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Todo incluido (All Included) also known as Hotel todo incluido (All-Included Hotel) is a 2013 Mexican TV sitcom that aired on Sundays in Canal de las Estrellas at 7:00pm under Guillermo del Bosque's production at day March 3, 2013, next to the Mexican adaptation of Durmiendo Con Mi Jefe, production of Jorge Ortiz De Pinedo. Both series were re-aired by Canal de las Estrellas the past February 29, 2016, now from Mondays to Fridays.

Starring Adrián Uribe with the star roles of Isabel Madow, Raquel Garza, Eduardo España, Luis Orozco and Gabriela Platas, along with first actors César Bono y Lucila Mariscal.

The comedy develops in the prestigious Hotel Boutique TI, property of "El dueño" (The Owner), played by Adrián Uribe. The hotel in question is so exclusive that only Mexican showbiz stars come, in which the celebrities will experiment comical and wacky situations, thanks to the subpar service offered by its singular and charismatic employees.


Todo incluido presents examples of the following tropes:

  • Camp Gay: Carmelo, one of the employees of the hotel, is a stereotypical portrayal of a gay man played for laughs.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Anita, la recamarista (played by Raquel Garza) always criticizes the subpar service made by her fellow employees and makes herself look like a model employee, only to do whatever she's criticizing them for after finishing her speech.


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