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Continuity errors in The Amazing World of Gumball. There are many because of Early-Installment Weirdness in Season 1 and background characters not being consistent.

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    Season 1 
  • In "The Wand", Richard screamed for 15 years, rarely stopping. However, in "The Ape" (and any episodes after that), this did not happen.
  • In "The Date", Anais invites Gumball into her bedroom to practice his manners for his "date" with Penny with her dolls. All later episodes show Anais sharing a room with her brothers.
  • In the background of "The Meddler", and in all future episodes (except "The Fight"), Elmore Junior High's mascot is a duck, which contradicts earlier episodes that stated the mascot is a mustang. In "The Fight", it is a minnow.

    Season 2 
  • Patrick Fitzgerald still disapproves of Gumball in "The Knights", despite getting on good terms with him in "The Date".
    • In "The Pressure", Tobias disliked Penny, and girls in general, but here, he shows affection to her. In later episodes, he hits on her and other girls.
    • Louie walks the cyclops dog despite Gary being their owner in later episodes. In a promo, Mr. Small walks the dog too.
  • In “The Watch” and every episode after that, the red old jelly bean man is called Marvin Finklehimer, despite being called Bert in “The Debt”. Although Bert could’ve been referring to the yellow old man, it’s unlikely because the person said “Take it away Bert” and Marvin danced.
  • Gumball says he never kissed anyone in "The Storm", but in "The Skull" he kissed Sussie (since he was high on anesthetics from having his appendix removed at the time, it's possible that he doesn't remember), and kissed Darwin several times (one of them he first thought it was Penny, but discovered it was Darwin somewhere between "The Pressure" and "The Name").
  • In "The Treasure", Gumball was ugly as a baby, but in "The Hero" all episodes after that he's shown to be a normal baby.
  • In "Halloween" Carrie says she was born a ghost, despite saying she used to have a body in "The Ghost".
    • A comic revealed that ghosts can have bodies even if they’re born a ghost.
  • From "Christmas" onwards, Tobias and his parents live in the same neighborhood as the Wattersons, even though in "The Third" and "The Party", their house was very far from town. And it's the same house.
  • In “The Helmet”, William screams in a high pitched voice, but since "The Voice" he can’t speak or make noise at all, and the voice of his internal monologue is an adult voice.
  • "The Bumpkin" shows Idaho lives in the outskirts of Elmore, in an earthly area, but in an old video he lives in a modern house.
    • Idaho's sister is shown to be a very young baby, but in an old Elmore Stream-It video, Tobias said he drowned on purpose at the pool so she could give him mouth-to-mouth.
  • Since "The Sidekick", the Jolly Hamburger is an actual character, but in "The Flakers" he was just Richard's imagination.

    Season 3 
  • Penny is revealed to be a shape-shifting fairy in "The Shell", when in "The Meddler" she said she is a peanut. Given the context of the scene though, this is justifiable. Also, Patrick Fitzgerald yet again disapproves of Gumball until the end, despite getting on good terms with him in "The Date" and "The Knights".
  • In "The Allergy", the yellow triangle pushes the square baby in a stroller, but other episodes show that the square baby is the pentagon father and triangle mother’s baby.
  • Alan is proven to be incapable of being angered by anything in "The Saint", but in many episodes before and after that, he does get angry.
  • Gumball has no problem wearing tons of makeup in "The Procrastinators", though "The DVD" reveals that he has an allergy to it.
  • In "The Mirror", it is revealed a spirit can be teleported closer to someone who says their name five times. This contradicts "The Promise" where Gumball says Carrie's name several times and she never teleports closer to him.
  • In "The Egg", Felicity didn't know Gumball, Darwin and Anais were Nicole's children, despite seeing the entire family together in "The Limit". Also, in the flashback to "The Hero", Richard is dancing in a different place than he was in the actual episode (though that was probably to show that Felicity and Billy were there when Richard embarrassed them by break-dancing in the street).

    Season 4 
  • "The Others" shows that Gumball and Darwin thought the entire school only had their class before they saw other students for the first time. In many previous episodes, however, they notice and interact with students outside their class; the entire premise of "The Extras" in season three was Gumball and Darwin being told that there are more people around them, and telling them to notice, which happens again in "The Others". Plus, students of other classes have appeared since Season 1.
  • In “The Parking”, Anais says that Hank the Lego construction worker is single, but in “The Butterfly”, he says he has a wife. This could just be what Anais assumes, or they could have broken up between the episodes.
  • Patrick Fitzgerald gets back to disapproving of Gumball in "The Apprentice", despite getting on good terms with him in "The Date", "The Knights" and "The Shell".
  • In "The Wicked", Mrs. Robinson is shown to be completely heartless, while in "The Poltergeist" and "The Love", she appears to truly love her husband (albeit in her own twisted way).
  • From "The Signature" onwards, Granny Jojo resents Frankie (Richard's deadbeat dad who bailed on her and her son), but she says in “The Man” that she liked him and was upset that he didn't like her back.
  • In "The Apprentice", Mr. Chanax is framed in a wall of Chanax, despite having being completely destroyed in "The Boss".
  • "The Origins" and "The Origins: Part Two" contradict several previous episodes:
    • In "The Party" Darwin says he's the third Darwin, but in this episode, there were seven before him (unless Nicole or Richard lied about that, since the seven before him all died from neglect, stupidity, and unavoidable accidents).
    • Nicole was shown to work in the Rainbow Factory before Gumball's birth in "The Treasure", but here she wasn't working there yet, and it wasn't even ready.
    • In one photo of "The Hero", Darwin was a Christmas present for Gumball, but in "The Origins", he was bought in a regular, unspecified day. In another one, Gumball learned to walk in the backyard of the house but in "The Choices" he learns in front yard of the house, and without Richard supervising (which was basically the base story for "The Hero").
    • In "The Game", Darwin the First was under Gumball's bed, but in this episode he was flushed down the toilet and also was much smaller.
    • Sussie was revealed to be Obfuscating Stupidity in "The Question", but here, she was intelligent until being dropped, and then became permanently stupid, though it's possible she could still have flashes of being smart, as seen with the ending to "The Question".
  • In “The Parking” Fenton and Susan drive different cars, with one in front of the other, despite being married.
  • In "The Love" Bobert didn't know what love was, but in "The Mystery" he said that Gumball looked lovestruck, and "The Love" takes place after it because Penny doesn't have her shell in it, while she did in "The Mystery". It's possible that he forgot what love is after Miss Simian deleted his memory.
  • In “The Misunderstandings”, the black rectangle is Ed's son, but in “The Extras” he calls Ed by his name.
  • In “The Disaster”, after Nicole breaks up with Richard, she is seen with Hank, but in “The Butterfly”, he says he has a wife. This could be due to the remote.
  • The Moon is male in some episodes (i.e. "The End", "The World", "The Night"), female in others (i.e. "The Love", "The Boredom", "The Box", “The Ghouls”).

    Season 5 
  • "The Choices" also contradicts lots of previous episodes:
    • Nicole and Richard are married in a park, instead of the church like shown in "The Wand" and "The Ape." Nicole also wears a different wedding dress than the one from "The Dress" and those other two episodes.
    • Richard was not screaming during the wedding like in "The Wand."
    • In "The Treasure," Gumball was deformed as a baby, but in this episode, along with "The Hero", he appears to be quite healthy as a baby. Said episode also shows that Nicole and Richard lived in The Wattersons' house when Gumball was born, although they did not move in until after Gumball was born.
    • In "The Hero," Gumball learns to walk in the backyard of the house but in this episode he learns in front yard of the house, and without Richard supervising (which was basically the base story for "The Hero").
    • In "The Man," Nicole is still with her parents when she was a young adult.
    • In "The Signature" Richard was living in their current house as a child, but in this episode it was shown to be abandoned.
    • Nicole's clothing in previous stages of her life are different than those shown in previous episodes.
    • Sal Left Thumb has arms as a kid, but in "The Gi", he does not.
    • Pantsbully was old enough to drive a car, even though he studied with Nicole according to a yearbook seen in "The Wand" and "The List". Granted, 8-Bit Dog, Hot Dog Guy, and Scythe in the present study in a middle school but are seen driving cars anyway.
  • In “The Slide”, The Green Bear is on Trawlr despite being in junior high, and is portrayed as a girl while in "The Extras" he clearly has a male voice. Rocky and him get matched and Rocky even refers to him as her. Although it could’ve been a female using his picture as her profile picture. It could also be his mother if she is identical to her son and divorced/is cheating on her husband.
  • "The Cycle" shows that Harold (Tobias' father) has been bullying him since high school, but "The Castle" from season two showed that Harold admired Richard for doing what he wanted, despite having a strict wife. On top of that, Harold looked high school-aged on "The Choices", while Richard and Nicole looked barely 13 years old.
  • "The Best" reveals that Carmen was a student in another school, and got expelled in fifth grade, in 2015 (the episode takes place in 2017). Season 1 takes place in 2010, Season 2 takes place between 2011-2013, Season 3 takes place in 2014, and Season 4 takes place in 2015; Carmen was present in all of them as an Elmore Jr. High student.
  • Darwin says in "The Ollie" that Gumball has never used a skateboard before, but he did several times while Darwin watched—he just never used the skateboard from that episode.
  • In "The Weirdo", Sussie just flat-out speaks broken English. Prior to that, she speaks somewhat normally.
  • In “The Stars”, the cupcake woman is walking the sausage dog, but most of the time Hot Dog Guy owns him.
  • Pluto is seen at space with other celestial bodies in "The Singing", but in "The Void" she was seen at The Void for being declassified. She could have escaped like Rob.
  • The egg nerds are called Colin and Felix, but James Lamont said on his Formspring that their names are Frank and Beans.

    Season 6 
  • Richard and Nicole are still wearing their past clothes in "The Rival", though in "The Choices" they were wearing their current clothes by the time Anais was born. Also, in "The Line", Nicole says Richard made her watch Stellar Odyssey while she was giving birth to Anais, but in this episode, she gives birth to her very fast while Richard crashes the car through the hospital; it wouldn't have been possible as it was too fast and they were still in the car.
  • In "The Sucker" Darwin says he met Julius in the last year, at the schoolyard. In "The Lesson", however, he and Gumball seemed to not have known them before being sent to detention with them.
  • In "The Cringe", Sarah was seen in the school bus, despite the flashback taking place much before Season 1 (if it even still exists), let alone before she transferred in Season 2.
  • Darwin says Marvin is a "ninety-something guy" in "The Faith", while he was referred to as an octogenarian by Hank in "The Watch". Either or both of these could be just assumptions or Marvin was in his late eighties in the Season 2 episode and had several birthdays after that.
  • Nicole's dad is very much alive in "The Parents", even though Nicole stated he died at 102 in "The End". She could have just assumed since she didn't see them in 20 years, though since she's 38 he would have gave birth at 62 years old.
  • Rotten Cupcake is treated as a girl in "The Potion", while he said he's a boy in "The Lesson" and is in the men’s room in "The Nuisance". They could just be a boy who hangs out with girls and has a boyfriend (or The Rotten Cupcake is transgender or non-binary).
  • In “The Spinoffs”, the strawberry baby is called Charlie-Ann, but in "The Comic", Billy called her Suzy. Also, Timmy the Frog Kid is a baby in this episode, but in others, he is old enough to speak, walk, and wear underpants instead of diapers.
  • In "The Founder", everyone thinks Richard is the long-lost founder of Chanax, and even had scheduled a reunion with him. The actual founder is Mr. Chanax, who died in "The Boss", and everyone knew about his death. The soulless office worker, Paperball, and the green goblin CEO, who appeared in "The Boss" and knew all about Mr. Chanax's death, were in this episode too and believed Richard was the founder (unless this was the original founder — as in, "the one who actually made the company from the ground-up" — back before they took over his position).
  • In "The Understanding", Quattro and Siciliana (the pizza head couple) don't know what the Internet is, but just a few episodes before, "The Intelligence", they, like the rest of the town, go insane without the Internet.
  • In "The Faith", Peggy and the octopus kid are Boy Scouts despite both being girls.
  • In "The Ghouls", Alan and Leslie have no idea of what a VHS tape is, but in "The Saint", Gumball shows him a videotape of his parents being twisted by a birthday party clown, and he doesn't question what it is.