "Decayed Corpse Corpse" or "Corpse Axe the Dead Corpse".
  • There is a videogame titled Killed Until Dead. (The notion of killing someone to death sure seems to be popular...)
  • In the Polish translation of Neverwinter Nights, one of the soundsets has a line Zabiję cię! Zabiję na śmierć!, which means exactly I'll kill you! I'll kill you to death!!
  • In Saints Row, one of your lieutenants points out that calling Los Carnales, a rival gang, "The Los Carnales" is redundant, since "Los" means "The." He gets upset later on when he accidentally calls them "The Los Carnales."
  • It's very common to see users on World of Warcraft saying something along the lines of "Please PST me", not knowing that PST is an abbreviation for "Please Send Tell".
    • Also, Looking For Group or Looking For More/Mate can mean the same thing in real life, but LFG and LFM mean you're alone or you have some other guys respectively.
    • Enraged Crusher has become enraged!
  • The Western title of the game Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven essentially translates to "Heaven's Wrath: Wrath of Heaven"
  • Baldur's Gate:
    Dynaheir: Minsc is, well, Minsc.
  • Anyone who has even a passing knowledge of Spanish will get hours of amusement out of Resident Evil 4's incessant referencing of "The Los Illuminados"—see "The El Niño" down in Real Life.
  • In EarthBound, when the librarian in Onett gives you the map item, she helpfully informs you that "all the info is there, except the info that isn't there".
  • Any time John Madden is in a football game, such as Madden NFL, he uses such sounds-like-itself phrases as, "You know, the receiver can't catch the ball if the quarterback doesn't throw it!" or "Usually, the team with the most points wins!"
  • Anachronox's super-villain Rictus says one line, a slight variation of the main example.
  • La-Mulana features the Hell Temple, which starts off with a tablet describing the place as one that none should enter and only for those with no sense of regret, before concluding, "Hell Temple is hell!"
  • In Mass Effect 2, Mordin lampshades this while singing his own rendition of the Major General Song
    I'm quite good at genetics (as a subset of biology)
    Because I am an expert (which I know is a tautology)
    • Also, this gem from Niftu Cal, biotic god: "I am a great wind that will sweep all before me like a... a great wind!" A great biotic wind, for he is, after all, a biotic god.
    • In Mass Effect 3, if your FemShep is romancing Kaidan he will come to her room for a "quick drink" and upon realizing how depressed she is, tries to comfort her by saying "Look, it's gonna be... it's gonna be what it is."
  • Tales of Symphonia gives the line: "Colette is Colette." In context, it's said to reassure Colette that her friends will accept whatever changes that happen to her. (However, the hot coffee that is actually iced coffee is hot.)
  • Actual Tomba! 2 dialogue: "It's a fire hammer. It's a hammer with the power of fire."
  • In The Sims, the description for the Oval Glass Sconce reads, "It's Oval!!! It's Glass!!! It's a Sconce!!!"
    • In The Sims Medieval, a bit of quest dialogue refers to an item your hero is carrying as a "mouse-filled bag of mice."
  • In the Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Brady Games player's guide, its explanation on the monsters in the game on page 41 has this as its first line, "The strange creatures you see are creatures."
  • What about Franziska von Karma's foolery in the second Ace Attorney game? "Foolish fool who foolishly dreams of foolish dreams." Also, "A fool is a fool who will only listen to the foolish opinions of other foolish fools." The list goes on and on…
    • And in case 3-5 we also have Gumshoe say this:
    Gumshoe: Prosecutor Edgeworth is a prosecutor, and that's why he's Prosecutor Edgeworth!
    • And yet again from the same case:
    Edgeworth: ...Gumshoe indeed! Like gum on your shoe, he's impossible to get rid of!
  • Alistair in Dragon Age: Origins, on Morrigan: "Beautiful, just like... like something that's also dangerous. Like a... beautiful dangerous thing."
    • Alistair's initial description of Morrigan as "some kind of sneaky... witch thief!".
    • In Awakening, the description of Oghren's unique battle-axe;
    Oghren called this axe the "Darkspawn Ravager"... because that's what it does.
    • Continues in Dragon Age: Inquisition, where the Inquisitor can sentence a dead person to have their skull used in public theatre about the "evils of evil". The Inquisitor, at least, seems to be doing it for a joke.
  • In Left 4 Dead 2's Dark Carnival campaign, there's a lot of posters for a Fake Band named the Midnight Riders. Each band member has their own title, like "The Lover", "The Drinker", or "The Brawler". Ox, the drummer, gets a title of "The Drummer".
  • In BlazBlue, resident Cloud Cuckoo Lander Taokaka is Taokaka. Which is her answer to the question of who or what she is when asked "who/what are you?"
  • In King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow, if you use the hand icon on the tinder box, you are told, "It feels exactly like a tinder box."
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night features a sword named Gram, the description of which reads "The sword named Gram." It also features a sword named Harper. The description for it reads "The sword named Harper."
  • ''Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People:
    • "Homestar Ruiner" revolves around the big "Tri-Annual Race to the End of the Race".
    • In "Strong Badia The Free", all the characters create their own independent countries, including the eponymous Strong Badia, Marzistar/Homezipan, The Homsar Reservation, and Strong Mad's country of... Country.
  • Super Mario RPG has these helpful descriptions:
    • Shirt: "It's a shirt!"
    • Pants: "It's a pair of pants!"
    • Work Pants: "Sweaty work pants!"
    • Finger Shot: "Fingers shoot bullets"
    • ...and so on
  • Near the beginning of Kingdom Hearts, Leon tells Sora, "The Heartless. Those without hearts." Really, Leon? Because I thought we were calling them the Heartless in a metaphorical sort of way that had nothing to do with them being creatures of pure darkness! Curiously enough, it's actually an aversion. The Heartless aren't beings without hearts, but rather hearts consumed by darkness.
  • The title of puzzle game series Deadly Rooms of Death.
  • If you smell the plants in Central Park in Frederik Pohl's Gateway (the text adventure based on the Heechee Saga), you are informed that they smell "very plant-like".
  • Metroid:
    • In the original Metroid there's an item called the Maru Mari, which is commonly translated as "round ball."
    • In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, characters will refer to your Phazon Enhancement Device as a "PED Device".
  • The Interactive Fiction game Detective contains this infamous example:
    You are now carrying the wooden wood.
  • Averted with the voice command for calling someone a Spy in Team Fortress 2: using it with your cursor over any given player will result in saying "that [class] is a Spy", but if you use it on someone who already looks like a friendly Spy but may be an enemy Spy, the lines are along the lines of "that's Spy isn't on our side".
  • The Cursed Shield in Final Fantasy VI (SNES version) has the item description of "Is cursed".
  • In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, one of the Oho Jees of Oho Oasis tells you "I am me".
  • In Max Payne 3, the Unidade de Forças Especiais are a special forces unit of military police. The name translates from Portuguese as "Special Forces Unit".
  • In Mount & Blade, weapons and armour can come with random modifiers in their names such as "Balanced", "Rusted", "Bent", "Strong", "Ragged" etc. Two items in the game are the Ragged Outfit and the Strong Bow. It is consequently possible to find a Ragged Ragged Outfit and a Strong Strong Bow.
  • Who hasn't said "RPG games" at some point?
  • In Final Fantasy IX there is a weapon called "Mythril Dagger". Its description reads "Thief's dagger made of mythril."
  • Atelier Meruru has this quote:
    Meruru: But Miss Totori is Miss Totori, Miss Totori!
  • One TV show in Grand Theft Auto V is called Jack Howitzer Is Jack Howitzer In Jack Howitzer.
    • This immortal dialogue in the mission "Robbing Uncle Sam" from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, with a whiff of subversion due to the double meaning of "shit":
    Ryder: That shit was tight, man!
    CJ: Tight? That shit was shit!
  • When Desmond naively says they're the good guys in Assassin's Creed II, Shaun replies, "We're Assassins. We assassinate people. I can look it up for you if you'd like."
  • In the end credits of Borderlands 2: Mister Torgue's Campaign of Carnage, Mister Torgue exclaims to Moxxi that he didn't know that illegal offworld deathmatches were illegal.
  • In Terraria the Santa Claus NPC could—before a fix—spawn with the text 'Santa Claus the Santa Claus has arrived'.
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!! gave us Yoshi Circuit... literally Yoshi Circuit, since it takes place on an island in the shape of the green dinosaur himself.
  • On of the items in Leather Goddesses from Mars is a T-remover. If you use it on, for example, a raft, you'll get a raf. If you examine it, you will be told that "It looks just like a raf, whatever that is."
  • In Pixel Dungeon, after using a unidentified object for a while, you can get sentences such as "You have identified the sword. It is a sword." It actually means that your sword is just a boring normal sword and is not upgraded, downgraded, cursed, enchanted, or whatever.
  • An early line in The Last Story crossing over with Buffy Speak:
    Syrenne: What, you think I'm drunk? Look, I'm as sober as... whatever's normally sober.
  • Most of the 8-bit The Legend of Zelda games, the rooms of the dungeons are typically arranged so that when you look at the map, the shape matches the name of the dungeon, such as the Face Shrine having a face-shaped floor layout. The only aversion to this would be the Eagle Tower of Awakening, which only has a series of round floors.
  • In certain Jackbox games in which players submit decoys, the game can place random decoys to fill in any missing spots formed when one decoy is shared or when a player doesn't submit one in time. One possible random decoy in Drawful is "random decoy".
  • In Tales of Zestiria, Rose's True Name is Wilkis Wilk, meaning "Rose is Rose." To be fair, Sorey came up with it in a hurry.
  • During monster encounters in Undertale, the game will occasionally offer flavor text describing what the monster smells like. This falls flat after Mettaton appears; the best the narration can offer is "Smells like Mettaton." Another monster named Jerry, known for annoying other monsters with his unhygienic habits, "smells like....... Jerry."
  • The life habits of Ysabet, one of your cult member in Cultist Simulator, are so peculiar that the game cannot find anything to describe it beyond "doing the things a Ysabet does".
  • In any of the Scribblenauts games that allow you to add adjectives to the objects you summon, you can also add adjectives that these objects already have on their own, like an "undead zombie", a "burning fire" or a "ghostly ghost".
  • In Cuphead, the titular character has a cup for a head. Mugman is a man whose mug is a mug. The duo will repeatedly get referred to as "mugs", which is also a Double Entendre, since a "mug" in the metaphorical sense is someone who's been foolishly taken advantage of.
  • South Park: The Fractured but Whole: One of the tips that you can read during the Loading Screen is that you can read tips during the loading screen.
  • In the first Enigmatis game, The Ghosts of Maple Creek, Detective Richard Hamilton offers the player character some Polish sausage. He adds that "It tastes... Polish."
  • Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom: Item descriptions include "Classic Cabbage: A perfect cabbage that's strikingly cabbage-like in every conceivable way."
  • In the Japanese version of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Ibuki Mioda introduces herself to Hajime Hinata, telling him her name is spelled: "With the 'Mio' from Mioda Ibuki, the 'Da' from Mioda Ibuki, the 'Ibu' from Mioda Ibuki and the 'Ki' from Mioda Ibuki'.
  • Baba Is You uses this as a gameplay mechanic: As long as there is a rule in the level that says "[Object A] is [Object A]", said object cannot be transformed into another object by any "[Object A] is [Object B]" rule. Normally, this is used to keep people from exploiting minimal-effort or otherwise unintended solutions, but sometimes it's required to make one such rule so as not to lose control over any objects that are "You", for example.
  • In Jade Empire, Creative Yukong, a suspected con artist in hiding, poses as Scholar Kongyu, and claims to be an expert on Celestial Integration. His description of his research is one of several hints that he's a phony.
    "Celestial integration means just that: it's integrated... celestially. Thus, the relationship between the heavens and the earth is one of integration, and, er, celestial."


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