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Series / The Wizard of Odds

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Short-lived Game Show on NBC that ran from 1973-74, noteworthy for being Alex Trebek's first show in America. Contestants were called down from the audience to answer statistical questions.

The format changed by May 20, 1974. Contestants were now shown a series of clues for numerical answers and had to pick the lowest amounts without going over a target. Prizes were won depending on how many turns the contestants had left over.

Odds replaced Sale of the Century on NBC's schedule, and after its own cancellation it was replaced by another Trebek-hosted show, High Rollers.

Game Show Tropes in use:

  • All or Nothing: The contestant with the most correct answers played for the chance to win up to five prizes. Each hid either "open" or "locked" and the contestant could keep picking as long as "open" prizes were chosen. The contestant can stop at any time because if a "locked" prize is picked, all kept prizes were forfeited.
  • Bonus Round: The "Wizard's Wheel of Fortune". At the end of the show, Trebek spun a giant wheel with the names of the six contestants who played that day. The chosen contestant was given a list of items and had to pick the averages to match a target number. Successfully doing so won the contestant a new car.
  • Personnel:
    • The Announcer: Originally Sam Riddle, later Charlie O'Donnell.
    • Game Show Host: Alex Trebek, under the title "The Wizard".
    • Studio Audience: Trebek picked contestants from here.

This show provides examples of:

  • Funny Afro: As with every game show he hosted in the 1970s, Trebek had one.
  • Thematic Theme Tune: A rarity for game shows. The theme was composed and sung by Alan Thicke and had lyrics describing Trebek.
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