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Series / Whiz Kids

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Clockwise: Alice, Jeffrey, Richie, Cherylnote , and Ham
Made in 1983/84 and lasting a single season of 18 episodes, this show was about a teenage computer expert and his friends who would help the police and/or newspaper reporters solve crimes. An Unintentional Period Piece of 1980s home computing. Starred Max Gail (from Barney Miller) as a reporter. Notable for its mostly-realistic depiction of how computers work (or worked at the time). For example, they completely avert the "Enhance Button" trope - when they zoom in on a blurry image of a thief, the result looks like a pixellated bowl of oatmeal.

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Exhibits examples of these tropes:

  • Day in the Limelight: "May I Take Your Order Please?" in a decidedly Alice-heavy episode.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: In "Red Star Rising," our heroes (except Alice) allow the case of the week to interfere with their homework. Their English teacher does not let the guys, especially Richie, off the hook at the end not even after an FBI commendation.
  • Shared Universe: With Simon & Simon (both series came from the same producer).