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Waktu Rehat (Break Time), also known as As The Bell Rings Malaysia, is a Disney Channel Asia Original television series that premiered on August 31, 2010. It is based on Disney Channel Italy Original Series, Quelli dell'intervallo. The show follows on a group of Malaysian Lower Secondary School students from fictional SM Jalan Mas (Golden Road Secondary School) on the school hallway during Recess.

Tropes included:

  • Academy of Adventure: SM Jalan Mas. Although its hallway is the only setting of the series, it's where all of the the show's funny scenes, mishaps, and accidents unfold.
  • Action Girl: Kieran, who's good at taekwondo.
  • Catchphrase: Faiz's "Time to disappear!", Mindy's "sizzling news!", and Wai Chong's "don't run!"
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: In episode 15, the students and Wai Chong teamed up together to outwit a ruthless bully named Atan Bin Awang, who has continuously beat up many students. When the voice of his mom is heard, he gets scared, but just as he was about to beat up the students, he is forced by his mom to come to the principal's office, which he eventually does. The students soon celebrate Atan's defeat at the hallway.
  • Evil Plan: In the episode "Fun Fun Fund", the students arrange an arcade game which involves hitting a ball at the target which causes a water bucket to spill its water on Syed. Well, there were two reasons behind this plan: the clubs of the school were running short on funds (the cooking club had to make sardine sandwiches without sardines, the cheerleading club only afforded one pompom, the music club did not buy a guitar and bought a ukulele instead, the sports club afforded literally HALF of the sports equipment, and the science club lacked the necessary ingredients for a project which resulted in a big explosion), and they wanted to teach Syed, who did nothing but prank others all day, a rather nasty lesson.
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  • Evolving Credits: The opening had to be changed to reflect the departure of Johan and Mindy, as well as the arrival of Adam and Rosie.
  • Funny Background Event: While Amirah was trying Johan, Syed, and Suresh's curry puffs, Wai Chong tried a curry puff, and then started feeling unwell and started over-reacting. (Maybe the curry puff Wai Chong ate was too spicy, maybe?)
  • Gratuitous English: Some characters even speak English. When it happens, the subtitles change from English to Bahasa Melayu.
  • Love Triangle: One eventually forms in season 3 around these people: Rosie, who likes Syed, who in turn likes Amirah.
  • Polar Opposite Twins: Luna and her sister, Lina in "Nice Luna, Naughty Luna". While Luna is nice, Lina is more mischievous. Surprisingly, none of Luna's classmates knew that fact
  • The Rival: Kieran, to Johan. She wanted to be Sports Captain, and even went far by taking advantage of Johan's amnesia in episode 6 in season 1. Thankfully, her wish was finally granted come season 2, after Johan bid goodbye to the school (and Julie).
    • In episode 1 of season 3, Wai Chong, Kieran, and Anding once saw Rosie as this because she would erode Anding's status as the número uno intellectual and push him to a far second, Wai Chong would drop from second to third place (due to Rosie being a top student in her former school), and Kieran's status as the top athlete would be threatened (as she was a champion in judo and shit put competitions). Amirah was worried as well, as she thought that Rosie was also a cheerleader and more prettier.
      • Later, however, Kieran was relieved since Rosie said that she will put down on judo and shot pit, Amirah was relieved because Rosie was not a cheerleader, and Anding and Wai Chong changed their ways towards Rosie and decided to team up with her to snatch the National Achievement Award from the school's arch-rival, SM Bulit Gangsa.
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  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Kieran in "Bowling Buddies", after some mathematical coaching from Anding, she was able to attract the other classmates just by walking like a model.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Johan and Julie. While the former is athletic and rather naughty, the latter is smart and compassionate.

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