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A British drama series that premiered on ITV2 in September 2009. Described as a cross between Gossip Girl and Skins it is set in the titular college located in fictional Bridgeford University. It follows the life of one Charlotte Arc who joins the formerly ultra-exclusive university after her father the former Don is found murdered. After 900 years of reserving access exclusively to the rich, Bridgeford has finally opened its doors to lower-class pupils, a change that is not welcomed by several of the elite. Behind this world of privilege lie dark secrets, secrets that involve the sinister Professor Maltravers and the mysterious Dandelion Club....

The rich and manipulative Dorian Gaudain aims to exploit selected members of the working-class intake in order to protest against said changes when he begins to fall for Charlotte. The drama focuses on Charlotte's quest to find the truth behind her father's murder intertwined with the stories of her circle of working-class friends. Dorian's cousin the beautiful yet cold Rosalind takes a fancy to one of them for her own amusement. A new female Warden attempts social and educational reforms at the university as part of the sub plot. The Warden hopes for serious changes to be made at the eponymous Trinity college, starting with the banning of the annual 'Feast of Fools' and opening the curriculum to more female students.

As it would happen, the new Warden used to be involved with Charlotte's dad back in her student days. She clashes with Maltravers over her modernist opinions as opposed to his traditional and sexist views.

Add to this subplot a complicated mystery surrounding an ancient hourglass and you have the story for an eight episode drama series. A rather tropetastic yet fun series.

Has nothing to do with the Trinity Spaghetti Western duology, the sci-fi tabletop RPG Trinity, or the old text game Trinity about the atomic bomb test of the same name.

Tropes include: